Just Because I’m Black Doesn’t Mean…

by Sky Obercam


Published on 3/16/2009

All too many people make the mistake of assuming that we are limited in scope from our lifestyles to our personal interests. Despite popular belief, Black women epitomize multiplicity in a vast array of forms, which continually defy long held stereotypes. Here’s a look of some of the many factors that blow some of those archaic labels right out of the water.

Just because we’re Black doesn’t mean:

  • We can’t enjoy music that plays on non-Black radio stations.
  • Issues of animal rights or environmental preservation aren’t of paramount interest to us.
  • We don’t watch shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development and the Colbert Report.
  • We can’t be outdoorsy types.
  • One should assume that we are unwed with children.
  • We don’t engage in extreme or winter weather sports.
  • We don’t love cats.
  • Don’t embrace religions other than Islam or Christianity.
  • Independent films are off limits.
  • That we don’t find men from other nationalities sexy.
  • That we’re not interested in traveling to far away places like Fiji, Vietnam, or Bali.
  • We are angry, or aggressive, or loose cannons.
  • We can’t have rare or arbitrary tastes in fashion, art or music.
  • That we are obligated to adore Beyonce.
  • We aren’t vegetarians or vegans.
  • We don’t have an interest in the fields of technology, science or engineering.

Clutchettes and gentleman please free to add on to the list!

  • http://clutchmagonline thinkpink

    We only read Zane books.

  • Caryn

    we like Tyler Perry movies.

  • Tiff

    We are not fluent in other languages.

  • Jay Gee

    That we don’t swim or participate in water-related activities: snorkeling, diving, etc.

  • marydenay

    we know the dances from the latest hip/hop or r&b video

  • http://www.365dayswithoutatv.wordpress.com smartalecky

    Yes to all of those. My husband is Japanese I speak his language and a few others. I love my indie movies and all. I am so happy this short article was written. Black people are still being put into a box despite the crossover of other races. If Amy Weinhouse can sing like Lauren Hill, I can enjoy skydiving(which I do) C’mon people! Thanks again for comments and article.

  • http://fuchsia.clutchmagonline.com Lianne

    That we are not interested in food/cuisine from other cultures. I could eat sushi everyday and not get tired of it.

  • http://susanne.ws Susanne F

    … and just because I am a redhead does not mean I have a bad temper og I cannot get a nice suntan!

    Lovely article :-)

  • Robin

    That we all are super athletes.

  • Joi

    I loved this article! Already forwarded it to all my friends.

    …we all don’t have criminal records.
    …that we all only drink Heineken.
    …we all grew up in the hood (not that anything is wrong with that).

  • Joi

    I loved this article! Already forwarded it to all my friends.

    …we all have criminal records.
    …that we all only drink Heineken.
    …we all grew up in the hood (not that anything is wrong with that).

  • CandiGirl

    …we don’t all aspire to be video “dancers”
    …we can complete sentences that do not end with a preposition
    …we do know about the stock market and investment options (you should have seen the look on my mostly caucasion co-workers faces when I cashed in 3 shares of my Google stock when it hit $500 to go on vacation)
    …some of love us love to go to museums, an evening at an Embassy and experience cultural outings
    …black women DO get along (Everytime my office sees 3 black women congregate, they think a fight is going to break out…or plotting office domination)

    To Joi – OMG. Someone asked me a question about the hood. I told them I don’t know but we can drop you over there and see what the hood has to say!

  • d

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this list. It’s going on my Facebook page ASAP.
    @ CandiGirl: your second point hit home. We (well a lot of us) DO value correct grammar. lol.

    I just want to add that some of us are NOT afraid to get our hair wet. TWA’s FTW!

  • http://talflife.ning.com latobatele

    That we are not well travelled or we are technologically challenged

  • Real Talk

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean that all I care about is Beyonce gossip.

  • kim h20s

    Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I can’t be a Republican

    Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I don’t value marriage

  • keke

    Yes, yes, yes, to all that were listed in the article….especially when it comes to televisions and music. And yes to all that were mentioned in the comments. Especially the comments about ‘we all like Tyler Perry movies” and “all read Zane books”.

    I will add that just because we are black does not mean that we all started caring about politics once President Obama won the Democratic nomination.

  • demi

    That we are loud.
    That we can’t have a calming personality.

  • http://dprcdesign.blogspot.com the urban fashionista

    Just because we’re black doesn’t mean we don’t have a father

  • http://fuchsia.clutchmagonline.com Lianne

    Oooh oooh I thought of more!!

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean..

    - that I don’t have friends from other races/nationalities
    - that I put sugar on my grits
    - that I eat chitterlings
    - that I wear a weave (not that there is anything with wearing a weave…LOL)quit trying to touch my damn hair.
    - that I know where to get weed

  • christina keys

    That’s okay though, because it goes with your argument!

  • christina keys

    Just because I am black doesn’t mean
    I say “ain’t” instead of “is not”
    I don’t date outside my race
    I MUST have a relaxer in my hair
    I am loud ALL the time
    I grew up in a single-parent home
    that I’m from the ghetto

  • BlaqCurrant

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean…
    - My credit score rating is poor
    - That I am always late to every function
    - That I think using proper english means “talking white”
    - That I watch BET
    - That I can’t enjoy movies & shows & TV channels like “Super Bad”, “That 70′s Show”, The History Channel, Sci-Fi channel, Turner Classic Movies channel & a Good Western Movie.
    - That I can’t or don’t know how to build something from scratch, a
    - That because my hair is in locs that it’s for some political /radical reason.
    - That I am the representative for the entire black race or that it is my job to “Save the black race”.

  • Zettler

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean…

    - (I can’t believe nobody mentioned this yet)… that I love watermelon and fried chicken. I don’t even like watermelon and fried chicken.

    - that I don’t like baseball and tennis and soccer…

    - that books are anathema to me…

  • http://fuchsia.clutchmagonline.com Lianne


    I know it’s chitlings gat dammit. I still don’t eat them LOL

  • http://www.myspace.com/hestnmusic erica

    I agree with all those!

  • mineemee

    we spend a billion dollars on our hair or on skin products.
    conscious people only wear locs!
    we don’t like cold weather.

  • Jennifer

    …that our men all want to be athletes
    …that we don’t appreciate art other than Black art
    …that we all voted for Obama (I know some who didn’t)
    …that we all have attitudes and short fuses
    …that we all know how to fight (I’ve never been in one so I MIGHT be be in trouble if I ever do)

  • Jay Gee

    Love the comments. Have to agree w/ BlaqCurrent… I hate it when co-workers refer to me for all things “black”… I am only one person whose parents aren’t even from here, so my perspective may be different.

    I’d like to add:

    doesn’t mean…
    … that if most of our friends are not black that we’re turning our back on our race/heritage.
    … that we are “car rich” and “house poor”.
    … we have baby daddies not husbands
    … we don’t have seasons tickets to the opera

  • hayzel

    … that we don’t love going to the symphony
    … love classical music
    … have love for all other cultures, ethnicities, etc…
    … eat only soul food *i’ve been accused of “eating white”*
    … look to mary j. blige, beyonce, or ashanti for fashion ideas *WTF*
    … mean we don’t love ourselves
    … have light skin/dark skin issues
    … have a large vocabulary that doesn’t incl. curse words

  • kim h20s

    ooh i forgot one:

    just because i’m a black woman doesn’t mean that i hold a grudge against black men and white women dating

  • http://redvelvetchronicles.blogspot.com Della

    I agree with all the comments and the article.
    but on the surface the author would most likely think I’m a walking stereotype.
    let’s see:
    I’m a single mother
    my children have different fathers
    I’m Christian
    I’m a grandmother and I’m 35
    I grew up(and currently live)in public housing
    I’m a domestic violence survivor.

    However, where I started doesn’t determine where I will end up.
    Black people are much more than the narrow view the media portrays. But we’re more likely to discriminate against each other.

  • http://www.COolCrys.wordpress.com Crys

    Thank You DELLA!

  • http://instantvintage.wordpress.com Alicia/InstantVintage

    …that I like my steak well-done
    …that I have hair issues
    …that I have bad credit (because the FICO is damn near stellar)

    Nice piece. =D

  • sloane

    that i only wear mac makeup. there makeup lines that cater to brown ladies!

  • sloane

    that i only wear mac makeup. there are other makeup lines that cater to brown ladies!

  • Fox

    that you can’t say “Good Morning” in the hallway,

    that you have to watch me at work while the other chicks play all day.

  • Mikks

    Oh you wonderful ladies, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

  • lizzy

    AMEN to this article! I love all of the comments – sushi, tennis, indie film, Colbert, Curb Your Enthusiasm!!!

    - that you don’t live near the beach
    - that I’m afraid of the sun
    - that I don’t sunburn or get skin cancer (wear that sunblock people!)
    - that my good friend who plays the harp will play gospel or Neyo upon request.
    - that I don’t cycle and run marathons
    - that I don’t buy organic or shop at farmer’s markets

    (and I just watched the Colbert report)

  • Edie Ress

    -that I say “axe” instead of ASK!!!!!

  • High_Gloss

    That a staple of the African American diet is “fried chicken and cornbread!” A TA actually said this during a lecture on the importance of nutrition and cultural influences on one’s dietary choices!

  • Brijit

    …that I’m loud (I’m contemplative and sedate)
    …that I only order “scrimp” fried rice (I like Moo goo gai pan, too)
    …that I can’t swim (I can)
    …that I don’t support charities (I do; Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude’s and Smile Train are my favorites)
    …that I can’t read really well (I was an English major)
    …that I am of loose moral turpitude (sorry, y’all, that’s the English major in me; just means that I’m not slut. LOL

  • Shanae

    that I don’t use proper grammar!

  • cherish

    Just Because I’m Black, that doesn’t mean I won’t go far in my education! Thanks for bring this post up

  • Tonibone

    That we think “good hair” is long and straight.

  • http://blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com BlackWomenBlowTheTrumpet

    Hello there!

    I can not agree more!

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on “The Top 25 Most Erroneous Assumptions About Black Women” in order to address all of these ridiculous misperceptions…feel free to drop by.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  • TicToc

    Yess, at last. Fight the stereotypes that are force-fed to society by the media!!!.

    Here,s another one:

    -just because I,m black, doesn’t mean that I can’t be swept off of my feet by beautiful baroque art like seen in Florence, Italy..

    -Just because I,m black doesn’t mean “the African American” culture is known by me inside-out, and “white-european” culture is beyond my comprehension. (Don’t You hate it, when some guide in a museum starts to talk down to You as if You could not see the difference between a van Gogh and a Matisse, ” because there ‘s all white people in it” they go all “explainy” as if you are a High-school kid..???

    mind you, I,m white, my girlfriend is prompting me from across the room, because her english writing skills are somewhat rusty (She,s half African-American,Half French ,grew up in The Netherlands)
    On the “good hair” comment: Yes, that too (I just loooove her frizzy do, she does too)

    And another one she’s shouting(she’s on a roll..)

    -Just because I’m black and had blonde-blue eyed barbies, doesn’t mean I do not like my own skin and hair!!(so stop analyzing me and my self-image!!) There was a french expletive added, but I’ll leave that one out.

    darn. Next time she can type the comments herself….

  • Soul Cry

    Great list…wonderful

    Being a nature loving vegetarian, I love this list.

    So tired of the stereotypes…particularly ones brought on by US.

  • Megan

    …that my name is hard to pronounce.
    …that I can’t like water (grew up on the beaches of FL).
    …that I know every dance.
    …that I know how to cook.
    …that I don’t know my father.

    I love this list!! Good stuff…

  • hellifiknow

    that I don’t want to travel to exotic places that don’t necessarily have any black culture or history like croatia for example

    that I can’t distinguish quality wine and that I don’t have friends who can do the same thing!

    that I don’t like the Winter Olympics (I love the Olympics, period!)

    That I don’t read books whose titles don’t include, “Hustle” “Streetz” “Hard” “Ghetto” or “Hood”

    That I can cook fried chicken!

    That I know how to change a diaper!

    That I don’t realize “old” movies are not 70′s blaxploitation films so that I wouldn’t know who Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Montgomery Clift are! And that I’ve never seen any of their films…

    That my family comes from the Deep South….

    That I’ve never been to Africa….

    That I can’t appreciate fine cuisine and good, non-chain restaurants!

    That I am being a bitch when you’re clearly being rude, or that i’m too sensitive when you’re clearly being racist!

    That I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard…

    That I can only vacation in the Carribean….

    That while you think I’m smart, that I’m hardly an anomaly in my group of friends

    That I’ve never worn a weave…

    That I’ve never had my nails airbrushed and in fact prefer French in the summer and dark polish in the winter

    That I’ve never been blonde…

    That the kids with me that all look different are actually mine – they’re my nieces and nephews!

    That any grandmother in my family in any, way, shape, or form, resembles Madea!

    That I revere, not respect, not appreciate, but REVERE Michelle Obama…she’s cool, but she’s not new to me!

    I could go on!

  • Soul Touch

    “That I revere, not respect, not appreciate, but REVERE Michelle Obama…she’s cool, but she’s not new to me!”

    Well said.

  • mishal moore

    ….i go to church.
    ….i eat fried chicken.
    ….my idol can’t be Julie Andrews
    ….i listen to or even know much about hip hop
    ….the majority of my friends have to be black

    gawd…i could go on…..

  • mishal moore

    …i can’t say awesome or dude.
    …that i enjoy movies with an ALL black cast (cuz the majority of them suck)
    …that I believe in everything Obama (he’s still a politician)
    …i eat grits

  • Camille

    Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean….

    I don’t watch Joan Crawford and Myrna Loy on Turner Classic Movies
    I eat fried chicken
    I don’t understand what tanning means or how it happens
    I don’t enjoy Will Ferrell, Napolean Dynamite or Office Space
    I had to go to an HBCU (It was my choice to be there)
    I am afraid to leave home and travel
    I don’t enjoy GREAT 80s pop
    and just because I am black doesn’t mean I am NOT just like you!

  • http://childfreesexpot.squarespace.com/ Childfree Sexpot

    Just because I’m Black doesn’t mean…

    I’m homophobic or against gay marriage (I love every gay person I’ve ever encountered)

    I can’t be a feminist

    I can’t love tofu

    I identify with hip hop culture

    I have multiple children by various men

    I don’t love animals and respect them by choosing not to eat their flesh

    I don’t have an amazing, ever present father who has been in my life the whole 28 years I’ve been living it

  • Alex

    Does not mean we didn’t earn scholarships, but were handed to us because of Affirmative Action

    Can’t adopt or be foster parents (and to children outside our own race)

    That we don’t use cloth diapers.

    That we can’t enjoy Daft Punk and detest 50 cent

    That we didn’t take 3 years of Latin and 1 year of French in high school

    That we would not be interested in joining the Peace Corps

    That my best friend can’t be Hispanic

    That we date outside our race because there are no good Black men

    That we don’t watch C-SPAN.

    That we watch reality t.v shows, period

    That we can dance

    Speak slang constantly

    Don’t know our fathers’

    Wish we had straight hair

    That we are not paranoid about the New World Order

    That I can’t have family members that make over $250,000, that are not in the entertaining business.

    That we call each other ni%&^*s , bitches ,and ho’s on a regular base.

    That we want hand outs and welfare (we are not multinational corporations :)

  • Dels

    The saddest part is that we stereotype and judge one another.

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean:

    …I can’t enjoy sports other than basketball and football. I played tennis, was good at it, and thoroughly enjoyed it…

    …I can only appreciate rap, r&b and hip hop… I played Violin and that was one of the most entertaining and enriching things I could ever have experienced. And I plan on learning to play my FAVORITE instrument soon… CELLO! (To me it sounds as if the finest velvet or silk was made into music…)

  • boo

    just because i’m black that doesn’t mean that the African american diet is Chicken and biscuts.

  • Mohamed

    because I am black does not mean
    - that I am a drug addict
    - that police are always looking for me
    - that I hate white

  • OsamaObama

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean that Obama is my messiah.

  • bre

    just because i’m black, doesn’t mean i wear weave all the time. or do a ghetto girl pose. or follow lil wayne. or have dreds.

  • Mika Abdul

    Just because I am black doesn’t mean:
    -I will purchase a new Gucci bag before I pay bills
    -I am fluent in ebonics
    -I don’t watch Friends, Grey’s Anatomy or King of Queens
    -My favorite television channel is BET
    -My ancestors were slaves and/or native americans & I’m waiting for
    -I don’t take in foster children for a check

  • Jst1BlckMn

    …doesn’t mean I need to take up my rightful place as the only person who can bring into existance and therefore strengthen the 360 degrees of the Afrikan experience: the political, economic, family and community structures, sources and mediums of mass/group communication, marital, Afrikan love, parental, structured Afrikan childhood experience, cultural, spiritual, Afrikan holistic health, continental.

  • EnsomCityEmpress

    Thank the heavens someone said, im tired of being in boxes and categories that people put me in because of my nationality and race. I am Jamaican and i DONT like Bob Marley sue me!

  • http://illustriouscolours.com clarity

    The funny thing is that 99% list described me pretty much. I am sick of all the stereotypes.

  • Aura

    Just because I am black doesn’t mean that:

    1. I am automatically part of what some call the “african-american –hood” culture. Someone can actually be international, mixed with different cultures, and not understand black culture as some define it. I’m Dutch-Caribbean and I was raised to value family, education and to have a sense of pride in being refined.
    2. I have to be loud, obnoxious, curse like a sailor, and cannot properly use the full English vernacular. It is so annoying that people insist on sounding ignorant even in professional environment. Stereotypes are so pervasive already, why affirm it even more?
    3. That I’m automatically going to dignify your derogatory sleazy come-ons because you think that I haven’t been affirmed in my life.
    4. That I don’t read Wired, Forbes, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, Fitness Magazine and my fav Body+ Soul. I LOVE the whole organic and recycling movement!
    5. That I don’t like anything “white”– from clothing store preferences, to music, food, to social events. No, I don’t believe the white man is trying to hold you down. Yes, I believe there is still a disgusting undercurrent of racism in this country. Bring understanding instead of division no matter what others are doing.

  • Q-B-A

    Here’s more I’ve dealt with… B/C I’m a black chick I…

    1. Don’t know Kings of Leon
    2. Don’t embrace the depth of other cultures
    3. Smell different
    4. Don’t like to go swimming b/c it’ll ruin my hair
    5. Don’t enjoy to read…Even read books by authors that aren’t black
    6. Roll my neck when I’m pissed off
    7. Say “ooh child” and “yeah sistah” (I hate it when they write this in movie scripts)
    8. Don’t eat sushi

  • whit

    i love this post and the comment comments. can I get group e-hug? lol

  • Boss Lady

    I have seen Paid in Full
    I watch the Simpsons (Family Guy or that other show)
    I cant use proper English
    If i wear my hair straight that i have a perm
    I spend money on frivolous things
    One of my closest friends cant be white
    The word “dude” cannot be a frequently used word in my vocab
    That i cant absolutely love The Kaine show on 99.5
    I have to accept the first man to come my way because of the ratio of black men/black women
    I only read books by Zane, Sista Souljah, Omar Tyree, and the likes…
    I dont pick up the newspaper and read once in a while
    Hell, that i dont read at all
    That I dont know much about politics
    Lastly, that I shouldn’t wear my hair to work in its “Natural” state….(wtf, has really been addressed to me, altho i still do it)

  • lilkunta

    But I dont like or watch Curb Your Enthusiam.
    Arrested Development was just ok. I LOVED Malcolm In The Middle.
    Colbert Report is funny!

  • LaLaLaa

    *hug for whit* =)

    Here’s some more (on behalf of my sis and friends):

    Because we’re black chicks doesn’t mean:

    –that we don’t adore science-fiction/fantasy books, movies, and shows.

    –that we don’t play video games.

    –that we don’t listen to metal/alt. rock

    –that we can sing or are athletic

  • Faymous Fya


    -that I’m completely comfortable being walked on for the fame and glory of my male counterparts

    -that I love and cherish the means by which many of my “leaders” “role models” and people have gotten ahead.

    -that I’m one extreme,AFROCENTRIC or the other AFRICAN AMERICAN

    -That I’m NOT smarter then the discovery channel.

    -that I have “ISSUES”.

    -that I haven’t OVERCOME the issues that my community faces.

    -a slave, in the mental physical or spiritual worlds, not me.

  • Solgar

    I think if you look at other “successful” groups of people (socially, economically, politically) they tend to share and cherish the many aspects of their identity, culture and heritage.

    What group of people do most of the bullet points at the beginning of the article tend to belong to ?

  • A.Marie

    Just because I’m Black DOESN’T mean that:

    1. I’m trying to live in the image of Beyonce’ or Nikki Minaj
    2. I can’t attend Florida State University instead of FAMU because it’s not an HBCU
    3. I hate reading
    a. and if I do read it’s only African American sex novels
    4. I couldn’t have taken ballet for more than a few childhood years
    5. I don’t enjoy watching “The Office”
    6. I idolize Lil Wayne and the rest of Young Money
    7. I couldn’t have a father who has always been there and was married to my mother before I was conceived
    8. I don’t like rock music; alternative or indie…and I don’t like 80s pop
    9. I wear weave or fake nails or fake anything
    10. I love watermelon
    11. I was raised in the hood and not a nice suburban setting
    12. I have seen every Black film based on violence, sex, and drug-dealing

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/SharChessa-Russi-Ward/802770443 Shar’Chessa Réussi Ward

    yeap, that sounds about right

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/SharChessa-Russi-Ward/802770443 Shar’Chessa Réussi Ward

    well said :)

  • Hmmmmm

    This article and comments are leaving me a little uneasy. By saying that “Just beacause I’m Black, doesn’t mean…”, are you also saying that these things you’re not are typically black? I think that it’s pretty insensitive of us to say things like:
    Because you’re black:
    - You don’t know who my father is
    - You have two or more baby daddies
    - You like Obama, simply because he’s black and you do not have the intelligence to appreciate what he brings to the table.
    - You have a crappy diet and enjoy being overweight and unhealthy.

    I could go on and on. Being black encompasses many things. Saying what we’re “not” in this fashion is almost as if you were looking down upon those who “are” these exact same things… Being black can mean having a six figure salary by being an engineer, but unfortunately, it can also mean not knowing who your father is.

    Just my two cents!

  • Lagina

    I agree with Hmmmm and Solgar. We as a people, especially those of us who are privileged or educated, are always trying to define ourselves by distancing ourselves from these stereotypes and images that are put upon us by other people. Rather than embracing that we are very layered community we lambaste those that are less fortunate and empowered by screaming how much we love to do things that “others” do. If someone is making you feel like an anomaly because you watch a program–a program that excludes people that look like you–and you trip over yourself to scream how “like them” you are, there is a problem. Tell that idiot to go kick rocks!

    It makes me uneasy to hear all these things, most of them about things that are typically “white” as being not the “norm” in black society.

    If you watch a program or partake in an activity that YOU think black don’t like or participate in, who is the one that is making assumptions here?

    Who is this article for? I would say that these list are list for “others”. Don’t get me wrong, I hear these off the wall things all the time when I go to Vermont to snowboard or someone sees the Arrested Development dvd in my apartment (it belongs to my bf, I can’t stand that show). But, instead of trying to explain that, despite my blackness, I enjoy these thing, I ask them why its seems at odds that I would like a show or an activity.

    One more thing, I am so tired of the fried chicken thing. Every civilization, race, ethnicity, whatever that has had access to a pot, a lipid, and a bird has fried that sucker!

    So here’s my list:

    Just because I am black…

    1. Doesn’t mean anything except that I am human.

  • Hidi

    Amen to that :)

  • Aura

    @Solgar, Lagina and Hmmm

    I definitely understand your viewpoint and appreciate another side of the argument. We as an ethnic group have different societal intricacies. But I’ve found that in this ethnic group, we are one of the only ones to be OK with staying in a struggle and accept the stereotype. I’m international (born and lived abroad for most of my life) and honestly–you might’ve been born poor but we’ll be damned to stay in that state. People look at you like…”WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” All ethnic groups will have some that are just really victims of their circumstances but it’s like they say “it doesn’t matter where you start but where you finish”.

    I work with people who just say..I’m fine being on hoodrat status and assume that you are co-signing on all the foolishness involved in that. When you act different–you are looked as walking outside the box, “not being black enough” or a conspirator.

    I don’t think most of the commenters meant there lists in ill-will or don’t appreciate their ethnic group. Sometimes your ethnic group makes you feel like an outsider. I appreciate my ethnicity and appreciate the strength that accompanied our survival. Just sometimes I wish we could all let go of past hurts and ignorance and move on into a more pluralistic acceptance of each other.

  • Hmmmmm

    I see what you’re saying. But at the same time, that is why we need to mentor. if you “made it” and/or have experienced different things, why not share it with others who do not have the same opportunities? You can go snowboarding and watch Arrested Development (I love that show!!) and still be “down with the peeps”. I always tell others to try things before dismissing them. Include one of those “hoodrats” in one activity you partake in… You never know, they might just like it. In my line of work, there is a lot of golfing involved. When I tried it for the first time, I was completely out of my element – the only black women at a 300+ people event – but I played the part! Got all my gear and I looked like a pro! Couldn’t hit the ball but looked like a pro. I’ve tried it, am not crazy about it but don’t hate it either and I can add it to the repertoire of things that I’ve done. I will now take my nieces and nephews golfing and if they like it, they can stick to it, otherwise, they can at least say that they gave it a shot!

    My point is, let’s not create additional barriers within our community (or could it be considered as classicism which already exits…) and encourage one another to discover different things!

  • Hmmmmm

    I have to say Lagina, I love your list! It’s short yet says it all…

  • Pathos

    That we all identify with the ever present “mad black woman” in our media
    That we cant be Jews (yea thats right)
    That we LOVE Tyler Perry (Im sorry but it’s getting old)
    That BET is the only channel we watch.
    That we don’t listen to metal
    and finally
    That we don’t date men of other races, esp. Asian.

  • brandi

    i love that so many people here love “curb your enthusiasm”. lol that’s my favorite show!

    i agree with most of the listings. i’m always trying to open myself up to new things; right now i’m really interested in russian literature and language.

    i hate that we’re supposed to be something, by whose standards? certainly not mine. my mom tells me to ‘act more black.’ because i speak english coherently, a classmate tells me to “speak my race.” and when i didn’t want to partake in cheating on a biology test a few years ago, a classmate told me i must not be black.

  • AnonyMiss

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean

    1. I can’t speak proper English or choose not to.
    2. I love chicken (although I do).
    3. I don’t know who my father is.
    4. I voted for Obama.
    5. I support OJ.
    6. I hate Tiger Woods.
    7. I hate white people.
    8. I’ve seen Boyz N’ The Hood.
    9. I worship Weezy.
    10. My ancestors were slaves.
    11. I prefer basketball and football over all other sports.
    12. I’m destined for failure.
    13. I belong to the most hated yet most remarkable race on the planet. (oh wait yes it does).

  • Alexa

    I agree with everyone. But at the same time, there is nothing wrong with liking some sterotypical “black things”. We dont have to prove anything to anybody, especially White America.
    I’m Black and I’m not gonna be ashamed to say I like fried chicken because of some silly stereotype, created by ignorant people. I do enjoy listening to hip-hop(sometimes) & so what If I enjoy kool-aid now and then.

    Is it a crime to like, above mentioned ? Its whatever for me.

    I work in your sterotypical American newsroom. Its like; 87% White and the remaining percentage are token minorities scattered around (mostly asian). I’m one of the only 2 black women working there. We get stereotypes and preconceived notions applied to us everyday from co-workers “I hear Black women do….” ” Black guys are….” ” But I thought Black people do this, that, third”…..stereotype after stereotype…..

    Fact of the matter is, people are gonna think the way they wanna think. You dont have to prove anything to them. If someone wants to judge you even before knowing you, you better thank god. Cause ignorant people are no fun to be around. Sucks for me :p

  • Crystal

    Just Because I’m Black Doesn’t Mean–

    I talk like I’m “hood” or am from the hood
    I aspire to be a video vixen or 5 star chick
    I don’t like dogs lol
    I yell in the movie theater (ok I do sometimes)
    I can’t have friends or relationships with people of different races
    I have a weave
    I have to know how to survive in the hood
    I love fried chicken, watermelon, and kool aid although I pretty much do lol
    I stereotype people of my own race for not being “black” enough

    The funny thing is many of the steretoypes I associate with and am not ashamed of however I do not want anyone to ever judge based solely on the fact that I’m black. Unfortunately being that i’m only 14 I’ll have to face many prejudices and have stereotypes thrust upon me by many people who believe that I should be a certain way.That does not mean at all though, that I will change myself in any context out of fear or shame. I am though proud to be Black.

  • http://investigateconversateillustrate.blogspot.com Robert Trujillo

    Just Because I’m Black Doesn’t Mean–
    1. I couldnt be a scientist
    2. I am not an architect
    3. I couldnt be an engineer
    4. Im not a physicist

    5. I dont drink soy, rice, or almond milk
    6. I dont wish for organic roma tomatoes
    7. I dont eat whole grain cereal, bread, or rice
    8. I dont search for free range or on antibiotic pumped meats
    9. I dont eat vegan


  • http://www.jdivaonline.com Jenn J Ruthless T.

    Just because I’m black:

    * doesn’t mean I can’t be black with a culture (Cuban).
    * doesn’t mean I speak ebonics or slang
    * doesn’t mean that I don’t eat sushi
    * doesn’t mean that my hair isn’t grown from my own scalp
    * doesn’t mean I relax or perm my hair
    * doesn’t mean I won’t wear black nail polish
    * doesn’t mean I can’t rock out to Country music

  • Moi

    Some of these responses are have me in tears. Keep ‘em coming! Lmao!

  • Facebook User

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean:

    -I can’t listen to classical music.
    -I can’t be intelligent.
    -I can’t speak “proper” english.
    -I can’t aspire to be something great.

  • Brit

    just because i’m a black chick doesn’t mean….
    *i care about black men dating white women. what makes you think i don’t get down with the swirl/bumblebee/etc?
    *that i represent/know all black chicks everywhere, and can answer why who-and-so does such-and-such
    *i don’t have a KORN station on pandora
    *i’ve ever eaten ‘chitlins’
    *i like tyler perry’s movies and shows
    *i draw attention to my figure at all times
    *i don’t knit/paint/sew/get creative
    *i like guys with rims, candy paint, and a system that cost more than the car itself

  • Cuban dude

    I’m completely astonished. I don’t think any of these things of black people. It never even crossed my mind that a black guy or girl can’t like the Office. I mean I know and experience racism almost daily but stereotypes are a whole different issue. To say it lightly, that’s so 70s. And seriously, it sounds to me like you guys put these stereo types on your selves. C’mon! Fried chicken? Everybody loves that. Why does it have to be a black thing?

  • http://thataintgotnothingtodowithit.blogspot.com Mimsie

    wow. what if a ‘Just Because I’m African/of African descent…’

  • http://thataintgotnothingtodowithit.blogspot.com Mimsie

    *got started…. smh.

    it cld go from just bcuz im african doesnt mean i smell to just becuase im african doesnt mean i speak another language or speak “african”

    honestly, the whole point of this is just that ppl are IGNORANT!

  • Brit

    well some people don’t have any kind of relationship with black people, and their only access is through mainstream media which [with some exceptions] doesn’t really portray us as varied in our interests and activities. the point is we are people like anyone else but we get put into little categories [the sista girl, the mammy, etc...] and when we don’t fit the role, it surprises people. it shouldn’t but it does, and we are not making it up.

    it could be possible that because you have your own problems to deal with in terms of race, you don’t really notice stereotypes coming out to play for others. perspective is a hell of a thing…It’s also a lot more subtle than it used to be. What used to be yelled out in the street is now whispered among friends behind closed doors, and that keeps the stereotypes going.

  • NeNe

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean…
    -I buy knock-offs.
    -I only buy Jordan and Nike tennis shoes.
    -I never left the country.
    -I want multiracial children with “good” hair.
    -I use or believe in the term “good hair”
    -I use the word “ain’t”.
    -That I have food stamps or other governmental assistance.
    -That I drink Kool-Aid.
    -That I can dance, sing or cook.
    -That I can fry chicken, pork chops, etc.
    -That I was raised in the “hood” or the “south”.

  • Alex

    I can sooo relate to what everyone wrote on here. Media makes it seem like we’re one-dimensional, but we’re not. I relate most to what Brit and Crystal wrote.
    I also agree with Jenn. Just cause I’m Black and I live in America, doesnt mean I’m Black American….per se. Nothing wrong with Black Americans, but I come from a completely different Black culture (Bahamas) and dont always relate to American culture much.

    But this article is great! I went to the doctors office the other day, and doctor was asking me some questions. She asked if I had kids, when said “no” she was shocked. Then she made an ignorant statement that it was common for “girls like me” to have kids ?!?!
    Despite stats on Black teen pregnancy rates and how many baby-mamas you see….Not every black chick, has kids or even wants one.

  • olivia

    I had the hugest crush on this guy… I’m of a mixed complexion, my dads black and my moms white, and my crush is white. we were hitting it off, everything was going great until he told my friend that he is too racist to date a black “chick”… and that if I was white he would maybe concider dating me. I am devistated, and angry that in 2010 people are still hung up on skin colour! Can’t we all grow up and realize skin, race and culture doesnt mean anything… its about the personality and who the person is inside… not the outside what so ever. But i’ve come to realize that I dont want to waste my time on someone so shallow, and racist… and some might even call him a dick. I’m glad that I am not wasting another breath, or second on that low life, piece of scum. In the long run I’ve taught myself to say, it’s his loss, and yes it truly is.

  • ARB

    We don’t need to see this. All the ignorant people in the world that withhold prejudice thoughts should and those that execute them.This kid in my class the other day asked what is the difference between “stereotypes and facts” which in his opinion should be used as an excuse to decide that all white people are innocent and that anyones race is an excuse for the suffering of immigrants, their descendants, Native Americans who were deemed inferior and undeserving of sharing the land they already rightful possessed, and especially the poverty some of us experience because they don’t always let us move up to name a few (I’m sorry if I didn’t address more important matters I figured you would get the idea). Maybe I should print this out and shove this in this kids face and say that the that is the difference between stereotypes and facts dumb… you know the rest. This Just World Phenomenon does not apply to white people apparently and people don’t want it to stop there. I know that its 2010 but the point is that numbers don’t make a person, a man that was racist in 1975 with all of his might can still be racist today. If they don’t want to accept that other people of all races are capable of interracial friendships, marriages, and can actually be concerned with other problems that don’t concern their own race well that is what makes those ignorant people ignorant. I’m going to focus on the people that can tell the difference between stereotypes and facts and appreciate that I have them as positive influences in my life.

  • Leah

    I can’t like classical music or play a classical instrument

  • Lily

    I love this!
    -that I can break out and sing with an amazing soulfull voice.
    I hate it when people assume that.

  • Regina ONeal

    That all of us like to eat barbecue every weekend. That all of us have to have a 40 to go to sleep. That all of us like to sleep around with whomever. That all of us like to use profanity when we talk. That all of us are constantly late.

  • Ebony Dragoness:)

    Just because I’m black doesn’t mean:
    I voted for Obama
    afraid of taking risk like camping
    I’m mean
    I get jealous whenever I see white women with black men
    I don’t care about my health
    I don’t care about things like animals and the environment
    I try to act cool
    I can’t be sophisticated
    I’m promiscious and like to shake my ass
    I’m obsessed with Beyonce or Rihanna
    I’m loud and clown on people
    Im an urban resident and/or trouble maker

  • Ebony Dragoness:)

    It also doesn’t mean I am obsessed with “bling and money”
    I’m on welfare
    or can’t be a virgin into my thirties

  • Ebony Dragoness:)

    doesn’t mean because I grow up in the suberbs and well behaved I am weak, can’t protect myself

    or don’t appreciate my heritage

  • TaylorAshlee

    1) i am a hood rat
    2) that i dont like classic music (i love it actually)
    3) that i am at the mall whenever a new pair of Jordans come out waiting in line
    4) that i cant be a Rhodes Scholar
    5) i cant afford to shop in coach, bebe, or saks
    6)i dont know my father
    7) that i cant be a powerful executive
    8) that i dont have a balanced home enviroment
    9) that i need YOU to validate that i am a beautiful christian black woman!

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