Vintage Royalty


Picture 1239Chicago-based Meena Osei-Kuffour is taking customer service to another level with her accessories line Vintage Royalty. Not only are her vintage-inspired creations delightful, they’re made out of paper! But this isn’t a paper mache project; it’s a passion that took Osei-Kuffour four years to build its consistent look.

In 2008 Vintage Royalty launched and now offers brooches, earrings and belts that are highly customizable. We’re talking size, color and style. No pair is exactly the same as the next and every piece has its own eclectic personality. What more could we really ask for. Clutchettes, we think we’re in love.

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  1. That model was on Tyra! lol

  2. What a wonderful idea. I really like this.

  3. I like it..very fun and its affordable!

  4. very cute! i’ll be a purchaser

  5. does anybody remember a post on a earring company tha specialied in big hoops? it was on clutch a while ago and all they made was huge statement earrings! i want to purchase some but i cant remember the name!

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