Satan Worshipping Celebs?

by Sky Obercam

Is the adage “selling one’s soul to the devil” more than just a euphemism?

MediaTakeOut recently posted the following statement by singer Tiffany Evans which stemmed from her thoughts on Rihanna’s new album “Russian Roulette”:

“Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprise. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.

Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.”

Please take note RiRi fans – Evans is not implicating Rihanna alone in this unusual declaration. Nevertheless, Tiffany is not alone in her beliefs. Conspiracy theorists have developed similar theories such as the ones presented by Vigilant Citizen where Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and more are branded as ‘agents of the underworld.’ In addition, it looks at various sectors of the entertainment industry which allegedly act as forces that seek to undermine humanity.

So Clutchettes…… What do you think? Absolute rubbish – or food for thought???

  • G.Diddy

    Wow. This actually isn’t the first time I’ve heard this and its really disturbing.

  • sandra

    wow, this is so stupid. it sounds like crock from a c-class singer. yes, rihanna’s lyrics are a lil creepy and more dark than her other songs but she has just gone through a dark period in her life. there are many singers who have talked abt death, suicide, etc in their music and no one is calling them devil worshipers. i really cant believe that the author referenced that crock-of-crap site vigilant citizen, it should be called paranoid citizen.
    No matter where u are, what u do, how much money u make…u are gonna be faced with decisions that can harm others or yourself and you have to make the right choice for your conscience.

    Umm, before her comment abt rihanna…when was the last time anyone remembered tiffany evans….i smell publicity stunt.

  • Alicia

    *major side-eye + eye roll at this*

    I don’t think someone needs to actively worship satan (or any god for that matter) to live the lives these people live and create the music they create. Indeed, some people have done some shady/evil/uncouth things in order to gain more fame/notoriety, but does that make them worshipers of satan? Seriously?

    Sounds like the same thing that started the Salem witch trials to me.

  • Treal

    Wow….is this just in time for Halloween or what. Very interesting.

  • Treal

    Tiffany Who?

  • The Black Bot

    I’m not the kind of person who dismisses something just because it seems to be outlandish. What she’s saying is not new. I’ve heard it all my life, and I believe that there is some merit to what she’s saying. I have observed Rihanna since she came on the scene. At first she seemed like a cute innocent girl, but as she has grown more popular her appearance has become sexualized and very dark. She had done a 360 from what she was originally. Even her last album was “Good Girl Gone Bad.” In addition, the lyrics of her songs, particularly “Disturbia” are spiritually questionable. Above all, she has reached this level of fame with absolutely no talent. That is the most curious aspect of all.

    Even if the above is not true, I don’t support Rihanna. She dresses like a stripper and is a bad influence to kids.

  • Gia

    This is rather fascinating. I’d call it food for thought. I’ve always questioned certain rappers preocupation w/ New World Order symbols and stuff.

  • Produce

    This is pure nonsense. SMH

  • Kimber Q.

    Can’t dismiss everything that you hear.

  • J.G.

    Sometimes even the very odd has truths to it. All you need to do is listen to lyrics of some songs and wonder what’s going on. Not everything can be contributed to music being art, and art being subjective. Some songs actually have meaning, though you might not be completely aware of what it is.
    “The greatest trick the devil ever played, was making people think he didn’t exist.”

    I’m just sayin’.

  • Kimber Q.

    @ J.G. couldn’t of said it better. And since I didn’t I glad you did lol

  • Chantal

    “The greatest trick the devil ever played, was making people think he didn’t exist.”

    My thoughts exactly. Even if the this “devil worship” for success theory is not true, we have to look at the facts. Popular music does not promote God or any of his values. And when it does, it almost never references him. And if it does reference him (either in lyrics or the music video) the context is usually unGodly.

    Idoletry is the worship of anything other than God. Maybe the devil doesn’t need us to worship him. As long as we aren’t worshiping God, wouldn’t he be pleased?

    Think of all the things we will use as an excuse to not go to church (me included), NFL on… can’t miss the big game. Knowing all the stats and history of players… but knowing nothing about God.

    Almost all aspects of popular culture is geared towards pulling us away from God. Popular stars may or may not worship the devil but they emulate and elevate values, standards and behavior that is clearly against God’s word. They are very influencial and it’s hard not to want to be like them, so they are knowingly or unknowingly corrupting fans, youth and society. Promoting sex, promiscuity, violence, oppression, materialism, vanity, arrogance sounds close to the devil’s agenda to me, and if we put this kind of musical message or media above God’s expections and teachings, we aren’t worshiping him. Who else could we be worshiping?

  • Dot

    @ J.G and Chantal

    Those are very good points. The more you read into these things (those theories suggesting that famous artists are into satanism), you’re slightly saddened that you, unconsciously, participated in these artists’ agendas. I know I was.

  • Zoeyjoey

    this young lady is not lying she is telling the truth and i feel sorry for those are truly blinded and believe these celebrities really love God but sing a whole nother tune that don’t examplify him and his word at all.the reason why she a in’t a beyonce,rihanna or any of those other big celebs is because she want give and become something evil and demonic .

  • DO

    @ Zoeyjoy: Yup!

  • Kdoll

    Well clutch, I for one say that its FOOD FOR THOUGHT. I have always taken things that people say with a grain of salt and the firt thing I did when I saw Tiffany’s rant a few days ago was look for the truth myself. To the people who say its “pure nonsense,” please be more open minded.

    It has been said for years that the infamous Jay-Z was into some sort of devil worship and he has compared himself (H.O.V.A) to Christ (Jehovah-Jireh) (look it up in your bibles people). Others claim Jay-Z goes by the name of H.O.V.A. to symbolize that he is the “saviour of hip hop” or that he resurrected the rap game, and that the name should not be taken literally.

    He has also had some VERY questionable lyrics over the years, some ones to look up include the “Takeover,”. He has even self proclaimed that he practices freemasonry (look up lyrics to “Run This Town”) which many believe worship Lucifer [I have not found any real evidence confirming this as fact]. I even found a song where a Jay-Z song is played backwards and he is heard saying “6 6 6 Murder Jesus” in the song. And Ms. RiRi is now his right hand woman in releasing her recent disturbing songs and images.

    Anyways, I found LOTS of other research that is too much to post here but I will say that in this day and age we all have to be really careful about what we are listening to and letting into our homes. Even if all of the allegations and things that I have found are not true, one thing that is true is the lyrics that come out of some of these artists mouths. Most people just ASSUME that they are talking about a symbolism for something else (such as rihanna’s Russian Roulette), when it really could be music praising a much darker being.

  • Jewel

    @ Chantal and J.G. I sooooo agree with you both.

    I think that’s a huge problem with our society. People automatically assume that all statements that seem outlandish and “crazy” must be false. The devil does have power, and lots of it. Obviously God is supreme but he does have power nonetheless. With that said I also believe that the music industry among other things, has been corrupt for quite some time now. I’ve heard claims similar to Tiffany’s for years, from different sources, Pastos/ministes, internet, books, etc. They’re not all wrong, and I think that if people research it themselves they will be surprised at what they find. I know people will believe what they want to believe, but I honestly feel that there is some truth to these claims. And of course like Chantal says, as long as we’re not worshiping God the devil (who was in charge of music in heaven by the way) will be pleased. All he needs is from us to lose sight from what is truly important, God.
    Thanks for posting this article!
    God Bless :)

  • andrea

    I actually heard the same thing some years ago. I don’t put anything pass anyone. Anything is possible.

  • Vodoo

    Beyonce and Jay Z working for Satan?!!! what about Marilyn Manson???? and other band that I don’t even know
    when you see a black person being successful you always got to say stupid shit! People talking about conspiracies are just complaining but they don’t act they don’t lift their fat ass to do something they’re just comtemplating with a lot of hate success of other people I heard Jay Z was with the freemason…. fuck off idiots

  • Lisalisa

    @”Voodoo” –Marilyn Manson OPENLY believes what he believes–as well as other Rock Bands, they do not hide it and you can clearly see what they worship and choose to listen to them or not. What Tiffany and others are trying to do is call attention to the music artists who are being deceptive.

    Is it so hard to believe that not everyone who is famous likes or believes in God?

    People are free to do what they want–but not everyone wants to be exposed to this persons beliefs–therefore we have a right to explore the backgrounds and lyrics of these artists and their music. I surely do not want anyone promoting beliefs I do not agree with, hiding secret symbols in thier “art” to my family–therefore I must be aware–then when it is on TV or on the Radio i can choose to turn it off and not expose my heart,mind and soul to it.

    Believe what you want, but when it all goes down and you’re caught up–don’t say that no one warned you.

  • sandra

    there are so many ‘i heard’ or ‘if you listen to a song this way’ going on here that its kinda funny.

    Kdoll said:
    He has even self proclaimed that he practices freemasonry (look up lyrics to “Run This Town”) which many believe worship Lucifer [I have not found any real evidence confirming this as fact].

    1.Here is the lyric: “Peace God… Uh! Uh! And ain’t nobody fresher, I’m in Maison Uh! Martin Margiela”
    He says “maison”and ppl here “mason” but looking up the lyrics could have cleared this up. What he’s referring to is actually a clothing line that i happen to like. Hes talking about clothing but the “theorists” have him being a mason who worships the devil.

    2. It wouldnt have mattered if he was referring to being a freemason, to me, because…SHOCKING…the masons DO NOT worship the could be the freemasonry isnt a religon( but thats besides the point here). Why do so many ppl believe so you ask…well it stems from a hoax paper written by Leo Taxil. He started out wrting anti-catholic material and ‘suddenly’ he got saved and entered the church. He then began writing pamphlets, aimed at catholics nad backed by the church, and there is a particular one where he says a woman told him that the masons used her in satanic rituals and he reference a quote from Albert Pike in which Pike references lucifer. What people need to remember is that there were words before christianity. Lucifer meaning light-bearer initially referred to the star that actually precedes the rise of the sun and that was what the quote was referring to.
    Taxil later recanted this and told ppl that it was all a hoax. However, ppl to this day still like to drag it back up and tell ppl only one side of it and suddenly……masons are devil worshippers.

    People love to make inflammatory statements without doing research and that bugs me. Usually im not into writing longggg replies, such as this, but i dont feel its okay to attack the spirituality of ppl you dont actually know. Whether u believe or dont or cant decide, individual spirituality is important to ppl and to attk that irks me.

  • london09

    I really find it disturbing and uncomfortable…particularly as a race we have to assign success to devil worship! So basically any black star who earns over a certain amount or earns money “too quickly” is a devil worshipper…so what does that make the owners of the labels/record companies…in fact what does that make any successful multi-millionaire/billionaire…one could argue that all those owners of social networking sites must be connected to satan given the rise in fortune and access to so much data; particularly personal data that makes us “slaves” to online relationships.

    Its nonsense – energy that could be best used to raise important issues like child abuse, finding a cure for cancer, health care issues, modern slavery, political injustice is being wasted on urban mythology and ignorance.

    Just my opinion….

  • Shenelle

    Hmmm…Sandra, I hear what you’re saying; and yes, research should be done on this. However, the notion that there are celebs worshiping the devil is coming from someone who SEES and KNOWS firsthand what is really going on behind the scenes. She is in the industry so she should know. A lot of things are subtle and not blatantly put out there because they know (“they “being industry insiders) that many people wouldn’t support.

    To london09, in Tiffany’s quote, she did not say that ALL successful artists worship the devil, nor did she say “any black star who earns over a certain amount or earns money “too quickly” is a devil worshipper…” etc. Why do you have to go to the extreme? Try reading her quote again. She said “SOME your favorite people pretend to worship God…” Emphasis on “SOME”; meaning not ALL.

    Check it: and please, don’t take this lightly. Note “Continue to make us successful” You’ll understand what I mean once you click on the link.

  • Jenny

    Wow…Another site with Black bashing…You Americans just never get it~~!!!

  • http://[email protected] luxurycococure

    WOW! The devil hides in plain sight ya’ll! I followed the links in this article ( ) does a really good job with using facts and backing up their claims. Check out that site– Eye opening!

  • ceecee

    I heard this about Prince and Madonna growing up. There’s nothing new under the sun.

  • b

    i don’t think any impressionable mind (esp. children) should hear Rihanna’s new single. it’s completely out of control. i mean, music has so much power. for me it’s hard to believe that a girl who has so many young fans would put something like this out. as a teacher, i see my students with their favorite artists pictures all over their folders. they know EVERY lyric of EVERY song. it would deeply concern me to hear them singing the words of this suicidal song, because they don’t even realize the negatativity that is being planted in their minds. -when their boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up w/ them, her words could be what they turn to…
    as an adult i can stretch my mind to see that the lyrics may go deeper, and shouldn’t be taken literally. however, my students aren’t yet as wise. i honestly feel that the song should be banned from airwaves.
    tiffany evans is simply saying don’t be unaware of the thoughts you allow to enter your eargate. It starts there, and then you’re thinking the unthinkable…

  • de

    I think there is truth to what Tiffany is saying afterall she is in the music industry. She knows first hand.

    I don’t understand why black people have to turn successful people into gods that we are automatically a ‘HATER’ when we call something out. That shows ignorance on our part. That is why we are so quick to be decieved.

    @ Sandra, regarding to JAY-Z, with regarding to mason’s why would he call a clothing line MAISON? Why is his label named ‘rocafella’ like the famous family Rockefellers who are the most powerful in the world and control ALOT and part of the World Order? Why is the pyramid his symbol? He has bit ALOT from free masonry.Do more research

  • SoFrolushes

    these theories have been around for years. Loads of christian based stuff that goes further to analyse what type of clothes people are now dressing kids in etc. music is powerful and so is the message that is delivered. no need to attack Tiffany’s singing because she does have an amazing voice – i bet she is not the only one to think this way she is just rare one for speaking out loud about it

  • sloane

    she sounds like an ignorant JEALOUS buffoon.

  • Alicia

    Re: de’s comment “@ Sandra, regarding to JAY-Z, with regarding to mason’s why would he call a clothing line MAISON? ”

    The answer is because Maison Martin Margiela is the name of the designer (Martin Margiela)’s label. Jay did not just invent the name. The house has been around since 1989. You need to do more research (I don’t mean to sound catty, really).

    I wish the general body of commenters would stop assuming that everyone is Christian/that everyone should be Christian/everyone not in line with Christian values worships the devil. There is a LOT of grey area when it comes to what people value and believe. To polarize people like this is extremely short-sighted and ill-informed.

  • anonygrl

    food for thought, definitely…

  • maria

    Definitely interesting article.

  • Ashley

    How about we all just worry about ourselves. I don’t really care if Jay-Z or Rihanna are worship the devil or not. Plus if she is so in to God, expose the truth. I see she isn’t willing to give up her so called career for it.

  • Frankie Kate

    Oh please, she’s wishing she had Rihanna’s fame, fabulous fashion choices, beauty, abiltiy to sell records and class right about now…

  • chiffon*kisses

    who cares.


  • Soul Cry

    I have one word for this….POPPYCOCK!

  • OWright

    This argument has no merit. Where is her proof? Not everyone can sing gospel songs nor should they have to. Art is a free form of expression. What is her point?

    How about fighting the real evil in the world?

  • Kiki

    Tiffany wouldn’t say this if she didn’t know what goes on from the inside. One doesn’t say this kinda stuff lightly or as hyperbole. She may not be calling out RiRi, but she has grown dark lately and a beat down is not an excuse. She’s not the only woman to get beat down. If you are a happy, poisitive person you will always let that shine even if you had something terrible happen to you.

  • http://Facebook Brittni effin J.

    Man this is so true. People want to believe this is a publicity stunt because the truths hurts. Well, I say you’re not stupid, you’re ignorant and in the end the truth will be seen and then you’re going too think back omg it was true but by then it will be to late. The lord would’ve come back while these people are burning in hell. You should never doubt ish like this. Everything in this world that is said, should be taken into consideration. Satan is real and what Tiffany Evans is telling the truth. She isn’t crummy either. wtf? she has mone you’re probaly some broke behind HATER!!! lol at that

  • http://msn angelface

    This message is for Alicia who says: “There is a LOT of grey area when it comes to what people value and believe” There is no gray area when it comes down to what side your on in this issue just black and white, you either worship the Lord (father of Jesus Christ) or you worship the devil (Satan, Lucifer) and when I say worship I mean carrying out one’s order, when the end of days come and you stand before your maker that gray area won’t do you have to chose what side your on because there is no straddling the fence or in between.

  • http://msn angelface

    In a Revelation 20 context it is clear that whoever is not with the Lord, the God of Israel is against him and siding with his opponent. There is no middle ground. You either serve the devil or serve the God of Israel through the Name of His chosen Messiah – Yeshua/Jesus.

  • Wow U Fooled

    Whats so sad is everyone calling this article is bogus are intoxicated and under the influence of these Luciferians please research government conspiracy the illuminati “sasha Fierce” is a demonic spirirt that beyonce is possesed by don’t believe well she says so herself dont be a victim!

  • telson

    It is possible to find certain reasons why people are driven into Satan worshipping. However, the next reasons are perhaps the most common:

    Firstly, the effect of friends is certainly a common reason why people are driven into Satan worshipping. None of us wants to look like a sissy and probably everyone wants to be accepted, and therefore the effect of others on our life can be huge.

    Maybe the largest reason why people are driven into Satan worshipping is seeking for power. For if we feel insufficient and powerless, we may feel the temptation to seek for information and power from the dark side. We want to rule issues that are not in our control so that people would admire us. If we cannot experience this in normal life, we might easily turn to the imitations of Satan.
    In fact, this seeking for power is quite a similar dependence as some people have on alcohol and drugs that are used just so that people would notice how these people are harder and stronger, and they would get rid of their feelings of inadequacy.

    Music (and of course literature that is not discussed here) is one huge gate to Satan worshipping. Many have said that they have been driven into worshipping Satan by black metal music; in other words music, in which occult subjects, admiration of Satan and death, self-destruction and evilness are openly pointed out.
    Music is significant because we listen to it much: it certainly has an effect on our subconscious and attitudes in the same way as the TV and magazines. Many bands are owned by Satanists, and if we listen to their music, we may begin to accept issues that we might have deemed wrong before. We will start to transform into what we are looking and listening.

    Worshipping Satan and occultism in general is an enslaving yoke. Practicing of it always leads to demonic bounds and restlessness – such one did not expect to experience in his former, “normal” life and which did not bother him then. In addition, the most serious feature of practicing occultism is that it closes the doors of Heaven from us. We can see from the Bible how the magicians, witches, murderers, and others living in sin will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    Whole article in here:

  • Ibeakanma Somuchjoy

    The devil is a lier, a cheat, $ a completely defeated eternal loser. Praise God 4ever more.

  • Gerald Nuwagira

    my brothers and sisters, no help from the devil, be contented with what you have you will be more peaceful

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