• http://blackstylecentral.com Kim @ Black Style Central

    I love Kelly Rowland, but I hate Derek Blanks. She looks really gorgeous, though.

  • http://www.lovebrownsugar.blogspot.com CeceSoChic

    Kelly looks gorge in these photos…her body is awesome! Love the pics!

  • Facebook User

    Kelly is such an awesome beauty, but this is definitely one of my least favorites of her. in my head, her poses don’t look natural…they are very “posey”. like, she was trying really hard. *shrugs shoulders*

  • Brit

    meh. these alter ego shoots are really dumb to me. the only people that take them are desperate to remain relevant.

  • ms.via

    yea i was just thinking she’s trying to remain relevant. it must be tough when her former group mate has soo much success while she just scrapes by not to mention..whats her name…michelle who flip flops from gospel to secular music..umm? However Kelly has an awesome bod and I wish her all the best.

  • Jessica

    I think Kelly looks gorgeous. I especially love the one inspired by the poster from World War I? II? I keep looking for it to put on my wall at home! If I had Kelly on my wall I know i’d be inspired to get my fitness on.

  • Jessica

    I think the photos are great other than the fact that they are extremely airbrushed…her waist is wayyyyyyyyy too skinny.

  • TCN

    She’s beautiful but how is that an alter ego photo?

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