Top 15 Reasons Why People Hate Beyoncé

by Alaina L. Lewis


Published on 3/23/2009

Before you all start out trying to ring my neck, I better first state the fact that this letter should strictly be filed in a drawer set aside for anything fiction. This letter isn’t true to my situation, but I guarantee you it’s a feeling that’s continually echoed throughout the minds of many women and men out there. We’re no stranger to the fact that people across the board got love for Beyoncé, but lets keep it real since we’ve already entered the sharing circle, and dish a bit on the reasons why people got hate for Beyoncé too.

These are all just possible ideas, and not something I personally hold as doctrine. I believe you have to personally know a person to truly have a reason to hate on ‘em, and since I have yet to be invited for tea at Beyoncé’s, none of these bulletins personally reflect my opinion. Instead of focusing so much on B, you should consider a quote by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays,

“Whatever you do, do it so well that no man living, no man dead or no man yet to be born can do it any better.”

That’s the philosophy we see in Beyoncé. She does it to the best of her abilities and her talents have led her to the top of the industry. So I’ll leave you with this — don’t hate, just step up to the plate.

  • Elle DPC

    Beyonce is everybody’s idol!!! I love her!!! Never hate her!!!

  • Xylina

    Beyoncé is the sugar honey iced tea and everything she touches turns 2 gold. All of her haters are just so overcome with jealousy they can’t see straight. The only way you can hate on someone, especially someone you don’t even know personally, is if you hate youself. Get over your insecurities and shortcomings, step your game up and celebrate Miss Beyoncé’s hard work and accomplishments.She puts her heart and soul into all her projects, even her performances are phenomenal. You have to hand it to her, any and everything she sets her sights on she gets it eg. Getting the worlds most renoun bachelor to put a ring on it and get a bangin prenup out of the deal. When my man watches her videos in awe n comments on how perfect she is I agree, why? Because I’m secure within myself not to belittle a woman who is doing the damn thing and is the closest thing to perfection out there. So instead of hating and bashing and acting like crabs in a barrel commend her for being the amazing accomplished woman she has grown to be.

  • Natalie

    This article needed to be wrote. I personally know of 5 women who can’t stand Beyonce for very stupid reasons. There are sites out there that are dedicated to hating her. Hopefully they will read this article and LET it GO – cause B is doing her thing and is not going to stop!

    Here’s one of the blog’s here: – it’s SAD!

    Great article Clutch!

  • Clutch

    PLEASE READ: Before this gets out of hand – please read the beginning of the article – which states…

    “Before you all start out trying to ring my neck, I better first state the fact that this letter should strictly be filed in a drawer set aside for anything fiction. This letter isn’t true to my situation, but I guarantee you it’s a feeling that’s continually echoed throughout the minds of many women and men out there. We’re no stranger to the fact that people across the board got love for Beyonce’, but lets keep it real since we’ve already entered the sharing circle, and dish a bit on the reasons why people got hate for Beyoncé too.”

    This is not how WE at Clutch feel- this is an article and discussion about women and men who dislike Beyonce. In the article, we give potential reasons why this is so.



  • lauren

    This Hate on Beyonce site is TERRIBLE – LOOK AT THIS!

  • Alice

    I find this article a bit dissapointing and contradictory. Why should you write about hating, that is so negative. And all the reasons you point definitely show A LOT of jealousy. I think that we should be positively jealous in the sense that people like Beyonce should serve as an inspiration for us, to have more drive, to work hard to achieve all our dreams, to be multitasked and to strive for excelence in everything we do.

    I read a book called “Nice girls don’t get rich” and this line is so true. We are raised to be nice, to not be ambitious and to asociate money with greed. But what is wrong with that. We all are made with talent so we might as well use it and get the best from it.

    We shouldn’t have space in our heart for hate, it’s just negative energy. We should be happy for the success of others and that will make us successful too.

  • Natasha

    @ Alice – why not look at both sides. It’s a underlying issue here. Women and men who dislike or hate people for unnecessary reasons. Why not discuss? Even if you don’t think they should this convo is going on daily in somebody’s circle.

    I think this is a great discussion starter on why we as women “hate” on each other for no apparent reason. And Beyonce is the perfect model to talk about it. For some reason Beyonce brings up such jealousy among and anger among women for ridiculous reasons. The reasons the author listed are so real and pretty close to why people dislike her – it’s jealousy.

    Let’s have the convo….

  • Vickie

    LOL – it’s so funny when people take writing literally – especially when the author clearly states “this is some HOW SOME WOMEN FEEL and it is NOT of the authors or Clutch’s — Uptight folks read the 1st and last paragraph please….

  • Zia

    This is crazy cause I was just with someone last week who hated Beyonce and the young lady reasons why was because of her accent. I was like that is so dumb. And the sad thing is she wasn’t the first one. I truly think it’s jealousy as the author suggest. If you are self-confident and happy with yourself then you shouldn’t dislike someone for reasons of vanity. I have never heard of another artist that evokes the kind of emotions Beyonce does.

    This is def a great discussion piece! I can’t wait to hear what other women think. I think the author did a great job listing reasons and “ideas” as she states on why women, especially black women have these issues.

  • D-Ski

    This is too funny!!! Always keeping it authentic Clucthettes!!

  • KellyB.

    yes, beyonce is the epitome of WORK! she shows that hard work really pays off, and being beautiful doesn’t hurt. when you’re at the top of your game, people are bound to hate. so sad, so sad lol

  • Alaina

    As the author of this article, I must state to all the readers… all the reasons listed in the TOP 15 weren’t and aren’t something that either I or the people at clutch hold as doctrine. The list was actually compiled of the responses that I garnered by reading a few websites that discussed the topic of why people have hate for Beyonce’ which is why I summed the entire 14 up in the last statement by saying all the hate is attributed to people’s JEALOUSY. Writing the article was a challenge and not something that came to me with ease, but as I writer I do my best to get the point across so it flows. I think it’s important that people look beyond it being entirely about Beyonce’ and realize that aside from her, we dish that same kind of hate to our other Clutchettes and sisters at times. I think it’s good we opened the topic, but instead of just discussing it, lets take action and find away to extinguish the hate towards ANYONE.

    PS. I REPEAT…. I personally LOVE BEYONCE’!!!

  • Lianne

    I think this is a great article, it is important to discuss why the hate flows so freely for a woman that people don’t even know and probably never will. Hating on Beyonce or any woman that you don’t know for that matter for superficial reasons is shallow and a huge time sucker. I think instead of wasting your time hating, you should step up your game and get your own.

    If you have your own knowledge and success nobody can take that away from you.

  • kirah

    Great article!! Love it.
    @ Elle DPC I don’t think Beyoncé is EVRYONE’S idol? but yes, a lot of people love her and a lot of females hate her.
    I’m not a fan of Bey, i bump to her songs from time to time, i prefer the DIL Beyoncé. But one thing I learned form my short time on this earth (I’m 24) is that most of the time, when we start hating on someone we don’t know, it means that somewhere, we are insecure. I appreciate Mrs Carter’s work and whenever I see her,it makes me want to “Upgrade” myself and to celebrate me and my accomplishments. My parents always told me to rea

  • Joi

    This article is really good, but you could easily substitute it for any woman. It definitely reminds me of an article on right now about Black women loving each other. I encourage everyone to check it out.

  • kirah

    Great article!! Love it.
    @ Elle DPC I don’t think Beyoncé is EVRYONE’S idol? but yes, a lot of people love her and a lot of females hate her.
    I’m not a fan of Bey, i bump to her songs from time to time, i prefer the DIL Beyoncé. But one thing I learned form my short time on this earth (I’m 24) is that most of the time, when we start hating on someone we don’t know, it means that somewhere, we are insecure. I appreciate Mrs Carter’s work and whenever I see her,it makes me want to “Upgrade” myself and to celebrate me and my accomplishments. She is reaching for the sky and saying that she needs to go away to let others shine is bogus coz no one does that in real life. But she should let us miss her a bit, she is overexposed. Keep doing you Bee!!

  • Eb

    I love it… could have added how everything is always so over the to and very drag queen esque, oh and how she lies and says she writes songs that she doesn’t, or the fact that she needs to stop acting because its really terrible.

    With that said… the game still wouldn’t be the same without her. So love her or hate her, the game needs her right now.

  • DL

    I don’t hate Beyonce but I don’t like her as an entertainer. What about not liking someone because of what they represent? Not everything is for everybody. She is a beautiful woman and you take that away. You take away the fact that she always grinding and rolling around the floor, what are you left with. Have you listen to the lyrics of her songs. I don’t have any of her albums but I have to say you listen to the lyrics of her songs and they lack substance. Soldier, Bootylicious, Check up on it, Got me bodied, Freak’um dress. Just to name a few. What about respecting those who just don’t like her music or her work? I don’t like Jessica Simpson but people won’t call me a hater. I feel once you don’t support someone who is black then you are a hater. Why is that?

  • PhD


    Exactly. These ‘writers’ who attempt to write on deeply complex social issues really do not have the depth of knowledge to do any justice at analyzing popular culture.

    While there are many people without a ‘socially responsible’ background whether with regard to advancing civil rights, human rights, womens rights, childrens rights…there are LOTS of people in America from such backgrounds. And these types of people who are TRULY interested in social change are DEEPLY turned off my the image that Beyonce projects, the sexed up, weaved up, gyrating, no commitment to EDUCATION (which women and minority groups fought HARD for) it is really hard to EMBRACE her, as what exactly is being embraced. Did you see the ads for children by her clothing line…again, for those at the forefront of the childrens rights movement….thousands of Americans…Beyonce ‘sexing up’ the kids just is a big turnoff.

    I think that Beyonce ‘fans’ really need more DEPTH and then perhaps they could grasp and understand the SPECIFIC and VALID reasons why she isn’t manys cup of tea, heck even the more conservative countries completely ban her performances for some of these very reasons, are they ‘hating’ to or are they CONCERNED about their FRAIL youth, a concept that many African Americans don’t seem to get as they expose their children to ANY and EVERYTHING (some of them ofcourse).

    The recently released study on the intellectual level of Beyonce fans truly has merit as I haven’t heard ONE Beyonce FAN touch on any societal issues, it seems as if the furthest their MINDS can go is to say that everybody is HATING on BEYONCE, shakes head. For those who have attended university, graduate programs (which are many) our brains have been cultivated to analyze issues in terms of their effects, irrespective of how subtle and when on looks at Beyonce alongside issues of feminism, education, children (keeping them children as long as possible), self esteem (in a natural sense not through material and other artificial accutrements), social activism…..she really becomes not relevant at all and if anything counterproductive to what a lot of people are looking to see in society:
    -women not defined by their sexual appeal
    -decrease in illiteracy
    -children not being prey or behaving older than they should be

    I could go on, but I know this isn’t the forum, and please keep your ‘hater’ and expand your mental and intellectual horizons.

  • Urban Fashionista

    The letter to Beyonce is unfortunately all to real! The EXACT same thing happened to me. very funny.

    … i don’t know bout those 15 reasons to hate on her though. that was kinda lame.

  • kirah

    There is a big difference between not liking and hating.

  • PhD

    And again for your boyfriend to say he wishes all women were as ‘fly’ as beyonce is a STEP back in many peoples minds in terms of where we should be as a society, where a man looks at a womans intellect, morality, or other features in CHOOSING a mate and not just the looks.

    To educate you a bit (although I know you all are more interested in worshipping Beyonce and ‘calling out’ her ‘haters’)….this type of mate selection (on LOOKS) did not happen in the ancient world, the family had to approve and that was the check on the MALE thinking through his little HEAD as the family would make sure that there was SUBSTANCE, real substance to rear a family…home economy skills, conflict resolution skills….

    So again,the fact that we are cultivating a society that promotes mate selection (and nation building) on LOOKS is problematic, and people that truly understand humanity, socioloty etc.. understands that THIS is exactly part of the problem in the black community, the increase in these ‘LOOK BASED’ births versus compatability and skills based unions..and what do we see in the black community…a degeneration. Increase in prison population, disease, increase in school drop outs (illiteracy)…

    Again folks these ISSUES are COMPLEX and again, you all just don’t have the intellectual DEPTH to ‘GET IT’

  • PhD

    Well a lot of people that I know don’t like Beyonce (many are ‘pretty’, financially comfortable, well traveled… as most are lawyers, professors, etc..They also don’t like most ‘entertainers’ as they understand their effect on the youth.

  • PhD

    And I would also add many that are branded as ‘haters’ are just unable to articulate or put their finger on their reasoning. And some, just from a data point of view I guess are ‘haters’ but not all, just know that beyonce fans, again, is Malaysia a hater?

  • Alisha

    Back in her DC days, she really worked my nerves, but even then, she was the star. She still is. I have seen her in concert and have all of her albums (not the burned copies). Even though I claim to have this love/hate relationship with her, I am clearly a MAJOR Bey fan. She works hard and is the best at what she does. She could be a little more tough, but that’s the persona that’s gotten her where she is, I guess.

    Good article (meant to be taken lightly).

  • CS

    WOW…I love all the feedback! The quote at the bottom of the article says it all…do your best and forget the rest

  • Lynette

    In my opinion, she lacks substance and basic intelligence. She’s not doing anything different than Mariah, Janet, Madonna have already done. What she does is keep herself in the forefront by releasing so called epic cds, shooting a jillion videos, re-releasing the cd in spanish (How about she try and conquer English and articulating that first???) She is truly overrated and it’s sad that she represents this generation of music. She’s not even that great of a singer. I like to hear people who sang. You get chills when they sing. Beyaki just makes music to party to. And for the record Beyonce is not a red bone…she’s light skinned not fair skinned. Tisha Campbell is a red bone. Hate that term. We are such a sad race of people.

  • k

    What DL and PhD said…

    Contrary to popular belief, it is possible not to like Beyonce’s work (music with vain, silly lyric and her lack of acting skill) – and be a black woman – without being a dreaded ‘hater.’ Dismissing anyone out of hand that doesn’t care for her doesn’t change that. You don’t have to be a “hater” to not like Beyonce’s overly sexualized image and vapid, self-involved lyrics like:

    When he pull up, wanna pop my hood up
    Bet he better have a six pack in the cooler
    Getting money, divas getting money
    If you ain’t getting money then you ain’t got nothing for me

    OR – materialistic lyrics:

    Audemars Piguet watch, dimples in ur necktie
    Hermmes briefcase, Cartier top clips
    Silk lined blazers, diamond cream facials
    VVS cuff links, six star pent suites

    I thought rap/r&b frowned upon gold-digging materialistic women? You mean to tell me that the UPS guy or the garbage collector the black woman lawyer is criticizing for turning down (what? you too good for a brother?) is not good enough?

    Nice side step on the light-skin question (blame it all on L’Oreal!) How about people who think that Beyonce’s career would be different if she looked like India Arie or even Gabrielle Union? We all know there is a paper bag test in the rap and r&b world. Better look like Beyonce, Rihanna, Ashanti and other non-talents like Christina and Cassie if you want a real push for your career.

    And by the way, are white and other non-black women who don’t care for Beyonce’s music or acting “haters” too? Or is that term only reserved for the only women in the world who are criticized and pressured for their (non-white or light with straight hair) looks the most – 99% of your Clutch readership – black women? What about other people who think her song lyrics are stupid? Haters or people with a legitimate opinion?

    This is easily the most ignorant article I have seen on this website. Someone with a clue about the various socially complex issues mentioned by the commenter above would have done a better job.

  • Joya J

    Beyonce has EARNED her place in history and the music biz. She puts the F in Fierce and the old adage is true: “Those who can DO and those who can’t HATE”. xoxo

  • PhD

    I need a Beyonce fan to address, unpack and analyze why a country would ban Beyonce? A country of non ‘nappy headed, ugly, fat black women’ who the fans SWEAR her haters are….this is a GREAT brain exercise.

    Ok, question is if according to FANS the only people that don’t like (approve) of beyonce is FAT UGLY NAPPY HEADED BLACK WOMEN….

    What are MALAYSIA’s reasons for not liking Beyonce (where the population is light and straight haired)……Beyonce Fans please think about this.

  • PhD

    As so many other people have earned places in history…
    again, some people just don’t have the brain power to “GET IT”

  • PhD

    I need a Beyonce fan to address, unpack and analyze why a country would ban Beyonce? A country of non ‘nappy headed, ugly, fat black women’ who the fans SWEAR her haters are….this is a GREAT brain exercise.

    Ok, question is if according to FANS the only people that don’t like (approve) of beyonce is FAT UGLY NAPPY HEADED BLACK WOMEN….

    What are MALAYSIA’s reasons for not liking Beyonce (where the population is light and straight haired)……Beyonce Fans please think about this.

  • PhD

    not approving I mean…think about it…you will be the better for it!

  • Princess

    Wow…silly, silly people. To steal a line from her hubby:

    “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?” Did y’all actually read the article? She clearly stated that this piece should be stuck in the fiction drawer. That means, say it with me now, that THIS IS NOT TRUE. She isn’t being a social commentator; she is writing a light-hearted article on one of the, like it or not, biggest music stars ever. I personally found it to be funny, because I didn’t it expect to be a sociological missive as to why Bey is reflective of the ills of society. Because…say it with me again, THIS IS FICTIONAL.

    Silly people…

  • Princess

    *because I didn’t expect it to be a sociological missive as to why Bey is reflective of the ills of society. Because…say it with me again, THIS IS FICTIONAL.

    Sorry about that…I hate typos.

  • Menelik

    Can you read? It said fictional BUT

    but I guarantee you it’s a feeling that’s continually echoed throughout the minds of many women and men out there

    So people are right to RESPOND.

  • Menelik

    Another dumb beyonce fan……

  • Menelik

    This is what beyonce fans do..once things get too DEEP and analytical then its
    “you all are taking this too seriously”
    “you’re blowing it out of proportion”

    NEWSFLASH: This is DEEP, your child’s mind is DEEP and IF Inner City Blacks would recognize how SERIOUS life is, then they would be more DISCRIMINATING in what they expose their children to like someone said.

    Instead they push a HOOCHIE MAMMA and DOPE BOY image on their kids and then we wonder why Teenage pregnancy, Oout of wedlock pregnancy, incarceration, HIV, Down Low sex etc… is at an all time high but then we SWEAR it has NOTHING to do with the IMAGES we forcefeed our children!

  • Princess

    You’re free to respond. I just think the venom on this is silly, like Bey is responsible for what’s wrong with black culture. If you want to talk about her effect on society at-large, then that’s cool. But UNDERSTAND the author’s intention… a fictional funny account of a pop icon. But venom…eh. I guess that’s how some ppl get their rocks off. You’ll come back and respond and you’ll get your rocks off and I’ll read it and laugh. Because this is all so silly.

  • kerry

    I think Beyonce is talented, but I also think there are many pure singers out there who are just as beautiful like Tamia whose voice is absolutley flawless. To name a few more, whether you agree or not, just my thoughts, Lil MO- Oleta Adams, Tweet, Jazmine Sullivan, Faith, Whitney, Leona, the list is too huge. Why arent these huge talents in the spotlight as well or at least recognized by us more?

  • Menelik

    And understand my intention, as this isn’t FUNNY at all..and its not VENOM its called DISCOURSE.

  • Lina

    My only problem with Beyonce recently is that she over-saturates the market. I don’t want to see any celebrity in all genres of entertainment. I just don’t. Plus, she doesn’t make quality music. True, it is pop, uplifting to some and extremely catchy, but the lyrics hardly ever venture out of relationship issues, and don’t we all think that the world is more than what you and some man got going on. I do think she can sing and she is one excellent performer, but thats where it stops.

  • ewok

    Thanks for this! I look on the blogs every day (OUR BLOGS!) and read the hate.
    Beyonce is talented, beautiful, and she is a risk taker. No one ever got anywhere without taking risks. Being a native Houstonian, I have had the pleasure of watching this young lady grow into who and what she is today.

    I also get sick of that “let someone else share the spotlight” seriously? People hate to see her so much they have to beg for their favorite little star to have some shine? WOW.

  • DL

    “I also get sick of that “let someone else share the spotlight” seriously? People hate to see her so much they have to beg for their favorite little star to have some shine? WOW.”

    What about her own sister and her label mates that put albums out? Her sister put out a single and not too long after that Bey puts out a single. Guess it’s all fair in love and war right?

  • nature matters

    i’m just really a hater!!!

  • Evade

    I don’t get it…Beyonce really isn’t at the top…She can’t even sell over 500,000 in the first week. Musically she still has Alicia Keys and Mary to beat. The reason she won at the NAACP awards is because, Alicia won that same award the year before. They couldn’t give it to her back to back. The only thing that makes people believe Beyonce is the best is her endorsements…believe it or not, Mariah, Mary, and Alicia Keys has achieved way more as an artist than Beyonce has.

  • Soul Cry

    There is a lot of negativity directed at this girl and think it’s totally unnecessary. She’s obviously worked very hard to make it to where she has…give her a break.

    Even if you don’t like her, why stress yourself out by creating so much hatred towards her? I see some people who hate her, but then know everything about her…I mean, are you a stalker?

    Honestly speaking, I’m not a fan of much of her music, but I think the woman is an awesome performer.

  • Soul Cry

    Oh, and my comment is not directed at the author of this article…it’s obvious, at least to me, that it meant as a funny observation.

  • Soul Cry


    I actually couldn’t stand her in DC either. lol though, I’ve never been a fan of DC (music to poppy for me), I really couldn’t stand her…but it was obvious she was a force…it all just came so natural for her.

    When she went solo…I tried to resist, but girlfriend snagged me with her performance power. She is the Tina Turner of our era.

    I’m also a fan of her sisters, but in her sister’s case it’s the music that got me….I truly enjoy her album.

  • DL

    “She is the Tina Turner of our era.”

    …with less intelligent lyrics.

    By the way, thank you K for adding some her ridiculous lyrics.

  • iolastar

    There is only one woman that people love and other’s truly hate and it’s Beyonce. If anyone mentions Ciara, Janet, Keri who’s name comes up in comparison? Beyonce. This woman truly changed the game whether people want to admit it or not.

    Brandy used to be Beyonce the girl that had a million jobs. Remember when people were hating on Brandy (who does she think she is? Moesha, Cinderella, Cover Girl, hosting award shows). Brandy used to be the it girl, but once Beyonce came up she took Brandy’s act to another level.

    I love that Beyonce works hard. I love that she can sing and dance live in heels. I love that she can be sexy, but still come across as the girl across the street. I love that she is paid. Why shouldn’t women in the entertainment business get paid?

    This article is a reflection of our community and issues within our community, espeically sistas hating on sistas. Why can’t we support someone that’s not hurting nobody? She’s doing what she loves to do and if you don’t like it listen to someone else. There are plenty of artist out there.

  • iolastar

    A few more things when people say she oversaturates the market I get what they are saying, but this happens whenever someone is hot. Remember when Erykah Badu came out? She was on the cover of everything! Same with Lauryn Hill. For those of you that have forgot Lauryn Hill wasn’t “light skinned” when she graced the covers of all those magazines, Brandy either.

    We need to really look at ourselves and examine the real issues. People on here mentioned skin color, quoted her “self-absorbed” lyrics, the bottom line is she must be doing something right? She’s always on the cover of something because she’s just hot.

    There is something for all of us out there. Again there are other issues going on because you don’t see this kind of venom when it comes to black male artists.

  • jb

    I spent many years, during the DC days and the first two solo albums, hating on this chick when I knew I knew every lyric sung, dance step performed, and outfit this girl had on.

    I had to give it up, she hooked me. Bey took a break late ’07 through early ’08 and I saw those other chicks get shine and I cried. I was NOT satisfied.

    At the end of the day, Bey is the greatest female entertainer of this generation with plenty to show for it.

    I just about cried when it was a black female who received the International Artist of Excellence Awards @ the American Music Awards in ’07-the first and only female to receive that awards to this day. Or when she received the Outstanding Contribution to the Arts Award @ the World Music Awards in ’08.

    She has achieved a myriad of accomplishments and has worked hard for every last one of them.

  • jb

    And I love that people are only focusing on the lyrics that were meant to be club bangers. The entire half of this newest CD boasts some powerful lyrics. I’m an educated woman with a college degree but God if I don’t wanna have fun sometimes.

    And another thing with that sit down argument. People who say that should not have kids. I wish I would tell my offspring to not be all they could be so that the next kid could have some shine. Could you imagine…

    “Barack, don’t work too hard and give your all…people might get mad and say you’re trying to be all you can be.” God forbid.

  • Zia

    While you are all complaining – have you seen all the other articles for this issue!? No – cause we LOVE drama!

    How about checking out the article on Alice Walker’s daughter — Rebecca -

    or these…

    there’s hundred of dope articles on this site – but we wanna argue about Beyonce when it’s meant to be A FUN piece!


  • Real Talk

    There’s a blog called I highly recommend it if you want truth tellling in the form of humor.

  • DL

    “Barack, don’t work too hard and give your all…people might get mad and say you’re trying to be all you can be.” God forbid.

    You can’t possibly be comparing Barack to Beyonce. wow….

  • Truth

    I think the fact that Beyonce is such a hard worker is intimidating to people. she’s one of the hardest working people in show business period. she’s not out here getting DUI’s, releasing sex tapes, or walking around acting like a damn fool and smacking paparazzi with umbrellas. people have taken jabs at her in the media and she doesn’t respond she just continues to do her. people can’t find anything criminally wrong with her so they nitpick until they find something wrong so that they can feel better about themselves. people will literally zoom in on beyonce’s feet and that will turn into “oo her toenail polish is chipped she must can’t afford new polish. she’s not as rich as people say she is. her wig is crooked too. that’s why jay-z is fucking rihanna.” it’s really quite sad. at the same time there a millions of people who love her and can appreciate her artistry and work ethic. people rarely focus on the positive. she’s breaking down barriers for young african american women. Michelle Obama, Jennifer Hudson, and Beyonce are the only african american women who have been on the cover of Vogue magazine. she donated her entire check from cadillac records to a drug rehab shelter for women. of course we never hear about that though.

  • Soul Cry

    But they are lyrics…as stated by one of the posters, it’s funny that those chose to quote lyrics for songs made for the club. I mean really, at least be fair…what about Me, Myself, and I. Cater 2 U. Halo. Flaws?

    That being said, I don’t look to Bey for messages. Jill, Erykah, Corrine Bailey Rae, Mary J, Me’Shell Ndegeceollo to name a few, those are the ladies I go to for inspiration, even

    Learn where to place your expectations.

  • Soul Cry

    In my reference to Tina, notice I made a point to say PERFORMER…not inspirator.

  • Jennifer

    I find it amazing how CLUTCH writers can regularly produce so many great and insightful articles and this is the one that people flock to, to comment feverishly about. I read this piece really late last night and knew that when I came back it would be filled to the brim with comments.

    Beyonce’s JOB is to PERFORM. And that she does very well. Her millions made in album sales, concert tickets, and endorsements can vouch for that. She may not be the best, but obviously there are people out there that think she is.

  • Carren


    So true! We have issues with this woman for some reason. Thank u clutch for bringing the haters out. I know this was meant highlight the reasons they hate her and they are coming out the wood work. Like the end of the article states – step up and don’t hate! I love BEY!!!!!!!

  • keren

    I hate when people say her music lack dept, The girl song emotions in DC, Dangerously in love in the DIL era, listen, resentment,flaws and all etc in the Bday era and Halo, IIWAB this era. Plus all the songs like baby boy, crazy in love, single ladies etc have great meaning to alot of people, so because it held no meaning to you don’t say it lack dept.

    By now y’all should realize that I’m a huge fan of beyonce and I’m really proud to be a young lady striving to become a lawyer and supporting other sucessful black women.

  • DL

    I will be fair. Dangerously in Love and Flaws are beautiful songs. They are acutally songs I can say I really like by Beyonce.

    When someone says they don’t like Beyonce, her stans calls that person a hater. when that person give legitimate reasons why they don’t like her, then that person is nit picking or looking in too deep. Again, why can’t someone not like an artist? Why can’t I have a reason not to like a celebrity? People act like making money should be the deciding factor on whether I like someone or not.

    Not everyone that I like are super deep but if someone is putting stuff out there that is turning me off, should I just pretend to go with the masses just so I won’t get attack. GTFOH! I don’t like Beyonce, the entertainer! I don’t know her as a person to not like her but I don’t find her entertaining.

  • #1diva

    @ jb and Truth, yall better preach! I totally agree with everything you guys are saying. The hate on Bey (which is apparent right on this message board) is ridiculous. But I love that Bey never pays it no attention and keeps doing her.

  • Chelsea

    I think all of you have missed the most obvious reason people dont like her.

    She comes off as fake and unrelatable. Its that simple. For me its not about her being lightskinned, a pretty stupid reason to dislike anyone, its not because shes beautiful or rich or anything like that. In her interviews she doesnt seem genuine or natural. Her music hasnt evolved or grown up with her crcumstances. She caters to a young crowd, her music is commercial and v mainstream. I like more substance to artists and to music.

    Her acheivements are her acheivements and no one can take that away, neither should people try to tear her down or hate on her. Shes making her money. But in 10 years time i will def not be bumping to single ladies or diva.

    Commercial bublegum music doesnt make you a legend, an icon or your songs ‘classics’.

  • DL



    Everyone who does no agree with Beyonce’s “scratching and clawing” to the top is labeled a hater. Well here’s the thing, we don’t know who beyonce is. She’s a poser. While i do think she’s talented, she is a poser. Here’s why i say this. She’s taken the best attributes of the worlds most popular female artist and combined it into a human robot.

    1. Mariah Carey: Beyonce has taken the tight gowns the long goddess weave with fan blowing that mariah has used for years.
    2. Janet jackson: Beyonce has went into the studio re-recorded her songs to SOUND LIVE (they are pre-taped live sounding vocals see the tyra show’s single ladies) and has fooled people to believe she’s singing live and dancing like janet did in the 80′s and 90′s.
    3. Tina Turner: she has copped Tina’s style, her dress, her rawness on stage and turned into an RnB version of Tina Turner
    4. Madonna: she has taken the Madonna video route, and gives glossy, broadway dramatic videos

    Beyonce is not original she’s a fan. she’s taken all those clues from History making diva’s and mocked their style. She’s superhuman.

    Remove eyelashes, the Weave, the lacefronts, the lipped singing tracks and i’d bet what u’d find is a gay man.

  • Karen

    I never really understood why people hate Beyonce. She’s an amazing singer that produces fun, catchy music but can still sing ballads. I never get bored because she always switches it up for every album. I love her as an artist. I could never hate Beyonce!

  • Soul Cry

    I think many preceive her as ‘fake’ because of how she carries herself in public.

    For me, I like that fact that she conducts herself like a lady. I also like the fact that she doesn’t feel the need to address negativity or her personal life.

    If we had more people aware of their character and conduct in public, we would be in a better place. To many people put too much on this ‘real’ business…and the ‘real’ title is normally reserved for uncouth, catty, indignant antics…which I never could understand. She is much like Will Smith in those regards. When he steps out into the public, he is all smiles and all respect. Who knows how he is behind closed doors, point is that he conducts himself like a gentleman in public.

    But that’s just my humble opinion.

  • DL

    Remove eyelashes, the Weave, the lacefronts, the lipped singing tracks and i’d bet what u’d find is a gay man.

    lol!!!! I was with you until you said “I’d bet what you’d find is a gay man.” I have to say that was funny but get ready to pay that statement lol!!!

    I think you made a lot of great points.



  • Junga

    If your man wants a beyonce, hes gay!

  • Confused

    CHECK IT OUT. Wow. It’s amazing to me how the wind blows over so many peoples heads. Forgive me, if I DON’T feel as if I should be the DEFINING FACTOR as to whether or not Beyonce’ is or isn’t worth a damn, or whether the author of this article lived up to PHD’s ridiculous standards, or whether the fans should be allowed to project how they feel about THEIR icon. I’m neutral. Could care less about BEY, but care more about the fact that the author did 1 hell of a job taking what was OBVIOUSLY meant to be a cute poke with artistic appeal at BEY and a few surface observation, that somehow garnered 73 comments worth of reflections that mirror her underlying intent. HATE. You see, I think it’s cute how people stand on soap boxes inside their computers and administer statements towards fan comments, the writers intelligence, and what they feel should and shouldn’t be in the article. How many of you are writing, singing, or believing in anything more than yourselves? I understand SOME of the responses, the ones that don’t stray from the topic, but I think it’s ridiculous for people who enjoy CLUTCH articles to have to be in fear of leaving a comment because it will likely be the next topic up for debate by some hater who wants to extinguish their voice.

  • Confused

    Lastly. Let’s try to see things for how they really are, and not disappoint when it comes to the truth. Yes, Bey’s lyrics can be ridiculous, yes, Bey is seemingly overrated when you compare her to India Arie and so many others, but YES, she’s doing her and the best thing you should do, is do you. This is crazy.

    @PHD, please don’t assume that people who frequent Clutch don’t have the intelligence to see the point you are getting at, but understand this, without eloquence and tact and respect for people as a whole, who really cares what you have to say past the point where you start attacking people. You lost me, when YOU started to become a hater. New Article? Naw. Water under the bridge. Clutch is a fun, hip and cute little mag, not Rush Limbaughs site or <—– All things in time, all things at the right time. This wasn’t an article that was supposed be littered in politics, the author set the tone that it’d be fun from the very beginning. Let’s all relax and peruse some of the other features available at Clutch Magazine. This article is great, and now the others deserve love too.

  • Jackie

    I am a sophisticated, well-educated and professional black woman who is not a fan of Beyonce – and I am NOT a “hater”. I feel that her music is materialistic and lack depth. I also feel that her acting lacks depth and passion. It seems to me that she is truly is “that girl” who wants to always be number one, win every award and be “the best” at everything… There is nothing wrong with that; however, in my opinion her lack of depth in everything that she does comes from the fact that she is only doing to be the best and nothing more. When I hear her songs or watch her movies I actually feel sorry for her because her physical attractiveness is a huge reason why she made it as far as she has. She “attracts” men and women because men fantasize about her and women wish they looked like her (or at least could attract men like her). Until I feel that depth in her music or movies, I will never be a fan of Beyonce. And with my own personal success, self love and confidence there is certainly no need for me to “hate” on her in the meantime.

  • Denise

    I like a few of Beyonce’s songs but I’m hardly what you call a fan of hers. I prefer the music of Jill Scott, Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, India Arie, and Chrisette Michele. I like people who have some soul in their voice. Honestly I don’t get all the hype over Beyonce. IMO, she can be lumped in with Rihanna, Cassie, Ashanti, and Ciara…very pretty girls but extremely limited in their vocal abilities and lyrical content. But these girls appeal to the younger generation (25 & under) Their music is hot for now but it won’t stand the test of time. Someone posted some Beyonce lyrics and song titles in an earlier post and I literally laughed out loud. I’m not hater, I’m just not a fan.

  • Arlice Nichole

    @Kerry, thank you for mentioning my girls Tweet and Tamia. Like Beyonce, these women can really sing.

  • tasha

    Using Beyonce as a discussion topic to discuss allll social issues within our community is a bit overboard. The girl sings, she performs, she acts…cool…you don’t have to like her or her music, but to make it seem as if this one single woman is responsible for or representative so many wrongs is insane.

    Honestly speaking in respect to children, I would have no problem with a early teenager knowing her lyrics, watching her perform. Why? Because if you think about it she has been working HARD for years at her craft and that is something that should be respected. She sings love + club songs, that’s her lane.

    Vain lyrics? I don’t mind, b/c on those days when I feel crappy, to see another beautiful fit successful woman is nothing short of inspiration. I bump “Get Me Bodied” at the gym on the regular. Everything is not for everybody…so what she rocks weaves and promotes designer labels?

    If there were no Beyonce, I’d bet my bottom dollar there would be those screaming “why don’t we have a Black woman with xxx endorsements, making xxx money like xxx white counterpart…”

  • Nicky

    AMEN JB!!!

  • Drew

    The fact that this article/”story” has caused so much discussion is a good sign for both that the topic can generate such polarizing opinions. And that the need for defense for both the to hate or not to hate beyonce has forced people to try to express their opinions, is a statement that Bey has transcended more from just being a pop artist, but has gained an importance in all of our lives, whether it is to hate or not is the question.

  • noname

    I love the last reason: Jealousy!! Beyonce is a very talented Black female who is doing her thang and representing for our community. She just happens to have those extra features that has propelled her to commercial success in relating to all Nationalities. I think if you are a true artist, you should definitely push to those levels. God has blessed alot of folk with extraordinary talent and if you have it, flaunt it. She is flaunting it!! People kill me, because you tear her down and bulid her up, then turn right around and tear her down. She is still doing her!! Getting bags or that money, while people are hating!!! :(( Look at yourself and judge yourself. There are enough NEGATIVE images out here as it is..and she clearly is setting an example for young girls. Okay, yea she likes to shake her ass and wear sexy clothing, but she’s always classy and carries herself like a LADY!! Let’s stop hating and start building each other up. I’m mad that someone actually came up with a list to dislike somebody. Again, her album still remains in the Top 10 since November 08′ and she’s getting money evry’day…so let the girl do her!!

  • Nicky

    Thank-you Zia! Love the article on Angel Taylor

  • Mandalay Keisha

    it also goes to show that the writer of the article has enough juice and intelligent to generate such passionate opinion and discussion shows her as a talent as much as the one some of us are hating.



  • keizer sose

    Personally I have never liked Beyonce even when she was with her girl band. She’s HIGHLY OVERRATED, and NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE. Call me a hater if you wish. The truth hurts either way. And to the author, your voice has been heard nation wide regardless of this being a compilation of reasons why “we hate Beyonce”.

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  • dee

    Musically, she is an average singer no better than Ciara or Rihanna but she gets much more exposure than the other two. This I believe is because of her manager/father business experience. I read that she wants her music to be iconic but I can’t see her music today being played some 20 years from now. Just can’t, sorry. I buy what I like (thanks Itunes) and leave the rest. I don’t go to see her movies normally but may go see the new one because Idris Elba is in it.

    What I love about Bey. Her drive and her committment to her craft. Someone young girls can look up to. Not caring about what anyone of us think, she is going to continue to do her thing.

  • lilia

    A little Common sense :”If id ont like , I dont like doesnt mean that I hate it”

  • true

    Jealousy is the main reason most people hate Beyonce-it is very difficult for people who are underachievers to accept that one person can be so good at so many things- this happens all the time at school,people hate or wish they were the active,academic good looking one and spend more time wishing or hating on them than they do developing themselves.

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  • I’d Hate Me 2

    LOL!!! I hear ya!

    I love me some Beyonce :-)

  • sloane

    i don’t like beyonce because she always has a vacant look in her eyes and i’ve never really heard her say anything of substance in her music or otherwise. she’s like a barbie doll. give me lauryn hill, amy winehouse,and alicia keys, not her. and i’m tired of seeing dumb as a doornail ass be vacant in movies too. give real black actresses with extensive training in their craft an opportunity to shine.

  • sloane

    i meant: and i’m tired of seeing her dumb as a doornail ass be vacant in movies too.

  • Christina

    I happen to love her and her music. I think she’s actually a great role model. You can find 15 things to hate about ANYBODY, I mean……they crucified Jesus. The girl has star appeal, she’s beautiful (and i’ve seen her pictures without the makeup, she’s a natural beauty, always has been, even from when they FIRST came out.)and the girl has talent. If you’ve seen her in concert, heard her life, you’ll know she’s no average singer. Long story short, there’s a difference between not being a fan, and being a “hater”.

  • get with it ppl

    ok so after combing through some of the comments on here i think i need to break it down in maybe terms that some ppl will understand THIS ARTICLE IS FAKE… so many ppl had things to say that could be seen as well in my words hating on the author i think this women is very talented and i think that she had guts to write the article and for others to diss the article the way the did then continue to stay on the site or even stop back by to see if your comment got any comments than u just wish u had the guts to write such a good article that caused quite the stir. YO ALAINA GO GIRL KEEP IT UP and for the haters stop hating you got a phd player hatting degree

  • get with it ppl

    oops typo in my last comment i meant hating

  • Maitai

    Wow! What a debate this simple article has started! Such a shame people going to blows over this, but interesting nonetheless.

    Personally I was a BIG fan of DC in the beginning. As a tween I loved all the members and knew all the words to their songs. After the debacle with the other members, and the way Beyonce talked about her “best friends” in a VIBE article, my opinion began to sway on her a little bit. I still bought the “Survivor” cd, but I start moving away from them around that time. When she came out with her first cd, I was BACK in action with her. Bought and loved that cd, and thought she deserved all the awards she won from it. Ignored that acting that came around that time, but that’s alright.

    Then I heard the stories of how she “writes” her songs and I was really disappointed. All those awards she won seemed undeserved. It seemed as thought the accolades she was getting, she really didn’t earn them. And then when she started moving towards the more “poppy” artificial sound, she basically lost me on that. Her music now just sounds extra manufactured, and it is TELLING that she didn’t have ONE SONG of her own to sing at Obama’s inauguration. To me that is not the makings of an icon, and I don’t know anyone who is considered an ICON who said that was what they wanted to be. All the past greats wanted to be was good at what they loved be it music, acting, whatever. Often it seems that Beyonce is just doing the acting and other activities to be considered and icon, not because she loves it. And it stinks because I really want to like Beyonce’s stuff, because I do actually think its admirable that she’s well poised when out in public.

    Especially when she is considered a role model and she considers herself so, I wish her music matched her public person (NOT SASHA LOL) a little more. Obviously it is up to parent to raise their kids not Beyonce, but its a fact that parents aren’t and kids are getting a miscontrued idea of sexuality and things of that nature. But of course that is not Beyonce’s fault, people shouldn’t “hate” on her for that. But as I said, I just wish the “greatness” that people bestow on Beyonce matched her music and abbilities she is putting out. I hope nobody considers what I have written hating, because it was not intended as so.

  • Maitai

    LOL ok the people saying Beyonce isn’t pretty, y’all are sliding a little high on the hater meter. Maybe you see girls around your way that look like her but doesn’t mean she’s not pretty.

  • shauna

    I must say that with racism or any such inclination aside, Beyonce like many other artistes work exceptionally hard. If we direct our disgust for her being considered to be good at everything then we are misguided. It is those who bestow such accolades on her that we should blame if we feel she is undeserving. It is because we think she in important why we take time out to write our views on her. The truth is everyone is entitled to their views on morals and what has substance and what doesn’t and Beyonce is no exception. It is clear that she believes in what she does and she works hard at it. We should do the same for ourselves and stop hurling accusations at individuals simply because of their accomplishments. The article is good and many aspects of it is very real. Beyonce, Mariah, Ashley, Celine, Jennifer, Miley….continue to work hard at what you believe in. God Bless you all…just remember those poor Americans each time you make all that good stuff. lol

  • Jennifer

    She can sing, she can dance, yeah, yeah, yeah. But she’s also probably one of the MOST OVERRATED artist of our time.

    She’s NOT orginal, lies about writing her music and swagger jacks everybody in the game.

    She does NOT speak out against the goverment. In fact, she’s merely a puppet who is going by someone else’s script.

    No hate, I just don’t get her appeal.

  • Childfree Sexpot

    Beyonce is beautiful and successful yes, but I think she’s is missing is genuine authenticity and relatability.

    For me personally, she is amazingly difficult to relate to because all I think of when I see or hear her is wild hair flipping, freak dancing, and bootyshaking. I honestly can’t recall an interview or a moment where she has allowed herself to be vulnerable or honest about anything really. She holds her fans at arms length and the world is relegated into the role of her “admirers”. She’s a woman on a highly perched pedestal. Artists like Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, and Mary J. Blige have gone through hardships that people relate to and they have been open about them. You can feel who they are through their music. When I listen to Beyonce’s music, I don’t FEEL particularly anything. When I look at her, I don’t FEEL that she’s OVERCOME anything. I’ve never heard her speak from the heart much less sing from the heart. It all feels like a put on. A spectacular one, but a put on nonetheless.

    Speaking of Mary- she expressed this sentiment perfectly when she said, “It’s not like Beyoncé can’t sing. But what’s missing is the personal. Those girls are groomed to be pop artists, to be perfect, to go to modeling school and learn how to walk and talk. Whereas we had to go through the trenches and get beat up and knocked down by life to learn how to articulate ourselves properly. And there’s no school for that. There’s no school for organic.”

    Yes Mary…indeed there isn’t.

  • d

    my thoughts on this whole discussion…

    1. who cares
    2. stop hating
    3. i’m over this site

  • Brown Girl

    @d – GREAT cause I can tell most of the people who commented on this article are not regulars to Clutch and I and the rest of us that love Clutch don’t want the drama.

  • Clutch is the Best

    @ D and Brown Girl. Clutch is the best website ever, and it’s only a matter of time before it surpasses all the others. The article was great! But just like Brown Girl said, somehow it was plastered all over the web, and people who aren’t Clutch regulars have saturated our happy site with the drama! Be gone D! Us Clutch Fans don’t want you here anyways!!

  • thismayconcernyou

    I only dislike her for a few reasons. The main one is No. 6: the break up of the orginal Destiny’s Child.

    I loved Letoya Luckett, not Beyonce. I preferred Kelly Rowland over Beyonce (don’t get me wrong Beyonce’s body is better than either of the aforementioned). But for my tastes … yeah.

    So suffice it to say, I’m not a fan. Though I can’t deny her ability to put on a good show.

    The only other reason I don’t like her: She shouldn’t be the standard to which all black women aspire. I’m not sure she’s that bright (looks at the music she puts out). And she’s not politically or socially engaged (Give me Kerry Washington without her weave). That’s why I’m so thankful for Michelle Obama. That image/standard is a good 48-feet higher now.

  • kat kelly

    I cannot for the life of me understand that out of all the More interesting articles that could receive comments that people choose to use that energy for BEYONCE. is she even worth it? Seriously speaking…

  • thismayconcernyou

    She is worth the negative energy, so that she will hopefully see the error in her ways. She affects millions of women with buffoonery like “I can have another you in a minute, matter fact he’ll be here in a minute.”

    This is not the message 10-year-old girls need to hear, and Beyonce needs to know it.

    Disclosure: I’m a ginormous fan of the Dangerously In Love album, and little since.

  • Dee

    Personally I’m just tired of seeing her face and hearing her straining voice all the time. Now She makes some good songs, but I feel that she is pumped up to SEEM a lot better than she is. There are so many other talented black females that look and sound better than her, and I would love to see and hear more of them and a lot less Beyonce!

  • Amber

    At the end of the day is does not matter what we think. She is successful and made her mark in society. Keep it going Beyonce, love you!


  • liljc

    People act like she got her fame handed to her. She works her butt off everyday to get where she at, to be honest I wouldn’t be able to do it and I guarantee half ya’ll haters wouldn’t be either. Grow up and get some self esteem!!!

  • Sheila

    ty2phine, I agree with you. Beyonce jacks style and she tired. Yes she can sing and dance but her songs lack substance and shes just like everyone else. she aint no Whitney or Mariah or Aretha or even a Gladys Night or Dionne Warwick. She’s in the 2nd group of ladies like Keyshia Cole, Mya, Rihanna etc…

    in the end, she won’t be remembered.

  • kat kelly

    @thismayconcern you…

    I saw your post thanks and I see your comment lol. So your persistence paid off. Well, honestly I see your concern but she is not worth it to me. These very words I am typing are too much time spent on her, why because I could care less about this woman. She has her life, her, career, her family, so that is all she cares about.

    Beyonce is not going to change anything, because you have so many women in and out of the industry that strive to be like her, and thinks that her life is the most wanted life for all women to have and the same with her looks. Oprah & Michelle Obama feed into this crap as well.

    Beyonce stated the other day that she was so happy when Michelle Obama said to her that “my daughters love you, “She told me that she was very happy that her children had an artist like myself and — beyonce: I don’t even feel right saying this – she said she was happy they had me to look up to.”

    Now, this is why I don’t care. IF Michelle said this Michelle is full of crap. And, I do mean if. But, the world and people in forums gives this woman too much time!!! She doesn’t bother me, I don’t care what she sings about, if the world is in denial over her, so what, At least it is not me.

    As long as you talk about her you are doing exactly what her pr people want. And, if Michelle is stupid enough to say that IF she did, Then that is why Beyonce won’t change a thing.

  • DL

    @kat kelly

    You make a lot of good points. Money and Fame isn’t everything in the world.I would rather watch an entertainer continue to fight to achieve their dreams then to watch another entertainer sell sex and medicore lyrics. It’s really great to read some people’s comments. Some people aren’t disillusioned which is good news.

  • Markeysha

    I love Beyonce she is a example of hard work, and grace.
    People have hated her since 95 and it’s sad. Let’s celebrate her acheviments and strive to achive our own goals.

    B’ Fan Till The End

  • cree

    I agree with PhD, DL, Jackie, Tasha & Childfire Sexpot…its a shame that the other women who work so hard on their craft and who can SANG get overlooked because white media has made Beyonce THE STANDARD. It is also a shame that non-entertainer females (regular hardworking, successful women) are accused of being jealous of Beyonce if that are JUST NOT-THAT-INTO-HER!

    This article was wack to me..but I had to get in on the discussion, because I have never seen the comments at 115 on this website on any other meaningful topic!

    SMH! Have a Good Day Ladies!

  • cree

    Kat Kelly…I hear you and I agree!

  • black licorice

    I don’t like her because she’s everywhere and she won’t go away…that gets annoying. It has nothing to do with jealousy, she’s a beautiful woman and she’s a good singer and that’s obvious. But too much of anything is never a good thing. I used to love her back in ’06, but eventually I just got Beyonce Overload. Plus, I think she’s vapid and soulless…she’s more like a robot to me, a machine to the industry, rather than a person with true depth.

  • b-

    i’m so glad that i read to the very end because i was about to comment that this article was flat out DUMB and a waste of my time. I LOVE Beyonce! She is doing her thing. She deserves everything she has because she is talented/gifted, and unlike a lot of us, she uses her gift and works HARD at it. She isn’t just sitting on it like most folk!

  • Nikki

    Who really cares if someone likes her or not? If you like her cool if you hate her cool. Bottom line is that people are entitled to their opnions either way. I personally do not care for the image she protrays and the worldly influences that she has/uses. She’s not the most articulate yes that is true. She’s very raunchy, sexual and then wants to flip into innocent I’m here to help mode. She’s a devout Methodist as mentioned in the article and the church in Houston is as worldly as she is. I’m a fan of maybe two or her songs thus far but as an entertainer I’d rather not be entertained by her via videos, concerts, etc. Videos ruin the way I view the songs. I don’t hate her but I surely don’t care for her much. Nothing to do with anything other than the image she gives off and character judgement.

  • Donna

    Yeah my primary B issue is her Christianity claim. God says to be hot or cold if you’re lukewarm He spews you out of His mouth so it’s not the people saying you’re no Christian it’s God Himself.

    Yet I feel for her and pray for her as well as many other celebs who fall into the same boat. It wasn’t the fame that took them out of Christianity, it’s not getting the truth in the 1st place therefore believing you are who you say you are when the religion you claim sings a different tune. Even happens within gospel music unfortunately.

  • Priya

    I don’t think some of you are getting the memo. The “haters” knew that the article was in a playful tone. However, the writer SAID:

    “…but I guarantee you it’s a feeling that’s continually echoed throughout the minds of many women and men out there.”

    Some of the “haters” were simply trying to figure out why everyone who dislikes Beyonce has to be considered haters. Why can’t we simply dislike what someone stands for, for valid reasons without being called haters?

    I don’t hate Beyonce. There are a few songs by her that I like. I was actually a fan of Destiny’s Child when they first came out. Beyonce is really beautiful, and has a great voice in my opinion.

    However, I noticed that many of the people who defended the writer of this article, Clutch in general, and Beyonce, sounded really shallow. Many of your comments were airy; it held no real substance or value. It didn’t take me anywhere. It didn’t stand out. It didn’t add knowledge any new knowledge to the table.

    And while I don’t really care to jump into an intellectual conversation about Beyonce, I noticed that many of the people who commented on this page, that were considered “haters”, had really intelligent things to say on this matter. Many of them PHD, DL, etc. were really saying things that made me think on a deeper level, and this all stemmed from just BEYONCE! They spoke in ways where I can apply their theories on topics that have NOTHING to do with Beyonce. That’s what logical responses do. This is the type of discourse that we need. There’s nothing wrong with taking things to the next level, as long as we grow from it.

    To Zia, it’s funny that you ask why people aren’t commenting on the more positive articles, when I haven’t seen you post a comment there either. Maybe you can answer your own question?

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  • Misty Knight

    I’m sorry why is someone who names themselves “PHD”, using a correlation study comparing SAT scores and a collection of data off of social networking sites as an infallible , accepted scientific study? Correlations dont have scientific backing because it involves no control group. Besides according to that “study” all of us who listen to Rnb, Gospel, and Alternative are all wallowing in the shallow end of the intelligece pool. It kills me how folks cherry pick certain information, when it supports thier own biased opinions.

    I think the satire of this article was lost on alot of folks. This was not addressing people who are simply not “fans”, or who dont care for her. Its addressing the people who spend hours a day on blog sites constantly repeating the same rhetoric about how much they “hate” her, there are even sites dedicated to folks who for some reason like to spent thier freetime, discussing an artist they supposedly loathe. They only post on Beyonce subjects, and seem to have a wealth of information about her that rivals the dedication of a self-proclaimed “stan”. They talk about the amount of men shes “allegedly” slept with, and accuse her of devil worship. That goes WAAAAAY beyond the boundaries of simply not caring for her music.


    “And again for your boyfriend to say he wishes all women were as ‘fly’ as beyonce is a STEP back in many peoples minds in terms of where we should be as a society, where a man looks at a womans intellect, morality, or other features in CHOOSING a mate and not just the looks.”

    Apparently along with the beyonce stans needing more “depth” perhaps you should brush up on youre reading comprehension.
    (copied and pasted form the article)

    “Before you all start out trying to ring my neck, I better first state the fact that this letter should strictly be filed in a drawer set aside for anything fiction. This letter isn’t true to my situation,”

    *deep friggin sigh”
    and for all that convoluted long winded rhetoric, it seem that u are also delusional, in “ancient society”-they didnt give a damn about thier son’s potential mates “substance”- marital unions were based on breeding, and social status. and to answer that “thought provoking” question as to why Beyonce was “banned” (1) She was not banned, she was asked to change her attire, and wouldve been restricted to only standing infront of the microphone and sing dancing was prohibited, she cancelled her show, last time I checked that does not equate being “banned” from the country!
    2) Probably due to the fact that Malaysia contains some very conservative islamic fundamentalist who want all thier entertainment to adhere to a very strict dress code. If memory seves me correctly Gwen Stephanie had to cover herself as well, but even her concert was still being protested by muslim students. Does that answer ur question?

    I think there are THREE BIG misconceptions about Beyonce, that gets constantly perpetuated on blogs. 1) that only “uneducated”, “shallow”, and “ghetto” people like her music 2) That only fat, “dark”, and jealous people dislike her music. 3)That not being a Beyonce fan makes u an authority on musical taste and the appraiser of other peoples intellectual capacity.(these people usually name-drop folks like AK as if shes some musical genious)(pleeeze). I dont have the right to interrogate folks about liking her nor not liking her, music is subjective. But I think that the obsession with this girl is borderline disturbing and alot of that energy comes from the people who constantly parrot alot of the reasons the article listed. So lets be real, there are alot of people who rightfully so are not fans, and then there are those who are for a lack of a better phrase “haters”! whats wrong with acknowledging that?

  • God delivers

    In the number 13 comment, one of the key words was that Jay-Z was an (EX) drug dealer. When we ask God for forgiveness he throws our sins into the sea of forgetfullness never to be remembered any more so if God be for us who can be against us!

  • Val

    don´t know bout ya´ll but I LOVE Bee. She´s doing her damn thang!

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  • MsZindzi

    I definitely enjoyed reading this article and though most of the reasons made me nod my head in agreement, I especially liked the last one about ‘Jealousy’. Its true. It may apply to Beyonce, but it also applies to normal people, everyday people.

    PS: I LOVE the Dr. Benjamin E. Mays quote!



  • mellowyel

    5,6,7,10 & 12 are my reasons. but you forgot another one: because she’s so successful, the world worships her blindly, and refuses to see the fact that she CAN’T ACT. they’re still trying to put her in movies playing big roles like Etta James, Eartha Kitt and Angela Davis. Beyonce’s a star, but not a movie star. people need to realize that – else they’ll be yelling foul every year that Beyonce DOESN’T win an Oscar. geez.


    if only we were as passionate about loving ourselves, fighting injustice, and taking back the country our ancestor literally slaved over, as we are protecting beyonce’s honor maybe there would be some real progress in this world!! i find BB quite intertaining but thats it, love is a stretch, like, as a person, i don’t know!!! the one time i saw her actually speak candidly and live on 106th she seemed guarded and slightly abrasive, and it caught me off guard!!! plus she is dead behind the eyes and seems manufactured and robotic. thats not jealousy. if someone is going to be marketed to me, and if is expected of me to adore and idolize someone there is a criteria they must meet. being human like and showing signs of vuneralbility, kindness, and real emotion is a must, as well as an awareness of current issues, and involvement in the community. its my money right, if i am going to pad your pocket with my hard earn cash you are going to have to do alittle more than shake your junk, and shop!! plus, am i the only one who finds it disturbing that our first daughter idolize this woman, i wiould never let my children, especially my daughters, listen to or watch beyonce, atleast until they are old enough to buy her music on their own, and pay for their own satilite tv reciever!!


    “In my opinion, she lacks substance and basic intelligence. She’s not doing anything different than Mariah, Janet, Madonna have already done. What she does is keep herself in the forefront by releasing so called epic cds, shooting a jillion videos, re-releasing the cd in spanish (How about she try and conquer English and articulating that first???) She is truly overrated and it’s sad that she represents this generation of music. She’s not even that great of a singer. I like to hear people who sang. You get chills when they sing. Beyaki just makes music to party to. And for the record Beyonce is not a red bone…she’s light skinned not fair skinned. Tisha Campbell is a red bone. Hate that term. We are such a sad race of people.”

    i think its funny how you say we are such a sad race of people for being preocupied with color when in the same key stroke you felt the need to correct b’s classifacation as a “red-bone”!!!! thats why my interaction with my own people is limited to blog sites,and even that seems to be syphoning off I.Q. points!!!

  • Mary

    People can’t say if someone doesn’t like Beyonce they have no good reason because some people do have good reasons which is none of the stans business in my opinion!!!!I also don’t see why people act like Beyonce is the only female getting hated on when there are so many others!!! Another thing I don’t get why people always saying someone is jealous because she is beautiful, rich, etc. When I dislike someone I don’t care about their looks, how much money they got, or anything like that for me it is much deeper for why I don’t like someone!!!

  • just

    sorry, but I don’t understand your point…. if someone doesn’t like her it doesn’t have to mean that this person is just jealous…. I don’t think so… People can hate christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige, so we can also hate beyonce…

  • Gerty W

    The thing that people need to understand is that B became the break out solo artist of Destiny’s Child, because she had the talent and star quality. The other girls of the group had their stints as solo artists but let’s face it, they didn’t have that same quality. It’s like that for almost every singing group that made it big. Quick, everyone name the two other Supremes that weren’t Diana Ross. Hell, you barely can remember the other members of N Sync but I don’t hear people saying JT stole the spotlight from everyone.

    As far as the argument that she’s “over-exposed”, it should be no surprise to anyone that when you sell records in the millions the media milks that cow till its dry.

    “Maybe have a baby with Jay Z, or continue working on her blossoming acting career. ”
    Hello, did you see Dream Girls? Bad idea….stick to the singing and Dereon jeans.

  • Gerty W

    Also people seem to forget that Beyonce did not buy her own records sell out her own concerts and make herself a star. The people obviously love her. And yes there are equally talented artists but there’s a place for all of them. Shoot, Jill Scott has a series coming out! Alicia Keys is an amazing actress. So it’s not like just because Beyonce is on the scene that nobody else is getting paid or getting exposure Please!

    I’m sure that people said the same stuff about Diana Ross 40 years ago. 10 years from now it will be a list of 15 reasons why we hate someone else. It’s Beyonce’s time to shine. And I’m sure she is inspiring others out there to do the same.

  • Gerty W

    And in a world that is making completly talent-less fame mongers such as New York and Hoops famous we should be happy that a sista with actual talent is getting props.

  • Nicole

    Beyonce is the ‘Diana Ross’ of her generation. I have not seen this level of empty vitriol directed at any artist since Diana Ross in her day; although most people’s “hatred” of Diana Ross is directly related to the rumored way in which she handled Florence Ballard.

    But Beyonce is thought of in the same way. An under-handed, sneaky, overly ambitious woman, who threw her fellow group members under the bus to further her own career. No matter how many times she denies this and calls them her “sisters” people still subconsciously believe that she is solely responsible for the demise of DC. No matter if they can prove it or not.

    What’s odd to me is that none of Bey’s contemporaries are viewed with such disgust. Janet, Mariah, Madonna, Alicia, Mary. I’ve never read comments about any of these superstars that even come close to the utter dislike that people have for Beyonce. And I wonder why? Really? All of these women are beautiful(in their own right), extremely hardworking, ambitious, talented,etc. All the qualities that Beyonce possesses, yet Beyonce gets all of the criticism and “hate”. If it were simply jealously, why no jealously towards the others?

    It’s interesting.

  • Bellafly

    OMG, seriously? I could think of so many better reasons as to why people (or just I) hate Beyonce’. Come on ya’ll its got nothing to do with her man, or even her natural beauty, not to mention a lot of your points you’ve actually made more than once, just with different headings. As beautiful and talented as she is, there are still reasons to dislike the woman, although I hear she has a great and kind personality, is easy/fun to work with, and is bout her ish. Some of your reasons are true, and we all know how jealous we black women can get (sarcasm). But seriously, put more thought into it next time. And for the people that wrote term papers as responses, I have no words for you, all I can offer is a shake of the head and a “tsk, tsk”. Lol.

  • Anonymiss

    All that I admire of Bey is her ambition and her bank account. Other than those two, there’s not much to admire so she doesn’t hold my attention.

    - She’s most definitely of the vapid variety but that’s the case for many mainstream artists as of late.

    - I’m not a fan of her acting. I just finished reading “Women, Culture, & Politics” by Angela Davis and I can’t see Bey portraying one of the most important figures of the Civil Rights and Black Feminist movements.

    - Her music is listenable for workout purposes (I’m a beat junkie) but the songwriting is generally boring, superficial, silly, or a combo of all 3.

    - Watching her interviews are painful due to her poor speech. A speech coach is just as valuable as a fitness trainer.

  • bkprincess93

    I absolutely love Beyonce!!!! To me she’s the total package. She’s beautiful, sexy and talented. You can’t name an R&B artist who have all those qualifications. And if they do not to the extent Beyonce has.

  • The Truth

    I do NOT hate B. I do; however, dispise her deceptions. I get that you gotta do you, be you, and make the “money”; but at what expence? If you’re beautiful, be beautiful and I will admire your true beauty, but don’t put on the 35″ wigs, 2lb eye lashes, the airbrushed cheekbones and innocent overture, and then shake your a** like a pole twerlling Jezzabel. Don’t leave the world wanting to be like you and you ain’t even real (personality and all). Don’t try to pretty up the prostitue immage and sell it to the world as beauty to be admired. Let’s call a spade a spade. B, do yo thang. Just don’t sell it to my 5yr old.

  • Tj

    Oh god grow up.. the point of Christianity is that we all have a past and we over come it.. how are you being a hypocrite by dating and ex drug dealer. Hell your dad probably was! if nothing else he probably was a whore and never married your mom but that wouldnt make your mom less of a christian.. geeze

  • Vonmiwi

    Wow! This is truly sad, especially by the number of comments written by younger African American women. I don’t think Beyonce really cares what most of you think of her because someone is buying her records and going to her concerts and if you are still supporting her and bashing her then many of you are confused. Like it or not the young lady dethroned a lot of more talented entertainers than she is and they allowed her to do so. “It’s not her fault!” Regardless of Jay’s past life he evolved into something better. Keep living and if any of you see success of their magnitude, think about your own past lives and what you may regret that you did. This should have been, “Beyonce: The Woman Black Women Love To Hate”

  • maddie

    I know that this site isn’t saying you hate her but on that list its saying people hate her ’cause shes beautiful…i understand why people might feel like this, but she cant help what she looks like, she’s not going to go have plastic surgery to make her more ugly is she? Surly you can only hate someone ’cause their beautiful, if your jealous of them? Because why would you hate someone for looking horrible? To be honest i think that anyone who hate someone else because of what they look like is just pathetic and they should be grateful of what they have and not criticize others for uncontrollable things.

  • Twyla

    Vonmiwi and Tj, I get what the authors saying when she talks about Beyonce being a hypocrite for dating J. She does try to act like she’s some kind of goody goody, and it’s plain out annoying. Jay also. So when it comes to that particular reason, I personally identify. Everyone has different reasons for why they hate her, of course some of them we don’t have to agree with or understand, but it’s so true, people got mad dislike. I like be… a Little, I guess. But I am tired of seeing her ALL over my tv and on the radio. She’s not the best singer and she’s just becoming played out. NEXT, is what I feel like saying sometimes.

  • tay

    i am a beyonce hater … an im not ashamed to say it … I think she needs a vacation ..her 2 albums a year are like flys to my ears ..every time u turn on the radio they are palying her songs ..its annoying ..another reason why i am a beyonce hater is she has no depth to her … every glimpse you see of her she has this professional plastic personality ..that to me is non relateable …. i think what more people would like to see is someone more authentic .. I was almost excited when I heard that she was shedding her plastic image ..thinking that finally we’d get to the more human side of B ..but I again was dissapointed when I found out again her new antics were rehearsed and very well planned out kinda like ..another marketing scheme…I enjoy some of here songs …I dont hate ALL of her music ..and I can say that I do want the kind of life she lives ..but who doesnt ? But as far as Beyonce goes Im all worn out ..B PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just giv us a year (minimum) to miss you …GEEZ !!!!!

  • dotdotdot

    A regular diet of Beyonce ‘music’ (like that of most other pop music artists) is not good for health….

    Basically, Bey is a Tina Turner, Ann Margret knockoff cheesedog. The Beyonce machine & music is like fastfood

    … in contrast, a great dinner (restau or homecooked) would be Jill Scott, Esperanza Spalding, Erykah B. etc.

    I like a little Bey about as often as I eat McDos/BK/Popeyes. lol!

  • Mike

    First thing Beyonce is not a redbone, redbones are people like Jennifer Beals from the L-word or the two light skin women from the Girlfriends TV show.

    Beyonce is caramel

    I like the woman cause she is just a go getter, got to love that.

  • COCO

    Just saw obsessed. Please, Beyonce, sit your behind down and let someone else with a little more talent do it. Thank you for this article. That movie was MAJOR crap and B is beyond overrated!

  • Trich

    Its amazing to me how people take out so much time to discuss Beyonce. What has the world come to? Nothing is going to change. Shes the best…PERIOD! She has worked hard to get where she is. Everything that she has, she deserves. The world would truely be a better place if everyone focused on themselves as much as they focus on Beyonce.There are so many insecure individuals. If someone just doesnt like her as an entertainer…THATS FINE. But there is a thin line between simply not liking her and hating on her.The hating should stop. Personally I feel that Beyonce should be celebrated. Being a beautiful, accomplished, black woman shouldnt get you hated. But you know what they say…If you dont have haters, you are doing something wrong. (this is not to the ones who simply dislike Beyonce) THIS IS TO THE HaTeRs!!! Beyonce is loosing NO sleep because of peoples opinions of her. She is on top of the world…has been for a while…and will be for a long time. She is truely beautiful, very talented, and dedicated to her craft. I congradulate Beyonce and Im forever in her corner. I wish her the best. I hope she continues to do what she does.

  • jbr

    Beyonce annoys me because:

    1. She has an “alter ego”, which is completely ridiculous in and of itself, and that alter ego’s name is “Sasha Fierce”. I’m sorry, that’s just stupid.

    2. She STILL uses the term diva in her songs. I really thought everyone had moved past that. That “diva is a female version of a hustler” line aggravates me so much that it literally makes me angry. I know that sounds silly, but it’s the truth.

    That being said, some of her music isn’t that bad and I’d even say a few songs are good. She’s obviously very attractive, and while she’s certainly not the greatest singer in the world she is fairly talented. It’s got to be pretty tough to do those dances and still actually sing live, which I’m pretty sure she does, at least sometimes. Finally, she’s not nearly as annoying as Tyra Banks, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, or those Heidi and Spencer morons (I’m most certainly forgetting many more as well), who should all be launched into space with no hopes of ever returning for the greater good of humankind.

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  • Kim

    @Trich what is the world coming to when people start respecting Byeonce more than they respect their families or people they know!!!LOL I think it’s a sad world when people start bowing down to her I can’t wait til this world ends!!!!

  • Kerry

    Is she all you people think about 24/7 because that’s what it seems like to me!!!

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  • j

    People call her fake because the classy lady image she puts on is absolutely fake and everyone knows it. sasha fierce alter ego? bullshit. sasha feirce is who beyonce really is and she uses this alter ego crap as an excuse to act like the skank she really is. now if she were to be real and say that she enjoys girating and dancing like a skank then i would respect her. but no. she tries to pull the wool over everyones eyes by saying sasha is a stage presence and that beyonce is a lady. bullshit. a lady is a lady 24 hours a day 7 days a week. BEYONCE IS A TRUE AND UTTER FAKE.

  • Miss Andi K

    I do not like Beyonce, her image, or her persona. She needs to use her power and influence to empower young women in a positive light rather than continuously selling out for dollars.

  • jenay

    i personally love beyonce. i am glad that you wrote this article (very well, i might add)… as it does bring to the surface some of the issues black women have against each other. – all of course stemming from insecurity. i think it is a great literary work wherein you can depict such strong thoughts – that you don’t even have yourself.. all to prove a point. very well written and long live Bey.. we all need a constant reminder of a black woman, of our generation, that refuses to be mediocre! kudos.

  • jenay

    i had to revisit after reading so many malicious comments. this is really sad how we hate on our own just because the way she has chosen to do things does not coincide with yours’. beyonce is her own individual and has the authority to choose to earn a living however she chooses. you don’t know her, so can’t rightly say that you don’t like her as a person. but, if u hate the persona she portrays, her music or acting – quite simply.. don’t support her. i’m sure your measley vote will not hurt the woman. she is immensely successful and could be BOASTFUL, HAUGHTY and all of that. everytime i see her, she’s humble, kind and just beautiful. black women rock weaves and eye lashes all over – GET OVER IT! and what makes it worse to me is it seems she wouldn’t receive so much hate if she was unlike YOU– you know, if she were white. it would then (of course) be acceptable for her to be and do all of the things she is. If your hate is that strong for a person you have yet to know, you need to re-evaluate your inner self. if you cannot respect a person for who they are and what they choose to be, you should (again) re-evaluate yourself. i love jill, erykah, teedra, etc… and i love beyonce. july 1 i WILL be at her atl concert and i am happy to be able to support her grind! i would be just as geeked to see any of theese women live. there is NO camparison among these great women. if they’re not hating on each other, please don’t deem it your responsibility to establish separation and hate between them. you now look crazy and insecure with your inner self. sad. find your grind and embrace it in the same way the she and many other successful black women have.

  • Alaina

    As the author, I totally agree with you jenay. It is sad how people dislike a person they don’t even know and make such strong and hateful statements to prove it.

  • DL

    Alaina, I won’t say that some comments aren’t a little mean spirited. I will admit to that but what I fail to understand is as black people we can’t say we don’t like someone else who’s black because then we are hating or we are not supporting one of our own. Critiquing someone’s music, style and persona should be off limits because she’s black or because she’s successful. I just don’t understand that. I don’t know Beyonce personally to say I don’t like her but I can say I don’t like that performer that gets on stage and is grinding and popping all over the place. What about her lyrics? It’s ok to have mindless music sometimes but most of her music is mindless. How can you defend someone that mostly relies on her sexuality? Isn’t it bad enough that men in the industry exploits women then to see a women use the same formula is sickening. I hate what she stands for. It’s easy to say “if you don’t like her than don’t listen to her music.” That’s impossible when every station is playing her “music” For those that want to say “that shows that she’s a great artist will you be willing to say the same for Soulja Boy?” He’s crap is all over the radio too. The worst part is every media outlest is forcing her down your throat and telling you she’s the best entertainers of our time. It’s too bad that the more entertaining singers out there who isn’t trying to wear skimpy clothes and shake their @$$ will not be in the limelight but Beyonce will get movie roles and do commericals for hair products (although we all know she sports a weave). If Beyonce didn’t look the way she does, she couldn’t do what she do.

  • Alaina

    Hey DL, I do agree with you to a great extent about everything you’ve stated. I actually didn’t buy the Sasha Fierce album because I agree, I think she departed from the sound that I once enjoyed and has become more of a commercial entertainer rather than and actual artist and as you’ve stated has resorted to singing mindless music. I think it’s great for people to have opinions and express them, even if they are stating a dislike for a black artist, you’re right we don’t have to hide our feelings just because we’re black and they’re black. I think where the line must be drawn is when one goes from stating an opinion to being rude. It makes it hard for me and everyone else trying to have a civil debate to hear people clearly if they have to sift through so make hate. Either than that, we TOTALLY see eye to eye on EVERYTHING you’ve stated. Im a semi-fan. I don’t hate her or love her. In fact, between me and you (as if no one else is reading this) my favorite group is The Beatles. : ) So, it’s not that Im a super beyonce defender, I just think people should tone it down so things dont get lost in translation. They way you stated your opinion was perfectly heard for its intelligence and incredibly appreciated for it’s tone.

  • DL

    Oh thank you Alaina. I have to say I appreciate your response. I also want to clarify that my whole comment wasn’t directed to you. It was directed to those that call people like me “a hater.” I feel very strongly about women and the messages we send. Beyonce holds a powerful place in the music world and it would be great to hear more music on the radio where she’s singing about situations in life that are not so shallow such as wanting a soldier, upgrading someone or telling someone “you must not know ’bout me, I can get another you in a minute…” It just seems like her deeper songs that are released are very far in between. The bottom line I’m not knocking the girl, she’s gorgeous and she’s great at what she does. My problem is she is on tv, in movies, in commericals and of course on the radio yet there’s very little stimulation for my mind when I listen to her. It sad the beautiful female artists who are speaking about something gets very light shine on them. By the way, it’s great that you like the Beatles. Your appreciation for music and a group that’s not very popular within the black culture is wonderful. Good for you :)

  • Alaina

    Anytime DL. Thank you too!

  • annessa

    I dont hate beyonce…I dont hate any black woman because unfortunately the hate shared between black women is the hate that keeps all of us down, fighting after men, disrespecting ourselves and one another. I dislike beyonce because she is selling sex and she doesnt have to because she is talented and really can sing. I am 29 years old and some of her lyrics and movements in videos are reminiscent of women of the night and exotic dancers. I wouldnt want little girls to listen to her or mimic her for fear of what a man would say or try to do to her. In a world now with Michelle Obama we cannot tolerate the vulgarity of beyonce. Do we really want our little girls going around saying I am a female hustler, give me the money I need all the money. Im just saying when a woman dislikes the antics of another woman then we are called jealous but what if the woman you dislike is slutty, and cares nothing about the plight of our little girls. Nothing changes you more than when you see a 4 year old do the sexy ladies video or sing a beyonce song. We have little girls out here who think to be empowered is to initiate and control with sex. I know sex sells but do we have to keep buying it. I want to be like and want my little girls to be like michelle obama. Do you think michelle lets the first kids listen to beyonce? Oh I guess thats ok its not really beyonce its sasha fierce. that makes everything better.

  • Diabla

    What a trip!

    Many people still fall down in worship and hail Biggie and Pac as profound and all this, but Pac was constantly violent and a damn rapist that was convicted and sent to prison for it. Biggie was a big fat greasy and ugly nasty ho-bag, drug dealer, baby daddy and a cheater. There are rappers out now like Lil Wayne or TI who are winning awards, riding the charts and whose faces are plastered all over magazines but, as usual, some women can be constant hypocritical trips. They will hate on Beyonce, who has never been caught out there like that flashing her coochie, passed out drunk in a car, arrested or dropping baby after baby out of wedlock and try to wax intelligent about her lack of depth but don’t have the big girl drawls to comment and go as hard criticizing and analyzing black male rappers and the disrespect and trash that comes and has come out their mouths over the last 10 years, criminal antics, baby daddyism etc.

    So typical and no different than the ‘pamper the grown ass black man, vilify the woman’ attitude that was pervase in the black community when Robin Givens (who Tyson beat often) was thrown under the bus and called everything but a child of God and Desiree Washington (who Tyson sexually assaulted) was trashed…in defense of Tyson who went on to constantly display violence and how fucking maladjusted he is and almost bite off somebody’s ear. Keep on jumping up to the quick to defend black men and blame females.

    PhD I doubt you are as smart and deep as you think you are, and certainly NOT moreso than those you chose to swing at in this joint. If you on some crusade to save the black community, then you best get to yapping at BLACK MEN. Every entertainer ain’t gotta be Mother Dang Theresa and Beyonce didn’t sign up to be some social worker or broke down revolutionary, so turn down your self-righteous Shaka Zulu militant rants.

    In my opinion, a lot of females that hold such venom for Beyonce just ooze jealousy. In my experience it is usually females that are not pretty or who are overweight and we can not avoid the elephant in the room that a lot of females hate on Beyonce because they are dark and she is light-skinned.

    And to whoever made the comment resenting Beyonce as a “standard”, let me make it clear that Jill Scott will never be a beauty standard because she is OK looking but not beautiful. If I had children or daughters, Jill Scott would be no role model for them because she is an example of being nasty fat, lazy and undisciplined. India Arie will never be a standard either because there are females with India’s skin tone and hair type that are pretty, but India Arie is acceptable looking but not pretty and I wish people would quit acting like society should suspend reality and pretend they are.

  • Diabla

    Oh and BTW, PhD: Beyonce was not “banned” from Malaysia but, then again, your super-smarter-and-more-deep-than-anyone else behind should have known that.

    Beyonce chose not to bow down to being told that she had to cover her body from chest to knees. It wasn’t the people of Malaysia that did not want her, it was the controlling males in the Malaysian government and, hell, I wouldn’t let no motherfrucker tell me what to do or wear either!

    And funny but Malaysia and Indonesia are both Muslim countries and Beyonce cancelled Malaysia out yet went on to perform in Indonesia because they were not trying to tell a grown woman what to do.

  • Annamaria

    black folks need to stop snotting about beyonce being in the movie ‘obsessed’ or any other movie. beyonce and her father, matthew knowles, co-produced ‘obsessed’. if the knowles’ put their stuff on the line, then beyonce had every right to play the lead so, instead of hating, save, budget and put yo money up instead of blowing it on clothes, cars, rims, nasty unhealthy fast food, ghetto dos, hair products, weaves etc. quit hating on those that are doing, cuz you ain’t doing, write (be your best) and either fund, produce or co-produce your own shit. if not, shut up and don’t look, listen or patronize.

  • Goldangel

    It always makes me howl in laughter when individuals, that are probably huge fans of Mary J. Blige, have the nerve to zoom in and criticize the way Beyonce speaks because when Mary J. Blige (and a long list of other African American singers) opens her mouth, she sounds ghetto.

    But can people get off the “Beyonce is not a great singer” tip? I mean, for real? The girl can sing and a factor inherent in why the Beyonce’s of the world succeed and blow up is the very thing lacking in those like Jennifer Hudson or Jill Scott and relegate them to ‘cult’ or a following in low numbers. Hudson and Scott, though in possession of OK vocal talent, lack the “it” factor, looks etc. Hate to say it but the truth is the truth and, basically, there is not (and never will be) multi-millions of paying people around the world that want to look at them. It’s the same reason why, back in the day, Black Box and C&C Music Factory included a replacement in videos to lip sync to Martha Wash’s (a great vocalist) parts…Wash lacked that “it” and not a lot of paying people around the world wanted to be looking at some big Weather Girl.

    Diana Ross was not a great vocalist but she had that “it” factor combined with looks etc. Tina Turner was not some great or high-octave vocalist, but Tina had that “it” factor combined with her own style, looks and beautiful legs. When Minnie Ripperton was not hitting her incredible high-octave ranges, she was not what many in some black Baptist churches would call a great vocalist, but Minnie had her own style and was an excellent singer that had that “it” factor combined with looks.

    Aretha once had the vocal chops as a great vocalist but she grew bigger and bigger and never had that “it” factor that goes over well (outside black churches that are filled with equally obese women). Aretha could have never been a sex symbol, role model or multi-million dollar product endorser like Beyonce because, though being the daughter of a Baptist minister, starting at the age of 13, Aretha proceeded to birth two out of wedlock children in the 50s. I love Aretha’s old stuff but can not stand to see or hear her sing live NOW because, outside of her looking like a hippopotamus and often having her big nasty sagging breasts hanging out, she sounds like a screeching mess with all these unnecessary attempts at runs.

  • T

    I have a question…. Why are people so obsessed with celebrities??…I mean really lol People will go so far as to cuss someone out to defend their favorite celebrity as if you know them personally and grew up with them lol …I can not understand that to save my life it’s really not that deep

  • Gen

    I am admittedly late to this post, and just finished reading every comment. The only thing that stands out to me is that Beyonce is a perfect slate for each of us to project onto. Maybe she represents someone you want to emulate, maybe she represents someone you want taken down a notch. Ether way, she has masterfully protected who she really is — and in doing so, has provided us with a canvas to project our theories, jealousies, dreams, societal ills, and ‘you go girl’ pride onto.

    I’m certainly guilty of it. So are quite a few commenters above – lovers and haters alike.

    That’s what is damaging. As long as we celebrate her as a pinnacle of femininity, then we embrace the idea that the ideal woman is one who will be whatever we ask/pay her to be. B does that well, and we pay her handsomely for it. Sexy/innocent, role model/skank, singer/actress/cabaret dancer, black/white/mixed – whatever high heeled shoes we come up with, B happily steps in them.

    On a side note – I am disturbed by the toxic expression of rabid hate towards women who do not fit into a polished package of perfectly thin beauty. I have seen the comments (looking at you Diabla, Love This) for this post and another about natural hair. Valuing a woman by her looks alone hurts the beautiful and not so beautiful alike. Both in prison to the perceptions of others. I hope we can all get beyond this someday.

  • Senna

    I don’t know about everyone else, but people are not going to like everybody. It is as simple as that. Why hate on the the people who don’t care for Beyonce. Everyone just has someone they gravitate to. I dunno, I thought we had the freedom to like who we want to.

  • Senna

    Another note, if a group of people were talking about how unattractive Estelle is, than no one would come to her defense and call them ‘haters’. But let you mumble one thing about Beyonce and everyone is looking at you crazy.

    The fact is ALLLLLLLLLLLLL these artists in the mainstream industry and out of it, WORK HARD. Give her props for her hard work, but are we saying other people in the industry( Keshia COles, Ciaras, and other artists who can’t get out there because the industry is shut down by someone) are ‘lazy’?

    I will admit, I think Beyonce’s appearance made her marketable for ‘self hating’ black people like us. We want to worship a light-skinned almost European looking ‘black’ girl’. We hate to see ‘ourselves’. I think she is good, however I have heard wayyyyyyy better artists. Admit, her physical traits helped her. And she is milking pockets wherever she can, she is a hustler alright!

  • Amber

    I absolutely adore Bey!

    Although she may not have the lungs & voice of Aretha, Mrs. Carter is still quite the talented performer in addition to being stylishly fly and a natural beauty. You can look at the course of her career, number of record breaking achievements and see that she has placed herself at icon status because she is simply good at her job– just like Whitney, Tina, Janet, and a slew of other black women singers, who btw, are much browner than Beyonce. Idk why jealous women insist on scapegoating Beyonce as being a plot against blackness smh…..

    Also, I’m gonna go ahead and put myself out there with my next statement: I would also like to add that I’m usually someone that tends to be highly critical of the natural talent of mainstream blond-haired, very lightskinned or mixed looking entertainers (such as Beyonce, Halle, Rihanna, etc) while having biased favoritism toward much more higher melianated women–if you catch my drift…. That said, despite my usual preferences & prejudices, Beyonce has become one of my top faves in the industry nonetheless. I agree that she can be over-exposed at times but when it all boils down I have to give the woman her honest due props! I respect her bc she is a dedicated hard worker in her profession and I appreciate that a number of her lyrics are fiercely feminist & uplifiting of women.

    Beyonce-4-Ever! lol

  • Real Eyes Realize

    There are many people who hate Beyonce and jealously, or your man want her or any of that other stuff is just the dumbest reason why anyone could dislike someone. Usually people who are believing this to be true and people who are quick to call someone a hate are people who use excuses to find when someone doesn’t agree with them based on their their love of Beyonce. Think about it, if those dumbasses were talking about someone that another person liked,they would NEVER classify themselves as a hater it’s only when one doesn’t agree with them. Just because you love Beyonce doesn’t mean the rest of the world has too. Use your brains and realize that Beyonce does NOT and NEVER, EVER, EVER will love you!! She will NEVER, EVER care about you. Oh yea… she’s not paying anyone of you sloppy bastards to defend her either.

  • WonderWoman

    “we celebrate her as a pinnacle of femininity, then we embrace the idea that the ideal woman is one who will be whatever we ask/pay her to be. B does that well, and we pay her handsomely for it”

    That’s the problem right there- placing expectations on B to be the pinnacle of feminity. It’s not reality. She’s a business and somewhatof her wn entity, I would never look at her as how a woman is supposed to be because it’s the women around her whom she reflects. PPL forget that these people are nothing without their teams. So if she’s a rolemodel everybody get yoiurself a marketing team, PR specialist, makeup, hair, stylist, and blah blah blah.

    That’s what makes her annoying- the fact that she is 100% manufactored. Nobody does it for the love, or passion of the art forms anymore, the industries have been raped.

  • WonderWoman

    On a side note; some of the comments that are for B, have you ever heard the term ” beauty is subjective”? Sheesh some comments are so ignorant, why do people who dislike her have to be “hater”s? This whole “hater” movement is lame. for te person who said the standard of beauty is her, you are brainwashed because it’s not. If you are a minority, you are also a minority on the “standard of reality”. I suggest you become an informed consumer of media and learn to not take it so seriously and dictate your thoughts/ read some shit from Buddah- maybe you would oppen your eyes or something.

  • Tila

    If you gotta push something so hard, you HAVE to wonder what is wrong with it! Nothing is what it seems!

  • SimplyShoney

    I have to say that this article is well-written.. I thought it was going to be a “B-Bashing” article (lol), but there are some very good points! I am not a big fan of Beyonce’ myself, but she has made a few songs that I like… I agree that people should stop hating on her (stop hating period) and find their own niche in life! Clearly she has found hers… and she’s getting paid for it!

  • Darick .a.k.a. Poetickit

    i fully agree with no. 15. jealousy. it comes down to working on a better you, it’s almost appalling to hear the arrogance in peoples voices when they talk of celebrities when they make a stance with their freedom to make themselves subjective to public opinion based on hearsay rhetoric and the like, much in the same way that the political families have to ordeal via broadcast news or faulty public perception. her artisty seems combined with passion and intellect. one should find the good in someone and rejoice it instead of harboring what they percieve to be bad, just because a person is flambouyant and in the limelight. it’s like the overly criticized jokester in ur high school, he/she is funny as hell, but…and u look for things to talk about, perhaps it gives meaning to one’s own life. sometimes men say stupid things like i wish my girl…etc. that’s stupid. people play psychological puzzles in each other minds, ever to find a resolve within the moment. at times it’s magnified with future occurrences of the same dilemna. check urself before u wreck urself. don’t think she’s tryin to be something she’s not, she is who she is, and as a result of being popular and in the public, people’s opinion of her will always change, just as she will change. My condoloscences to the JACKSON FAMILY and to those of the Fawcett family.

  • Martine #1 Beyonce Fan

    First of all anyone who has the time to hate on someone who is doing everything to better themselves, is pitiful. Beyonce is a young, beautiful, succesful black women taking care of her business. Besides the fact that she is extremely talented, she’s also a smart business woman. You should be applauding her accomplishments not disrespecting her efforts to become something great. Seeing Beyonce and every other successful black woman including my mother only makes me want to strive more towards any dream I have. She is using every talent God has blessed her with and using it to the best of her abilities. And she is doing a damn good job. All ya’ll haters need to chill out and take a few lessons from Miss B. She is a role model and a musical icon. And she does not need Jay Z’s money okay..that girl is doing fine all by her damn self. And for those who said she’s ugly or not really give it up ok? and this dumb ass story about some girl’s man wishing she looked as good as Beyonce.. don’t hate on her because she’s beautiful..u shouldn’t be with a man that doesn’t appreciate your looks…i know Beyonce is beautiful and I know i look good too…you should have more confidence in yourself and not hate on her.i’m totally fine saying she is pretty cuz i know i am too and my man is lucky to have me. But anyways Beyonce is truly a talented entertainer and she is one of the best to ever grace the music industry. So people can continue to hate on her because that only makes her better. And trust for every hater out there, the has a million times as many fans. So ya’ll continue wasting your time hating on someone doing it big rather than try to do it big aint going to get you nowhere but Beyonce will continue to rise. Keep doing your thing B!!!!!!

  • jennjenn

    i wish Beyonce would just go away, her music is purely ghetto, and when she comes on T.V. you best believe i use my remote, same goes for Rhianna.
    why the love??..dunno..believe there are others who feel the same. I think the white media shoves us down our throats..yeah, i said it..know what??
    I don’t hate her..but her music is so damn ghetto to me as a black woman…i just can’t stomach it. Her outfits are even worse. My goodness..if anything Kelly, is beautiful..acts like a well, if you like Beyonce good for you…ha-ha-ha!

  • jennjenn

    Hey…by the way..if you don’t like her trash…its okay, your not alone..some comments on here are purely stupid…the haters over-stated…it is okay, most of us just don’t care for her and there’s no-underlined thing to it..for the Beyonce lovers, get a job…geeZe.

    Beyonce’s music sucks..pure and simple..i will say the best ever independent song she ever did was “me, myself and I”…her other crap is ghetto.

  • tiff sharpe

    How ironic, I just had this conversation with a group of friends @ a bbq yesterday. They said all of the things alot of the posters have said, “if you don’t like beyonce you are a hater or don’t like your self”. On the contrary. It is because I like myself that Beyonce represents what I consider to be sad. First, I think Beyonce is slow. As an intelligent women, it frightens me that she speaks on a national level and because she’s black, she is now assumed to speak for all of us. Two, I think she is a beautiful and talented girl who works hard but will also cut you and has (cut folks) to get to where she is. Perhaps not directly but indirectly through “her people”. This isn’t a bad thing when you own up to it but that whole sanctity act is a sham. Next she’s tacky. That may be subjective but would you (or do you) wear house of Dereon? And before you blame it on her mother, she claims to personally pick every fabric, button and design. Finally her body is AMAZING and inspires me when I work out. Matter of fact, I bump her music on the MP3 for motivation but please don’t be foiled, she is not the greatest. Further, I have to question her character for hanging out with the likes of the jigga man.I do not hate myself for saying these things they are simply an opinion formed by observation. ‘Nuff Said

  • ashleyist

    @PhD: The first thing you should know is that a degree doesn’t make you smart. You can buy those. (Not saying you did, but the point stands.)

    People who make the point of there being a huge difference between not liking and hating make a very valid point. I also agree that “hater” is overused. She’s just not everyone’s cup of tea. But Ms. PhD, you really stretch the thin line between the two.

    First and easiest, many an educated woman loves Beyonce. I SAW FLOTUS Michelle Obama (Can we say accomplished Ivy woman?) at B’s DC concert 6/24/09, AND she brought her daughters and two college friends.

    From what I can gather from your posts, you define Beyonce as an unintelligent, immature sex object. But there are people who see her as much more than that.

    Yes, she is sexy. No, she doesn’t speak the best English. (That’s arbitrary anyhow). My partner does not compare the two of us, but he loves Beyonce nearly as much as I do. Why? Because she came, she saw, and she conquered. Old girl may not have a degree, but she has learned from her parents, and has made some decision that have made her a big winner.

    I haven’t met a good man yet (and I know plenty) that didn’t love a woman who’s “got her own.” Men get tired of dealing with the same insecurities, women who let go of themselves early on, and women who want to take more than they give. For them, Beyonce is like the Energizer bunny, black and feminine.

    She’s on that independent tip, but not so far gone that she’d step all over a good man. She really won my respect by not punishing or overlooking Jay-Z for what he used to do. Many of the holiest Christians would have tripped up in the face of a test like that.

    You also select a few of her songs to portray her as a simple, shallow artist. While I don’t think her lyrics are as substantive as say, Jill Scott’s (who I love), the girl empowers people. The fact that the words don’t say much just helps them translate easily. Case in point: Survivor.

    I hate the song myself, but people with all kinds of problems, situations, and histories adopted it as their anthem, not just in the USA, but in India, China, Iran, New Zealand, Somalia, etc. And many of the larger themes of her songs–even put a ring on it–really echo a strong, Christian faith (albeit patriarchic) whose principles resonate with Muslims, Hindis, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics et al. I also have watched people confess that she led them to receive Christ. That says a whole lot about how her fans see her.

    I would disagree with you that Beyonce sends girls the wrong message. When she goes home at night, she leaves her act on stage, costumes and all. (If I had to perform in those hot lights, I’d only wear a leotard too). The stuff she does on stage is what black girls like me have been doing in the mirror and shower for decades. And like us, in the streets, she’s quite humble, very demure, and always properly dressed–none of that drama. That is quite exemplary.

    The girl is confident. She works hard on her craft. She does not give up. And she looks great doing it all. That’s not to say that I agree or like every thing she does (like the use of profanity). But to have someone out there who is DOING IT is a big plus in my book.

  • Jordy

    I never hated Beyonce
    I’m always glad to see a successful black sister
    it motivates me

  • http://http123456789 ms.jai

    I don’t like beyonce all that much she’s ok, I don’t think anyone should be jealous of her cuz when you have money ofcourse u gonna look fabulous. don’t get me wrong she looks nice without makeup, but with money u have a chance to buy products that enhance u even more.

  • S.Cherry

    I like Bey alot but…. I’m not too crazy about her latest solo effort. I am…Sasha Fierce is very image oriented with lack luster music offerings. I think Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) is great as a video but the song? That goes for the rest of them too. I recently saw her new video Sweetdreamz, I laughed my ass off on how Extra she is getting with her fashion and choreography. I mean, I was OUT OF BREATH from laughing so damned hard throughout the video- but I know people are eating it up because it’s Bey! Even towards the end when she came out in the CP3PO-robot outfit. Thierry Mugler be damned- finger waves and robotica-erotica is not a good look to me.

    Still got love for her though, just not as big of a fan as I used to be. But hey, she ain’t making no money off of me, A.) didn’t buy her album- got it as a gift,B.) not into “Dereon Jeans” and C.) don’t plan on seeing her in concert anytime soon. That’s just how it goes: I don’t like the product, I don’t support it. So that being said, I ain’t mad at Bey, she is beasting! Shutting down the entertainment industry with everything she does.

    IDK, I just wish she would change that damned blonde hair, OMG! Her and Tyra with the blonde weaves! Lawd Have Mercy! :)

  • sparklegirl

    The way that i feel about Bee is so crazy to me because i cant hardly stand the girl. But i use to be the biggest beyonce fan ever i had DIL cd and used to play so much it was my favorite album in 2003. B day was ok but shortly after that i just got to the point where i cant hardly stand to hear her voice anymore. Her music has been so commercialized lately she has changed so much and not in a good way she so full of herself she is ego trippin for real. she need to take a break and regroup. She is making a fool out of her fans by giving us this bubble gum crap that in no way hold a candle to her first album. She has really turned into a conceited spot like hogging hefer. I am not a hater at all. I have her DIL cd still to this day and will play it and i have a DC cd as well. Her music and videos are starting to bore me to tears. please ur b-day has come and gone get over urself

  • Jennifer Davis

    I love Beyonce

  • sellie

    i hate beyounce soooooo much i think shes soooo overated ugh sooooo annoyyin hearing about her beyounce u sux…:)

  • nevahate

    yall are hating hard. sad.


    Sorry, but I’m one of the ones who is majorly sick of seeing her and hearing her. Those haircolor commercials get on my last nerve – that isn’t her real hair – she is so phony!!! I guess you could blame her greedy parents, but it’s not like she’s saying no.

  • Nubian

    Beyonce is just misunderstood by alot of people and im sure if alot of the “Haters” on this comment page got to actually meet her and see what a sweet, quite, respectful young women she is you would change your mind about her. She cant help the fact that shes pretty and talented obviously it runs in her family. I love B im a virgo just like her so i understand her personality we’re very hardworking, humble, perfectionist, everything we do we do it well. I admire her most for her work ethic.

  • Mischa

    I notice that there’s no hate like this against any black male celebrities.

  • kboug22

    i love love beyonce and this article was necessary to write because so many women hate on beyonce. Now maybe they can see that these top 15 reasons are no reason to be hating..i say the same thing..”step up to the plate” and use beyonce as inspiration instead! thats what she is for me. and even though i’ve never met her i would truly believe that she would prefer to be an inspiration instead of source of hate for women. i mean from the beginning..even destinys child..all she has done is write from her woman’s perspective and it just goes to show how many women do not see how she is constantly serving them

  • #1 Fan of B.

    Look, I really like Beyonce and look up to her. I sick of people hating on her. Yes, some of that is true but others are not so true.
    1st:Yeah she could remind you of that girl, but Beyonce wasn’t really all that as a child. And if she was, think about it, most girls that were popular than you, most of them don’t have decent jobs, plus many kids 2 feed cause they got pregant at maybe a young age. And their man maybe dumped her butt 4 another lady. Look I seen it happen 2 the “POPULAR Girls” and trust me.. it’s not pretty.

    2nd:Your man wants her. Remember, not all man want Beyonce. Some want Angelia Jolie, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, and many other famous people. YOU are speical, and your man better know that.

    3rd:Beyonce is beautiful with or without makeup. Women! Hello! Some people have what you call “Natural Beauty”. I have it 2. I look good with makeup and without it, so yeah she’s beautiful without makeup.

    4th: Are you kidding me? Beyonce gots money! She was in one of the top 5 powerful famous people, that got money.

    5th: Hey it not her fault people like her music too much.

    6th:Density’s child. I love that group, they were all great. But hey, all of them wanted to go solo. You can’t blame them 4 wanting 2 do there own work right?

    7th: She has a tight schedule. She’s always busy. And what do u mean sharing the spotlight? Other star still have their works and tours. It’s just she’s in great demand.

    8th:Well some women deserve the boot. Or some just wasn’t working.

    9th: If you read Magazines, Beyonce said “This song is suppose 2 get women 2 dance.” And that dating or marriage or whatever, just isn’t working she’s saying move on.

    10th: People love her. U can’t really hate her 4 that.

    11th:Same again. People love her, how can u hate her 4 that.

    12th: People are trying 2 fix that, and r sueing L’oreal.

    13th:Look. Everyone has choices. Ever hear of “Forgivness”? From the greatest book: The Bible? GOD said forgive those who have done wrong. That is what she could have done. That’s maybe why she went with him.

    14th: She chose him! That’s her choice! Let her chose it! How would u like it if someone said u couldn’t date a man u like? Or someone 2 pick your guy 4 u. Yeah, your right, she coulda have anyman in the world… but she chose him, deal with it!

    15th: Did you know in the BIBLE, being jealous of someone is a sin?

    Look, all of these posts about B. r all negative. People just like her-alot! Don’t take it up with her. She’s doing her job, people just chose her alot! All of you are being haters, jealous,. In the Bible that’s a sin. GOD doesn’t won’t us 2 hate each other, but love each other. And if u call yourself a christian u would at least try 2 not hate on people and know that! B. is like anyone else on this earth. She can make mistakes, she can do things wrong. Just cause their famous doesn’t mean that their perfect! And some of you women that say that is not B.’s real hair, your right. But she could hair in her head like the next girl. We are all the same in GOD’s eyes. So b 4 u start 2 hate on some 1 remember your special, just the way u are.

    Oh, P.s. The women who said her man said “I wish my girl was fly like B.”, u got talents of your own! Use them when your with man in bed or not. And if it bothers u that much pay that it works out. U can do some things better than B. can!

    P.P.S. GOD don’t like ugly!

  • Michele

    AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!! Tell me one Beyonce song that is a classic that you will be singing like a Michael Jackson song. She is pre-packaged fluff, gyrating across the stage. What a terrible role model for young African-American girls and teenagers. Shame on her and her mother

  • #1 Fan of B.

    No. B is not that famous and Talented as M.J. But think about it,she’s a sucessful black lady. Her clothing line, blossiming on her acting career. Heck Obama’s kids look up 2 her, even the first lady. But I agree with you on some song. number 1: EGO. That song is not 4 kids or childerns. SO yes that is true. But read in the Magazines. she said “I’m exicted when kids look up 2 me but still. I feel uncomtable when kids watch my every grind and booty shake”. That shows that she care for the sake of kids.

  • Trudat


    That is too funny! I am not a hater, I just like to state facts: Another “why is it” question:

    Why is it that if your a shade darker than Beyonce and question why MOST of her songs are repetitive nonsense: your labeled a HATER

    I’m not a hater I just Ask Questions A LOT

    Beyonce is a copycat and while EVERY entertainer has inspiration to do the SAME THING their IDOL did: there is a line: Beyonce went and made and WHOLE NEW LINE

    She imitate EVERY amazing singer before her time: I can understand the hate: shes a phoney fake

    she can sing: be she isnt all of that, and like many say: without the weave the eyelashes, EXPENSIVE shoes\clothes: shes just a chick from Texas with a ugly drawl

    I call it NOT the way I see it but how IT TRULY IS:

    I do not think she has talent, she has staying power in the game: thanks to her daddy ( oh and hell yea i would big up my dad too if he made me a mega STAR)

    Like beyonce said in one interview: I listen to whatever my dad has to say: he made me: I’m kinda like a robot……….

    Why IDOLIZe a women you can look like with a few bucks????

    And bey is not that light: thats exfoliation, makeup and styaing out of the sun: she is not “red bone” look at her child hood pics: she complexion varies: like MOST black chicks: and thats OKAY

    But why does she has to be an angel ONLY because she so called light skin if Kelly Rowlond skin change from ligheter to brown : I guess americawould be in love with her too

    thats my 2 cents: its not hate it justs the PLAIN FACT IN BLACK N WHITE

  • Trudat

    OOps typos glaour: but I think you get me

    She can’t sing all that great, kelly is better than her and prettier than her…..

    Oh also

    Ummm I dont hate beyonce for marrying Jay: can I call him Jay?

    If their happy and in love: Let them do thier thing! Many chick hate because she marry a mega millionaire: NOT because of his looks or personality ( of which they do not know).

    Let her do her damn thing: I was never jelouse of ANYONE a day in my life: THANK God for this:

    I dont hate but I AM irritated with anything\anyone that is all HYPE!

  • Trudat


    PPL stating they look up to her is hi-larious: to each their own: but it just plain stupid: How can you look up to someone you dont know?

    What exactly do you looking up to them for?

    Fashion inspiration?

    Weaves, what?

    It’s sad that ppl look up towards singer, movie stars when they have stylist, and get paid to LOOK and ACT a certain way…

    Why not look up to someone whose done something for the world

    I mean really…… I am afraid of my little neice seeing her light skin mother praising her daughter that her skin didnt tan, or that her hair is getting long like Beyonce or CIARA: I mean really are you a GOOD person if your light skin, or have straight indian weave hair????

    What is the message were sending WOMEN: Hell not even little girl: females in general

    Grown ass women look up to these fake entertainers for everything under the sun

    The day an entertainer educates, clean up the enviorments, stops war, feed the hungry, and cures all diseases: that will be the day I call them an angel, or CLOSE to AMAZING UNTIL THEN:

    Jump off none of these entertainers are IDOLS: such a shame for anyone to “look up to them: its sad really

    The only IDOL I have is GOD….

    and im not even religious: how you figure that????

  • http://clutchmag Antoinette

    Okay, I’ve seen the woman, I was out at a particular Mall and there she was walking in. I was tripped out, so shocked, thinking I was going to see someone and mean, hypocritical, and fake as has been stated in the past; not at all, she was cool, she even looked over waved and mouthed hey. let it go people, she’s doing her thing, some of us need to stop and a “thing” that we enjoy so that we can leave others alone. You never know maybe it will be a positive move instead judging and nitpicking others. Have A Great Weekend.

  • Confused.

    Look, I confused about B. I mean she supports women and all: Like the all girls band she made! But Her Sasha Fierce is making alot of seductive songs though. And #1 Fan of B. has a point in some things though.

  • jve

    Out of all the wonderful things in the world Beyonce could have written and sang a song about she chose to sing about DICK in the song EGO. She acts like a woman of quality and character when being interviewed and on national tv but when on stage she sings about dick corrupting vulnerable minds. I wish somebody would roll out a plastic big ass black dick on stage while she is singin EGO. America is on to the negative poor quality vibe she puts out and it shows with her record sales. Her career is in decline.

  • lilc

    Yes I feel you. I have been listening to hip hop/music for a very long time especially Beyonce and it is a shame about the direction that music is going today. I am fed up with all the sexuality and negativity in music today. I do not understand—-out of all the wonderful things she can sing about–out of all the things in the world Beyonce could have chose to sing about–she chose to sing about penis. I was walking in a school the other day(summer school program for young kids-very young) —-and I heard a 9yr old girl walkin down the hall singin some of the words to the song ego—”it’s too big it won’t fit”—-oh my goodness! some of the go Beyonce comments I have read on this sight sends a message to people that it is ok—the reality of it is that—-it is not ok!

  • elle

    I never have a problem with beautiful, accomplished women since I consider myself to be in their company. The only thing that would give me a problem with Beyonce or any other hot girl is if she was going for my man. Then all bets are off.

  • Ann

    Elle-please don’t take it the wrong way but your considerring yourself in the same company or class as Beyonce who is a well accomplished beautiful woman. Beautiful and accomplished she is but it does not mean she has class or character and I am not saying you do not. What I am trying to say is I would not put yourself in the same company as her. Your talking about a woman who’s inspiration for writing some of her songs is dick. She just said not to long ago she wishes she was not black and born of Latin decent. This woman says a lot of things just to sell albums and make money which she is doing-she could care less about how her music affects the young black people today. Also this woman married an ex drug dealer. I do not feel she represents us black people well. You wonder why people are so negative toward us black people and why police racial profile us. There are so many people and Beyonce is one of them that do not represent us black people well. Please do not put yourself in the same company as her-anyone with class and character is a step above her.

  • taryn

    I love Beyonce, I was happy a sista who is lighter(tan)color brown skinned showed u on the scene and took the industry by storm. I could totally relate to her look, I am lighter skin black girl, attractive and had to put up with a lot of crap from sista’s because of it, sometimes.
    I would be friendly but, on sight they seem to hate on me or my friends who were similar looking.

    As far as Beyonce taking a break, DOES MTV take a break and close down? No.Why on earth should Beyonce take a break while she’s at the top of her game? She has to cash in now make the money while she can.
    Look what happned when Whitney took a break? Will she ever come back to that echelon again, probably not.

    Then Beyonce eve had a hit movie. I supported it, because it’s hard for a sista(not in a Tyer Perry movie or Bond movie) to do well.

    Beyonce, stay up there as long as you can. Stay strong, ignore the haters.
    You are beautiful Beyonce.
    Beauty,talent,class,brains,dignity and rich.
    All the Respect to you.
    A Fan for life.

    She’s in the league of Diana Ross, Beyonce will always be a Star.

  • persianturquoise

    Beyonce’ could come up with the cure for AIDS and people would say she should have done it ten years ago. Regardless of what she does, people will always look/find something negative to say about her and I believe it’s because

    1.) She is the best at what she does. Truly. When you’re that good, people want to find something wrong with you.

    2.) She is a freakin robot. You never see her in tabloids, getting drunk on tabletops and/or cussing people out. The girl is a freakin machine and her PR person deserves an award. She has managed to keep her image clean despite marrying gangsta Jay Z by being private and always on in front of the camera. Unlike the Kardashians who are the prime example of being attention whores, people have no idea what goes on her personal life which makes them speculate and start rumors because they want to know. If she did what Alicia Keys did to Mashonda regarding Swizz Beats, the world would CRUCIFY this woman. Funny how Alicia still has the same amount of love and hardly anyone thinks less of her.

  • lyric

    i told myself i wasnt going to comment but i read all the comments ndd..GET A LIFE..yall is some haters i cant believe how hard yall hate on beyonce…what she do to yall..but here are reasons yall hate she is gorgeous yall aint; she can sing yall cant; she skinny yall def aint; she make big bucks shall i say more… yall hate on bee cause yall cant be her…i wanna be nice on this but haters like yall make it impossible to be…and for all the haterz who say beyonce is copycat name one celeb who aint…alrighty then shut up cause every single one does…nd if you make blogs like this you mind as well be beyonces BIGGEST FAN… yup thats it yall love beyonce…beyonce is the best she will always be and if yall got a problem oh well..she will forever be beyonce giselle knowles..nd haterz will be haters buh-bye…
    P.S-the person who made this grow up ndd stop hating im pretty sure green aint a good color on you ndd envy is a sin…god is gonna get you..lmao!=]

  • Pingback: I dislike Beyonce « ludditerobot

  • Simone

    Critic does not equal hate or jealously. Why is critic within the Black culture forbidden? White people are able to analyze Brittany’s music and personal for poor musical and artists quality that it is. Why is it so controversial to apply the same intelligent perspective to Beyonce?

  • Simone

    Critic does not equal hate or jealously. Why is critic within the Black culture forbidden? White people are able to analyze Brittany’s music and stage persona for poor musical and artistic quality. Why is it so controversial to apply the same intelligent perspective to Beyonce?

  • DL


    Some are not articulate enough to tell us what’s so good about Beyonce besides the superficials things so they go to “you are hating”. People list good reasons why they don’t like her yet other say it’s hating. Goes to show they see what we are saying.

  • Imnota fan

    I’m not a fan.
    She doesn’t give me that feeling like wow.
    THere is nothing to hate on her. Stupid ass licking fans, there is a difference between critism and jealously. Yall are so ignorant u dont know the difference. You think, oh, shes Beyonce, she cant do nothing wrong.
    People see beauty and think a person has talent.
    Real talent is when u can create and be original, which B definitely doesn’t have.
    Everybody can sing and dance, it comes from the heart. But it doesn’t seem she sings and dances from the heart. She dances like a hoochie, shaking her ass.
    With her singing expectually with Halo, you see it in her face that she’s trying so hard to sound enchanting and its not working out for her.
    Her songs have wrong messages.
    Also, she wants to be everywhere. People are already sick of her.
    But its whatever, you people will never view this on an intelligent level. I view things in a perfectionist/ critical way.

  • kay

    There is no need to be insulting. Personally this block on why people hate Beyonce is a critic and I have nothing against it. The people who are commenting should be very careful. Beyonce is most definately not perfect. There is no way she will ever be. Because she is human. but we cannot sit on our white horse and behave as if we are perfect. YOU SEE IT IN HER FACE…….what do you see? Lets be very careful.

  • http://facebook dyonna

    um for all the beyonce haters yall need t stop what she eva did to u she is just antuha celebrity trynna live her life & if you think for one minute she isnt like you not one bit listen to her songs all of them they show some sighn of rebellion or anger or poverity or something why dont you like her you dnt even know her & she doesnt know you so please stop & if you have any concerns or questions my aim is
    or my myspace or facebook
    [email protected]
    p.s i love beyonce & will kill for her so STOP !

  • http://facebook dyonna

    and youre mad because youre not as talented or not even half as talented as she is HATERS YALL GON HATE BUT DNT PUT IT ON THE NET LOOSAS

  • Ashley.

    Beyonce is self-centered and she thinks the world revolves around her. She is talented but not original. She steals music and even choreography. These stans seriously need to see who “sweet” B really is? Her music has turned in to nothing but perversion and whether you want to believe it or not, she is in the Illuminati.

  • http://msn me

    She is not singing about a penis smart guy…. she’s talking about her/his ego:)

    However, I agree totally with the writer of this little article. I mean you were right on with almost all the reason I HATE on Beyonce and I do think that some of my reasons were justified.. Yes my man does love her, but that’s ok I have my crush to. However, I understand that Beyonce has created an illusion, she portrays as someone who really doesn’t exist, no one is that perfect. I have seen her live, yes she is beautiful–glamorous, but I know that underneath that lace weave, that touched up nose, extra addition added to the hiney, make up etc.. the real Beyonce lies beneath, yeah she may still be beautiful but at the same time she may be a dissappointment to us all. No one is that perfect, however, there are beautiful people, many many beautiful women in this world that I would love to hate on, but B is off that list, cause she’s not real. Yes she can sing, she is getting better as the years go by and she is an amazing performer, when she is not doing 200 costume changes in a single show. But, Beyonce is larger than life thanks to the media and it is sad to say I am a huge fan of her last album I am… but, I do think she sold out to us [sistas].. no offense white people, I love you guys too. But, B went from writing booty shaking, club bumping songs to all of her songs being written by white people, with the exception of broken hearted girl, which was written by Baby face. But I am done, B is going to do her thing, she is loving this attention that we are given her. I don’t want to compare her and Alicia Keys, because there is no comparison, B has more money and probably more fans and media time, but Alicia is a SOUL SISTA and so is Lauryn Hill. Anyhow they are all doing better than me.

  • anonymous

    You can say that again! :)

  • Portia

    im not jealous of B im honestly glad &happy not to be her because she is apart of that illuminati crap her &her evil husband so they can go about their happy evil lives wether yu wanna beileve it or not its true(: she’s most def. a hypocrite / she said always stay humble awhile bckk wen she was with destiny’s child but now look .

  • Portia

    why would yu wanna kill for someone who doesnt even know yu let alone think of yu ????

  • Portia

    lol my mom is sickk of seeing her everywhere &im the same way she’s okay but she’s an entertainer not an artist like alicia keys who actual makes her own music .

  • Portia

    lol girl trust aint nobody envyin’ her . its called criticism everyone gets it . &everyone sins thats why we’re called humans so im sure he’s gonna get yu for something as well so um yu can send that smiley &lmao to yurself(:

  • Portia

    thats how the world its its a dog eat dog world of course they’re gonna bash on celebrities because thts how it is of course people not gon praise beyonce’ 24/7 thats jus how it is .

  • lilkunta( to taryn)

    “I was happy a sista who is lighter(tan)color brown skinned showed u on the scene and took the industry by storm. …”

    taryn: You have a colour complex. You like bk bc she is a great singer & dancer, or bc she is a bit lighter and sings & dances?

    I will pray for you.

  • lilkunta( to portia)

    Sigh. Not that illuminati sh*t again. Your proof is what?
    Bk has success b4 she met Carter, so why do u say her success is due to the masons/ illuminati ?

  • Shameful

    You might be a little unstable with that statement. That was taking it wayyyyy to far!

  • Jenny

    “Beyonce thinks the world revolves around her.”

    Says WHO? Did Beyonce said so herself?

    See, you people sprout baseless assumptions on Beyonce from your own inexplicable animosity towards her. Why invest your feelings towards someone you don’t know personally?

    There IS a difference between a hater and a critic (I wrote about that on my website once). You haters know the difference too, so don’t use that excuse to your advantage. I said this before, and I’ll say it again: People take celebrities TOO seriously. It is NOT THAT DEEP.

  • Solgar

    She is the new Tina Turner.

    Read an article by Bell Hooks called, ‘Selling Hot Pussy: Representations of Black Female Sexuality in the Cultural Marketplace’

  • yepisaidit

    Beyonce is alright with me…she is very talented and beautiful…not sure why females hate on her so… she seems like she is down to earth in person. I am glad that a sistah is on top of her ish and doing her thing.

  • Sexy Jess

    I guess what bothers me about B is that she seems super human. She’s one of the few singers now a days that actually has a great voice (as opposed to just being able to carry a tune.) Her body is banging. She’s pretty as hell. She’s super rich. All of her albums are on point. Her dance moves are awesome. She’s respected by more than just the black community. Seems like she never makes mistakes. She keeps her private life very private. The paparazzi never snaps a bad picture of her. Even when she busted her behind on stage at a performance she dusted it off like it never happened, and no one really got a chance to laugh. (Of course, we would have waited until we knew she was okay.) She’s never really mixed up in any controversy. Even her choice of husband is top notch. She seems so innocent and so humble (up until this last ablum-she’s really feeling herself now). Like super woman. She even talkis like she’s repeating every word in her head to make sure she says the perfect thing.
    I’m just so curious as to what she’s like behind the scenes.

  • Nunya

    Congradulations you just showed your obsession and jealousy for someone I feel sorry cause this article makes you sounds like a obssessed jealous freak…you obviously have to much time on your hands

  • Inna Leigh

    What makes me dislike Beyonce is that she is seen as the ultimate black female artist…If you do not look like her, sing like her, dance like her, have a man like her (yuck, and who would want his ass) or even wear the same damn thong as her you are considered not to be on her level. And we all may say well that is the media’s job, but what about when people actually carry this standard in how they view people, especially African American women in society…That’s where I have a problem.

  • roni

    @#13 hypocritical because of that? seriously. key word utilized is USED as in past tense. selling drugs is not a strike on the list of commandments in my bible. Maybe we’re using two different ones..

    as far as would she be as pretty without makeup comment, EVERYONE in hollywood uses make-up. There are women getting all types of enhancements, and you’re here bashing on beyonce for wearing weave. this was hella lame. sorry

  • jace

    somebody gettin’ fired

  • Melanie

    Before I say anything, I wanna say this; Please proofread your comments before pressing submit. I couldn’t understand what half of these comments were even saying.

    I think people are jealous and need to be happy that a Black woman is as successful as she is. She puts out good music. She gives back to the community and really does alot for others. Stop hating and focus on yourself and how you can be successful with your own life.


  • Porsha Jones

    I’m Utterly Disgusted This Article Even surfaced On This Site. Today Was My First Day Of Actually Exploring This Site And I was Shockingly Happy And Satisfied With The Turn Out Of My Ever Yet Elated Opinions Of The Website. And Then I See This Article Clearly Belittling And Underestimating A Hard Working Female And The Work That She Produces. Beyonce Is A Success In damn Near Every Aspect Of Life And If Anything We Should Congratulate Her And Strive For Greatness Off Of Her Success Rather Than Be Upset That She Can Hold Her Own While Looking Great In-Doing So…Btw, Kelly’s Vocal’s Are Don’t Amount To B’s

  • sickofbeyoke

    she will not be around too much longer because lately she’s been slippin’

  • sickofbeyoke

    oh and btw… voodoo is a powerful thing…

  • Diamond


  • Diamond

    there is truely nothing wrong with beyonce. She’s talented, humble, and isnt in the tabloids drunk, and partying every night. Not saying that every singer is, but she is one of the ones that doesnt do that. Just because sasha fierce..sounds different from her other albums doesnt mean she’s slipping. She can’t stay the same all the time, people change over time. There is nothing wrong with that. I love her to death, and she is someone that i look up 2…and he music gets me through any situation. So for all you people that say you can’t stand her or she’s so can’t do anything about it, because she will always be around….so get the hell over it..

  • ARB

    Why would I listen to you? You can’t even type! If I don’t like her songs, videos and just plain old think that she is overrated well then thats that. You are just obsessed and need to get a grip. I am in no way jealous of her and think that I can relate to her. So what if she can express emotions in her songs we already know that she is human and some musicians can serve as actors vocally too. If you didn’t get what Beyonce was trying to incorporate in her album is that some people assume different personalities and that you might have been listening to the wrong person the entire time. If you like her fine but other people don’t so get over yourself. I think she would kill to stay way from you!

  • ARB

    I really can’t say anything about Beyonce because I don’t know her personally. I don’t like her songs or videos but I can’t go that far and say that I hate her. What I don’t like is how people hold her high on a pedestal and the fact that she hangs out with Tyra may give some people an idea of how she really is but she can hang with who she wants to like we can. Basically I don’t really care about her that much and I would like to see someone else on the cover of that magazine so I can learn more about someone I actually like and find interesting. That is all I’m tired of. I wouldn’t have made this comment but I wanted people to know how I thought of her after I saw how crazy some fans can be and replied. Go ahead and have fun admiring her I don’t have a problem with you or her it’s the media I have a problem with.

  • SGK

    Oh my god get a life. Im sorry that your man wants beyonce rather than you. Beyonce is such a sweet woman (go watch an interview) is very charitable. She has a great sound and produces really meaningful and fun music. Stop complaining that you are not her.
    P.S. she is not slipping because she has 10 grammys and is up for another ten grammys this sunday. Record of the year, best song, best music video, the LIST GOES ON and as for marrying Jay Z, i am deeply sorry that you aren;t sitting on a billion dollars. i am 120% positive she did not marry Jay Z for the money. She loves him and he loves her, the money shouldnt matter. They both make a living for themselves and are very successful. Im sure she didnt think that she shouldnt have married beyonce because he has TOO much money. She does not care what kind of money he has!

  • megaman

    i’m a sound engineer (i will remain nameless for the sake of my job) and i have met and worked with beyonce in person, so have several of my friends, all under different circumstances. she is NOT “cool”.. she is stuckup, rude, and prissy, all qualities that i despise in women. i could care less how much $$ you make or how much you are on tv, she does not know how to respect everyday people. the only time that she is “cool” is when the camera or microphone is on her or when jay is pounding her at night. yes, she looks good, but she is no dime piece like alicia keys or halle berry. she covers herself in way too much makeup and wears outrageous clothes just to be noticed and look ‘trendy’. i see better looking women on a daily basis who don’t put half the effort into their appearance. sad.

    musically, her songs all sound the same now. she sings over rap beats which sounds awful and she doesn’t have the musical ear to realize that. she uses WAY too many samples of her own voice and overdubs WAY too much. she is a sellout and has disgraced her original sound by falling victim to the commercialization of music. i stopped listening to her music many years ago but unfortunately i had to endure listening to her goat-like voice every time she stepped into my studio.

    “Beyonce Is A Success In damn Near Every Aspect Of Life And If Anything We Should Congratulate Her And Strive For Greatness Off Of Her Success Rather Than Be Upset”

    to the person who wrote the above statement, lmfao. what world do you live in? if you define ‘success’ by the amount of $$ you make or your record sales, you are sadly mistaken and you need to travel the world and see how other people live their lives and what real success looks and feels like. she is a popular celebrity who is overexposed on the tv and radio. do you think that beyonce would record an album and donate all her proceeds to haitian relief? of course not. maybe if i goad her enough on this site then she will take notice and make a contribution. enough said.

  • Eric Stuckey

    I absolutely love this article! I won’t comment on Beyonce at all because I am a stan, but I will comment on your creativity. What a wonderful concept! When you started off I could see the hate building and even as a Beyonce stan I couldn’t help but love your writing style at the beginning. It’s so musical. Keep writing and being really creative! Love it!

  • Eric Stuckey

    Who cares…the way you are conducting yourself right now is unprofessional and just amoral anyway. The one thing I hate most about this world is people that tear other people down for any reason, for revenge or whatever. If she is like that then she will get what she deserves and if not oh well. Your “credentials” mean nothing also. I could anonymously say I wrote 10 of Beyonce’s songs and that she’s the biggest bitch I’ve ever met but you understand of course that that holds no weight whatsoever. Good Day not so mega Sir.

  • Magnolia

    Very well said, Trudat. I couldn’t agree with you more! I just love these lines that you wrote ^_^: “Why not look up to someone whose done something for the world,” “The day an entertainer educates, clean up the environment, stops war, feed the hungry, and cures all diseases: that will be the day I call them an angel, or CLOSE to AMAZING UNTIL THEN….”

  • TLS

    Well to be honest I liked her in DC and she does have potential a great singer BUT its just a shame shes not original and copying other peoples music. I dont see her as a ‘legend’. Even in the 2010 grammys Im sorry to all the fans but I dont care Im gona say it, SIX was way too much!!!
    Shes way overrated and I think thats why people hate her so much. Shes fricken everywhere! And her father? oh HO dont get me started.
    Plus I find her and Jay-Z’s relationship as a couple very strange. At the AMAs not once did Jay-Z thank beyonce? I find their secretive marriage less convincing.

    Whoeva is a fricken stan out there defending her? Me and my sister were waiting for an hour last year for her to sign autographs. No cameras were around and she hurried us aside asap to go to the next fan. No ‘hello how are you’ just ‘here bye’. How dare she?
    Now THIS is why I have lost my respect for her! My sisters only 6!!! What a great way to find out that your idol is a total biatch!
    NO-ONE can say anything back now!

    BTW michael jackson, janet, lady gaga, mariah and mary j blige I love you all!!!

  • don

    I hate Beyonce and I’m a fucking man….seriously hate her music that my gf play ALL the time, if i hear “single ladies” one more time I am going postal at one of her concerts

  • Madiiii

    Uh, I didnt wanna comment , but from the comments ive read i have too. Im only 13 years old, so I listen to Beyonce alot, & love all of her songs. I think people are taking her the wrong way or just dont like her bc they are jealous. Beyonce can sing, dance, & actt. Her clothing line is alright. I dont think there is any reason to hate on Beyonceee. She is very, very pretty & seems humble. I dont think the song ego is what people think the song is about. I see alot of comments saying how she wears weave..So what if she wears weave, Im sure half of the women on here commenting wear weave. (or some of them anyway.) Shes not a bitchh or anything, & its funny how ppl just dont like yu bc you made something of yourselff. Thts all there is to it.

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