Kandi Burruss: The Wedding is off

by Craig JC

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss disclosed that she is not getting married after all.

The pressures of the show and the drama associated with marriage has doomed the couple, she said.

We’re on hiatus,” the former Xscape member said Friday on radio station WVEE’s “The Frank & Wanda show.”

Burruss, a new addition to the reality show, has been criticized by fans for wanting to marry “A.J.,” who is the father of six children.

Burruss’ harshest critic? Her mother.

“This is not the first time,” Burruss said, that her mother has tried to sabotage a relationship.

During a recent “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode, Kandi’s mother walks off a photoshoot when A.J. sits down to take a picture with her, Kandi and her granddaughter.

The struggle and strife has apparently taken a toll on Kandi and her mother’s relationship.

Burruss said that it got to a point where she didn’t know if she wanted she and A.J.’s relationship to endure to spite her mother or because she was in love.

Another bombshell Burruss confirmed during a V-103 interview was that former Xscape member Tiny and A.J. did date previously. Albeit 10 years ago.

Burruss admitted that after the group broke up she and Tiny weren’t even on speaking terms, and that’s when A.J. and her former Xscape colleague dated.

But the girls mended fences, and when A.J. came around years later, Burruss said she ran it by Tiny to see if it was cool.

“[Tiny] said he was cool, that she wasn’t even thinking of him like that,” she said.

The two went out and “I really liked him,” Burruss said.

When asked about A.J.’s employment, Burruss kidded that he was sort of like “Tommy” on the 1990s sitcom “Martin,” but she said that he had several businesses, including a debts collection agency.

She refused to get into his past, telling Frank Ski to ask A.J. himself.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been a ratings queen for Bravo. The second-season premiere earlier this month brought in the highest ratings of any “Real Housewives” franchise and was the highest-rated Thursday in Bravo’s history.

  • http://blackgirladventures.blogspot.com Alisha

    Wow. I hate she’s in such a terrible situation, but it may be for the best. She had to know that putting her relationship out there on the show would cause strain. Nonetheless, I heart Kandi!

  • ceecee

    I had a feeling this was going to happen. Why can’t people just rejoice and not criticize so much?

  • Lauren

    This is so sad. I know Kandi loves him, but if there is one thing I have learned is usually Mother knows best. But, her Mom does need let her grow up and make her own decisions whether she likes them or not.

  • Livie

    I think it is unfortunate that Kandi or any other adult would choose their mother’s opinion over their own. A mother’s opinion should absolutely be respected but I do not believe parents are always right. It would be difficult for me if my life were public and everyone was giving their two sense about my romantic relationships.

  • http://clutchmagonline.com/newsgossipinfo/kandi-burruss-the-wedding-is-off/ Darlene

    Kandi Burruss step back and look at the picture; and see what others see; if you really loved AJ you would not considered other people thoughts and comments; even your mother’s. However, your mother wants the best for you; she raised you! Mothers get over things!!!! Hopefully, if you decide in the future to marry AJ; hopeflly, you will have him sign a prenup!!! If he refuse, then you should really think 50 times before marrying him.

    The children is not a problem, my father marryed my mother who had 5 children by her 1st husband ( Iwas bored after their marriage). However, I was told that my father side of the family, his mother, etc had a big problem with him marrying my mohter because she had 5 children. They married, had four other children. There was problems with my older sibling accepting my father and being verbally discipline my him. If AJ children are not going to live with you, then you should be ok.

    In addition, hopefully AJ is not living with you and your daughter; that would send a bad message. If so, make he move out and get his own place; living off of you (in your place) send a message of being with you for your money! After all, Why be in the rush to marry the cow, if the milk is FREE!!!!

    ALso, if you do marry him, he will look for you to help him with his child support payments!!!!!! Then your money will become his money. Hopefully he is not getting money from you now for child support. If so, that should be a red flag. Some guys will be what you want them to be until after you marry them.

    Asked yourself, What do AJ do for a living? What is his credit rating? Have you seen his W-2′s from the last 5 years? Why didn’t he marry any of his babies mothers? Why did he brake up with them; or they brake up with him? Do he have a criminal record? How do my daughter feels about him? ( the show reveal that she was not thrill about you marrying AJ; listen to your child, the sense things better then someone that is in love and looking through rose color glasses.

    Please do not let him rush you!!!!!

  • http://clutchmagonline.com/newsgossipinfo/kandi-burruss-the-wedding-is-off/ Darlene

    Kandi Burruss how can you date/marry one of your old friends ex-boyfriend? Please don’t cross the line!!!! That is a big no,no.

    Again, he has tooooooo many exxxxxxx’s

  • http://clutchmagonline.com/newsgossipinfo/kandi-burruss-the-wedding-is-off/ Darlene

    Kandi Burruss hopefully, he won’t add you to his exxxxx list

  • asouthernbell

    I think that kandi’s mom is jealous. If every female in her family is a single mom.. and her mom raised her as a single mom. I think that there is a certain amount of jealousy. Her mom wishes she had a chance to get married too . I hope they get married. I love Kandi on the show. She is the only one who is self made and truly independent

  • http://www.sariandcompany.com Saroya

    How unfortunate. While I understand there was a lot of backlash from the show and bloggers as well as her family, what relationship in the public eye hasn’t been scrutinized. Thats not a reason to end a relationship so I would hope there were underlying issue besides what people have to say. As far as her family, I’m sure that is a difficult position to be in but at some point in a woman’s life you have to cut the umbilical cord and do what makes you happy. And as a parent her mom has to trust she did all she could to raise her daughter properly and headstrong enough to make her own choices.

  • Tammie

    Smart move. Finally reality tv pays off. Maybe she was able to see herself and her family’s concerns objectively. Good for her. A woman with as much to offer as she has should not settle for a man with 8 kids by 4 women. Talk about drama.

  • Niki

    Good move. Sorry I don’t know Kandi from Sam Hill, but the vibe AJ was giving off is not man-worthy. I hope you find a man that really loves you and not “Xscape group members.”

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com Clnmike

    Mother or no mother you dont take advice about marriage from a woman who is not married. Your supposed to secure your own happiness not hers, otherwise you might as well marry your own mother.

  • Lisha

    Good move, Kandi.

    AJ has six kids from four different women! It would only be a matter of time before Kandi ended up having to bankroll children that aren’t even hers. Relationships are hard enough without having four babymamas in the mix.

    As for the comments about her mother being jealous, what exactly would her mother be jealous of?

    Run, Kandi, run. And don’t look back!

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com Clnmike

    Lets put the shoe on the other foot why would a man marry a woman who has one kid let alone more than one.

  • Elenimou777

    THANK HEAVENS! Khandi is too good for A.J. and her daughter definitely didn’t need to be thrown into that type of mess. I know Khandi must be hurting but girlfriend, it really is for the best. You’ll find your knight in shinning armor and he won’t have 6 six kids by 4 different women.

  • http://www.flaglerhill.com DVine

    I think it was a good move on her part seriously, he did have 6 kids and date the member of her former group…

  • http://awomans-worth.blogspot.com Nicky

    Oh, so he dated Tiny too huh? Yeah, I see what he’s all about!

  • http://www.youtube.com/ateyaaa Ateya

    All I want to say is I have been praying for her that she follows her heart. Its hard being in a world that thinks you must have this perfect little life, ect and its far from it. I didnt know about him dating Tiny back in the day..and for that I would have not dated him, regardless. BUT, being with him with 6 kids could have worked if she had moms support cause she truly had the rest of the family support seem like….so Khandi, Im still praying for you and You Will Find Someone For You Soon….you are too talented not to…HEART YA GIRL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1153588517 Markeysha Evans

    Am I surprised? Mom was nothaving it but Kandi is a grown women and she can make her own decisions on who she dates MOM needs to sit down this is not her life. I say she should have voiced her opinion and move on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1153588517 Markeysha Evans

    Ditto to Clnmike. even if it is your mother. it’s not her place Kandi dose’nt live with her and she should mind her’s now if he’s abusive thats one thing but if he is not then get over your self mom.

  • Nikia

    I’m on the fence. Personally I couldn’t do it. 2 kids is my limit and I prefer 1 mom to deal with and hopefully that relationship is civil. 4? hell naw. But I feel Kandy was so hard pressed trying to convince others of her decision that she was really trying to convince herself. At the same time, she’s a grown woman and should do what she feels is best for her. Trying to make her mom happy should be a concern but at the same time, in the end, it’s not her mom that she is/was gonna marry. You can take advice all day but regardless who is giving the advice, you should still always follow your heart and your head. Sometimes mothers and fathers do not always “know” best. & some parents will never believe that someone is good enough for their child so you will con’d to give up love constantly if you’re always trying to please them.



  • Mina

    It’s kinda sad that the wedding is off, Kandi seems like a really sweet woman but, six kids from FOUR different women!?

    That’s a hella lotta baggage to deal with, if anything, she should use this time to get to know AJ more and about the different women in his life. Kandi’s mom should also at least meet with AJ and discuss her concerns about them getting married. From what I’ve seen from the show, she acted like she doesn’t want to be anywhere near him, she needs to grown up and realize that her daughter loves this man and she should at least hear him out and get to know him more.

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  • wildflowernoris

    Bottom line, Kandi should tell her mother to mind her own business and put out boundaries. Her mother is way too controlling—and the main problem to all and any future relationships that Kandi may have. And why listen to someone who isn’t married, relative or not???

  • Jones


  • Traylee

    Well, this is good news, I am really glad she has decided not to marry him there were too many red flags. Six children and four babies mamas indicates he doesn’t take family to serious because he was producing babies left and right. Also, Kandi and AJ both seem secretive about his businesses. If you are a true businessman this show could be great advertisement for your business, even if you just mention the name. Second, and this will sound bad but I don’t care, I can’t stand a man who doesn’t speak clear and proper english. It just reeks ignorance. Yes, you can still be a good man and not speak well but who the hell wants to spend their life trying to decipher every word that comes out your mates mouth. I understand my last comment is debatable and more personal. And, I don’t like the fact that he hasn’t gone to Kandi’s mother to work things out. To me, if a man knows that his fiance’s mother doesn’t like him then he should be man enough to face the mother and speak to her concerns. Just my two cents…

  • mike


  • Devalyn Puryear

    Maybe at this stage in her life, Kandi shouldn’t be marrying anyone. There are too many factors to consider (in this situation) when making such a big decision. I believe the most important thing to consider is the feelings of her daughter Riley. Children speak the truth. She is not thrilled at the prospect of her mother getting married or bringing other children into their relationship. If it is a big issue for the child, it should be a big issue for the mother. Secondly, this young man has many children with perhaps many mothers. This is not to say that the marriage could not be successful but there will be problems associated with him, his children and his children’s mothers that can’t be seen right now. I married a man with a four year old son. I had problems with the childs and with him because of her. He tried to keep the piece but in doing that, he created problems between he and I. These are problems that don’t just go away. Finally, this is not to say that she should not marry the young man. Just make sure that you look at everything and not just the fact that you love him. You can love him and not marry him. Best wishes from someone who has been there.

  • Rita

    kandi is such a sweet girl with a wonderful pure spirit. personally I think her mother should let er grow by making her own mistakes but on the other hand it shows that she has a good ubringing. I love her spirit and pray that she continues to keep it pure .
    may God bless her.

  • Roxy

    She’d have been NUTS to marry a man with that many babies with that many women. Life is too short to bring that soap opera to the door. And the other thing, did you see him on his cell phone the entire time during the King Tut Exhibit? Can you spell I-G-N-O-R-A-N-T? Ugh. Why do we women settle for less just to say we are married? I’d marry him if he was the last man on earth, God told me I have to do it, AND God gouged out my eyes to make it palatable!! Lol!

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  • Diii

    shut up Darlene, you are so cynical

  • Denise

    Kandi, I would not let what people say stop me from marrying the man I love. If you really love him and he loves you marry the man and keep it moving.

  • Cebelle

    A.J. was working at a strip club??? Talk about poor judgment…..may he RIP…I guess it’s been settled now, hasn’t it??? Poor Kandi….I’ll be praying for her!

  • Cebelle

    P.S. Yes, I saw that “King Tut” episode and No I was not impressed by his text messaging during the exhibit. I was hoping he would be more attentive of Kandi and her time with her friends. Highn-sight is always 20/20….I’m sure it’s very painful for Kandi even though they broke up. Poor thing. =-(

  • http://[email protected] Deedee

    Kandi you r the best out of all the other housewives all of them have too much drama like a energizer bunny it keeps going. Oh ur also the prettiest. They should have keep Deshuan and got rid of one of the others probably Kim no for sure Kim she’s phoney. But u keep it real and ur r sophsticated keep doing ur thing and making us proud ur mother should be very proud of u and i see where u get ur class from good job mom.

  • brebre

    is aj dead

  • St0rM
  • bobbijo

    sorry bout your loss kandi too bad he didnt marry you

  • http://Facebook Aakami

    I feel so bad for his kids! She seems like a stable girl and she will get over this, but this was so unexpected especially since he had a nephew in the hospital due to a drunk driver! It’s crazy how life changes so quickly! Tell everyone how you feel so when they/you depart you won’t wonder if they knew exactly how you felt about them!!!

  • Sugastack

    She obviously had some issues in the back of her mind in order to call the wedding off. Although, he has 6 children with 4 different women I’ll just say it seems that he is afraid to commit. I would like to know how long was he in a relationship with each of the women he has children with? Why keep having babies? Why not use protection cause in this day and age you can’t go by how someone looks. I see it all the time where ppl come in the hospital to deliver and find out their H.I.V. positive and there seems to be a growing number of women who come in infected with H.S.V. as well as H.P.V.amongst other well known STD’s. It’s pathetic because we are not in a third world country that may not have access to all that the U.S. has. There is Planned Parenthood,Free Clinics where you can get condoms,literature,testing etc.. but ppl feel they’d rather not know than to know. If you are sleeping with mutiple partners unprotected then don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for you and your ignorant behavior! We wonder why A.I.D.S. is so prevelant in the black community.

    P.S. Ladies before you come to the hospital wash your as@ and put on some clean under garments. Being poor doesn’t mean you have to be nasty!

  • diannawest

    i wonder how everyone who bashed him as a person feels now that hes gone clutch should do a reflective article

  • debij

    so sad for kandi, but she is very tough, now she really needs her friends, but now kandi needs to watch out for kim,she will use you up, listen to the other girls about kim, because kim is not REAL, shes a PIG!!!!

  • debij

    kim gives women in general a bad name, Big papa needs to own up to who he is, hes a pig also, so blaitent, i feel sorry for his wife, she needs to run.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1185331480 Prestina Whitlow

    Kandi… That WHOLE situation was messy. But whats done is done. I do believe that your mom’s underlined hate for A.J. was to try to prevent this marriage and then you be a widow. I think that even your mom didn’t know why she hated him so much. Much love to you.

  • Pay attention

    I want to first say, Kandi you are a beautiful woman inside and out. YOU should not want a man that first is not responsible for all his life choices, Seconded you dont have to seddle, because you want to be married. Yes life is about choices and making a choice with a man with 6 kids and was not married too!! either one of them says a lot. not a good thing at all!!! Kandi you will find your soul mate and God will bless you with someome that loves you for you.
    I know that AJ had died, but count that as a blessing God is looking out for you.. THE NAME XSCAPE is truly what you did from a choice that would have made your life a living hell.

    Im a real man…that is talking to a real woman.

  • http://myspace.com tweety bird

    i thought he was dead or at least i know what is true sorry for your lost andd if he is not dead then im steal sorry that you are not getting married

  • Nancy

    “….one of these people just doesn’t fit” Remember that tune? You, Kandi, are lovely. The ‘other’ women on the show are not. What’s with all the back stabbing? I don’t understand. You are authentic and nonjudgmental and N I C E
    (imagine that!?!?…huh), a nice woman…what a concept… the others give women a bad name!
    I know that inside of you lives an extremely fragile and very sensitive woman… I feel so sad for your loss. For the stress your Mom put you through. It must be very difficult now to forgive her and move forward. I don’t know that I could. I SO hope and pray that you take some SERIOUS time for yourself (therapy and pamper time/healing time) I feel happy for AJ because he experienced love from you and joy with you (and you-him). He died knowing you loved him Kandi AND he loved you, obviously,or he would’ve RUN a long time ago/that had to be very painful for him. Nancy

  • Jean

    Kandi think god for moms, Kandi you should watch out for kim. Kim’s not a real friend. And kandi if you were kim friend also you would tell her that (big P) is not right

  • amber

    He looked like he was good to her but it havent been a year and wanting to get married ,but you see how he died leaving a strip club that’s not a good man that a bad rep on kandi sayin “i told you so” i like kandi and she is tooo nice!~~~! :)now tragedi struck:( this gives people to talk about

  • grob

    Kandi, I think that you are the best housewife of all the housewives – Atlanta, The OC, New York, N.J., and~of course~ Atlanta.
    Please don’t let them change you or your character- if they insist on you becoming a part of the other cast members high drama, please quit the show. You know that it is always a possibility (while the show isn’t actually scripted, it’s my understanding that situations certain situations are ‘created’ and scenirios ‘suggested’. Example: on the NJ show when Danielle entered the restaurant where book argument and the table flip occured- Danielle didn’t even have the book with her when she got to the restaurant! It was set up. Why do you think that they all kiss and make up at some point on the show- would Kim and Nee nee (aka pushy, loudmouth moose) ever want to be in the same room again?? Because they are pushed into drama and fights to keep the ratings going. They are really friends.

  • shane

    your # 1 on my list for a long a** time and still is. sorry for your lost. i do agree with your mom but as long you were happy everyone should be there with or for ya. i heard you on the radio in Dallas, Tx 97.9 the BEAT. your a real down to earth Woman and i love that about you. i’m in ATL a lot its my second home to visit. I hope one day i can run into you on your own time. keep up with the good work and STAY ABOVE OF THESE HATERS, FLY ABOVE BEAUTIFUL. stay bless with no stress.

  • shane

    by the way! seen pic’s of you in a 2 piece, very sexy and tasteful.! i see why you have to FLY ABOVE.

    your daughter has a good role model.

  • whitney

    Hello I know I am two years late but I don’t have cable or sattelite. I am just watching the show and I would to say I love it. Secondly the situation with Mr. A.J and Ms. Kandi from a spectators point of view the two seemed to be very happy other than the differences between him and her motrher. It does not matter if he has one or six kids even Ms. Landing stated he has his own and even with the kids they were a happy family and that he took care of them. Although the break they took happened for a reason even though they may have really been unsure why it occurred when it did God knows that does not make the hurt of loosing a loved one easier it was in God’s plan. I will continue to pray for Ms. Kandi and Mr. A.J children and family. God bless.

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