Sunday Oct 4th 2015

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Colombia While Black, And Natural

When I made the decision to journey to Colombia for a months-long fellowship in early March, I tried my best to mentally prepare myself for the many cultural adjustments I knew would likely be in store. Out of all the new customs and realities I’ve...

I Spent Years Writing About White Women and Upholding Eurocentric Beauty Standards, Now I’m Trying to Unthink White as “Default”

It’s just an incredibly strange feeling to recognize that your existence is simply a category tab.   It’s a regular weekday afternoon and I’m about submit some fashion or beauty story about some it-trend. The article itself is complete, all that’s missing are some images....

Watch: This Man’s Enjoyment When His Wife Reveals Her Pregnancy

When a couple battles issues with conceiving, it can definitely weigh heavy on them. And one family in Georgia finally has something to shout about after trying 17 years to have a child. Dana and Arkell Graves have dealt with several miscarriages and one still...