When interviewing, your weaknesses are what you never want to voluntarily mention. After all, this is your time to shine and bring to light how fierce you’ve been to employers in the past and present. However, in the current economy and with potential employers not making it easy for anyone to get back in the working game, expect to be asked about your weaknesses. Your human. Everyone has a weakness or two and employers know this. The wrong thing would be to say you don’t have any. Instead, mention only one, but follow up with how you are working on turning that weakness into a strength.

Interviewer: Tell me about a weakness you’ve struggled with in the past?

You: It’s been a challenge for me to speak in front of groups, so I’ve joined Toastmasters, and have been working on my public speaking skills for the last 6 weeks now. Surprisingly I’m starting to have fun speaking in front of people.

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