New Issue Teaser…


Before we give you our new issue teaser – we wanted to thank you all for your support, love and positive feedback. With that being said…our May issue is only a couple of days away!

One of our features this month is a television personality that loves fashion, knows how to handle projects, occasionally walks the runway, and always figures out how to “make it work“.

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  • ceecee

    Is it Tyra Banks?!!! *lol*

  • Sharonda

    I’m excited!!!!!!!!!

    I think its Tyra too!

  • UltimateJoy

    It has got to be Tim Gunn!! I love him!! “Make it Work!”

  • UltimateJoy

    Also, can you start naming those baaaaaaad shoes you showcase? Thanks.

  • CPJ

    the shoes are hot! love um. brown is my favorite color for shoes and handbags. can’t wait for your may issue to drop :)