LaQuan Smith Clothing

by Nicole Miles

His designs have landed on Lady Gaga and Jaslene from ANTM, but who exactly is LaQuan Smith?

LaQuan Smith is a budding New York designer with a definitive mission: Design clothing that pop stars and regular women would covet and so far, so good. Aside from getting Rihanna in his designs for the “Rude Boy” video, his designs have hugged the curves of Amerie, Electric Red and Amber Rose. The best part about it, he’s only 21. With such love for creating beautiful pieces, we’re eager to see where Smith’s career takes him.

For more information on LaQuan Smith please visit and follow him on Twitter @

  • Geneva S. Thomas

    I love LaQuan! So many high street designers have copied his work. Especially the blue sequin dress. Topshop and H&M for sure owes him a check!

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