Saturday Oct 10th 2015

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The ‘Real’ Watermelondrea Is Pissed At Raven-Symoné Too

Raven-Symoné is still getting dragged on Twitter for her admission that she would discriminate against a person with a “ghetto” name. So Raven-Symone says she won't hire someone with an "Africanized" name but she sitting there with a red Mohawk? 😏 OK — Deanna Fry...

Kerry Washington on Olivia Pope: ‘Maybe She Can Stop Being a Woman of Color and Be a Human Being’

A lot has changed since Scandal first hit airwaves in 2012, making Kerry Washington the first Black woman to helm a network series in forty years. While Washington has continued to dazzle fans every Thursday night, she’s no longer the only sista in primetime. Taraji P. Henson,...

Twitter Drags Raven-Symoné For Admitting She’s ‘Very Discriminatory’ Against People With ‘Black’ Names

Oh Raven, if only she were as bright as her pint-sized Cosby Show character, Olivia. Unfortunately, ever since joining ABC’s The View the actress has made headlines for her tone-deaf, and ofttimes offensive, comments. Her most recent WTF moment came during a discussion about “ghetto black names” (ugh, I can’t even...)...