Clutch in DC: The Cool Kids & Pacific Division

by Jennifer Valentine

I hope all the Clutch readers out there had a fabulous holiday weekend! I ended my weekend in the nation’s capitol catching up with Pacific Division and The Cool Kids

The 2K Sports Bounce Tour featuring Q-Tip and The Cool Kids with The Knux and Pacific Division started its eastern leg of the tour in Washington, D.C. Sunday night at the 9:30 Club. After the show, the guys and I got to rambling about everything from The Neverending Story to The Love Below.

I met up with The Cool Kids and Pacific Division on their tour bus, which was pretty tidy (minus the rainbow of sneakers scattered across the floor) for a group of fellas. “Do you know how long we’ve been on here—together?” Mike (Mibbs of Pac Div) asked as I joined he and Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids) who were hanging out in the back watching Men In Black. “We were watching The Neverending Story earlier,” Mibbs confessed. “You seen it?”

I complimented Chuck Inglish’s (The Cool Kids) new record purchase sitting on the table: some J Dilla, Nas’ I AM and Young Jeezy’s, The Recession, to name a few among the pile. “You have to get this one,” Chuck said holding up Jeezy’s latest.

“Oh, and you know what else?” Mibbs continued, “Kanye’s! He ain’t Andre but the beats are phenomenal. It’s not the Love Below (Outkast 2003) but I knew where he was coming from. I’m a Gemini. He’s a Gemini, Andre’s a Gemini, so I can see them thinking alike.”

They had just come from out West–”California was crazy,” they agreed, but “We made our own fun in Arizona!”–and will be hitting up Chicago December 6th. Mibbs and myself reminisced about our first time meeting Hip-Hop in New York City. Mine, Afrika Bambaataa at a club in Brooklyn; his, Jay Z at one of Q-Tip’s parties.

I saw him with his arms out and someone put on his coat. That’s how you know you’ve made it, when someone else puts your coat on for you!”

Here’s to making it (Hova style), Like, Mibbs, BeYoung, (Pac Div) Chuck and Mickey Rocks (The Cool Kids)!

For more info and tour dates, check out, and,

  • Praverb

    waddup fam…I am a big fan of Pacific Division…wooooooooo

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