Controversy swirled over vice presidential debate moderator Gwen Ifill one day before the face-off between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, after new scrutiny was drawn to her upcoming book featuring Barack Obama. In stories published Wednesday on and WorldNetDaily’s Web site, conservative commentators noted that “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama” — first announced several months ago — is slated to be released around the inauguration of the next president in January 2009.

“…as if we needed any further evidence of a jaw-dropping double standard, we have to contemplate the sheer impossibility that someone who wrote a positive biography of [John] McCain being chosen to moderate a debate,” wrote’s Jim Geraghty on Wednesday.

The book, published by Doubleday, has not yet been released to critics or the public. In the book, Ifill takes a look at the black political movement’s beginnings during the Civil Rights movement that gave way “to a generation of men and women who are the direct beneficiaries of the struggles of the 1960s,” according to (Continue Reading…)

  • Marik Bromine

    “A positive biography of John McCain”? Well, we can’t pick a moderator with those qualifications, because such a thing is preposterous, how can you write a positive biography on John McCain?

  • Lish


  • Sick of the Wrong Right

    Here we go again. The right-wingnuts of America cannot rationally debate an issue, so they atempt to distract everyone with false controversies. Gwen Ifill is one of this country’s most respected and balanced journalists. She’s known for her fairness and, more importantly, moderating a discussion so that it doesn’t degrade into a Fox News style episode of a politcal Jerry Springer Show. Yes, she tough. She doesn’t throw softballs, which is why the McCain camp really fears her. They are putting a bumbling idiot up in front of a woman who did not need three schools and six years to get a communications degree and who has talked to more foreign leaders in the last year than Sarah Palin has ever even heard of.

  • Laura

    Ifil should be removed and a new moderator should be chosen. Gwen Ifil is clearly biased, not because she is a supporter of either party, but simply because she has a vested financial interest because of her upcoming book. If Barak Obama wins the Presidency, Gwen Ifil’s published book will skyrocket in sales–if, however, Obama does not win, the selling of her book will, most likely, be greatly reduced. Anyone who has a vested financial interest on the winnings of one of the parties should clearly not be the moderator. Nothing against Gwen Ifil–I am sure she is a very respectable and knowledgeable woman, and clearly she is very accomplished to have attained to this position, but she still should not be the moderator just because, for her own financial interests, she has to have a biased view on the elections. She should be replaced by someone else.


  • Kalan

    “Gwen Ifil is clearly biased, not because she is a supporter of either party, but simply because she has a vested financial interest because of her upcoming book.”

    What a silly statement! Ifill doesn’t need to promote a book which will not be published until after the election is long past. She’s writing a history of a man’s life, not a partisan priase of Barack Obama the candidate. Ifill is a journalist on PBS’s New Hour, which is one of the only news products left on TV that actually is fair and biased – not to mention accurate and in-depth reporting.

    Look, the McCain camp has already complained to the debate commission that Ifill should be replaced because she didn’t disclose to them that she is writing this book. They looked into the matter and determined that Ifill’s book in no way compromises her integrity or capability to moderate the debate fairly. She is considered one of the best debate moderators in the world; she’s a heavy-weight and those who participate in her debates understand that they’d better arrive suited up and ready for a real test.

    Ifill did nothing wrong. The Repubicans are simply running scared because Ifill is no Katie Couric; she isn’t going to be all touchy-feely with Biden and Palin. Her questions are going to be hard and the candidates will need to be at the top of their games. Palin has already proven that if you get her off the talking points, she falls completely apart and degrades into gibberish.

  • chaoticdiva

    No matter who the moderator is, Palin is still going to look foolish. Need I remind you of the Katie Couric (or any of her other) interview[s]?

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