Paper and Pencil…

by Clutch


Ladies, let’s really bring the glamour days back! Look back at our history in fashion in the 40′s-70, we looked damn good. We were always put together, sophisticated, and classy. From our pictures you could never tell that we were going through such great prejudice and sometimes severe poverty.

The pencil is flattering on most figures – it’s not too tight, not too loose; not too long, not too short – Perfect!

  • NJD

    Can this chick do any wrong? :)

  • ceecee

    i’m def going to invest in one of those soon. i just don’t want to get it from forever21 or h&m, i hate the mass produced looks *lol*

  • Nikki

    I love the pencil skirt look.
    Banana Republic has some great looking ones for $78. The only colors I think they have left on their website are grey and tan I believe.

  • niks59

    I so agree with your statement. I always have this discussion with my mom, and she always dressed herself wether she was going somewhere or not.

  • Vivian

    Tracie always looks put together. A pencil skirt is something I’m def. going to buy. It’s one of those staple pieces.

  • Ashley

    I agree-

    The 40′s-70′s for Black Style are truly inspiring.

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