Published on 3/23/2009

Before you all start out trying to ring my neck, I better first state the fact that this letter should strictly be filed in a drawer set aside for anything fiction. This letter isn’t true to my situation, but I guarantee you it’s a feeling that’s continually echoed throughout the minds of many women and men out there. We’re no stranger to the fact that people across the board got love for Beyoncé, but lets keep it real since we’ve already entered the sharing circle, and dish a bit on the reasons why people got hate for Beyoncé too.

These are all just possible ideas, and not something I personally hold as doctrine. I believe you have to personally know a person to truly have a reason to hate on ‘em, and since I have yet to be invited for tea at Beyoncé’s, none of these bulletins personally reflect my opinion. Instead of focusing so much on B, you should consider a quote by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays,

“Whatever you do, do it so well that no man living, no man dead or no man yet to be born can do it any better.”

That’s the philosophy we see in Beyoncé. She does it to the best of her abilities and her talents have led her to the top of the industry. So I’ll leave you with this — don’t hate, just step up to the plate.

  • Madiiii

    Uh, I didnt wanna comment , but from the comments ive read i have too. Im only 13 years old, so I listen to Beyonce alot, & love all of her songs. I think people are taking her the wrong way or just dont like her bc they are jealous. Beyonce can sing, dance, & actt. Her clothing line is alright. I dont think there is any reason to hate on Beyonceee. She is very, very pretty & seems humble. I dont think the song ego is what people think the song is about. I see alot of comments saying how she wears weave..So what if she wears weave, Im sure half of the women on here commenting wear weave. (or some of them anyway.) Shes not a bitchh or anything, & its funny how ppl just dont like yu bc you made something of yourselff. Thts all there is to it.

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