Tuesday Sep 1st 2015

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Newest James Bond Author Says Idris Elba is ‘Too Street’ For the Movie

Anthony Horowitz is the newest James Bond author and with his book Triggor Mortis being released soon, he shared a few opinions about one of our faves, Idris Elba. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Horowitz isn’t exactly cheering on Elba as a contender...

Open Thread: Would You Date a Transgender Person?

There is a picture floating around Facebook of man who is allegedly trans. I say “allegedly” because I don’t know him personally, so I’m not sure if he’s actually trans or if somebody erroneously labeled him as such. Either way, his pictures sparked an interesting...

Watch Will Smith & Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Gripping First Look at ‘Concussion’

This Christmas Will Smith returns to theaters in a gripping new drama that will make the National Football League nervous. In Concussion, Smith plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian-born forensic pathologist whose autopsies of former Pittsburgh Steelers players led to the discovery of Chronic Traumatic...