Wednesday Feb 10th

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You Didn’t Ask, But Here’s What Kanye West Thinks About Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations

Kanye West’s Twitter fingers have been getting him into a little trouble lately. In between bragging that his album will be one of the greatest of all time, getting bodied by his ex-muse Amber Rose, and beefing with shoemaker Puma, West took some time out of...

Serena Williams Kicked Off the Week By Building A School In Jamaica

Queen Serena Williams took a break from her busy tennis schedule not to relax, but to build a school in Jamaica. Somewhere between racking up 21 grand slam titles and slaying Super Bowl commercials, Williams is also big on giving back. This time, Williams’ foundation...

#BlackLivesMatter Activist Left Haunting Message Before Taking His Life: ‘I Pissed on the State House Before I Left’

Friends and family are grieving the life of a promising young man after his life came to a tragic end on Monday. Outspoken activist MarShawn McCarrel reportedly took his own life on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse after leaving several ominous messages on social media. Sending love...

Who Cares What White People Say, ‘Formation’ Is Right On Time For Beyonce – And Us

Sometimes I get the feeling Beyoncé’s not listening, both to the criticisms that surround her – which are so numerous blocking out the noise would be understandable – and the changing social climate by which her constituents, i.e. fans are greatly affected; this is, after all,...

Lakatriona Brunson Is Florida’s First Female Head Football Coach

Lakatriona Brunson, better known as Bernice from the Tru TV series “South Beach Tow,” was named head football coach at Miami Jackson High School on Monday, which makes her the first female head football coach in Florida history, according to the Miami Herald. ( “We’re...

Red Lobster Sales Skyrocket After Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ Reference

Anybody with a pulse and some tastebuds will tell you they didn’t need a Beyoncé reference to send them running towards the cheddar bae biscuits and sinfully savory platters at Red Lobster. But who knows? Perhaps Bey’s Red Lobster name drop was a reminder that...