When Class Cutting Goes Wrong

by Zettler Clay

In a strange attempt at humor by the U.S. News and World Report, a list of the top ten signs of too much class cutting was published today. This provoked much reminiscence. Why? I thought you’d never ask.

It was Economics 2101: Microeconomics. It took place in a huge, auditorium style classroom that left it open for the laggards in the classroom to hold regular-toned conversations in the back of the room and not interrupt the teacher. I was a laggard. If it is easy to hold outdoor-toned conversations in the back of the classroom, it is even easier to rack up some absences.

So I skipped one class. Then two. Then the days got downright sequential, to the point where I didn’t even consider it an actual class; it was more of an option. One day, while missing another day of Adam Smith’s theories, I texted a friend of mine who was in the same class. A fellow laggard.

“Wassup man, you in class today?”

“Yeah…what’s going on?”

“That’s wassup… do you know when the next test is?”

Ten minutes later…

“Taking the test now.”

Ouch. A midterm test. That was my academic rock bottom. I was cutting class so much that I disregarded a mid-term test. It was a shameful as well as seminal moment for me: that test cemented my repeat status in Economics 2101, thus instilling in me a deep and intricate understanding of the economy now.

(Raises eyebrows, cringes lips and looks off to the side).

So Clutch readers, what are some of your bizarre class-cutting stories?

  • MzDayDream

    I’m in school right now. And I must admit, I have a fear of skipping classes. For some reason I feel like I’ll miss something important. But now senioritis is hitting me hard. I’ll be in class and miss EVERYTHING that the professor says. And that’s just as bad as not being there. Just this past Tuesday I thought an assignment was due the following week, well it’s actually due TODAY!! I’m in big trouble. lol :-/

  • Jen

    I dropped my econ class THE day of the midterm…
    I had been skipping the class so much that I didn’t realize when the test was. Luckily, I was able to drop it before it affected my transcript.

    Now, I don’t skip…well, I do show up for the per class quizzes then leave.
    I have no shame! :)

  • NinaG

    Undergrad was free so I skipped all the time mostly without consequence, but I’m in grad school now and I pay WAY too much to skip class.

  • Shai

    yeah I’m undergrad and I skip every now and then. I’ve never missed anything important though. I mean…recordably important lie a test. But yea skipping does hurt your grade. And it makes your teacher think you’re a jerk

  • Deevagirl

    i took an american english lit class with prof. foster. it was her first year and naive enough to tell the class that she would not institute an attendance policy. a friend and i skipped her class…often and would only show up to turn in assignments and take test. passed her class with flying colors. so, the next semester we took her class again relishing the thoughts of spending those days on the set. as we are sitting in the class the next semester and she was reviewing the syllabus she politely ask my friend and i to stand and introduced us as the two students that made her change her stance on a non attendance policy. hilarious. she was a good sport about it. but best believe we where in class each day and on time. one time for prof. foster

  • http://etceteratheblog.wordpress.com Et Cetera

    I’m currently in undergrad and I miss class here and there, never the same one more than three times though. The bad habit that I had to break was falling asleep. I did it often.

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