1. ceecee

    their accents are cute *lol* i hope they don’t have the same shake-n-bake recipe of love/heartbreak songs like everyone else out there.

  2. They didn’t get a lot of airplay, atleast not here. I always heard them on Music Choice. I liked that song though.

  3. They hav a funky style!

  4. Opinionated Lady

    Its going to be hard for them to come back because some music (r&b) now has no quality.They ok, but I need something more than just a pretty face girls, which is ok, but it has become so common that I’m like “Ok, the pretty girls,with ok voices..” Go luck to them though.

  5. Kb2cute

    YES! Don’t sleep on them at all! Bad girl is my theme song!!!!! Yes. I will say that they’re voices aren’t as powerful as many singers but it is still good music. I wouldn’t argue about that. It will be hard as another posted because everything being played now is lacking in some serious quality

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