Sunday Aug 30th 2015

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Proof Some People Don’t Deserve Internet Access

I’ve read some crazy things on social media over the past few years, but this Facebook post about why natural hair has become so popular among Black women takes the cake. I’m not sure who actually wrote the Post, but when @KKoming2AmerAKA shared it and...

Donald Trump is Winning the White Supremacist Vote

Against all odds, Donald Trump is winning over Republicans. While many thought the real estate magnate’s campaign would have crashed and burned by now, Trump has steadily increased his lead over established Republicans like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Senators Rand Paul and Ted...

If This Suspected Car Thief Were Black, She’d Probably Be Dead

Wednesday night, a suspected car thief led police on a crazy car chase through downtown Los Angles, weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights, and endangering the public. The wild scene finally came to an end after the suspect ran over a spike strip,...

President Obama, George W. Bush Visit New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, But Black Residents Are Still Suffering

It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, killing more than two-thousand and displacing at least a hundred thousand more. The storm, the third deadliest in U.S. history, caused billions of dollars in damages and forever changed the region. Thursday, President Obama...