Did you tune into The 2009 American Music Awards last night? If not – check out some of the flicks from the red carpet. Our faves last night were def Rihanna and Leona Lewis! We see that Rihanna’s rocking that fuchsia eyeliner again.



  1. Lo Lo Berry

    Dear Everyone Else In the Industry,

    Please take note of the show Ms. Janet Jackson gave last night. That is how its supposed to be done. Alica also gave you guys a piece of how a performance is supposed to look. Ri Ri I wouldn’t of even came out and gave a performance after that. You had no chance. Janet served it up on a platter! Go Ms. Jackson.

  2. fayva

    I personally think Rihanna has improved a lot….compare older tapes…..she may NOT be your every day Janet, Beyonce, even Alicia ….but she does her best and BRING it…….she has carried her OWN and continues to do so…… Her album will be a hit……oh Janet btw lip sync through out her 8 mins performance and her dancing has fallen off a bit …she can still bring it DON’T get me wrong, she’s just gettin old…….same goes for Jlo what was that she did last night???…..

  3. sooo, is neyo a kappa?

    • EclecticJam

      LOL i was thinkin the same thing. he is always throwing that up.

  4. Bronxchica

    wonderful performances and they all looked fantastic!

  5. Tiffany W.

    I feel like I’ve seen Leona wear that dress before….wasn’t it just a ball gown the last time though?

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