Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock covers the latest issue of People magazine proudly showing her off new baby boy, a 3 1/2 month African American child she recently adopted. People also reveals Bullock filed for divorce from cheating husband Jesse James.

During her time in New Orleans in support of post-Katrina efforts, reports state Bullock instantly fell in love with the child who needed a good home. Bullock says, “He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way.”

According to People, Sandra kept the adoption a secret for five months stating she wouldn’t even let her friends come to her home. Bullock’s adoption of an African American child distinguishes her from celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna who have adopted African children.

These stars are often criticized for adopting black children claiming they are using it for publicity. Some are also critical of this adoption trend claiming black children shouldn’t be in white homes.

Do you think Sandra Bullock is using her new black son to curtail the negative publicity on her husband’s scandalous affairs?

Or is Bullock like many adoptive mothers who simply want to give children in need a happy home?

Photo Source: People Magazine

  • Lavish

    She faces issues like every other married man/woman, no exemption. It just so happens that she was in the process of adopting when this selfish unfortunate scandal errupted. But she decided to stand strong and unselfishly put all things aside that is a hinder and go forward in adopting a child that need her the most

  • http://jesmoi.blogspot.com Jesmoi

    I don’t have a problem with her adopting an African-American baby. I have a problem that she was adopting an African-American baby with a man like Jesse James.

  • http://twitter.com/fmb_3 Frank Bradshaw

    Good for her.
    I do admire that she remained focused even when it was all falling down around her.
    And even more admirable that she stuck with it and didn’t let the scandal derail her.

  • http://innyvinny.com Alicia


  • Keebo

    Honestly? Always wondered why celebrities would go all the way to the other side of the world to adopt kids regardless of race.

    Suspicious with the timing yet I can’t judge (I don’t know her/her motives). No matter who adopts(a good person I hope), I’m glad when it’s one less child in the adoption shuffle. Hope she takes care of the kid.

  • nikki

    I’m confused how she would not let anyone at her home for 5 months and the child is only 3 1/2 months old..

  • Bantu

    I dont see a problem. She’s divorcing Jesse anyway and raising the child on her own. The woman has been through a lot and she finally got something out of her ordeal that makes her sunshine. I know Sandra is going to raise a happy, strong and healthy boy, I have no doubt that the child is in good hands.

    People should worry more that black boys are the LEAST adopted babies. The LEAST, do you HEAR ME (or read)!!!Meaning no one or just barely are adopting them. The focus needs to be on that. Atleast this baby boy has a home, others do not *tear*.

  • coldcase

    I dont see a problem. God bless the child and her as the new mother. what a mess with her husband though. Something went really wrong there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dean-Milton/100000251981745 Dean Milton

    word. That math did not add up to me either.

  • Zee

    It’s not a problem to me but that baby looks like he’s thinking, “Who’s the White woman and where’s my mama with my milk?!”

  • BosLegLova

    Probably didn’t want ppl to see she bought baby stuff

  • lee

    that baby is adorable! i don’t think her decision to adopt a black baby is really anyone’s business. that’s one less child in the system.

  • newnappy_girl

    I give her props for what she did and how she handled it. It is not easy to live a life of a “star”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Niecy-Cerise/100000013795662 Niecy Cerise

    Why should it be an issue? I don’t see droves of black adults lining up to adopt the many black children that are in the system. It’s one less child in foster care and that’s a good thing.

  • Terri

    I think that it’s a good thing. And I think that it may even open up more people to adopting outside their race. White people are just black people with lighter skin. I think people should just stop trying to get children that closer to them in looks because they don’t want anyone to notice that the child is not theirs. Ummm duh!!! We know its not yours we’re you’re neighbors, we hear you and your husband not having sex every night….haha just jokin but I think people should be more open to adopting outside of their race. A child is a beautiful thing.

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  • http://adivastateofmind.com A Diva State of Mind

    I think Sandra Bullock wanted to give a child a happy home regardless of the child’s skin color. You can’t control falling in love with a child. Love has no color. I also think it’s great that she chose to adopt in the US. Instead of looking all over the world to find children who need parents, let’s first look in our own backyards. There are so many children right here in the our own country who need loving homes.

  • Amy

    I think it’s great. There are far more African American babies than there are white that are up for adoption. This is a simple fact. Many parents only want a white child, which is annoying to me. All people are equal, and she clearly agrees. I’m thrilled little Louis will live a life full of love.

  • binky

    If you heard Sandra’s speech at the Oscars you know how she feels about motherhood and how she was raised and how she views mothers. I think Sandra is one of those geniune, straight shooters who loves kids no matter what color. So I say congrats on her and her new bundle of joy. I’ am glad someone adopted that precious baby instead of letting him sit in foster care. so congrats, a mother love see no color when it comes to children and people need to stop with the rasicm ish…if these so called people have a problem with white people adopting black children then how about they start adopting black kids too instead of saying it is so sad that the kid is in foster care. The kid don’t need pity but a home and love

  • binky

    you are so right, in the usa there are more black kids that need homes compare to white kids and other children of different races and even though it is hard for agency to find homes for kids in general in foster care, black kids have a harder time. I wouldn’t wish any kid living and growing up in that system so I say if someone want to adopt a kid regardless of his or her race and love them like there own so be it it is a win win situation

  • thinkpink

    Do I have an issue with it? No. But in my opinion a very clear message is being sent by the media. Blacks need white spouses to have good marriages and blacks need white people to raise their “abandoned” children. You can disagree but the proganda being used is very obvious. Blind side shows white people lifting blacks up and Precious shows black parents bringing their own children down. I have to question the constant coverage of white parents “saving” black babies.

  • Zee

    Oh great. Now the picture has changed and my comment looks stupid.

  • Akai

    “Is Sandra Bullock’s adoption of a black baby a Problem? … Some are also critical of this adoption trend claiming black children shouldn’t be in white homes.”

    This is not a “problem” in my opinion and there are 550,000 children in America’s foster care system with the overwhelming majority (39% or 215,000) being AA**.

    Although someone might come along to, typically, try to discredit the stats or cry about “propaganda” and the media being out to make people “look bad,” AGAIN – close to 40% of these children are African American and these numbers are ridiculously disproportionate at 3 times their 13% population percentage.

    Thank goodness it is illegal to deny the right to foster/adopt based on the race of the child(ren) or potential parent(s) as that is straight up discrimination and would translate to even less children leaving the system.

    I was blessed to have been born into a loving two-parent household but it seems some people don’t care about a child’s basic desire/need for good and loving parents, stability and a home. They’d have babies and teenagers languish in the system in order to satisfy their prejudices, simple-minded politics and pseudo-militant soap-boxing.

    I disagree with the line that blacks shouldn’t adopt Asians, whites shouldn’t adopt non-whites etc. and people who say this don’t give a thought to one non-white child in the system until a white person comes along and adopts one. And every time I’ve heard this type of racist (yes, racist) trash, it’s come out the mouths of those who hadn’t fostered or adopted one child since often it’s those who haven’t done/don’t do talking smack and criticizing the how, when, who and why of those that have done/do.

    From Josephine Baker and the “rainbow tribe” she adopted, much love and respect to Bullock, Patti LaBelle, Jolie, Brad Pitt, Alfre Woodard, Louis Gossett, Al Roker, Rev. Run and Justine Simmons etc. and all sincere individuals that open(ed) their hearts and homes to foster, adopt and give love.

    **…34% (187,000) are white, 17% (93,500) Latino, 2% (11,000) Native American/Alaskan, 1% (5,500) Asian/Pacific Islander, 7% (38,500) other/unknown

  • BosLegLova

    Or maybe when you adopt, the kid has to live with you for awhile before they make it official

  • Slangdee

    Lucky kid, I need them bullock dollars in my life, lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Leona-N/40706841 Leona N.

    she was i the adoption process for 4 years and when she GOT him he was 3 1/2 months, so he should be around 9months now. She didnt want him subjected to all the media that would be all in her face during awards season.

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com Clnmike

    I dont know about her, some ugly stuff about Jesse James and his “intrest in Nazi Germany is popping up, Id like to know how much of that she knew about. Cause if it is true and she knew about it then this looks more like a publicity stunt.

  • EdEarl

    I agree with both sides of this arguement. But, as one person has already posted. Are we to believe that she was so blind to the things of his past……and didn’t know about them. what if it comes out later that she knew about those things? Will it still be a great thing that she adopted this beautiful baby?
    Not to pick on “Ms. Bullock”……but in the world of celebrities….why is it soooo popular for non-black celebrities, when they adopt, it always has to be out of thier race? Mostly black. Not trying to sound ignorant…..just an observation that was made. When a person decides to adopt, and they decide that it has to be a certain race…..that’s kinda like getting a new pet. Wanna black baby? Start with a Blackman. Or is that just too out of the question.

  • Joseph

    I agree with you completely. I think I disagree with white couples adopting Black children from “underprivileged areas “. I remember Rachel Ray had an episode around the time of the earth quake in Haiti, & she had on a white couple who adopted a Haitian girl. Now everybody in my room was like ”oh, how beautiful, how wonderful, God bless them” . I stayed quiet. I felt it very different. I listened to the words they used, ” Integrating well in to our family” , I remember feeling furious over that. Your a white family, with white kids, I know dam well you live in a white neighborhood. Why do you want to even adopted a Black child regardless of where there from ! This child is Haitian, with Haitian back ground . You ganna teach her about Haitian culture, Haitian tradition, or Haitian history or just Black history in general ? I’m saying this to any white couple who wants to adopt a black child from anywhere. What are you going to say to that child when it’s class mates call them a nigger ! & oh yes,just because we have a black president doesn’t mean racism is a thing of the past ! I believe in some thing called “cultural genocide “. Media images of Black men are of a brutal, drug selling thug, gangbanger, & a women beater. & the images of black women are ether of “Precious ” mother, or a video vixen poll stripper. The American society ,or more so black America has been dumbed down drastically. Get back to me with if you agree or disagree with what I’m saying. I do have much to say on these subjects. My E-mail is [email protected] .

  • R Ruiz

    Yes, there are issues with robbing a baby of its cultural/biological roots as well as the inherent selfishness and sense of superiority of adopters.

    What I have a problem with in this case, however, is even more sinister. Haiti was devastated by an earthquate 3 and 1/2 months ago, Bullock then donated $1 million to Haiti, and now suddenly she has a 3 and 1/2 month old black baby.

    In a kleptocracy like Haiti, $1 million will definitely buy you a baby. $1 million to Haiti will in fact get you a baby ripped right off its mother’s teat in the midst of suckling.

  • Margaret

    I agree with the Blindside thing – when I saw the trailer my first thought was “not another white savior movie!”:

    But in real life – our kids need homes. I’m glad to see that Sandra Bullock chose to adopt a child from the United States. Too many of our babies are in the system. And while being Black and knowing your culture is critical, a child knowing love and security is more critical. Our kids need homes – good ones – with people who care what happens to them. The other options are too sad to think about. A lifetime in foster care? Aging out at 18?

    Louis’s life is not Blindside. It’s not being accompanied by a swelling score or a savvy editor. He’s one little Black boy who may have a better chance at life because someone with the desire to raise him stepped up when he was in need. And that person says she loves him. I can’t be anything but happy about that.

    As for the media and the nonsense they sell? It’s always been about the hype. What sells – the next thrill – ratings. There will always be a segment of society who gets their information from the screen and only the screen. They’re not going to inquire or research or ask questions. I don’t know the answer to that question but I’m not going to make a little boy like Louis pay for it – not just because it makes people uncomfortable. I’d LOVE for him to be with a loving Black family. But he’s not. As long as Sandra loves him and cherishes him the way every child deserves to be loved and cherished I will never complain.

  • hidaya

    God bless anyone who wants to adopt a child of color. Stop the hate.

  • Sheila


  • Sheila

    That’s too much!!

  • Sheila


  • Res

    Yes I think she did it for publicity but do I care? Nope
    As long as a child has found a good home – and an American baby for once.

  • Ava Maria

    I’m happy someone is adopting the black children. Now if this was Paris Hilton I would be yelling No even if she adopted a white child.

  • Zaza

    Here we go,backbiting a woman for doing a good thing and ignoring the root of the problem.The ‘problem’ isn’t the adopting,the ‘problem’,is that some woman/girl had a baby when she wasn’t ready for it/couldn’t look after it,and left another unwanted(now thankfully wanted)baby in the world.

    From what I read,Sandra didn’t specify race when applying to adopt.If it had come out she had specified ‘only white babies’,people would be calling that racist and besides,aren’t the majority of kids up for adoption non-white,therefore law of probability; shes gonna end up with a black baby.People are making out like she purposely went looking for a black child like Madonna in Africa.Not true.

    Instead of going after people for adopting black babies,why aren’t we going after why there are so many black babies up for adoption:abuse,promiscuity,underage sex, unprotected sex,irresonsibility?THAT’s the real problem.

  • Soul Touch

    No problem with it at all….one less child in the system.

    What I do have a problem with is the lack of black (latinos and asians) not getting involved in adoption.

  • Akai

    Oh so now we’re going to insinuate Bullock really bought the baby boy in Haiti for $1 million, eh?

    People share their home, time and money to foster or adopt a child/children. Putting aside the money it takes to fund the process of adopting, they provide a stable family then share their income feeding, clothing, providing medical care, educating etc. and open their hearts to comfort, raise and love these babies into a more positive future. These are children who had none to few of those vital and basic things and you call providing them “selfishness” and having a “sense of superiority?”


    A few “issues” could arise regarding ethnic identity in transracial adoptions as “issues” arise with same race adoptions but, when it comes to children, I think it’s pathetic when people who’ve never adopted one child talk selfishly and spit political insanity.

    Foster care, even in ‘modern’ countries like America, is not always a walk in the park and abuse occurs, however, at the end of the day – no doubt a child would prefer to be adopted into a loving and stable home where they are loved and taken care of over remaining in the friggin’ system. “Cultural identity” doesn’t mean sh*t to a hungry child in need of food and care and they don’t give one flying fig about adult political posturing or the color of those willing to adopt and love them.

  • BritDefine

    Thanks for posting this Lavish! This is exactly what I was thinking. God bless her and the baby…he’s freaking adorable. Wish I could adopt.

  • BritDefine

    I just want to say that I agree with what most of you have posted on this article. I have no problem at all with Sandra Bullock adopting a baby that is African American. I am just so happy that she took it upon herself to take care of the baby and hopefully give him a great life and home. I don’t think that we should worry about the color of the baby’s skin, but the simple fact that if this baby needed to be adopted is now in a home and with a family that loves him. If she uses it for publicity or not, that’s her perrogative. Leave her alone! :) After all, have any of you adopted any baby..no matter the color? Just saying, most people haven’t. They just want to sit around and speak on it.

  • Akai

    Soul Touch wrote: “What I do have a problem with is the lack of black (latinos and asians) not getting involved in adoption.”

    Latinos tend to keep their children or other relatives assume the responsibility. Family is extremely important and always comes first (general characteristic of ethnic Latino culture) and constituting 17% of the children in the system is pretty much in line with their 16% population percentage. Similarly, Asians make up 5% of America’s population and only 1% of the children in need of placement.

    This is in contrast with black girls and boys comprising 39% of those needing foster or adoptive parents and disproportionately represented at 3 times the AA population of 13%.

    General comments…I think Bullock was truly ‘blind sided’ and doubt she knew a thing about James’ ugly ho-@ss canoodling with nasty skanks or his fascination with/affinity for Nazis. She just doesn’t come across as the type of woman who’d put up with a dude lying, cheating and putting her life at risk for sexually transmitted diseases and possibly death and Bullock didn’t hesitate, waver, or look back. She left that loser with a quickness and filed for divorce (something Elin Nordegren should have done).

    Some people simply don’t think or love to make up shiz in order to judge somebody negatively as the accusation that baby Louis was adopted merely for “publicity” makes absolutely no sense when Bullock has always been among the most private of celebrities. There are far cheaper ways to merely garner attention including those that don’t require a lifetime commitment of time, $$, effort, interaction etc. like becoming a parent, and why in the flug would Bullock need “publicity” when she was getting tons of it due to various nominations for her performance in The Blind Side??

  • Akai

    Joseph wrote: “You ganna teach her about Haitian culture, Haitian tradition, or Haitian history or just Black history in general ? I’m saying this to any white couple who wants to adopt a black child from anywhere. What are you going to say to that child when it’s class mates call them a nigger.”

    Oh pshah! What’s with worrying more about a child’s classmates possibly calling them the n-word when – on any number of rap/hip-hop CDs or majority AA spots, neighborhoods or households across the country – they can hear AAs calling them and each other “n!66er” several times a day on the regular?

    If the willingness or ability to teach “black history” is your requirement or litmus test for judging/dictating the best individuals to parent, seems there are more than enough who don’t teach/haven’t taught their offspring the first thing about it. Apparently the lessons are irrelevant in the full scope of this issue and didn’t amount to sh*t at the end of the day for the thousands upon thousands born the biological product of 2 AA parents, raised in AA culture and households (all teaching “black history” lessons, let you tell it) and either drop-outs, dealing drugs, bangin’, unemployed, in and out of jail etc.

    I don’t understand the never-ending paranoia about everything and, now, basically mischaracterizing a movie as an intentional ploy by evil media operatives to send subliminal messages.

    Michael Oher is a football player with the Baltimore Ravens and The Blind Side is a true story based on his life, not some made-up fantasy. It happened so should his story have not been told to spare some individuals’ choice to feel like failures, uncomfortable or ashamed simply because of the ‘race’ of those who happened to adopt, love and support him through high-school, college graduation and success in the NFL???

    Oher’s druggie biological mother neglected him (as well as her other 12 children) and probably had him on a path to the label of ‘felon’ or dead on the streets of Memphis. So, if people are going to get mad at something, why not be totally honest about things for once and aim the ire at the true source and problem(s) i.e. selfish egg and sperm contributors (of any ‘race’) that keep having child after child they neglect and/or can’t afford?

  • thinkpink

    The problem is not the adoption itself but the media’s obsession with the images of whites lifting up blacks. This obsession is happening in the age of a black family lifting up a white majority america. White run media is responding by saying “No we don’t need blacks to lift us up blacks need us,”. Every time one of these stories breaks people such as yourself begin focusing on the ills of black society and that’s exactly what the white media wants us to do. Point fingers at the mom who allowed her black baby to be adopted as a way to distract from the positive strides african americans are making. The white media has never taken an interest in us before so why are they doing it now? On tv all we see are images of blacks who can’t hold it together without a white person swooping in to save the day. That counteracts the images of positivity coming from the beautiful black family in the white house and keeps blacks from getting too hopeful about their progression. It’s great that she adopted a baby but the real question is why blind side, precious and interratical couples/families are front page news and why black families that contribute postiviely their communities can’t even get a mention.

  • thinkpink

    Its not paranoia it’s fact. Name 3 black sitcoms that show positive black families(that aren’t on tbs)…..Blacks don’t only consist of druggies/inmates/deadbeat moms and dads so why are these the only images we see? Why do we never ever see movies about happy black families as well. Positive things HAPPEN in the black community too but we never see them. I would agree with your point if images of black families weren’t so blaringly one dimentional. Not all black moms are cracked out with 12 abandoned children and if moms of other races deal with these problems then why do they only put a BLACK face to them? What about my college educated black mother and father who are helping me get through college? Where is that story at? We are so busy eating up these images which point out the problems of blacks we ignore the positive strides we are making. Media highlight’s the best and worst of white culture while only showing the worst of blacks. I challenge you to find one depiction of a positive black couple on major network tv, ABC FOX, NBC, CBS this week. I guarantee you won’t be able to find it.

  • Unbelievable

    I imagine this won’t make it on the site because you won’t allow me to have my say. All of the black people on here who say she shouldn’t adopt a black baby are ridiculous. You are racist and ignorant. She’s giving a baby a good home so get over it. If white America had a website, a magazine, a TV station (BET) to voice it’s opinion the way some of you do here we’d be considered racist and haters and Al Sharpton would probably be all over it and start a lawsuit. Unbelievable to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Theresa-Sutton/1165779943 Theresa Sutton

    The baby is adorable and I am thankful he’s found a good home. My Mother was a foster mother for years during the 1960′s and 1970′s. There were few back doing it at that time, and still fewer black doing it now. I remember the number of back children who came and went through our home. It was difficult then getting blacks to adopt and it’s still difficult 40 years later. So to this day, it always amazes me when black people are judgemental about black/white adoptions, when they would never adopt a child themselves.

  • MGeorgia

    No your comment looks stupid because obviously his mama with her milk didn’t feel it neccessary to feed or have that child at all. Whoever can and will love a child no matter the color should be able to. Who cares about the race as long as there is love, and look at the decision she made, as soon as this awful stuff about her marriage came out, she divorced him and proceeded on her own. GOod for Sandra, carry on Mama and good luck with that beautiful new baby!


    thje problem is tha too may black women don’t have morales.
    don’t believein marriage
    believe in having kidsout of wedlock
    too many just don’t worship GOD

  • Carmen

    What about the WHITE children being raised by the Jackson family, because black they are not, what is important for children is to have a good home, why more black families do not adopt? instead od whinne

  • http://www.facebook.com/crston8 Christon Basham

    This is the stupidest question I’ve heard in a very long time. The fact she adopted the baby long before the scandal is conveniently forgotten here. That however, is the least offensive issue here.

    More than 20 years ago IGNORANT BLACK PEOPLE raised irrational fear in the black community suggesting any white person who dared adopt a black baby must have nefarious intent. It served only in creating such fear in every single other race of people here in America that the adoption of colored all but stopped entirely and all those poor babies languished in foster care. It is this very stupidity that drove good hearted people to look outside the country for a child to love.

    Now nearly two decades later white people are again feeling safe to adopt and love a child of color. It’s absolutely disgusting to me as a black man who grew up in foster care that a new breed of EVEN MORE IGNORANT AFRICAN AMERICANS seeks to once again scare them away.

    To what end? When potential parents who just happen to be white once again fear adopting colored children what then huh? Will the irrational freaks who are so vocal in their oppostion pick up the slack and adopt all these unwanted children?

    It’s truly shocking to me there seems a very vocal completely uneducated minority of blacks in this country that would rather see black children go unwanted, unloved and without a real home or parents to pick them up when they fall rather than see those same children loved by someone, ANYONE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crston8 Christon Basham

    This is the stupidest question I have heard in a longtime. The fact she adopted the baby long before the scandal is conveniently forgotten. That however, is the least offensive issue here.

    More than 20 years ago, Ignorant people raised irrational fear in the black community suggesting any white person who dared adopt a black baby must have nefarious intent. It served only in creating such fear in every single other race of people here in America that the adoption of colored children all but stopped, all those poor babies languished in foster care. This stupidity drove good-hearted people to look outside the country for a child to love.

    Now nearly two decades later white people are again feeling safe to adopt and love a child of color. It is disgusting to me as A BLACK MAN WHO GREW UP WITHOUT A HOME OR PARENT TO LOVE HIM that a new breed of even more ignorant people seems intent on again creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust in our communities.

    To what end? When potential parents who just happen to be white again fear adopting colored children what then huh? Will the irrationally suspicious people of color who are so vocal in their opposition pick up the slack and adopt all these unwanted children?

    It is shocking to me, nearly twenty years later. there still seems a vocal, uneducated minority of blacks in this country so irrationally distrustful of any Caucasian they would rather see black children go unwanted, unloved and without a real home.

  • Soul Touch

    Thank you.

  • Irritated One

    I feel the timing is souly a media responsibility! God bless her for wanting to adopt from an area of the US that has been terribly impacted! I’ve often wondered why Madonna and Jolie hadn’t done the same. Is it more of a media impact and does it make them look more “World Conscious” by adopting from 3rd world countries???? I applaud Sandra for making such a huge step by way of humanitarianism. BRAVO!!! Leave her alone, hasn’t she had enough negativity???

  • http://clutch Sick of this!!!

    You’re all reaching, don’t you think? If any of you have felt the excruciating pain of being a woman that longs for a child you know all too well the angst and pain that comes with that longing ~ especially when you’re the one “without”. As I’m sure some of you know of and have read about how grueling the adoption process can be then you know this adoption took years of patience and wait, and now Sandra’s and Louie’s time of join has come. Somehow if she had adopted a white child then you’d chastise her for not adopting of another race. Leave Sandra and Louie alone and let them be happy. Why don’t you all do what she’s doing and move on from this. And all of you protestors…tell me YOU wouldn’t want to be so fortunate to be adopted by such a wonderful woman! As far as Jesse James ~ I can’t believe ANY of you are still giving him attention. Pathetic.

    Congratulations momma & baby! PEACE

  • Virginia N Virginia

    I do not think it matters. As an African American Woman, I am happy that she adopted any child but even more so an African American one. A lot of our children get loss in the system and never get adopted, less more given an opportunity to have the BEST in life. I feel like if you can provide a home and love, go for it. Her marriage issue is just that HER issue for now. But white homes and black homes have always had divorces and marriage problems. Just “HER” issues have been put in front of America. If your home is more stable and you can provide a child love and security, then adopt. Put up or Shut up!! But do not judge her for showing love to ANY CHILD!!

  • Emily

    As an adopted child myself,I am sick of hearing people saying that Bullock is doing it all for publicity. Is it not enough that she wanted to open her home to child who has no parents? Sure, it has a parallel to The Blind Side, but please, she started the adoption procedures way before she even got the role in the movie. Tariq Elite, get over yourself.

  • Emily

    The problem is not black women and that is a very offensive thing to say, even if you are black.

  • Akai

    Geez, Unbelievable!

    Are you really coming with the “If white America had a TV station called WET” line?

    Y’all need to come up with some new talking (whining) points and quit regurgitating this tired staple of Stormfront sh*tholes.

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  • Nadja NYC

    Good for her. Why the criticism? Finally a celebrity adopts a child, any child, from the United States and people dare say she is wrong? THAT is racism. Congratulations to her and may others follow her good example. There are way too many children in the US without parents.

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com Clnmike

    I agree with Joseph, providing a child with a home, food, shelter, love and safety is only part of it. Giving that child the tools needed to navigate a world were he or she is treated differently because of the way they look is another story.

  • Emily

    Now that is reaching. Sandra Bullock gave 1milion dollars to the Red Cross during Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian earthquake, 9/11. And guess what else, Brangelina, Nuicole Kidman, Jennifer Anniston, and many other celeberities also donated to the Haitian Relief Fund. She has also teamed up with Coach to help raise money for several charities. It seems to me that Sandra Bullock is a person who realizes that she is fortunate and she has the resources to help others. What is wrong with that?

  • http://twitter.com/CBlanco10 Carol White

    It is pretty sad that people actually consider this a publicity stunt. Do people realize that she has had this child for months and actually officially adopted him before she filed for divorce. Do you understand the adoption process, especially for a U.S. child? Doesn’t just happen overnight. I imagine she has been working on this for a year. On another note, the writer who questions why she didn’t want a white child – are you kidding me. Makes me sick. Why does the race card have to be thrown into everything. Can’t someone just want a child, no matter their race, national origin, etc. It is no wonder other countries in this world think we are a joke.

  • Jen

    ???? Wouldn’t it just be racial if she wouldn’t consider adopting anyone BUT a white child? Since when is LACK of racism, being racist?

  • Emily

    Oh and another thing. The adoption procedures started four years ago. The earthquake in Haiti happened in January 2010. And the baby is also from New Orleans. If it’s 3 1/2 months old, she wouldn’t have “bought” it when it happened.

  • Emily

    Why do people insist on this “black – white” people thing?

  • Akai

    Thinkpink wrote: “…the real question is why blind side, precious and interratical couples/families are front page news…”

    You may be overly sensitive and feel X, Y or Z “counteracts the images of positivity” and fabulousness of the Obamas but I don’t.

    And it appears you may have a problem with interracial couples/families when that is exactly what the President represents to me. I see him as biracial and his is the quintessential interracial family that includes Asian nieces, W/A biracial sister, Irish aunts and uncles, Kenyan siblings, AA in-laws etc.

    Thinkpink wrote: “I challenge you to find one depiction of a positive black couple on major network tv, ABC FOX, NBC, CBS this week. I guarantee you won’t be able to find it.”

    Your “guarantee” is no good since, “this week,” Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Hawthorne (positive AA mother and nurse) is airing on TNT and My Wife And Kids on ABC Family. It’s probably not showing this week, and I don’t know if there’s to be a new season, but another program showing a positive couple and family is Lincoln Heights which was also on ABC.

    You raised concerns about two movies (i.e. Precious and The Blind Side) (yet demanded a list of TV shows) and acting as if these two movies were some intentional white media conspiracy. You’re overlooking the fact that Precious was written, directed, produced and brought to the forefront by AAs (Sapphire, Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry), and The Blind Side had the blessings and support of Michael Oher.

    One would have to reach pretty far to twist any kind of ‘white media conspiracy’ out of that. And, being so daggone concerned about what A may think about B, some people are willing to be selfish and put aside the fact that (with the horrendous abuse that many young AA girls experience), Precious was a story that needed to be told get dialogue going to put a stop to it.

  • Gail Hutson

    I am a white woman who adopted my half black, half white grandson. Because his father and my daughter thought they could raise a child while being criminals, child protective services and myself had a different opinion. He needed me and I could give a care less about his color. As a matter of a fact, I think his skin tone is the best ever, even more he is perfect in every way. :) He is my baby and I would take on a grizzly bear to defend him. My only problem is being 53 with a four year old. :) So far I am keeping up!! I love him so much and he has brought joy to my life. I was grilled over and over during the adoption process about raising a black child. I was asked how I would introduce him to his culture. I asked what do you mean? I did not get a solid answer. I think for many years deserving black children have not been adopted due to questions like how will I introduce him to his culture. I think racism has been alive and well regarding this issue. They also asked me how I felt about his father being black. I told them his blackness has nothing to do with my feelings for him. He is not a good person, that comes in all colors. Bottom line is my I feel lucky to have my grandson and I had to jump through hoops to get him.

  • Pingback: Bullock’s adoption stirs debate | TMD Celebrity News

  • Joseph

    White America does have a “WET” as you call it. It’s a combination of ABC,CBS, NBC,FOX, & UPN (even though there’s Black shows on there with Black people acting like buffoons), ”BET”’s programing is good if you want to learn how to be a gangsta, gold digga, a rhyming thugg with no consciousness (keeping it real) ,stripper,pole dancer ,& one day to wash all sins away by praising Jesus on T.V.”BET” (oh man, that was a hard one ).

  • Steve

    The child will be more confused than ever. When he reaches middle school, he will begin to question who he is….and this I foresee is the problem. You can adorn him with gold and toys, but you cannot give him culture.

  • lori

    Every child deserves to be in a home where they are loved and cherished. Anyone who is willing to open their home & their hearts to a child and give them the best they can should be applauded, not criticized. And yet, as the saying goes, “no good deed goes unpunished” and many here want to find fault with Sandra. If she says she only wants a white baby, she is racist. When she adopts a black baby, she must be secretly racist and harbor feelings of supremacy. Don’t want black children raised in a white home? Then more black families need to adopt. Or, figure out a way to have less unwanted babies.
    Until then, celebrate the fact that there are people of all colors who are willing to open their homes to any child in need.

  • Tivoli

    I think everyone should leave Sandra Bullock alone. She adopted a black kid so what? There are many black kids thats needs a someone out there instead of growing up in the system. Its not color that makes a person a parent and not all out there can be mother or father, however everyone can claim that they are because they fathered or give birth to a kid. It takes special people or a person to be to be a parent(s). So as i say you go girl. If you want to adopt 50 black kids go ahead as a black sister i am right behind you. Our kids never get out of foster care because they want black parent to adopt black kids or white parent to get white kids.. Who make up that cock and bull theory? Kids are suppose to be with parents that loves them and not because of their color.

  • http://www.beautyhealthzoneblog.com/ Happiness

    @ Lamard

    Don’t talk rubbish.

    Are you in a black woman’s mind to know whether or not they believe in marriage?
    Besides there are many white women out there who sleep around, are not married and have no intention of marrying, have children out of wedlock and don’t worship God, so do not make sweeping generalisations, thank you very much.

  • Soul Touch

    I guess he can learn culture in foster care. A group home? Oh, the streets….yeah the streets.

    I mean, him having a white adopted mother must mean that his blackness will be jeopardized…. I mean he has to learn the dos and don’t of being black, right? Cause, you know, we all act the same…want the same for our children…eat the same foods. Is ‘black’ a culture? I’m Jamaican do I have the same culture as someone from Atlanta? If she was white Jamaican would she have more culture than a black person in Idaho?

    …okay now I’m just be silly.

  • http://www.beautyhealthzoneblog.com/ Happiness

    I have always thought of Sandra Bullock as a genuine person, willing to help others.

    It’s a shame she married a man who is utter trash, however, in the best interests of the child, if she can love and take care of this child with no ulteror motives, then I don’t have a problem with it. Sometimes, even I myself have to move oast colour, hard as it may be.

    As far as Hollywood is concerned, I don’t think that a truly genuine person can be truly happy in that mostly fake and devilish environment. The people just don’t appear to be genuine to me.

  • binky

    Wait, I have to say something about this culture issue. Some black parents don’t teach their kids about their culture or history, so are they doing an injustice to their kids as well? Are Asian people who don’t teach their kids about theirs? Or East Indian, Native American, etc. etc. Like some of you think, Sandra is doing to this child because she is white? You don’t have to be black to understand and know the history of black people in this country, nor do you have to be black to understand the struggles and trials black people still go through daily or to love our culture. Besides, The term “culture” is really subjective because what one person may think of as black culture it could be different to someone else.

    I would HOPE as a parent you teach and educate your kid on ALL cultures and differencse in the world, teach them right from wrong when addressing other people and the slurs used to describe some people *including themselves* as NOT right. The last time I checked, you don’t have to be black to instill those things upon a child.

    If you can be a mother or father to ONE child then you should be able to be a mother of ALL children, regardless if they look like you or share your culture.

  • http://www.beautyhealthzoneblog.com/ Happiness

    I meant move past colour in my previous comment.

  • Luluu

    I think its absolutely wonderful that Sandra has so much love to give and she chose “Louis” to give it too. Sandra has shown herself to be responsible and caring so why not?…What I adore about love is that it’s colorless..one color “The Human Race”. I love it I’m very happy for her and her son. Louis is so beautiful !!! Congratualtions to you both. God Speed!

  • shele

    I am happy that African-American children can have a loving home, regardless of the race of the adoptive parents. I only hope that she keeps that beautiful baby from her questionable husband.

  • EMW1975

    I believe it is wonderful that Sandra adpoted a black baby boy from America. As some of the other post indicate, love has no color and she has proved that. What sets her apart from the other celebrities that have adopted black babies is not only because she adopted an american baby, but she adopted a black baby boy. I was always a fan of her work, but this has really made me a fan of hers as a person.

  • carmen jones

    Speaking as a mom, children are a beautiful, wonderful gift that comes in all colors-Congratulations to Sandra Bullock and her baby.

  • http://www.eyeontheeastend.net Nancy Hyden Woodward

    You, Clutch Magazine, are the only one using Louis’s adoption. You used it to generate readership.

    If your editorial staff had any intelligence, it never would have posed question #1. Louis was adopted in January, when Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were together and BEFORE news of his extra marital affairs became known.

  • Jess

    Congrats Sandra! She’s a great person and does a lot in all the communities. I’m sure she’ll be an amazing mother. That first question is pretty offensive. I know you’re trying to create controversy but come on. Not everything has a dark, selfish side. She did the most selfless thing you could. She’s giving all her love and attention to a adorable baby. Seeing past race, personal issues, etc. I wish there was more people like that in the world.

  • KJ Welsch

    A major step forward for all Americans is when this is NOT news. We are a melting pot with children who only grow up once. I am of European decent with interest background…thank goodness the Irish & Germans got together so my family could be one! She can provide for and surely loves her new son. Go girl – I am in your corner!

  • http://www.clutchmagonline.com Dede

    Ummmm – that is not true. We are a site for Black women to discuss issues that we want to – whatever it may be. We did not ask CNN to pick up the story – therefore we are not using anyone. This was a question posed to OUR readers to hear THEIR opinions on the matter. We did not pitch or ask for press.

    With that being said = I love Sandra and have for a long time. She a very talented actress and seems to be a very gentle and kind person. I think it’s great and have no issue with her adopting a African American child. If she can raise him with love and care as well as help him embrace his culture I am thrilled at this adoption.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Millicent-Hunter/828739893 Millicent Hunter

    Multiple studies have shown that African American boys are the least desired when it comes to be adopted. Even some black folks are hesitant to adopt black boys. Kudos to Sandra Bullock.

  • Lara

    If Michael Jackson bought himself white children,Sandra follow all the normal steps to adopt a baby and give him a normal non abusive home, not the same for the white children that bring money to the disfuntional family Jackson.
    The same mounths that complain do not move a finger for all the paretless black children in the USA

  • Lara

    I remember a few years back this well educated afro american that believed in “black culture”travelled to Africa to find his roots, backpacking, and yes he found his roots and culture HE WAS AMERICAN, and when he came back he wrote about his experience, racism from black africans because he was american. I am not black, and I work with African RN and black Americans, and belive me tensions run high because they are so diferent, Culture is being a decent person, responsable; anything else is idiotic, I was not born in this country by I chose it to be mine, children want to be loved and this gives them security and it is not the money. The culture of this country is AMERICAN.

  • Pingback: Why Do We Care Who Sandra Bullock Adopted? — Very Smart Brothas

  • awshizz

    So many blaring problems can be seen, when there’s just a bigger picture. (Forest for the Trees) 1. Nurse Hawthorne is being cancelled. Why is it that a positve show got the axe after one season and “7th Heaven” stayed on for over a decade. Haven’t watched Jada’s show (work late) but Im sure it was a whole lot better than that show. My Wife & Kids was filmed over 10 years ago! Why isn’t there any current shows? Hollywood is not interested in investing in the stories of blacks.

    2. Michael Oher’s story is true & Precious’ situation is real, but why has America lapped up this white savior/impoverished sad blacks story? Blind Side could have been the sequel to Precious. The story of a black (irresponsible) mother who cant/wont support her child. Black people have many positive stories -scientists, artists, etc, but it seems there is a gravitation to POVERTY PORN i.e. Precious, Hustle & Flow, Monster’s Ball, Blind Side, Training Day, Last King of Scotland etc. Morgan Freeman did have a positive role, but that movie was more about rugby & he portrayed a real person. White People enjoy the portrayal of downtrodden blacks. fact not conspiracy. Pursuit of Happyness, Malcolm X- stories of black people saving themselves do not get Oscar votes! Tyler Perry- he is the queen of buffoonery.

    JUST BECAUSE AMERICA HAS A BLACK PRESIDENT, DOESN’T MEAN IT HAS CHANGED ITS STRIPES. You may see Obama as biracial, but most of America white/asian/latino/black and they’ll tell the first thing they describe his race is as black. It’s called the One Drop Rule. Just because black people are calling eachother N***** does it make it OK for others to. Just because there are negative content in black music does it mean we should endorse this in other forms of media by other races. Welcome to 2010, We may not have Jim Crow, but we have Jim Crow III and he’s a lot more subtle.

  • awshizz

    Everyone has good points. It’s Nature vs. Nurture. Sandra has saved him from being in the foster system. I believe its prison just for children. If someone will raise a child, which is the most difficult job, then more power to them. But he also is a black man by birth. The problem isn’t Sandra, but society. Black parents shouldn’t have to have an extra talk with there kids and explain slavery, civil rights, what to do if you are called a n*****, why they got pulled over by a cop & they had no cause to, etc. There will be a time when Louis goes somewhere w.o his mother and he will be denied proper treatment. A person will be fired because Mama Sandra will show up and sue the hell out of them.

  • Lindz

    Thank you Nancy. I can’t believe this is even a discussion. An innocent child needed a home…millions of children need homes in America alone. Sandra Bullock adopted a CHILD. She has provided a child who needed a home and unconditional love.

    Adoption takes years to finalize; obviously, this process started long before her marriage troubles.
    This is the year 2010! Why is this still an issue? I was horrified when I saw this on cnn.com, knowing that we are still debating whether racial lines should be crossed when it comes to parenting a child. One Love.

  • Paula

    Wow, these comments are making my heart swell with pride! My daughter and her husband took classes to be foster/adoptive parents – it takes at least a year! They decided that they’d take ANY child regardless of sex or color. They are white. They now have a foster biracial infant that they are hoping to adopt. It’s not that they were looking for one color or another. Who’s to say that Sandra CHOSE to have a black child? She just has a child that needed a home. I’ve heard that there are more black children to adopt and if you go on foster/adoption sites you can see that this is true. Maybe more black families need to become foster/adoption parents!

  • Claire

    I worked with her on a film and found her to be down to earth,warm and loving…You know how you can look at someone who is of her “color” and know that you are faced with a bigot?I did not EVER get that from her.
    I believe she would be a wonderful mother who would make sure her son would know his culture…I’m just saying!

  • Akai

    @Awwshizz, you went all over so I’ll try to address most of what you wrote.

    First, the “forest for the trees” concept more aptly applies to those so intent on always viewing everything through a racial lens – or calling others racist or accusing them of a conspiracy – they can’t see what’s true; if always looking through a tunnel it’s impossible to see all the things outside that small circle.

    As of now, Hawthorne is not cancelled and was renewed for a 2nd season, but it was pretty clear my comment was in response to Thinkpink. She insisted I couldn’t “find one depiction” showing on major network TV” THIS WEEK, and I did.

    Unless you can read minds, you don’t know how Latinos (or any group) sees the President and many Latinos i.e. Cubans, PRs, Hapas etc. feel a kinship to him as mixed like themselves. I don’t give one diggity about some outdated and erroneous “one drop rule” and IMO AAs hold on to that racist concept given to them by “massa” more than whites. At the end of the day the truth of the matter is President Obama is not black and he is not white; he is both or biracial, and before then Senator Obama smashed HC in the Iowa caucuses in January of ’08, a lot of AAs insinuated he was not “black enough” and were all over the Clinton ****-sack!

    The President (though not adopted) was born on a island, raised only by whites, and was not around a lot of AAs for the first 20 or so years of his life yet is uber-intelligent, successful, grounded – and now the most powerful man in the free world. So I find yaba-daba-doo insinuating “black history” instructions and lessons on what to do if somebody calls you a Teletubbie are the most important elements in beautifully raising a successful and well-adjusted child is pure crap; negatively throwing ‘race’ into the equation regarding Bullock’s adoption is ridiculous!

    I loved Monster’s Ball and I don’t understand why people blame Hollywood if AAs support and spend more money to see Tyler Perry movies or something like Soul Plane, and not an Akeelah & The Bee. If someone doesn’t like how things are going down, they should fund, produce, write and direct their own movie(s); I’m not going to go over my opinions on this and will direct to a previous discussion:

    Although I think people who complain when non-blacks use the n-word, but not when AAs say it, are hypocrites without a leg to stand on, I never wrote that it was OK for anyone to use it. Someone asked “What are you going to say to that child when it’s class mates call them a nigger” and the point was children in majority AA neighborhoods, schools etc. hear (and are called) the n-word on the daily by their own, so I found it weak question.

  • Terrenie

    God bless Sandra and her new beautiful baby boy. I don’t think people know just how difficult it is to place black children in black homes. The fact is not enough black families adopt. Sandra is goin to be a wonderful mother to that baby. He’s a very lucky lil boy:)

  • Rachel

    It is time for a reality check. Adoption is necessary as children are given up, parents pass away and for every other reason we must encourage the best in people to consider adoption. Now for reality. This “trend” of the wealthy, most in Hollywood is sickening and cheap. While I don’t know Ms. Bullocks intentions, I do know that Madonna and others has raised eyebrows and created suspicion as the seem to be collecting children of color, not adopting them. They are trophies which signify their pathetic liberal point of view or reinforce that they can “buy” respectability or even transcend it. Bullock, at least, stayed in country but from New Orleans? That wasn’t intended to create headlines, was it? Are there not needy black children in Atlanta, Newark or gosh, even Los Angeles? These “stars” need to be ostrasized and criticized for their heartfelt decision not applauded as role models. We are so screwed up in the US about race this step backward is viewed by the left as a step forward. Many would say I am a racist as I don’t view it as a positive move as I clearly don’t. Adoption is great, adoption of any race is fine but this blatant publicity stunt is awful. To consider it something else because it is a star doing it is just dumb. Remember if it quacks like a duck, smells like a duck…………………………. Condemn it for what it is. Admitting it does not make you a racist but it does clearly make you insightful that these actors need and crave publicity and will stop at nothing to get it. No matter how you make like her, as I do. Its a duck!

  • b Zaretski

    She should have gone to a dog refuge and gotten a retriever. At least it will not “turn” on her in its teenage years. I fins her actions disgusting.

  • timothy

    I was frankly disgusted with this whole thing.I dont know what these white women are trying to prove,but black children are the responsibility of black parents.They should not be raised in a white household.I find the trend a disturbing one,not only because i question the real motives of these adoptees,but also because i think it is playing into the hands of the multi-cultural anti-white agenda that seeks to devalue whites and white interests as a culture,including the “replacement” of white children by ethnic ones.These adoptees may think they are doing a good thing,but they are harming the existence of white culture in the long run.I say this not as a bigot,but as someone with their eyes open.Its precisely women`s tendency toward compulsive(or impulsive)racial altruism that is fueling destructive trends like this.

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