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Vogue Paris is paying tribute to the legendary Grace Jones. The shoot is modeled by Rose Cordero and photographed by Paola Kudacki. The shoot is beyond fly and we are in love! Grace Jones is and forever will be one of the fiercest women that has ever walked the planet earth.

  • Denise

    How quick you forget, the last time French Vogue was in the media was for painting a white model in blackface. Is this simply not a ploy to bring us back on board?, well it seems their cheap stunt has worked if your ‘we are in love!’ is anything to go by.

    How about a real conversation about how easily black people can be won over by a drop of positive coverage from the media, politicians, and everyone else who needs us at the time.

    I am disappointed with your take on this.

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Denise – this is Dede – I am the one who wrote this blurb. See – as I began to write the blurb I was going to talk about the issues surrounding Vogue Paris ( I didn’t and haven’t forgot the issues surrounding them), but I decided against it. Here at Clutch – we are often scolded for bringing things back up and I honestly saw this as a truthful tribute to Grace Jones. I am not saying to support Vogue, but I am saying that I love the shoot and the fact that they are paying tribute to her.

  • Fashion head

    I love the shoot as well. I think it’s great that Vogue is trying to do more shoots involving and paying tribute to people of color. I agree. It’s great that they are paying tribute to Mrs. Jones, especially when our own publications are not. I also agree with Clutch – they are not asking us to support them, but they are posting pictures from a shoot that pays tribute to a legendary woman. That’s my take.

    My question is should they never post anything from Vogue ever? Even when it’s positive? And honestly, lots of folks were on the fence about the last blackface shoot and didn’t see anything wrong with it. Also – how soon we forget about the all black magazine they dedicated. If you are going to call them out – call them out for the GOOD and BAD.

  • http://ebonyintuition.blogspot.com Ebony Intuition

    lol..so true fyi clutch also posted asian women in black face but I guess no one noticed it either. or I guess the editors didn’t notice that the models were asian.


  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Thanks Ebony – for letting us know – we didn’t know they were Asian. Next time – we would love if you would let us know.

  • http://ebonyintuition.blogspot.com Ebony Intuition

    Your welcome.

  • BigGirlNStilettos

    Simply putting on makeup of a darker/different skin tone does not denote being in “blackface”. Please research what true blackface is before throwing the term around.

  • david

    I feel this shoot on Grace is boring and not creative! The pics are lackluster at its best. The italian Vogue was much more of a tribute. This is hardly in the same category. First Rose Cordero looks NOTHING like Grace. Give us all a break! Everytime a girl of color comes out its either Grace or Naomi. We are BORED! Come up with some other inspiration. Are all black women just a one dimensional character in your eyes? I’m suprise they didnt have Liya,Chanel, and Jourdan as Grace.

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