Tuesday Oct 6th 2015

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Watch Misty Copeland’s AWESOME ‘Late Show’ Performance With Yo-Yo Ma

Misty Copeland is absolutely winning. This year, the prima ballerina made history when she was named the first Black woman to become a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, celebrated a successful Broadway run, and graced one of the most beautiful magazine covers of the year. Copeland is...

Ben Carson on Gun Control: ‘I Never Saw a Body With Bullet Holes That Was More Devastating Than Taking The Right to Arm Ourselves Away’

Against all odds, Ben Carson is one of the most popular Republican candidates in the 2016 race for the White House. The former head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins is now tied in Pennsylvania, and leading the pack in the crucial state of Iowa. Carson’s views on immigration,...

Can We Talk About Black Men’s Incessant Use Of The Word “Female”?

Would those men feel the same about a white man calling them "boy" or worse.

Open Thread: Should Brandi Maxiell Be Fired From BBWLA? Or Is Shaunie O’Neal Fair Game As A Cast Member?

Sunday night’s Basketball Wives L.A. season finale ended with quite a bang and seemingly left the future of cast member Brandi Maxiell’s presence on the show in limbo after she was involved in a heated, on-camera confrontation with executive producer Shaunie O’Neal…..but should Brandi really...