Monday Jan 23rd

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Mary J. Blige Calls Out Donald Trump

Mary J. Blige caught a lot of flack when she interviewed Hillary Clinton and started singing Bruce Springsteen’s 41 Shots. But that hasn’t stopped her from speaking out against the current president. During an interview at the Sundance Festival, Blige shared a few words about...

Baltimore City Mom Says School Dental Program Removed Child’s Teeth Without Permission

A Baltimore City mom wants answers as to why she was never informed about a dental procedure a school performed on her son without her permission. Shanda Fleming says she never gave Beechfield Elementary School permission to pull her 9-year-old son’s teeth. And only said...

#StaceyDash: Fox News Fires Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash was too “clueless” and Black for Fox News. The d-list actress and conservative mouth piece didn’t get her contract renewed, which is why she hasn’t been heard from since September, the Hollywood Reporter confirmed in a report on Sunday. And of course, Black...

Spike Lee Decides To Pass On Using Chrisette Michele Music For Netflix Series After Inauguration Performance News

Well, it seems like the backlash for Chrisette Michele is going to continue for some time. Spike Lee, after hearing the news that Chrisette will be performing at Trump’s inauguration posted to his IG account to let everyone know he’ll be passing on using her...

Kanye Wasn’t Asked To Perform At Trump Inauguration Because He’s Not ‘Traditionally American’

Despite Kanye pledging his allegiance to Donald Trump and even posing for a photo opp late last year, he wasn’t asked to perform at the inauguration on the ground that he is not traditionally American. “We haven’t asked him. He’s been great. He considers himself...

Woman Who Created #BlackGirlMagic Says Round The Way Girls Are Being Left Out

Cashawn Thompson is a large part of the reason why the term ‘Black Girl Magic’ is a mainstream expression. In a 2015 LA Times interview, she explained why she started using the #BlackGirlMagic hashtag on Twitter. “I say ‘magic’ because it’s something that people don’t...