With a timeless and ethnic inspired approach to design, Duro Olowu is taking the international fashion scene-along with our fashion lovin’ hearts-by storm. He caught the attention of industry insiders at Vogue and Barney’s with his signature flowy “Olowu dress” and was later honored at the British Fashion Awards with recognition as the New Designer of the Year. The rest is as they say-history. Now a fixture on the runways of Paris and London, Olowu’s collections take us back to a time when women made an effort to get dressed up in attire that has become today’s cherished vintage .

Suprisingly Duro, who is London based and of Nigerian descent, was first trained not as a designer but as a lawyer. Thank goodness his aspirations turned to fashion! Using limited edition fabrics and proprietary ethnic prints as a springboard for his lively aesthetic, his vision as a global tastemaker is clear, “I like to make clothes for women to feel good about themselves,” he has stated. “And that they don’t feel they’ll see everywhere. I think fashion should be joyful – it shouldn’t dictate to women but it should invite them into the fantasy of the designer who is making them.”

Duro Olowu’s fashion future is showing no signs of slowing down with two well received women’s collections under his belt and plans to launch a men’s collection this year. To find out more about Duro and where to find his coveted creations visit www.duroolowu.com.

Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear


Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear



  1. D-Ski

    If I’m correct is recently married the iconic Thelma Golden, the Artistic Director of the Studio Museum of Harlem and a former curator at the Whitney. She was the sista the curated at the Whitney a few years back the show where there where photgraphs of various black men. I love his collection and his attention to detail.

  2. ceecee

    omg…I can’t believe I missed this feature!

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