Locked Out: Black Women Suffer Most From Eviction

by Arlice Nichole

While an alarming number of young Black men end up locked up at least once in their lives, Black women suffer the most from being locked out-of their apartments. According to a recent Milwaukee study, one in every 20 renters are evicted each year. But in neighborhoods where most residents are Black, the numbers change significantly: One in every 10 renters is evicted every year, and those evicted are usually Black women and 40%  are Black single mothers. This has been referred to as the “feminine equivalent to incarceration.” While much focus has been paid to foreclosures and its devastating effects in recent years, eviction can have just as crippling an impact to one’s life as well. Not only does eviction go on your credit report and lowers your FICO score, but it will make it harder for you to find another apartment, as most landlords won’t rent to you. Higher rental rates, security deposits and penalty fees are also a factor.

If you see a possible eviction in the future,  here are a few resources that you may be able to tap into for help:

  • Charitable organizations like Catholic Charities
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Local housing authorities which offer options for affordable housing
  • Your landlord may have a list of resources to tap into
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  • Z.

    Now, not only can we not keep a man/get a man to marry us, we also can’t keep a roof over our heads. Is it because half of us have herpes?
    What’s next? 52% of Black women worked on all those ruined Toyotas?

  • Keisha

    This is not a pleasant result, and yes, there are people invested in making black women look pathetic in order to feel better about themselves.

    However, to ignore the realities of too many black women is misleading. Even before the recession it was the best and worst of times for black women. Some are doing amazingly well, others not.

    The government social safety net is inadequate and assistance provided by churches is limited depending on the church. It seems to me that it would help people to form collectives of like-minded people in order to create a small safety net. Like the tv show Kate & Allie in the 80s where 2 white single moms shared a house for their families to live in.

  • honee

    This is the most pathetic and heavily bias study I have ever read. If your looking specifically at black neighborhoods and pinpointing exactly who is being evicted…hell yes, its going to be the woman because her name is on the least (probably b/c she was the only one with credit enough and clean record to get the rental space). Tell me when looking at only white neighborhoods and which gender is getting evicted the most where does the pendalum fall. Or lets start looking at the statistics of interracial families and dissectinmg everything wrong with them.

    I’m so sick of this b.s.

  • DelphineBlue

    Does this latest insight into Black women’s psyches explain this latest weekly phenomenon of how fukked up we are-is it because we’re spending all our money on relaxers and weaves because we want good hair so badly–

    At this point it’s time for Black publications and websites (like this one) acting like runteldat whenever this ish comes out. Even the title “Black women suffer most from eviction”–IN BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS, YA THINK?

    And how the hell is being evicted “the female equivalent to incarceration”?! They’re going to MAKE us criminals, now? And how bout they do a study on who is getting evicted in White neighborhoods, like honee mentioned above. I wish they’d also do a study re: why so many are getting their rocks off with fabricating this nonsense.

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com Clnmike

    I think it’s unfair to not include the income and class of the women who are being evicted in comparison to others.

  • Karyn

    @Clnmike, but to do that would actually acknowledge that black people aren’t monolithic and we can’t have that *sarcasm off*

  • Joe Clyde

    That made me laugh.

    I’m not a Black woman but these constant “Poor Black Women” articles are starting to get annoying.

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com Clnmike

    Lol, I see your point.

  • dvine

    another tired asss article putting down AA women.. instead posting these bias assss studies kicking ppl back in, why not post uplifting articles and ways that single mothers regardless of race can do to avoid incidents such as these.

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