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Macy’s To Pay $650,000 Over Racial Profiling Claims

Macy’s will pay $650,000 to settle allegations of racial profiling at its Herald Square store in Manhattan. The company came under fire in February 2013 when several black and brown customers complained that they’d been profiled while shopping. Since then, 18 minorities, who didn’t steal...

Is People Magazine Racist? Former Editor Sues Over Discrimination

People Magazine’s only black Senior Editor is blowing the lid off the alleged discriminatory practices at the publication, according to NY Daily News. Tatsha Robertson, who was laid off this May, claims People is biased against African-Americans and she was personally discriminated against by her...

Cop In Ferguson Who Told Protestors ‘I Will F**king Kill You’, Suspended

An officer who pointed a semi-automatic assault rifle at a Ferguson, Missouri, protester and threatened to kill him has been suspended. Labeled “Officer Shut The F*ck Up”, Ray Albers, was suspended by the St. Louis County Police Department. The department stated that Albers “has been...

St. Louis Police Release Video Of Kajieme Powell Killing

On Tuesday, Kajieme Powell, a 25-year-old black man, was in St. Louis, according to St. Louis Public Radio. Powell, as Mike Brown, was killed by police officers.  According to reports, a store owner called 911 and alleged that Powell stole sodas and donuts. Another woman...

22-Year-Old Graduate Land Job Interviews in an Unconventional Way

I got out there today got a few email addresses and some business cards someone even bought me a coffee. — TheCVMan (@Fr3dSantana) August 19, 2014 Many of us can attest to how challenging it is to secure employment in today’s job market. Nevertheless,...