• http://awomans-worth.blogspot.com Arlice Nichole

    The first chic…Jenna is it? I would say something but I have too much class, UGH!

  • Opium

    I feel sorry for Jenna and ppl like her. To be filled with so much self hate… to not be able to or not want to relate with a major part of your identity… that just has to be the worst feeling. If you don’t instill that love and pride when they’re a child, “Jenna” is what you get. Her mother needs some help also. Trying to pull all that “White grandfather and Indian ancestors” talk. Lady, Puhlease! You’re Black… identify!

    I’m so glad Tyra does shows like this. I see on a lot of blogs, ppl try to say, “Black women always try to tear each other down, you don’t see other races do that.” First off, no, you don’t see others do it if you only frequent black celeb blogs and secondly, there’s the proof {the Hispanic girls and Asian girls} that they can be just as ignorant towards one another. It shows ppl that Blacks are not the only ones to deal with the whole class and light skin/dark skin issue.

    Kudos to Tyra and I hope she continues to bring these issues to the forefront.

  • Donna

    Yeah I thought she stressed the indian in my family point hard LOL BUT I don’t agree with the one drop attitude and people should mos def embace all aspects of their heritage, IF it’s relevant as in if you don’t have direct access to these folks and these cultures aren’t evident in your life than hursh. Like my grandfather is half indian we don’t even know what that means LOL rather native American or from India so it only comes up around fam or in jokes, or releveant to the convo like here.

    But I don’t think that a person being raised by a white mother or father (or whatever the race) should deny that just because they look most like their peers knowing at home there is a mixture of cultures going on.

    And I actually understood Jenna, thought she’d have me fuming did to a degree but she’s basically raised as a white girl I don’t know why her mother is confused. And that’s a white girl sheltered from other cultures still reared in a racist element herself. Not saying I agree but understand where that stems from that’s like the white kids growing up in my neighborhood and never being exposed to other white people. They’d gravitate to the culture around them and will hate the fact that they are different from the culture they know and most within the cheered on culture so to speak wouldn’t have beef with it.

  • ceecee

    lol Tyra is something else trying to brow beat Jenna into admitting that she has been traumatized in the past.

  • http://www.lushesbrownthoughts.blogspot.com/ SoFrolushes

    thats deep. i am glad she did a wide spectrum of ladies too.

  • Sahar

    Jenna is the female Clayton Bigsby [black white supremacist character played by Dave Chapelle]…except she can see! Self hate is death. Hmmmm, that’s all I can say about that.

  • http://www.dendoo.com dendoo

    I don’t even get mad at people like her. You have to keep moving on, keep on doing you and keep building yourself up. I don’t let people get me down because I’m black and they’re hating on me. I might have a better life than that person who’s hating.

    Props for doing various races.

  • M. Lynn

    Although I was very shocked by Jenna’s perspective of the black race of which she was a part, I actually felt extremely sorry for her. Indeed, it is difficult being the only black student amongst an entire class of whites. However, no matter how badly Jenna wanted to fit in, there was absolutely no excuse for her to blatantly disregard and even demean her black heritage.

  • Danna

    Oh my God. The first girl made me fucking die!! LOL!

  • me

    im crying with laughter at jenna. she will never be accepted as white , and black people probably won’t want her either after this. she reallly thinks shes white? with that confederate flag? sad.

  • Sydnie

    I am creole, and I go through the automatically white thing. But I have wavy hair so they think I’m from Brazil or something.

  • Kelly

    So am I going to be the only one to say that this girl is clearly not mixed? Her mother must have lied about who the father is, and just stuck to her story. NOTHING about this girl says white. If her mother is lighter than her, how can her father be white? I know black people tend to have dominant genes, but come on!


    Jenna. Your a n***** like me. Shut up and get over it. Yes other black people are annoying but they are still our brotha’s and sistah’s. We HAVE to love them. Even if they hate us.

  • Rhue b

    Kelly you are just as ignorant as Jenna!!!! I am so impressed by ur advanced knowledge on genetics wow…. you are so intelligent or you must be psychic??? Please get off the internet and go back to school. B/c she doesn’t look mix means she isn’t??? Wow great logic plz tell that to all of the mix people that don’t have “dominant black genes”….?????? FAIL!

  • carol

    i got news for you i have the bi-racial thing in my family and it is not just the whites it is the blacks as well as all cultures

  • Dingobaby

    I grew up a white girl in a black school and hated my white skin, not because anything particularly traumatic happened but more that I just did not want to be so different. I wanted to fit in and did not. It hurts when you are young.

  • Unknownbone

    Jenna, you need help. People like you make me sick to my stomach.

  • Sophie

    I love all asians! Though I must admit, Japanese are my favs!

    Hajimemashite! ^-^

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