Should Lil Kim Bail Out Scott Storch?

by Craig JC

Lil Kim bail on Scott Storch?

Lil Kim with Scott Storch, the visionary music producer responsible for such hits as Fat Joe’s “Lean Back,

Scott Storch, the visionary music producer responsible for such hits as Fat Joe’s “Lean Back,” and “Baby Boy,” by Beyonce has fallen on hard times. Storch is reportedly homeless after his bankruptcy claim was denied and he lost his home, a $700,000 mansion in Florida.

Storch was associated with several women in the limelight, none more influential than Lil Kim. In fact, it was reported earlier this year that when Lil Kim’s Bentley was repossessed outside her New Jersey home, it was actually Storch’s ride. The two seemed like a cool couple in the few public appearances they were photographed at, but the question is:

Where is Lil Kim now that Storch is in trouble?

Was Storch just a jump-off?

Does a man that lets you drive — and practically own — his $100,000 car (at least) deserve some kind of help or assistance from you?

Is it right for him to expect it?

Lil Kim was most recently on “Dancing With the Stars,” and no doubt received a healthy paycheck for the time she spent on the show. Does Storch, who has been in rehab, deserve the dignity of at least hearing from Lil Kim, who most certainly has a spare bedroom in her comfortable Jersey abode?

When he was at the top of this game, back in 2005-2007, Storch was worth more than $70 million, according to Forbes magazine. His fee for tracks was around $85,000, the magazine said — and that particular year he produced 75 tracks. Along with his affection for gaudy jewelry and his signature Aviator shades, Storch became addicted to blow. Trouble seemed to follow his every move. A judge signed an arrest warrant in June 2008 after he failed to show up for a child support hearing in which he owed $46,000. He barely escaped serious charges in a grand theft auto case earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Kim is prepping for another album. Lil Kim probably is staying her distance from Storch for several reasons, one of which is that she was thoroughly embarrassed to have her car repo’d in front of a local TV news crew no less.

The intriguing part about their relationship is that Storch hooked up with Kim in 2005 right after she was released from a year long stint in prison. Lil Kim was locked up for conspiracy and perjury for lying to a federal grand jury in connection with a shooting outside a music studio in 2001.

Storch, who by 2005 was already a multimillionaire, took Lil Kim, a convicted felon, under his wing and no doubt provided for her. Obviously she was on probation when she was released and couldn’t get involved in Storch’s bad habits, but now that he is in dire straits one wonders whether she has reached out to help.

Storch has lost reportedly around $26 million in the past three years on an out-of-control cocaine habit. Surely a man of that earning power has some redeeming value to someone once he’s clean, right?

Time will tell: Before he was kicked out of his home, Storch was reportedly pitching a reality show about his slide to rock bottom to MTV. Separately he’s back in the studio as well: If he happens to sell a hot beat to a hot rapper, he’ll strike it rich once again. And I’m sure some lady, who likes the finer things in life, will take a chance on him.

  • Aaliyah

    I think Lil Kim should lend a helping hand for sure!!!

  • Mika

    lol! I remember when I used to see Scott and Kim all over Miami. They were so sweet and real cool to talk , too. She’s such a giggly girly girl, almost valleyish. You’d never think it and he like used to worship her. haha.

  • LifeGoesOn

    Geeeez, get off his nutttzzz! Why would you suggest that Lil Kim owes Scott Storch money, homestead, rehabilitation, another chance, etc, etc.?!
    Trust, I was in a similar situation with a very wealthy multi millionaire who was also an abuser, as was Storch, as a matter of fact they were quite familiar acquaintances! Men of that genre (wealth, youth, over indulgence) are very manipulative, controlling, and there are no free rides…maybe luxuruious rides that are a mili times the regular girls ride, but nevertheless, same tricks, different specs.
    So, rich or poor, when does a woman deserve to move past the past (jump offs)? Is it Kim’s job to fix this man? Is it her destiny to be his caretaker?
    Please, everyone has their own life to live, no one “owes” anyone, anything. If you are of good character & you meet good character then you behave mutually…but surely, there was drunken , druggy madness that left some wounds that only a mothers love could pacify.
    Give her a break!! (and BTW, thannks for the rant, I am asking for a break myself! Im going through the same thing….no mas, moolah or not! :-)

  • Bee

    Who says he even treated her right while they were together? No one knows the depth of their relationship, or how great it really was. I don’t think Kim owes him anything. And maybe she’s doing this for his own good…people who get into issues like his tend to have enablers along the way who make it easy for them. Maybe she’s showing him tough love right now.

  • Keli

    I thought they originally dated before 2005? Didn’t she end up back with Ray J after she got out of jail?

  • mike

    I said it LOOKED like he treated her right from what I saw. I only used to see them in clubs in Miami and shit and he was always really looking after her and doting on her. Lookin’ around the club making sure she was having a good time and stuff. He just seemed to really be head over heels for her. They always seemed like the 1st stages of their relationship (sitting on his lap all the time and giggling-you do that at first).

    I don’t know what was going on behind closed doors but on the outside, they looked really happy and fun and I can’t get over how much of a valley girl she seemed to be.

  • mika

    Damn, I spelled my name as Mike. oops

  • mika

    They got that wrong because when Kim went to Jail, Storch started dating Paris Hilton and yup she was with Ray J. Scott and Paris Ho-Ton were always coked out and looking skinny and crackish. ugh. Bitch didnt belong in Miami. When they were at 400 once, bitch thought girls were looking at her man Scotty so Paris started rubbin on his dick right in front of everyone and he was so out of it he didnt know what the fuck was happening and she just kept getting more frustrated that he was ignoring her. Celebrities are so pathetic out of their element. It was hilarious as hayle.

  • Clnmike

    Their relationship was as fake as a 3 dollar bill, she was in it for the money and connections, he for the booty and the fame. They will be alright.

  • Pierre

    Its always sad to see somebody at the height of success take a fall because of bad lifestyle choices.

  • Glennisha Morgan

    I don’t think she owes him anything. This sounds like Scott did so much for her. Kim was already well off before she went to jail and before she met Scott.

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