Monday Aug 3rd 2015

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#AaliyahForMAC Hashtag Takes Over Twitter! Sign The Petition & Check Out 5 Of Our Favorite Aaliyah Looks

Would you support a MAC make up line inspired by Aaliyah? Well if the social media gods prevail, you just might get your chance! Cosmetics giant MAC has long been known for teaming up with notable women in music, namely Black women, to bring fans...

Donald Trump: ‘Americans Will Never Vote For Another Black President Because Of Obama’

Donald Trump really hates President Barack Obama. During an interview with ABC News Sunday, Trump stated that the president has done nothing for black people. “He has done nothing for African-Americans. You look at what’s gone on with their income levels. You look at what’s...

Kevin Hart Says Biggest Fear Is Finding Out His Son His Gay

Kevin Hart’s recent interview with Rolling Stone is showing a not-so-surprising side to the comedian when it comes to raising his son. Hart thinks that his job as a father is to make sure his son doesn’t ‘turn out’ to be gay. “One of my biggest...

Open Thread: Is Dressing Up For Funerals Part Of Paying Your Respects?

It might seem petty to focus on people’s clothes while mourning the dead, but can we be honest about the fact that what people deem appropriate funeral attire these days has gotten just a tad out of hand? I understand that overall societal dress has gotten increasingly casual....