Thursday Oct 8th 2015

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The One Time Ben Carson Had a Chance to Take Out a Man With A Gun He Told Him to Rob Someone Else

Remember when Ben Carson said he’d take out a gunman if he ever found himself in the same situation as the victims of the recent shooting in Oregon? Well, according to a recent interview, he once had the chance. A few years ago , Carson was waiting in line at...

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Kanye West-Themed Party

It happens almost yearly, but yet another white fraternity is under fire after hosting an “urban-themed” party many students have deemed racist. On Tuesday, members of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and Alpha Phi Sorority at UCLA threw a “Kanye Western” party that have many of the university’s...

Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan Nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This year’s list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees were just released and some interesting names top the list. In addition to groups like The Spinners, Nine Inch Nails, Chic, Chicago, and N.W.A., the academy is also hoping to add legends like Chaka...