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Member of the National Guard Calls Protestors The N-Word, Says Don Lemon

On Tuesday night Prime-Time anchor Don Lemon participated in the “Town Hall: Black and White in America” segment, which aired on CNN. It was then Lemon revealed a member of the National Guard called protestors the n-word. Lemon’s recount of the incident goes as following:...

The Dangers of the Debit Card Swipe

In my best Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls voice: picture this. I’m sitting in a restaurant and I’ve just handed my debit card over to pay the bill. Since I’m sitting at the bar I watch the bartender run the card and as soon as...

V.O.T.D: Are You Talking About Bey or Jay?

The Funny or Die team has spoofed the Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors, and it’s hilarious. Whether you think celebrity gossip is beneath you, or even if you’re not a fan of the couple, you can’t deny the humor. Are You Talking About Bey...

There Is Nothing Flattering About Street Harrassment

Street harassment is an unfortunate reality that most women have had to endure for decades, but in recent years there has been a concerted effort through various projects, hashtags, and dialogues, to bring this issue front and center and raise awareness about its negative effects...

Ferguson Mayor: ‘There’s Not A Racial Divide In Ferguson’

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles tells NewsNation’s Tamron Hall that there is “no racial divide” in the area and that’s the “perspective of all residents in our city.” He says the violent protests are “not representative of us” and the Ferguson has been a “model” for...