“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss disclosed that she is not getting married after all.

The pressures of the show and the drama associated with marriage has doomed the couple, she said.

We’re on hiatus,” the former Xscape member said Friday on radio station WVEE’s “The Frank & Wanda show.”

Burruss, a new addition to the reality show, has been criticized by fans for wanting to marry “A.J.,” who is the father of six children.

Burruss’ harshest critic? Her mother.

“This is not the first time,” Burruss said, that her mother has tried to sabotage a relationship.

During a recent “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode, Kandi’s mother walks off a photoshoot when A.J. sits down to take a picture with her, Kandi and her granddaughter.

The struggle and strife has apparently taken a toll on Kandi and her mother’s relationship.

Burruss said that it got to a point where she didn’t know if she wanted she and A.J.’s relationship to endure to spite her mother or because she was in love.

Another bombshell Burruss confirmed during a V-103 interview was that former Xscape member Tiny and A.J. did date previously. Albeit 10 years ago.

Burruss admitted that after the group broke up she and Tiny weren’t even on speaking terms, and that’s when A.J. and her former Xscape colleague dated.

But the girls mended fences, and when A.J. came around years later, Burruss said she ran it by Tiny to see if it was cool.

“[Tiny] said he was cool, that she wasn’t even thinking of him like that,” she said.

The two went out and “I really liked him,” Burruss said.

When asked about A.J.’s employment, Burruss kidded that he was sort of like “Tommy” on the 1990s sitcom “Martin,” but she said that he had several businesses, including a debts collection agency.

She refused to get into his past, telling Frank Ski to ask A.J. himself.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been a ratings queen for Bravo. The second-season premiere earlier this month brought in the highest ratings of any “Real Housewives” franchise and was the highest-rated Thursday in Bravo’s history.

  • amber

    He looked like he was good to her but it havent been a year and wanting to get married ,but you see how he died leaving a strip club that’s not a good man that a bad rep on kandi sayin “i told you so” i like kandi and she is tooo nice!~~~! :)now tragedi struck:( this gives people to talk about

  • grob

    Kandi, I think that you are the best housewife of all the housewives – Atlanta, The OC, New York, N.J., and~of course~ Atlanta.
    Please don’t let them change you or your character- if they insist on you becoming a part of the other cast members high drama, please quit the show. You know that it is always a possibility (while the show isn’t actually scripted, it’s my understanding that situations certain situations are ‘created’ and scenirios ‘suggested’. Example: on the NJ show when Danielle entered the restaurant where book argument and the table flip occured- Danielle didn’t even have the book with her when she got to the restaurant! It was set up. Why do you think that they all kiss and make up at some point on the show- would Kim and Nee nee (aka pushy, loudmouth moose) ever want to be in the same room again?? Because they are pushed into drama and fights to keep the ratings going. They are really friends.

  • shane

    your # 1 on my list for a long a** time and still is. sorry for your lost. i do agree with your mom but as long you were happy everyone should be there with or for ya. i heard you on the radio in Dallas, Tx 97.9 the BEAT. your a real down to earth Woman and i love that about you. i’m in ATL a lot its my second home to visit. I hope one day i can run into you on your own time. keep up with the good work and STAY ABOVE OF THESE HATERS, FLY ABOVE BEAUTIFUL. stay bless with no stress.

  • shane

    by the way! seen pic’s of you in a 2 piece, very sexy and tasteful.! i see why you have to FLY ABOVE.

    your daughter has a good role model.

  • whitney

    Hello I know I am two years late but I don’t have cable or sattelite. I am just watching the show and I would to say I love it. Secondly the situation with Mr. A.J and Ms. Kandi from a spectators point of view the two seemed to be very happy other than the differences between him and her motrher. It does not matter if he has one or six kids even Ms. Landing stated he has his own and even with the kids they were a happy family and that he took care of them. Although the break they took happened for a reason even though they may have really been unsure why it occurred when it did God knows that does not make the hurt of loosing a loved one easier it was in God’s plan. I will continue to pray for Ms. Kandi and Mr. A.J children and family. God bless.

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