The Downside of Obamania

by Sky Obercam

The Downside of Obamania Barack Obama’s journey towards U.S. Presidency generated some the greatest collective enthusiasm this nation, if not the world, has ever seen. Not to be confused with our previous story on Obamabilia, we’d like to highlight some of the more off beat paraphernalia spawned by Obama-mania gone awry.

Obama Nails: It’s a free country, but why must they resemble gaudy raptor claws?

Shoes and Accessories: All we want to know is, how many people who sport these items actually keep track of current political affairs?

Chia Obama: Racist, or not racist? That is the question.

Obama Hair Do’s: Somehow we doubt this trend would’ve seen the light of day if Hillary ran for office. Lmao at the attention to detail. White teeth, really?

Apparel: Every boot-leg, wanna be fashionista and beyond was trying to capitalize on Barack’s image over the past year, so we randomly selected these two items to demonstrate the unfortunate side effects of Obama Fever. They pretty much speak for themselves.

Obama Body Art: These individuals have taken patriotism to a whole new level. Bizarre behavior such as this is an excellent indicator of just how bad the past 8 years have been under the Bullshit Administration.

Oh No They Didn’t: Thankfully, Michelle Obama put a stop to Ty’s efforts to push the Sasha and Malia dolls. The although the brilliant minds behind the Beanie Baby claimed that it was just a mere coincidence that the dolls were named after the first sisters, they swiftly changed them names to “Marvelous Mariah” and “Sweet Sydney” once the First Lady brought the heat.

WTF??? These items fall under the category of The Arbitrary & The Offensive and further prove that some people will go to any lengths for a profit. Sheesh.

  • Nikia

    *mouth wide opened* @ the obama sex toy

  • Nikia

    no pun intended with the “mouth wide open” reference, lol but I’m just shocked that someone thought of it and actually made it……how disturbing…

  • nicolemiles

    this is soo wrong that I’m laughing.. especially with the sex toy.. it’s kinda funny

  • Lanny

    I had to laugh at the Obama sex toy. WOW! :)

  • Sky

    Tell me about it. The had to nerve to call that sex toy “The Head of State.” Yikes!

  • Glennisha Morgan

    I’m glad that Obama is president but, seriously all this crap is more than a bit much.

  • Alaina

    Add the cereal to that list too. Obama O’s. Total madness!!! Check the link below, darn cereal even has a stupid theme song. How rude.

  • Coming and Going

    The worst piece of Obamamania apparel was seen last Christmas, at one of my aunts’ house–sweatshirts (not one, but two pieces of foolishness) with Obama as Santa! SMH

  • Alex

    Barackploitation. Shame shame shame

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