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Vogue Paris is paying tribute to the legendary Grace Jones. The shoot is modeled by Rose Cordero and photographed by Paola Kudacki. The shoot is beyond fly and we are in love! Grace Jones is and forever will be one of the fiercest women that has ever walked the planet earth.

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    Your welcome.

  • BigGirlNStilettos

    Simply putting on makeup of a darker/different skin tone does not denote being in “blackface”. Please research what true blackface is before throwing the term around.

  • david

    I feel this shoot on Grace is boring and not creative! The pics are lackluster at its best. The italian Vogue was much more of a tribute. This is hardly in the same category. First Rose Cordero looks NOTHING like Grace. Give us all a break! Everytime a girl of color comes out its either Grace or Naomi. We are BORED! Come up with some other inspiration. Are all black women just a one dimensional character in your eyes? I’m suprise they didnt have Liya,Chanel, and Jourdan as Grace.

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