Twitter was sent buzzing yesterday after this image was posted by Kim Porter’s son Quincy Jones Brown. Quincy is said to have posted the picture in honor of Kim Porter for Mother’s Day. But what is intended to project feelings of love and respect took a turn for the worse. Many are questioning the mother-son kiss, stating that Quincy, 18 is too old to kiss his mother directly on the lips. But different families have different ways of expressing their love for each other right? For example, many still claim it’s inappropriate for the very grown Wayans brothers to share kisses directly on the lips with each other. Remember that Lil’ Wayne-Baby kiss? The Web exploded with allegations claiming the rappers were coupled up. Like the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words.

You be the judge!

  • alexis

    There’s nothing wrong with this, He’s showing his Mother Love… NOw if they stated kissin like Lisa Raye then there will be problems!

  • Bbelle

    I see nothing wrong with it, its a peck on the lips between a mother and child. This better not be some discrimination of people with fuller lips -_- lol jk

  • Neshe

    I don’t see the problem with kisses between family. I kiss my grandfather on the lips and I am 24. It is only an issue when people think inappropriately.

  • Val

    This is so stupid. A mother and son can’t kiss now? People are projecting their own disgusting thoughts on a beautiful photo.

  • Keebo

    Oh whatever… Call me when there’s tongue action, saliva exchange and inappropriate fondling. I’ll put on my judgment cap then.

  • Dede

    Yeah Twitter is so freakin extra. It’s totally ok. I think it’s sweet :)

  • daphne

    Only in American culture do people take issue with a child and his/her parent showing each other affection.

  • Akai*

    Not inappropriate at all, in my opinion.

    Both my parents are very affectionate and always kissed us on the lips. And it is even common place in my ethnic culture for males to greet each other with kisses on the cheek.

    It’s sad that some people take something so beautiful (natural, non-sexual affection) and turn it into something vile and dirty!

  • Soul Touch

    I kiss my mom on a lips sometimes, big whoop.

    People disgusted are people who have sick minds.

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  • kima

    There is nothing wrong with this kiss. People are so inundated with sexual images these days that they can no longer tell what is what. Anyone who would even think there is something sexual about this kiss is the one with the problem. Mothers, kiss your sons, your daughters too.

  • binky

    I think because it is a still shot it looks awkward and longer than what it probably was. I remember Wendy Williams showing the kiss between Toni Braxton and Trey Songs that looked like a major, long lip lock but in actuality was like 5 to 10 seconds so this case was probably quick as well. Every family is different so some parents still kiss their kids on the lips and some don’t…who are we to define normal and how to judge what is “appropriate” affection.

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  • Jenny

    Give me a break!! I find that adorable that her son would be comfortable enough to kiss his mother… Some grown men and even teenage boys can’t even do that! It’s cute!

    Plus, I didn’t find Wayne and Baby’s kiss to be inappropriate and/or gay either. Just because you’re a man, doesn’t make you gay if you kiss a family member.

    People have such dirty minds!

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  • Jay

    …but they both got their eyes closed…I need to see it in real time…

  • D’Argo Smith

    it’s by people that don’t understand family. They don’t understand that love does exist like that in family, where people actually do kiss.


    If you don’t get that, then you were never cared for in your life, by your family or somethin.

  • Reonna Whitehead

    Hmmmmmm, the kiss looks perfectly innocent to me, i think its sweet he doesnt think he’s too old to kiss his mother. Who cares if its on the lips? i see no tounge and thier lips are barely touching. I think if you think its too much then ur clearly looking into a mother and child kiss way too much.

  • lexi

    oh girl i thought i was the only one who caught that. Lisa Raye affection was a little awkward! He wants to kiss his momma let him do it, as long has his intention is straight

  • Lava

    Ugh this site is becoming way too much like the MTO and bossips for me.

    It’s a Mother and Son, what is the story? Why try to create one? Do you think Kim is screwing her son? this is disgusting.

  • Alexis

    my thoughts exactly. some of the posts on Clutch have been very disappointing…

  • hehe

    why am i not surprised!!! this is from the same people in a country that think breast feeding a child in public is obscene but has tits bouncing and jingling in every movie,commercial, and video!!!

  • Eve

    The Wayans do that all the time. He loves his mother; let’s not turn this into something perverted.

  • chillchic

    That’s his mommy!I take no issue with this. I am 20 and my brother is 19. We both kiss my mom on the lips occasionally as well as eachother. We don’t look at in a perverted way because we are BLOOD RELATIVES (not rednecks). People have just gotten too gutter-minded nowadays.

  • Nikole

    Now Lisa Raye on kissing her daughter? That’s um-strange! But this pic is sweet.

  • Jackie

    I know people show affection differently.
    I guess I’m the only one that grew up with a differentiation between kisses. Family members kiss on the cheek, forehead, etc…but a kiss on the lips is romantic, like between lovers. I guess it was a way for my parents to teach me about appropriate relationships as a child, the same way I was taught about inappropriate touching. I’m not saying what they’re dong is inappropriate. Everyone is raised differently and I don’t kiss my parents on the lips….

  • AJ

    There is nothing wrong with this. If they were Italian Americans, this would not have been an issue. SMH

  • Sonique

    People need to hush. Disturbing was Angelina Jolie tonguing down her brother.

  • Margo Harris-Lockhart

    I think this kiss got attention because Kim is a good looking mother.
    If she was overweight, with gray hair and visible wrinkles
    EVERYONE would think it was the cutest pic.

    But, “black don’t crack” especially when there is enough money attached
    to go to spas on a regular.

    I hope when my son is older he will feel confidant enough to give me a big ole kiss in public like that:)

  • Margo Harris-Lockhart

    LOL, yup!

  • Niecy Cerise

    My entire family kisses on the lips. In fact, anyone that has done any traveling outside of the states would now that kissing on the lips is a normal greeting between close friends.

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  • Dee

    Can we show some love for each other without it being a ‘thing’. This is not a ‘thing’. He loves his mom and she loves him. Go Kim for raising a son who is not afraid to be affectionate to his mother.

  • The Joy Krystal

    aw hell!

  • Lachapelle

    Most boys don’t want to kiss their mama’s period….so for him to do so, I see nothing wrong. My son still pecks me on the lips and he’s almost 18!! Affection is shared differently amongst people, and respect that he saw absolutely nothing wrong with this. It just may be strange for his to know that sons/daughters don’t show this kind of affection with their parents.

  • howlinglove

    This is one of those mundane examples of how African-Americans have strayed from Love, Family, and Community.
    We were once one of the most expressive of the beforementioned.
    I told my neice the other day, repeating lyrics, “You’re my darling, darling baby. My sweet and tender love…”
    That picture should be a poster!

  • Clnmike

    Different cultures express themselves differently, were Im from men do not kiss period, and you kiss women who are not your lover on the cheek, not on the mouth and I come from a culture were kissing women you know hello and goodbye is the norm. But that mouth junk is extra, you break that habit as little kids, nothing cute about that. To each their own though.

  • Lavish

    Too much wet lip action. But I know its innocent. But Diddy needs to come on home and hook sister girl up.

  • Honey

    I think it’s normal we just tend to love controversy and think too much about sex

  • DIY Design Diva

    I see nothing wrong with the kiss….perhaps because I grew up in a very affectionate family, where a kiss on a lip is just a demonstration of paternal love.

  • hehe

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Blackplanet Lushbaby

    Keep this in mind ( Children are not until 18yrs old children are for LIFE like a mother love that is a BLESSING in this time of LIFE)!!! when there are children in this world that do NOT have a mother LOVE like THAT and WISH they have THAT IS REAL TALK!! so whom EVER feel that they are uncomfortable with that must have not I have Love 2-questions for U!!
    1. Do have any children of your own is other words are U a mother?
    2.Do have mother is close 2 U that give U a mother Love that is a life time?

  • Steve

    Well we all know what we come out of when mom gives birth to us. Now you telling me people have a problem with giving mom a kiss on the lips on mothers day. Well I guess we’ll have another story on fathers day. Is it appropriate to hug your dad on fathers day. And don’t be one of those guys who kisses dad on the cheek.

  • elayne ware

    I am very proud of this family. I have two sons and I just love them to death when they come and visit and give me the biggest smooches and hugs. These are my babies, I have kissed their little bottoms when they were babies. Want to call me a pedi…for loveing on my children. Black people have forgotten where they came from since they have two pennies to rub together now. We slept together, bathed together, ate out the same pots, and somewhere dares questions this actions. Let white folks stay in their lane and we stay in ours.

  • http://blackplanet Perris

    It’s totally appropriate. The love between a mother and son is pure and unconditional.

  • Anointed

    I find this rather disturbing. I’ve seen a kiss between mother and son before and never nothing a passionate as this. Expressions say a lot. 1. why are their eyes clothes? That for lovers! Their lips are fully engaged. That made my stomach turn as soon as it popped up on the screen. I won’t anything else accept if you’re ok with this and you kiss your GROWN SON this way, I will pray for you because that is unnatural. Not judging at all, but calling it like it is! You don see this everyday i don’t care what no one says!

  • J Spralding

    It’s perfectly fine. I guess you’d have to understand a mother and son’s love and connection to get it!!! My son is 27, I’d kiss him on the lips in a minute……he just won’t let me:) People stop making everything an issue – this is beautiful!!!

  • Mooncycle

    There is nothing wrong with kissing your son on the lips. I kiss my Mother, Grandmother and used to kiss my father on the lips before he died. I kiss my son on the lips. This is the media taking something that he was proud of and turning it into something perverted. What a way to ruin a happy day for him and his mother.

    You judgemental idiots!

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  • Venus

    I say BIG RED FLAG, Quincy is his CREEPY father’s son. Mr Brown the papa is BAD NEWS and Quinc has half that fools dna. . .

  • Brandi

    Why is this even news? Its affection, people.

  • whit

    I think its the shot that makes it seem longer like someone said before. I dont kiss my parents on the lips so its a little weird to me. but…i mean it this really our business.? I guess if they put it online…then…we have every right to speak our mind on it.

  • Linda

    I kiss my children on the lips because I love them that much! I guess I have never been in a relationship with a man long enough to feel kissing a man on the lips is so special and unique that my children don’t deserve that same affection. My children love me so much they kiss me on my lips, sometimes my son will wipe his lips off because I have kissed my daughter first LOL so they don’t wish to kiss each other on the lips which is a good thing! My children just love thier mother and I feel that thier is nothing wrong with that at all. when we really feel true love for Jesus it is greater than a man and woman relationship! This love we have for our children we all should have for every one and this world would be heaven on earth!!

  • AnonyMiss

    I know people older than him that kiss their moms on the lips like that. I think people like making a big deal about nothing. Not saying I know for sure its nothing but its not automatically something.

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