Tuesday Oct 13th

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Quentin Tarantino Still Doesn’t Understand Why Some Black People Have an Issue With Him

It’s getting harder and harder to reconcile my love for movies like Pulp Fiction, because time after time Quentin Tarantino proves that he’s an arrogant jerk who feels that he’s an honorary ‘black’ person. In a recent interview for the New York Times’ T-Magazine, Tarantino...

T.I. on Presidential Election: “I Can’t Vote For The Leader Of The Free World To Be A Woman”

In today’s “Why Do They Insist on Asking Certain Rappers Important Questions” news, T.I. gave some interesting thoughts about Hillary Clinton’s run for president. And in true chauvinistic fashion, T.I. didn’t hold back. “Not to be sexist but, I can’t vote for the leader of the...

Woman Says She Was Beaten and Arrested After Filming Jacksonville, FL Cops Arresting Husband

A Jacksonville, Fl. woman is now speaking out after she claims she was beaten and arrested after recording the police. Kelli Wilson says she was recording the police arrest her husband to make sure he wasn’t hurt, but she was the one who actually ended...