Monday Aug 31st 2015

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The Best Twitter Reactions to Nicki Minaj’s Call Out of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

At Sunday night’s Video Music Awards things got a little awkward between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. After accepting her award for Best Hip Hop Video, Minaj took the stage to thank her fans, her pastor, and send a little message to Cyrus. Miley, what’s good?...

Racist Video Game ‘Playing History 2: Slave Trade’ Pokes Fun at the Slave Trade

The Dutch aren’t known for their racial sensitivity, so it shouldn’t be shocking to find out a Dutch company is profiting off the slave trade with a disgusting video game. History 2: Slave Trade is being sold on the online gaming site Steam Community. The game...

When Is Nicki Minaj Going To Define Herself For Herself?

This relationship charade with Meek is just a costume by another name.

20,000 People Rallied During Glenn Beck’s ‘All Lives Matter’ Protest in Birmingham

Glenn Beck and 20,000 of his besties, rallied over the weekend in Birmingham, Alabama to proclaim that “All Lives Matter”. And it wasn’t just white people. Beck found ‘those kind of black people’ who had no problem marching alongside his racist ass. Everyone from Chuck...