Ladies, the record shows sending freaky picture texts to your man just ain’t worth it. In the past year, loads of naked picture texts have been revealed from individuals in the public eye coming back to bite their seemingly respectable behinds. The latest exposé is none other than Evelyn Lozada, cast member of VH1′s “Basketball Wives.” TheYBF posted exclusive images of the former wife of Antoine Walker posing naked to the snap of a phone camera.

No information has been revealed on who leaked the pictures. We’d like to be sure that Evelyn like many women across America trusted the individual she sent the pictures to. Now the compromising photos are available for the whole world to see.

Although its rumored celebrities and pseudo-celebrities leak the pictures themselves in efforts of attention and notoriety, the seconds of fame can’t add up to years of regret and shame.

Scores of women are asked by men to send a little evening snappy snappy. Not only do men ask, some even beg:

1. Please, please, please! I’ll delete it right after you send it.

2. You don’t have to put your face in it.

3. Just show me a little…

4. I’m your man (or husband), don’t you trust me?

What if you obliged your lover’s persistent plea and for whatever reason the pictures were blast in an email to all of your mutual friends? Can you imagine the betrayal and embarrassment?

Ladies, let this serve as a warning. JUST SAY NO!

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  • Paul

    Eh, honestly, I feel like, what’s the big deal? What do they mean “regret and shame”? It’s your body. What are you so ashamed about?

    My basic feeling has always been – if someone tries doing that: so what. It’s my body. This was taken and intended for someone I wanted to have it at the time – and I’m glad I did it. I’m a grown ass woman. And what?

    There’s nothing any of us have underneath our clothes that all of us don’t basically have, or have seen. Biiiiiig deal. This is such an American phenomenon. Europeans would laugh at how nuts we get over the human body.

    But yes, in general, you shouldn’t be sharing anything – a toothbrush, a potato chip, a cab ride — with someone you basically don’t trust or have doubts over whether you can trust.

  • Adam

    I completely agree with this comment. However, I think people should be wary regardless. If you are okay with the possibility of others seeing a racy picture of you, go right ahead. If not, you should think twice before posing and clicking send.

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