Friday Sep 4th 2015

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We Totally Wish This Comic Book About a Black Single Mom Raising a Superhero Was a Movie

Young, Black single mothers are rarely lauded in the media, but in Raising Dion, one mom gets to be the star. Raising Dion is a comic book by writer Dennis Liu and artist Jason Piperberg, and tells the story of Nicole, the widowed mother of a seven-year-old boy...

The World is Mourning Aylan Kurdi, But Do We Need to See People Suffering to Recognize Their Humanity?

Pictures of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body have stunned the world. The toddler washed up on the shores of Turkey after his family’s unsuccessful attempt to migrate to Greece from their war-torn country. Aylan’s mother and older brother also perished during the journey, only his grieving father...

Gatorade Dedicates 21 Murals in Brooklyn to Serena Williams

Residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn (albeit hipsters) will now have 21 images of Serena Williams to bask their eyes on. The murals are a part of Gatorade’s tribute to the tennis star and will definitely make everyone look twice as they walk down the streets. “Serena...