79671443What do Drake, T.O., and Mekhi Phifer have in common?

Head scarves.

That’s right; you read correctly, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The aforementioned males have expressed, or rather implied, either their like or dislike for the head scarf, a hair accessory worn primarily by Black women, to maintain their lovely tresses. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, there really isn’t a big deal, but there is a point to this trivial topic; meaning its intent is to be taken light-heartedly. Inquiring minds want to know; what’s the matter with women who wear them, or should I say, what’s wrong with the men who love to hate them? The “scarf” is a low maintenance technique which sole’s purpose is to keep every strand of our mane fresh and intact while sleeping, showering, or just lounging around the house. This head garment also known as a bandanna is like an extension of us, and part of our culture that dates back decades, even centuries. As young black girls, the satin scarf was kind of like a staple in the black household. We saw everyone, including our mamas, grand mamas, and aunts put them on religiously. The most notable person we know among us, who wore one, was Aunt Jemima. For those who are unfamiliar.

This history in itself is important to our race. However, today, scarves have multiple uses, and are more commonly worn by modern, hip women of all ethnicities as a fashion statement; adding style to a wardrobe. It doesn’t represent a negative undertone as it once did, unless used by someone in such a manner.

  • John Daly

    I wish more white women wore silk head scarves. I luv them

  • CubaMama

    I’m a Hispanic girl very light looking and I wear my hair in a scar to bed. I sleep in soft rolos, roll my hair in a bun to keep it wavy, or wrap my hair around my hair when I occasionally straighten it. I don’t have Afro texture hair but my hair is very dry, poofy, tangles and knots very easily, and it coarse. I dislike using heat on my hair even from a blow dryer so all my styles require a scarf to maintain or keep up the style I wear. I don’t get this idea that only black girls wrap their hair. Hispanic women def do because we manipulate and do lots of shit to our hair. And I don’t think white or Asian girls do but they def should and I think they used to in the old days when people used pin curls and rollers etc. or wear weird things that press the bangs down lol you see it in old movies/TV land (don’t judge me). My hubby is black he understands bc I guess all his relatives wrap their hair and our daughter will too when she is old enough (toddler). But it IS awkward at times lol like when u want to have sex or something. It’s weird to feel sexy with a scarf on but I refuse I wear durag looking or poofy chef looking scarves lol. I use the long ones u can manipulate to tie into bows and diff ways to look cuter. Or get bright colors and silk and nice patterns. But lol I found this page looking for what ladies do in bed with their man – is it good to keep it on take it off or skip a night every now and then? I’ve done all three. #scarfsex

  • dubbs

    Why is it that trifiling behavior mist always be defended and justified in the black community? And worse, when it comes to black man bashing, black women gloriously join in, but reel and become indignant when they’re deficiencies are pointed out!?!

    I have seen countless blog posts defending the horrid weaves( as a blk man, I’d rather see a black woman in braids, dreds, press n curl, afro, halle berry short cuts, or BALD, rather than see th waste money and DEGRADE THEMSELVES by tying or gluing someone else’s DEAD HAIR TO THEIR HEADS!!)

    I could care less if black women wore scarves on their heads as a fashion-its,done in africa and the middle east. What we “brotha’s” have problems with is the nasty, trifling sisters dragging around in less than suitable clothing,bad attitudes,with filthy head rags on,but still expecting us to be both interested and complimenting in their appearance! This smacks of the highest level of contempt that blk women seem to think they can foist on blk men, but cry out on anguish when they themselves are approached with contempt!( the blogs on “raggedy ,tacky,trifling” blk men are endless on the internet)

    Do BETTER and you get treated better and you can DEMAND better in return

  • Rahkzana Arnett

    I have recently gotten into wearing a head covering. I think they are beautiful. Yesterday I was told I looked fresh because of the way I tied the scarf. I am not big into jewelry, doing my hair and now makeup. I have always been a simple person and I am coming to find I quite adore a scarf over my head verses gel, hair spray and other chemicals which ultimately damage my hair. Peace.

  • Lively LayD

    My ex used to get mad at me if I didn’t tie my hair at night. His not so subtle reminder “aren’t up gonna wrap that up?” I thought it was funny that he cares so much about my hair. He later told me that if he could put his wave cap on at night I could put on my silk scarf.