• daphne

    That’s a horrible song….

  • Dana

    But…he’s cute though! That’s all that matters :)

  • Tiff

    Ok! He’s too cute

  • http://frenchification.blogspot.com/ Mlle Smith

    This song is just so overtly…vulgar.

    “Wanna go get a room tonight”? Sigh.

    What ever happened to the clever songwriter?

  • daphne

    …. and that’s why black women are in the predicament that they are in today; to concerned with good looks. When a man lacks substance and respect for his partner that specific type of oaf seems to attract the most attention and then we’ll have the MJB types moaning and groaning over a record talking about the maltreatment she had to face and her followers congregating around a radio talking about: “I know the feeling girl.” This isn’t talent this is the same derogatory crap we have been hearing for the past 10+ years.


  • http://sebahtubman.blogspot.com set

    I think it is a hot and sexy video

  • Annie

    I think it’s hot too. He is a cutie. I’m not tryin to make this song post into a discussion on the the state of Black women right now….cause the statement about black women being too concern with looks is a very broad statement and can be proved to be untrue. I think he’s vocally talented and handsome…but that’s just my opinion… hence “new cutie on the scene” – let’s not make a video post that deep.

  • LouLou

    The music makes me think of Prince. The lyrics makes me think of D4L (yeah, they are on the same level) and the boy….ehhhh…. Next….

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