• whit

    I think its the shot that makes it seem longer like someone said before. I dont kiss my parents on the lips so its a little weird to me. but…i mean it this really our business.? I guess if they put it online…then…we have every right to speak our mind on it.

  • http://aol.com Linda

    I kiss my children on the lips because I love them that much! I guess I have never been in a relationship with a man long enough to feel kissing a man on the lips is so special and unique that my children don’t deserve that same affection. My children love me so much they kiss me on my lips, sometimes my son will wipe his lips off because I have kissed my daughter first LOL so they don’t wish to kiss each other on the lips which is a good thing! My children just love thier mother and I feel that thier is nothing wrong with that at all. when we really feel true love for Jesus it is greater than a man and woman relationship! This love we have for our children we all should have for every one and this world would be heaven on earth!!

  • AnonyMiss

    I know people older than him that kiss their moms on the lips like that. I think people like making a big deal about nothing. Not saying I know for sure its nothing but its not automatically something.