Booty Poppin’ Panties for the Derriere Deficient

by Sky Obercam

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For the posterior deficient, stylist Jennifer Rosenblatt has created a pair of draws designed to give that booty a popped out appearance. Booty Pop panties – a new addition to the butt enhancing lingerie industry – come complete with round padding in the back (reminiscent of a triple thick miracle bra) and promise to transform them horizontal hindquarters into a round, cushioned rump. Dig designer Rosenblatt’s inspiration for the padded panties:

“As a Celebrity wardrobe stylist, one of my biggest problems is that many of my clients do not have enough butt to make their rears look full, round or just do not have a great shape butt. Trust me, not everyone has a J.Lo booty. I cannot seem to find jeans that fit my clients well enough to make their butts look good, they keep complaining about their butts being flat in their jeans. Some are even contemplating getting implants….it does not make sense! When I heard about Booty Pop, I immediately bought a few pairs and brought them to my clients. When they tried them on with their jeans, shorts, slacks or dress pants, they could not believe their eyes and believe that such a cute pair of underwear could make such a miracle. You should have seen the smiles Booty Pop put on their faces, it was like magic! They instantly enhance a butt and my clients swore to never take them off. I do not usually give my tricks of the trade to the public but booty pop is too good to keep to myself. I know booty pop will make many women happy.”

Part of the irony of this is that many with naturally plump rumps have difficulty finding jeans that compliment their curves. Another is the constant referral to J Lo as if she’s the first & only celeb to step on the scene with an extra large back end.  Regardless, this li’l creation is good for a laugh and may even spare us from seeing more disturbingly stiff and bulbous butt implants in the future (fingers crossed).

  • Alisha

    This aggravates me for some reason. I just blogged about it. Whoever thought mainstream and big butts would pair up?

  • Angela Benton

    OMFG is this for real?!!!!

  • tawanda

    these are the worst things ever. u cant return them and they look so stupid. i have no butt and I wasted my money on thes things.

  • hiphopmuse

    Chile please. I’m all about enhancing one’s beauty…but what do you do when the hot guy you attracted in those booty poppin panties gets you home and finds out your booty is NOT poppin? #imjustsayin

  • Fox

    It’s so funny how Hollywood made JLo out to be the first with a butt. It was not fashionable til she got famous. Some sistas got enough butt to go around, but it wasn’t “cute” on them. I don’t have a poppin booty, so I will show off my pretty legs instead.

  • AnonyMiss

    haha this is too much. imagine the look on ur man’s face when you slide those off and sees what ur realli workin with

  • a/n

    What a funny commercial! People will make up anything just to sell ridiculous products. this is very deceiving… especially if a guy is check-in you out! I’m sorry but not all men want women with big butts lol. if this was the case, The Lord would have made every woman with big butts. Its also funny how they referred the product to J.Lo. J.Lo has implants down there. I wouldn’t be dead caught on this commercial… its an embarrassment and disgrace

  • Alexa

    ughh Big butts are so overrated.

  • Nayomi Kirton

    “but what do you do when the hot guy you attracted in those booty poppin panties gets you home and finds out your booty is NOT poppin?”

    LMAO.. Too Funny

  • Clnmike

    Better this then going under the knife.

  • ms. complexity

    White women can’t seem to make up their minds. At first – THEY determined big butts was a sign of poor health – and only NON-WHITES had them.
    NOW they want big butts like we have, huh?


  • J

    This just looks dumb. If you just randomly add a butt when the person is thin and doesn’t have curves to begin with, it just looks like a tumor in their back side. It’s like when super thin people get huge boobs. Something doesn’t add up!

  • Ejovwo Omerhi

    ^^^LMAFO at “it just looks like a tumor in their backside”

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  • Alex

    LOL. On one hand it’s like the same concept as a padded bra. On the other it’s just hilarious and dripping with irony. I know some people will be annoyed by this but I think it’s kind of funny that things that were not considered to be beautiful ( big lips,butts, dark hair, short hair etc). All that goes out the window when a certain group of people want and desire these things. Too funny. I guess we now have validation that it is ok to have an ass. And seriously what planet to people live on where Jlo was the first person to have a sexy, and shapely ass? I’ve seen better asses on random ppl at the gas station.

  • tr

    beyonce is an avid buyer of these panties. lol

  • ab

    really?!?! JLo’s butt isn’t real?? She got implants!!! Wow…she fooled me!

  • Keebo

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol looks like SNL skit! Almost expected Andy Samberg to start singing a jingle to the ad.

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