Why Don’t You Love Beyonce?

by Geneva S. Thomas

Step into my office. And just for a second, let’s leave our ultra-feminist/womanist egos at the door. The imagined barriers that separate us from our “other” sisters. The “I graduated from college–she didn’t” wall. You understand. This isn’t another postmodern feminist read. This is rather best received as an unsolicited response. Guns down ladies. I come in peace.

Why does Beyonce get under our skin?

Beyonce presents a hybrid of stan allegiance, angst and utter disgust. And dare I say, closeted envy? She’s pretty dumb, pretty blonde, pretty fake, pretty married, pretty paid and pretty pretty.

Face it, the sista has it all. Or at least all we were sold on having. She has the dream career and the dream marriage (would you have ever thought we’d describe the “Girls, Girls, Girls” Jay Z as such?). But we no longer gag at these classic “I have arrived” formulations. We’re more interested in substance. Why do we presume this is the very thing Beyonce lacks?

The singer’s early interviews revealed she wasn’t the smartest chick off the Houston block. She fumbled over words, appeared uneasy, and at times her eyes roamed to the ceiling. Beyonce quickly earned Black music’s airhead title and we’ve given her little room to out grow it. Beyonce’s ’60 Minutes’ interview however shuts down those staining coming of age moments. Albums later, the strings were seemingly unfastened. A 28-year-old confident and mature Beyonce emerged. In charge of her brand, the superstar declared she puts herself first.

She’s far from the loud mouthed industry prima donna– she saves her “Diva” antics for the stage brilliantly marketing an alter ego Sasha Fierce. The gusty temptress allows space for a more private Beyonce she leaves only to a curious public imagination. We actively wonder what of Beyonce, the woman and Beyonce, the wife.

On Jay: “Make him think he’s in control”

Beyonce gives the Southern Belle makeup able to compliment a larger than life hip hop king’s ego. She stands in demure posture; the 16 Grammy Award winner is a quiet storm who quietly upgrades. Imagine the couple vacationing on a private island (as they probably are right now). In the company other wealthy lads Shawn Carter boasts on a yacht about his latest capitalist venture and his “on to the next one” spend. The men blow out hearty laughs and cigar smokes. Somewhere in a noiseless corner Beyonce sits near a pool smiling on the inside giving only the gracious *sigh*. Nearly 10 years later she epitomizes Destiny’s Child’s chart topping “Independent Women Part 1″ single — she tops the Forbes list and yes she makes more dough than her man. Lest we forget with a pretty crafty prenup in tact.

She simultaneously offers her latest alter ego creation B. B. Homemaker. A stylish 50′s housewife where dusting in 4-inch designer heels is a fashionable inconvenience. Beyonce belts out lyrics Betty Draper could only imagine. A nostalgic symbol of Americana juxtaposed by sassy temper–to many of our counterparts this is a shock factor. But for Black women in America, it’s in our matrilineal blood–audaciousness is what we do.

“You ain’t never seen a nigga like me ever in your life.
And that’s what you can’t understand!” — Diddy, “Hate Me Now”

Beyonce the branded brainless girl is no distinction. The artist has clearly taken cues from her mother. Tina Knowles quietly dismissed herself from a cheating husband, managing to skip Wade-like controversy. Beyonce’s squeaky clean image is perhaps more than due to a PR strong hold, could it be her rearing? Beyonce’s success rivals if not out performs her counterparts. Yet we’ve seen little of a wild party girl. No DUI. No criminal court appearances and no panty-less car exiting. She seems to have mastered old school ‘good girl’ rules — the kind that will make him ‘put a ring on it’ while concocting an unparalleled career arguably unseen in recent memory. Beyonce sells sex and ‘House of Dereon’ sheets. What’s outwardly unusual about it all is that she anchors and sails her own ship.

What’s wrong with being sexy?

Decades after the women’s/feminist movement, some how we still conceptualize the feminist or more liberally, the socially conscious woman as a makeup-less, bra-burning, hair wrap wearing butch. A disregarded or misinterpreted sexual revolution unrealized, today a woman in towering Brian Atwoods and a cute mini is still not taken seriously. Beyonce’s stage costumes and sidewalk paparazzi shows are visual appetizers to men and an eye-rolling, nose-turned up presentation to some Black women. No doubt some looks and moves are suggestive and we aren’t co-signing ‘Single Ladies’ children. But why can’t a near 30-year-old woman be sexy? Much of her off-stage looks are often casual and understated ensembles, excluding her signature fire-hydrant red lips.

A friend-less Bey?

Notice she never runs in packs. That is outside of her own entourage. Beyonce isn’t spotted conveniently lunching at a California camera hotspot with the coveted Hollywood BFF crew. Her friends much like her image is protected. Entertainment’s female rat packs often appear to be constructed to solicit some kind of media attention. Twitpics of peace sign and kiss throwing images shows industry camaraderie gone fake. Ever since Beyonce tied the knot with Jay Z, she’s rarely seen with anyone else. This is met with relative contention and understandably so. But when you’re on top of the world its presumably hard to have genuine friendships, even with a cousin. Damn.

Beyonce vs. Black Women

Beyonce strikes a strange discord with Black women. We’ve undoubtedly witnessed a decade of Beyonce-over load–making her the woman we love to hate and perhaps the woman we’d like to miss. What really stops the singer from receiving the kind of nobel Alicia Keys praise? Even amid the Swizz Beatz-MaShonda controversy, Alicia Keys escapes the fight nearly blameless. We spare no punches with Beyonce. We deconstruct her every flaw–such is the life of an international celebrity.

But can we stand to consider the things we can learn from her? Is there some concealed part of our collective selves that admires her? Perhaps her pleading vocals in “Why Don’t You Love Me” speaks not only to an ungrateful man but also to her estranged sistas, “Why don’t you love me? Tell me (sista) why don’t you love me?”

  • http://naturalbloggingsofayoungsocialworker.blogspot.com/ Stacy Australia

    Personally, I was always a Beyonce/Destiny’s Child fan growing up. I was 15 when they came out and they were 16/17. I do not dislike Beyonce I just feel I grew up and she did not. I know she is an entertainer and you do what you do to make money, but I just do not connect to her the way I did when I was 15. At that point we were both in the same spots in our lives (teenage girls) dealing with “theoretically” the same teenage issues. I am now 26 (will be 27 in August) and I do not feel she sings about the things I am going through. I feel a lot of her music is still “bubble gum”. Even when she does have an “adult” song it gets lost with the dramatics of the video.

    There is nothing like her first solo cd “Dangerously in Love” that was a winner from beginning to the end.

  • isolde

    What was the point of this piece if there’s already been an article in a similar vein, especially when you consider that Beyonce doesn’t have any singles in the top ten of Bilboard Hot 100, she’s not touring, has no major motion pictures in theaters, and IASF has run its course? Musically, it’s not about Beyonce right now. So why are you making it about her?

    “Even amid the Swizz Beatz – MaShonda controversy, Alicia Keys escapes the fight nearly blameless.”

    Now, we both know that’s not true. The urban community is calling Alicia everything but a child of God. Her latest album hasn’t spawned any major hits, has had mediocre sales, and it is quite possible that the scandal may have something to do with why more black women aren’t buying “The Element of Freedom”. The reason why the mainstream media seems oblivious to the A-keys’ scandal is because the white people buying Keys’ lastest album don’t know who Mashonda or Swizz Beatz are. Mashonda is not America’s sweetheart like Jennifer Aniston and Swizzy is not Brad Pitt. However, if Alicia was running around with say, Ben Affleck, and was possibly prego while he was still technically married to Jennifer Garner , then oh yeah, white America would definitely be sharpening their knives.

    And no, most of the ire over the “single ladies” children video wasn’t aimed at Beyonce; it was aimed at the girls’ parents for letting their 7-11 year olds dance suggestively in public while parading around in caked on make-up and lingerie.

  • a/n

    I feel like any article that is posted on this site about beyonce cycles the same.answers over and over. Are we done talking about her already? I never really cared for Bey even when she was in DC. She never appealed to me. When i was in high school many girls wanted to be her .. especially when dangerouly in love song came out. I just didnt see what the hype about her is all about at that time. Now i still dont.

    I could never relate to beyonce..and still cant. I’m not trying to belittle her or anything. However, she is almost 30 yrs. Old. Can she at least put decentsongs out for people near her age? maybe women in their 20′s?
    Women in their early 20′s and late 20′s early 30′s go through way different issues.

    Sometimes i also dont get the idea that she knows what she really wants to do with what she wants sings about.. first it was “If i were a boy” then the song “Single ladies” which had little 7 yr old girls dancing in lingerie . Then the song Diva( i think thats the name of it ). Where bey has the long ponytail acting like shes bada** and talking about a ” a diva is a female version of hustler”.
    I honestly believe we as black women have put her on a high pedestool. I dont find her to be a role model to myself or to children in general. Many may believe she has a squeaky clean image but look at her” telephone” vid and its not at all clean. Don’t be decieved.
    I dont know what clutch is saying about her being in a dream marriage with jayz. Yes jay is very successful. But being that highly sucessful comes with a price. He’s known before being with bey to beat on women and degrading them. Why marry someone like that? If it’s for the $$$ then its not going with you to the grave.

  • Dot

    I totally agree! Beyonce music hasn’t really matured at all. She reminds me of Madonna in some ways (musically that is…). Both of these women are beyond the commercial and they are successful enough to do music that speaks to them and what they embody. Yet, they remain in the commercial sphere either out of fear or simply because of the money. Its no longer about the music and sentimentality. Its really about making some money…at all cost and that’s what I don’t like about Beyonce.

  • Kamika

    Beyonce is very lovely to the eyes but apart from that her songs expose her as a siren (in the bad way). She sings catchy tunes that get your body moving and/or sweep people up into emotional frenzies before they are able to understand what the lyrics mean. If she wasn’t pleasant to look at many more people would call her lyrics out and put what they (the lyrics) advocate on blast.

    Take “Single Ladies” for example – her supposed ode to single women and marriage. In this song she intentionally goes to a club that her ex is at, rubs and gyrates on another man, tells him to pay the ex no attention, which means she still is all to make the ex jealous. Then the chorus shows how much baggage she is still walking around with (apparently 3 years worth). This song screams “I gave myself away to you in the hopes that you would marry me in return” and the listener just agrees. WHAT! All her dance songs speak about this same thing.

    Beyonce’s songs are not about women’s empowerment but the opposite. All of her songs show her to be completely reliant on the acknowledgement and approval of a man. She measures herself by how men perceive her and then tries to convince other women that they should do the same. If a man rejects her, she throws her money in his face and ours and lies by making it seem as if the money makes it all better. Money never makes your emotions better! Lately, she’s taken to killing men outright in her videos. But no one seems to mind. I’ve seen two videos on Clutch where Beyonce has killed a man (Halo and that crazy Gaga video who’s name I can’t remember). If this was a movie, we would sho’nuff say Beyonce was crazy. Beyonce is killing men, which should not be acceptable (I personally loves me some men), but still!

    Beyonce is not a good role model for women. For adult women, her actions dictate that we should walk around with baggage all the while prancing around like a peacock so some man will find us. Once he finds us, we pamper and take care of him, “Upgrade him” (read change him) until he’s the model we want, then when he rebels we are to throw our money in his face and kick him out. For teens and young girls, she perpetuates lewd, hyper-sexualized, needy, attention-seeking tendencies that only lower their self esteem if no one affirms them.

    Just because Beyonce is making money doesn’t mean her character is not flawed. And for those who will say, “If you don’t like her then don’t buy/watch/listen to her music.” I don’t buy her music and unless I turn off every form of media I have I can’t avoid her music. That should tell people something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Niecy-Cerise/100000013795662 Niecy Cerise

    “She fumbled over words, appeared uneasy, and at times her eyes roamed to the ceiling. ”

    Why does she have to be dumb for these reasons? It’s called being shy. Just because she is a performer does not mean that she can’t be shy. I work with many stage actors and believe it or not, the majority of them are really painfully shy when face to face with someone.

  • zy

    seriously… what was the purpose of this article? why is it as soon as someone critique’s Beyonce, they’re automatically given this “lecture” on how “strong” she is and how she should be revered? exactly what has Beyonce really done that is palpable enough to be called a trailblazer? This is not hate, this is simply a question. People demonize Alicia Keys for her relationship (not really knowing a damn thing about it) and completely ignore the fact that she is constantly giving of herself to help women, children and entire communities that are less fortunate. I will give Beyonce the same credence when she does more than gyrate on stage and walk around in the latest gear. period. when she sings a song that actually has some meaning and is more than just a hot beat or a new dance, then I’ll give her props. until then, yes, she’s doing her thing. more power to her but I’m sorry if I’m just not about to drop and declare her the “hottest chick in the game” simply because she seemingly “has it all”… not every facade is golden…

  • AJ

    Totally agree, I was telling a friend (who is a die-hard fan) that I have nothing in common with Beyonce. It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s that she isn’t singing to me.
    I’m 30…her songs are for 15 year old girls. Not grown a** women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Krianne-Thomasson/1360451841 Krianne Thomasson

    yeah well if u ask me…..if yall can talk shit about Bey…..i wanna kno what you gotta say bout rihanna. at least Bey has real talent that can be seen and heard. Not saying shes perfect just saying that at least she has that much……..there are ppl worse than her and there are ppl better than her so why is it such a big deal about HER in particular??????

  • a/n

    Sometimes i also dont get the idea that she knows what she really wants to sing about** (correction)

  • Michelle

    It’s not Beyonce that is reason for my ire: it is actually the media (the ones who always pushes her into the fore front) that bugs the sh*t out of me. It is almost like she is the ‘token black’ person for some media outlets (I think Halle Berry was the first one). If there is a magazine publication/cable television channel/radio channel that want to comprise up a list of talented actresses/hottest celebrities and they want to add a black person (to add some diversity to the countless white faces on their lists), Beyonce is the one they always pick.
    In my opinion, I think women and girls (NOT ALL women and NOT ALL girls) started to dislike Beyonce, when the video “Say My Name” had premiered (when Michelle Williams and Farrah was introduced to the fans). Then, there was the whole fiasco with the two original members leaving the group and the reasons why. It almost had the same feeling of the “Barry Gordy-Diana Ross and the Supremes” dilemma. Let’s hope that Kelly Rowland doesn’t end up like Mary Wells.

  • chillchic

    For all of the hate that she receives from black women, you have to remember that most of her biggest fans are also black women. I grew up on Beyonce and she definitely inspired me and many other girls I knew. No matter what people say, she is a very talented, high energy performer so she deserves the accolades she gets.
    Nobody knows for sure whether or not she is dumb since yall don’t know her. Maybe she’s nervous/tired/bored/drunk when she gives these interviews. Or maybe folks are just reading too much into it.
    I honestly think that most of the hate is just envy. It’s a shame that people are so insecure that they have to pick apart every little thing she says or does in the hopes of finding a flaw.

    (P.S., I’m not a stan. I hated her last album but I’ll still acknowledge her talent/beauty is undeniable.)

  • CAramelBeauty

    she doesnt write any of her music…most of her videos and performances are stolen from past artists…that get me bodied video and single ladies video was stolen from the 60s and 70s….she looks like a white woman…..i dont know her as a person but if thats the way she can treat ppl who she grew up with (former destiny child members) then she doesn’t sound like a very nice person to me….Letoya Luckett said on 106 and park once that she wrote 36 songs for DC but Bey song everything how come she never shared the mic?…i never was and never will be a Beyonce fan…i dont envy a thing about that woman if you have to use and eliminate ppl to get to the top then your just a lost soul…her and Jay Z deserve each other…

  • chillchic

    Agreed. Rihanna (or Keri Hilson for that matter) can’t sing or dance. She is famous for nothing. Beyonce is far from the biggest problem with urban music.

  • chillchic

    She does not look anywhere near white, but even if she did, is that a reason to dislike someone? Racist much?

  • http://www.citizette.com Lizzy

    This was a great piece, though I thought it should’ve started with the last section and been entirely about that. The relationship black women have with Beyonce is astonishing. There is definitely a love/hate thing going on, mostly hate. I cringe any time someone dismisses another person as a “hater” but if I’ve ever seen a more egregious group of haters, it would be the people that attack Beyonce. I get it, she’s everywhere, she’s not the brightest crayon in the Crayola box, but it truly does feel like jealousy. At one point in my life, I even felt myself bubbling with rage against her, someone that I don’t even know, and realized that it’s because she has it all, at least from the outside looking in. She’s the most relevant symbol of black female and beauty that young women have, and she has eluded the single black cat lady image by finding love with an equally powerful and successful black man. So say what you will, but give the woman some credit.

  • Mason

    A better title would be why YOU the author does not like Beyonce. This article is just projecting YOUR opinion on Black women as a WHOLE….media people STOP DOING THAT DAMMIT! I see none of this Beyonce hate you see.

  • PrincessP

    I don’t understand the purpose of this article…Seriously?? You done this last year, it’s a tired topic! The writer’s need to up their A – Game and write about something edifying, instead of just critiquing a women we know nothing about.

    I have more important things in my life to worry about than why Beyonce doesn’t have lots of friends…And FYI, even before she married Jay-Z, she only use to socialize with her family, regardless, who cares???

    Discuss politics, healthcare or something that will actually uplift the black community. Instead of glorifying hate in the black community.

  • Karen

    A totally different article and angle. Why don’t you read both and come back. On other topics look around the site they do that daily and usually have 2-3 per week on the community…i swear folks…

  • Karen

    Are you reading! The author does not hate Beyonce! I am sure she LOVES her. I need people to stop reading titles and READ THE DAMN PIECE!

  • PrincessP

    @ Karen,

    How can they do it daily, when Clutch is updated every Monday?? I have just read the old one, the general jist is the same…Critique is fine, but why not someone else? I am not hot nor cold about Beyonce, but all this focus on one person – She is not God.

  • Karen

    I guess you don’t read the site. Clutch is updated 3-8 times daily on the home page. It’s the daily blog on the home page and they cover all that and more daily. Not trying to argue but just saying. I hate it when people come in and don’t read and just make a comment about what a site should and should not be writing about.

  • joel

    i totally agree. beyonce is not dumb, and the resons you gave were rubbish and do not support your statement that she is. Plus, she must be pretty smart to have 16 grammies, to be co-boss of house of dereon and she co-writes or writes all her songs in which 4 have been number one in the UK and also she organises her gigs like the I am… Yours show in which if you get the cd and look at the behind the scenes, it shows that beyonce played a big role in organising the whole show which has been a great success.

  • joel

    beyonce was young when she was part of destiny’s child and so they were greatly told what to do, so there bosses would of recognised that beyonce can sing better and so they always chose to give her most of the singing parts. Plus, beyonce wrote independent woman which went to number one and was used as a theme tune in a charlies angels movie and she wrote survivor which is destiny’s childs biggest song that they produced.

  • PrincessP

    I don’t claim follow this site daily and indeed you are entitled to your opinion, I respect that, but I read black bossip blogs which constantly just goes in on Beyonce, if I wanted that i’d go check one of them out

    The writer appears to be playing devils advocate and does not necessarily dislike Beyonce, but there are MANY other black women in the media we can write articles on, whether good or bad….And I really don’t see the all the articles that you say on the topics that I have mentioned, but as I said I do not read this page religiously so I will look…

  • http://twitter.com/maraboudesign brandy brown

    Why are you holding Beyonce on this pedestal? She is an artist, not a goddess. She is selling a brand/image, not her soul. She doesn’t have to be everything to every woman. She can wear 8 inch heels while shaking her ass, wearing a blonde wig. I don’t care! Bottom line, she is talented, beautiful & successful. Don’t hate Clutch! Instead highlight her good attributes & congratulate her on her award breaking accomplishments.

  • binky

    OH PLEASE! Just because someone don’t stan for beyonce or don’t profess their love for her doesn’t mean people hate her either.
    Why oh why, just because someone is black and in the media it is expected that black people automatically have to get in line and like/love the celebrity just because they are black and popular in the media…blank stares. Maybe just maybe that some people aren’t truly fans of beyonce and could care less and hating or being envious has nothing to do with it? Maybe some people don’t relate to her, her songs or music or her as an artist period.Sorry but this article is pointless and missed the mark, yes beyonce is a lovely lady, beautiful, successful in her own right and has an audience that loves her but she is not the end all to be all for black female singers nor is she the representation of black women…please kill the hype. Yes, I like some of her songs but I’ am far from a die hard fan nor am I throwing shade at her, she just not my favorite cup of tea. And the reasons listed have nothing to do with it.

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  • Karen

    Ok. But yeah you should look. At the topic click articles and shift through. Lots and lots. Best to you.

  • Karen

    They do and why do people think people are hating on Beyonce? It’s a damn discussion!

  • http://morningrailway.com/ miranda

    I cannot take anymore Bey articles. Look, I loved Destiny’s Child and her first record. The rest have fallen short for me but she’s still doing her thing. I just wish she would take a break. But she can’t because, oh look, there’s another article asking us why we don’t love her. Really? I. Can. Not.

    Is there no one else around but Bey. It’s so unfortunate. It seems back in the day we could choose between Donna Summer or Diana Ross. Mariah or Whitney. Now it’s either Bey or Bey. We don’t hate her. We’re tired of her. Give us something new. Talk about who else is making waves. She’s not everything!

  • cehhw

    Miss Bey is a “bad bitch” and I mean that in a fabulous way. With that comes much criticism & judgement from others. I’m sure she’s had to learn to keep it moving in spite of. I think she’s a lovely young woman at the top of her game and I hope she is enjoying her life to the max!

  • http://www.gettogethablog.com Get + Togetha

    With Beyonce its plain and simple:

    “You can’t expect praise without envy. Unless you’re dead.”

  • http://[email protected] MZ

    I don’t exactly like the way DC ended. But I’m pretty sure all of the members have moved on. Beyonce’s album, I am…Sasha Fierce, speaks for itself. Her music shows that she’s evolved into a smart young woman. I had an opportunity to observe B on a movie set once and I changed my mind about her from that point on. I used to hate on her a little because she seemed to be a diva. But she’s so down to earth you really can’t hate on her.

    And I really like B.B. homemaker. With this character, Beyonce speaks to women out there who may feel under appreciated and unfulfilled in their lives. She offers a woman that men think they want their spouse to be. It makes them think, I wonder if …can pull that off. Beyonce is the one artist out their challenging herself to be creative, not just sexy. Look beyond the sexy and listen to the girl’s words.

    And I think she does have friends, people she can trust. Her mother appears to be one of her closest friends. Her husband is probably another. She’s probably got other’s outside her family but they are under the radar and should be. The last thing Beyonce needs is someone getting paid to tell her business.

    I don’t necessarily love Beyonce, but I do respect her and will continue to listen to her music as long as it’s worth listening to.

  • http://writingwhileblack.wordpress.com WrittenbyBene

    Loved this article for its descriptiveness and argument. I am one of the people who harshly criticizes Beyonce at the risk of her stan-nation calling me a hater. I always have to preface my statements with this: “she’s a great entertainer, she can sing and makes some good music(with the help of songwriters and producers).” With that said, Beyonce is not innovative. She’s overrated. Everything she has done, which people will argue the same can be said about every artist, is recycled, borrowed and stolen. I’ve never heard her give credit where credit is due. She had us believing she wrote the songs from B-day saying she was inspired by the movie “Dreamgirls.” Then it was revealed Neyo and a host of others wrote over half the songs on that album. What has she mastered that is her own besides her infamous booty shaking?

    My problem with Bey is she’s a robot. A marketed product. Who is she? After all these years we still don’t have a sense of who Beyonce’s true self is. Furthermore, with the talent Beyonce has, it is unnecessary for her to exploit herself in the way she does. I can’t think of one video where she is not half-naked. Little girls look up to her and for what? Not because she’s smart or a philanthropist, but because of a mound of mundane superficiality.

    I loved Destiny’s Child and I even think Bey’s “Dangerously in Love” album was a classic. But I think there are far more talented singers, cue Jennifer Hudson, Chrisette Michelle and others who won’t market sex so they fall to the waist side. Whereas Beyonce will do whatever to sell an album-including rerelease a deluxe album and continue to make videos for an album came out 1.5 years ago- just to sell an album.

    I’m just tired of her. There is nothing spectacular about her. And I hate little girls aspire to be like her not even realizing what or who they aspire to be like. All they know is this is a person they see who “has it all.”

    And don’t get me started on the ads where she allows them to photoshop her looking like she’s from damn Europe instead of Houston, TX. I digress.

  • a/n

    Amen to that!! I agree!!

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com Clnmike

    Same reason so many people hate the Yankees, she is a winner and she has been winning for a long time. Some people cant handle that, they will just find a reason to hate.

  • http://Clutch Rashell

    Mrs. Carter is an outstanding entertainer imo and I like her for the reasons most people dislike her. I like the fact that she does not have several friends and that most of her friends are her family. Most women can agree that females are shady, shady, shady, who needs more than 2-3 female friends, not me. I love that she’s private and spends most of her time with her husband when she’s not working. On the other hand, yes, I love me some Beyonce, but I wish she would take some time off. Lastly, for the people who stated that she is underdressed in her videos and little girls look up to her….blah, blah, blah… it is my job as a mother to set a good example for my daughter and filter what images she takes in via the idiot box or pc, not Beyonce, Rhianna, or Alicia Keys, ect.

  • http://writingwhileblack.wordpress.com WrittenbyBene

    You wrote: “Lastly, for the people who stated that she is underdressed in her videos and little girls look up to her….blah, blah, blah… it is my job as a mother to set a good example for my daughter and filter what images she takes in via the idiot box or pc, not Beyonce, Rhianna, or Alicia Keys, ect.”

    Images are more powerful than we think. How many times did your parents try to filter things you saw on TV or witnessed peers doing, yet you still followed what you saw? Don’t underestimate how powerful the “idiot box” is. Or all the other outlets that showcase Beyonce all.the.time.

  • thesaneone

    I also feel that SOME black women have issues with Beyonce because of her complexion. The other ladies of DC were brown skinned and she was always the media’s favorite. There are a lot of beautiful and talented black women who don’t get the same opportunities/attention. However, focusing on the careers of Letoya Luckett, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland, Beyonce is truly more talented. I’m sure it strikes a nerve with darker women who have already witnessed the favoritism of lighter women throughout their lives. I am personally light skinned, and I can understand…I can also relate to Beyonce because I’ve been the one others wished would fail because of my complexion. Just a thought..

  • Shee


    Beyonce is a successful Black business woman in charge of her own destiny. She has matured tremendously over the years and shown that she has versitility in the process. I don’t think it is anyone’s business who she chooses as her partner. That has little to do with entertainment. Additionally, it’s so ironic that you would choose to find her shortcomings, why not find something good about what she has done. We spend a great deal of time tearing down people when it is so much easier to lift someone up. I don’t believe she is simple minded at all. I think she has found a way to succeed and diversify her assets. That’s more than you can say for 90% of the entertainers today. Let’s stop and focus on something more meaningful.

  • Tiffany W.

    Beyonce is the most successful. But most talented? That’s debatable.

  • Akai*

    I ain’t no feminist; I’m no womanist; I dig this chick and me no hate her!

    I was 12-13 when DC came out and – though I liked some of their stuff and still get into some of Bey’s newer joints (i.e. Halo) – I’ve always been more into classical, rock, old school soul, R&B, jazz, salsa, fado, early rap or hip-hop, meringue etc.

    Best singer? Not by a long shot. Best actress? C’mon, son! But…is Bey an outstanding performer? I’ve seen her in concert several times and with over $100 million made in one year I’d say the answer is: Ya damn skippy!

    It’s been my experience that females who hate on Beyoncé the most are unattractive, unaccomplished at realizing their own dreams, reverse colorist (many are jealous of those of lighter skin — yeah, I said it !!) and flat out haters.

    I outgrew DC type lyrics long ago but I don’t find Beyoncé any more/less of a robot or marketing ploy than 1,000 other acts that came before or after (including Elvis). If anyone doubts the songwriting abilities of someone that made Grammy history by being the most awarded woman in one night and, years earlier, the first AA women to win a Songwriter of The Year award…check the ASCAP stats as Bey could never work another day in her life and probably live comfortably on royalties.

    Women that are hella pretty, intelligent, confident, satisfied, booed up and got body for days combined with the moxie to make that money or obtain a mate that provides it — have no need to hate on B and congratulate her every success.

    How often have some AAs let out indignant protests over the ‘portrayal of AA women’ (when most of the degradation comes from AA males)? A lot of the same individuals judge Erykah Badu’s 3-different-baby-daddies ass as an “artist” because she throws a wrap on her head or dons a fake natural wig before singing off key then doing some ho shyt like getting naked and walking towards Dealey Plaza.

    Jill Scott’s obese behind can sing 10 versions of the same ol’ “My man dun’ done me wrong” song and she’s “deep?” Lauryn Hill’s crazy one-hit-wonder self is “profound” yet Bey (a shy woman of color that has not played herself like a tramp or admitted to sniffing massive amounts of coke up her nose i.e. Blige) is labeled “dumb,” “stupid,” “trying to be white” etc.?? Yeah, riiiiight!

    The only thing I’ll never understand is what Beyoncé sees in Jay Z (beyond that chedda’) or how she could tolerate such un ugly f*cker putting a hand on her body. Yuuuuuuck!!

  • Crys Mack

    I hate her cause I ain’t her…
    That is all.


    Na, really? I have a love/hate relationship with Bey. I feel like we grew up together. She’s my prettier, richer, more ambitious, more talented cousin. We were the same age in 97, but somehow, she’s two years younger than me now. Figures.

    She’s a pop Star. Why do we expect so much from our pop stars?

  • fatu sankoh

    thisis base less beyonce is one of the smartest talented star ever is all envey i like all her work iam black older woman i like what i see about bey their is norting to hate on beyonce god bless her for life proud fan for life

  • Thinkpink

    Beyonce is beautiful, at the top of her career, rich and managed to marry a successful black man. She embodies everything black women want to be and it’s in the nature of many women to tear that down by picking her apart. What makes many really mad is that she can’t be torn down. No matter how many hateful things are said about her she continues to thrive. I think she’s fab and wish her continued success.

  • Patty

    I think Beyonce can sing but I am really not into her music. I dont know what it is but I just cant relate to it. I think she is smarter than people give her credit for. If she is happy and content with her life then that is wonderful. I cant hate on her because she has a lot going for her. Besides I am a woman and I do root for other women to succeed. She has made her way even if Jay Z wasnt in the picture. I think it is smart for her not to hang out with a bunch of women.I hope she has children before her career takes over everything. Janet Jackson is childless and I think it is because she has paid too much attention to her career. But when is the last time she had a hit. People tend to forget about you when you get older and Janet wasnt such a good singer. Janet sings but she isnt a Whitney Houston or a Beyonce when it comes to the pipes. Stardom is a funny thing. Up one day and down the next.

  • Thinkpink

    I disagree completely. I’m a huge beyonce fan and I’m dark as they come. This is the age of oprah and Michelle Obama so images of black success come in all skin tones. I think insecure women hate period. I can’t tell you how many evil eyes I’ve gotten from light skinned women because my boyfriend is lighter than I am. It’s like they can’t believe he would choose to date a darker woman. At end of the day insecure women hate to validate themselves. It’s not complexion specific.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ashleigh-Elle-Aye/507714421 Ashleigh Elle Aye

    Is it that serious?

    I like her music but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to sit and smile if she does something I don’t like and the same goes for any other artist I listen too. I like Lady Gaga’s music but that doesn’t free her from criticism. It’s my mouth and I can talk about whomever I want to talk about. Does that make me a hater? I think not. A hater is a person that dislikes someone b/c they have something that they want to possess. The only thing I’d want that Bey has is the money (I’m a college student, lol).

  • http://www.miss215.com Miss215

    *claps* standing OVATION!!! I have been a proud bey stan for years..and yes soo much so that I call her “Bey”. When people can’t give me a valid, clear concise reason on why they dislike her BEY, I imagine that person as the friend who always has something negative to say. I usually receive the typical answer when asking what dont you like about her and that is “She thinks she’s all that” *blank stare*..well shouldn’t we all think we’re all that?? If you don’t like bey you probably don’t like yourself too much either.

  • Renee

    *sigh* Was this article even necessary? Who the hell cares? Clutch you are coming dangerously close to mimicking the Essence school of publishing but instead of repeat covers…REPEAT BEYONCE ARTICLES.

    Stop. It. Please.

  • http://www.theposhmiss.com ThePoshMiss.com

    Coming from an ex Beyonce groupie, also known as BeNonsense by my friends, I have grown to the point that I cannot support her music. She has begun down a road that is not allowing her to mature musically. I feel as though I am watching one of the once greatest performers become a has been. Beyonce is doing way too much in 2009/2010 and needs to go back to her down home roots. I think she has truly lost herself and we can only pray she finds it before she is too far gone. Is she still absolutely gorgeous? Yes, I will never deny her that.

  • C&S

    Honestly no one called her dumb the article states that yes it didn’t make her seem the smartest, but also reflected the fact that she may not have been as well prepped either, which both hold true if you look at her earlier interviews with DC.

    2nd Joel I think you’re taking it a little too personally, again, no one called Bey dumb, but if you want supporting statements…

    -16 Grammies does not make you smart.

    -She did not get signed on to some major design company with House of Dereon, she created it with her mother, all that takes is money and a business plan.

    -”Beyonce writes her own songs” is a statement that has been proven false more times than not, and her ‘co-writing] consists of taking a song and changing a few lyrics [ie. If I Were A Boy, and Listen]

    -And last but not least, search around, you will see that not even her stage performance Ideas are original, as she claims them to be look up old MJ, Janet Jackson, Shakira, even Britney Spears concerts and tell me you don’t see whole sections of her supposedly completely original shows in there.

    Not trying to be a ‘hater’ but I just get tired of hearing about how great and amazing Beyonce is without anyone bothering to acknowledge the fact that she is the sum of everything around her, even if she pretends to do it all on her own…it’s Hollywood, a lifestyle built on illusion, you can’t take anything at face value.

  • C&S

    I agree completely as well.

    My biggest thing with the Beyonce Brand is that she pretends to ‘do it all’ herself, as if there is not a whole team of people in the background creating her. And the crazy thing is, even her team gives her all the credit. The only time she even begina to admit someone else’s involvment is when she gets called out [ie. Dream Girls, Single Ladies, Irreplaceable, Like A Boy] then all of a sudden, she co-wrote it, or was ‘inspired’ by such an such.

    It’s very disingenuous and that, to me, says something.

  • Akai*

    Zy wrote: “People demonize Alicia Keys for her relationship … and completely ignore the fact that she is constantly giving of herself to help women, children and entire communities that are less fortunate. I will give Beyonce the same credence when she does more than gyrate on stage and walk around in the latest gear. … when she sings a song that actually has some meaning and is more than just a hot beat or a new dance, then I’ll give her props.

    As if any artist is obligated to represent the moral conscious of the country, baby-sit the minds of other people’s children, and only put out CDs that reflect social activism. (shaking my head)

    I suppose Bey donating her entire $4 million salary from Cadillac Records to Phoenix House (assists recovering female drug addicts) doesn’t count??

    This is a clear indication of seeing what one chooses/wants to see in order to hate on this woman and looking high ‘n low and under every nook ‘n cranny to find something to pick her apart about — even if it’s made up and bogus.

    I dig Alicia Keys too so, hey, let’s highlight some of her good works yet intentionally overlook and put zero energy into learning about Beyoncé’s charitable contributions and donations.

    Let’s fail to mention that she and Kelly created the Survivor Foundation to assist low-income victims of Katrina and set up drives outside concert venues to collect food. Forget the $½ a million Beyoncé donated to Haiti or that she served as ambassador for World Children’s Day, supported 46664 which is Nelson Mandela’s organization to raise global awareness about AIDS/HIV, worked with the Women’s Fund For Scotland who assists female victims of domestic abuse, illness etc., Feeding America that is an organization which distributes food to the hungry across the country, Love Our Children which assists children that are abused and neglected etc. etc. etc.

    In context I consider Beyoncé an adequate role model for my younger sister (teenager) and cousins. As I’ve stated before, I’ve mad respect for her having been in the business over 10 years without dropping a bunch of babies by several different men out of wedlock, going in and out of rehab, getting arrested for drunk driving or drug possession, wylin’ out with an umbrella or getting caught out there sans underwear showing her pootie tang.

  • Summer

    Are you buggin? Clearly, you are and harbor some deep resentment towards your “sistas”. B is the bomb! Anyone who hates on her is insecure, unloved and low in the self esteem area. Your blog reminds me of the “sistas” who hated me because my hair wasn’t nappy, I didn’t speak ebonics and my father actually cared and loved me. Don’t use the term “sista”. You love your sister. You appreciate your sister. You protect your sister. Check yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ashleigh-Elle-Aye/507714421 Ashleigh Elle Aye

    Are you sure that’s why they hated on you b/c that comment reeked of condescension. Promote unity not divisiveness.

    Maybe some people just don’t like Beyonce.

  • Sadie M.

    No Summer YOU are buggin and obviously demented. You clearly didn’t read anything. I challenge you to read the entire article and come again. The author is asking critical questions about Black women’s thoughts on Beyonce and actually comes across as a supporter of the artist. Read the damn article! Thanks!

  • Orange Star HAppy Hunting

    I love Bey as an entertainer and a FLY black woman, doing it BIG globally!
    Loved that latest song and vid also!
    Bey has her lane, so I am not mad her for not being Janelle Monae or Sade etc….thats why we have Janelle and Sade too LOL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Talia-thewinner-Rice/100000204002890 Talia ‘thewinner’ Rice

    I love Beyonce and I get flak from my friends because of it. I try to explain to them it’s not about her music or her looks, I could care less about her looks because I don’t roll that way but it’s about her huslte. You cannot get mad at this woman for creating a brand that supercedes a lot of entertainers. That’s why I love her and many other strong black women in the game (Jada, Mary J., Tyra, even Kimora), they motivate me as a single mother and they should motivate every black women along with our mothers, sisters, grandmas, etc.

    Peace and Love

  • Miss j

    I’m sick and tired of People hating on beyoncé. The only reason why you people hate on her is because she has it all. if Beyoncé was not as successful as she is, if she did not win as many awards you guys will be fine. Non that is how we are Black people we hate on everything that is succesful for no damn reason. And for the author what was the reason of you writing this article? all you want is to start some mess cause you hate beyoncé. There is 2 sides of the story about Destiny’s childs, I’m sorry for Kelly she is very pretty and talented but she ain’t no beyoncé if you guys want kelly to succeed so much well GO BUY HER DAMN ALBUM…… Not because she stumble on few words in interview and she was caught watching the glass ceiling that doesn’t make her dumb , she is a shy girl , she has an southern accent .

    I guess beyoncé will be at piece when she dies I hope all you Hypocrite won’t do an tribute to her cause I will be there to call you out


  • Houston Fan

    I had the pleasure of watching her grow up and perform (she was in my mother’s P.E. class before signing to Columbia) plus, she was always in singing competitions such as myself….I was never in her category because she was younger than me. (thank goodness lol!)

    I got to see her sing when she was 8 and the room stopped because this little girl was acting a donkey (in a good way) on stage to be so young…..
    Her mother owned a very nice beauty salon and you would always see pics of her babies (headshots) on the mirror and so on.

    My idea of a singer is someone who can SING….it’s simple. Beyonce can blow any of her competition out of the water…..let’s name a few…..CIARA (boo, just stop singing please), ALICIA KEYS (yeah I said it…she can play the piano…but she’s flat most of the time…hard to listen to being a musician myself….and she has a piano right there with her…no excuse), FIONA WHAT’S HER NAME? (she can’t either), and let’s not forget everybody’s favorite ghetto superstar. MARY J BLIGE…I know ya’ll love her but she hollers most of the time and is all over the place.

    Beyonce is a triple threat: beauty, dance, and she can blow. It was always one or the other with her competition…she covers all three plus she could blow at a gospel concert, jazz (saw it for my own eyes) and anything else she puts her mind to.

    What people fail to realize is that she and her family are smart…don’t let the southern drawl confuse you……that is what most southerners have to deal with….being thought as dumb until we have passed you up because we caught you slipping.

    Respect her gangsta and move on…..you don’t have to like everything she does, but give her her props….

    Houston Baby!

  • copelli21

    It’s weird, but it seems there has always been a disconnect with Beyonce. I don’t dislike her, but I don’t feel any connection with her either.

    I have no idea who this woman is…..and I think it’s that disconnect that keeps her from being a true icon, which is something she seems to crave.

    And I think when you hear women (in comments) talk about not relating to her as an artist or a woman…..it’s that gap again, that disconnect.

    I don’t know what she can do to connect. And I am not talking about gossip about her private life. I think the mechanisms she uses to protect her private life, also keeps her from connecting with her audience. She is unable to reveal herself, without jeopardizing her privacy, which is a hard wire to walk. Also, I don’t know if she’s just uncomfortable talking in interviews, but she always lacks genuineness. I get no sense of her as a person, no substance.

    I don’t think much of Beyonce. She’s like a pretty, entertaining cardboard cutout.
    I don’t know her outside of her music and vids. I like some of her catchy tunes and she may have me snapping my fingers and tapping my feet, but that’s about as deep as it gets.

    I think that until she finds a way to open up, she’ll go down as one of the most successful female entertainers, but she won’t be an icon.

  • michaboa formerly michelle

    i completely agree, i see beyonce more as an entertainer, who sings great pop music but it starts and ends there. whenever i hear some of her ballads though, she sings it well , i can never connect with her on an emotional level that i can with say chrisette or a celine dion or corinne bailey rae, and i get the feeling that that is what she wants to convey, but it does not come across. i would also like her to give credit where it is dues sometimes, particularly songwriting.

    i seems to me that beyonce wants to be a lady gaga and a sade. but beyonce is more of a pop artist than the soulful one she wants to convey, though there is nothing wrong with that
    but there are a lot of unfortunate assumptions being made about people who are not fans of beyonce’s music, sure some dislike her for no apparent reason, that does not mean all of the people who do not like her music, are fat, obese dark skinned and lonely as one commenter, disparagingly stated.

  • http://healthyblackqueens.com Healthy Black Queens

    ^It’s sad when people assume that a certain accent means that the person is dumb. People have said that Beyonce is shy. I’m shy too and talk the same way: not making much eye contact, thinking about what I’m going to say, etc.

    I’m a Beyonce fan, but even a small part of me hates her because she’s so good at what she does. She does questionable things e.g. her songwriting=adding two or three words, her clothes are sometimes TOO raunchy, and it would be nice if she got in contact with her fans more like others do on Youtube, Ustream, Twitter, etc. She’s already said that she doesn’t go online and doesn’t see the point in Twitter (neither do I…), so that’s going to happen.

  • Robyn

    Really well said, Bravo! I’m pretty indifferent about Beyonce – she’s very talented (people that say she isn’t talented at all baffle me) and *stunning* on one hand; on the other I generally don’t appreciate the gender politics of some of her lyrics and feel like intellectually, she’s a bit of a blank slate. The latter doesn’t really matter though as she is just a pop singer and the great thing about Beyonce is that she doesn’t pretend to be any deeper than she is which is not at all. I wish she would take more responsibility for her whitewashed image but I honestly don’t know if she even thinks about things like this as she has no discernible personality or politics outside of her creative personas. She is a great entertainer, seemingly a pretty grounded and solid person, and manages to have a healthy relationship with another hugely famous person which is impressive in itself.

    The one thing that bothers me in these conversations is the tired and lazy accusations of “hating” or “jealous” whenever you have an issue with a public figure. Why can’t you critique someone without secretly wanting to be them? That is ridiculous and dismissive.

  • http://www.beautyhealthzoneblog.com Happiness

    Yes, well, I think Kamika sums it all up quite nicely regarding Beyonce.

    Personally, I still have a number of Destiny’s child albums/CDs, however that is where it stops, I have never and will never buy any of Beyonce’s music. With that said, I haven’t bought any new music in years, simply because a lot of today’s music is just too boring for me to want to collect.

    I love most of the 70s, 80s and 90s music.

  • http://conceding2kismet.weebly.com Inda Lauryn

    There is one reason I don’t like Beyonce: her music is LAME.

  • Akai*

    I see you, Will and Jada, but Bey’s a piiiiiiimp!


    1. Jay Z and Beyoncé Knowles – $122 Million (Last year [2007-2008] Beyoncé out-earned Jay Z by bringing in $87 Million (£53.6m) to his $35 Million (£21.6m))

    2. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart – $69 Million
    3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – $55 Million
    4. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – $48 Million
    5. David and Victoria Beckham – $46 Million
    Source: Forbes

    Just thought I’d give haters who “don’t love” Bey a lil more to steam about!

  • http://youtube.com/beauTAUful The Joy Krystal

    I am not about to read 67 comments……

    Alicia Keys is a pianist, a songwriter, a humanitarian and a homewrecker… it is what it is. It dont matter if they were seperated or not…. they were STILL married…. (and yes i have the right to comment on that because I’ve been in the situation before) She can sing and can play the heck outta piano… but she’s not a versatile star(only because she hasnt proverd herself to be one as of yet)… shes just an r&b singer-but unthinkable is my JAM!

    Melanie Fiona shouldnt have even been mentioned…. her 2hit wonder…

    Ci-never should cut out her vocal chords and donate them to charity! She should channel all that energy towards an aerobic video series.. now THAT would make her great!

    Beyonce has been in the spotlight since before she was even legal to drive a vehicle so naturally people are going to hate on her because she was molded and portrayed to be that all around “it-girl”.

    I think the hate comes in for people because she has had that longevity and she maked sure shes visible and worth talking about. whether its her walking down the street or falling down the stairs, she’ll always be around until she retires and even after then she’ll still be out and about.

    Whats wrong with her being on a yacht with her husband? <-it is HER husband and it is THEIR yacht right?

    Whats wrong with her not showing her closet friends to the papparrazi? <- everybody knows that fame-even 22 seconds- changes people just like money does… so why even let people know WHO she hangs with so that they can be influenced to go behind her back and spill tea?

    Why can't us black women just give credit where credit is due? The b!tch works hard and spends harder. Maybe if she was tearing up married homes then maybe you'd cut her some slack!

    But think about this….
    Maybe she has haters because she is doing something right….
    (See-error has haters-i am one-cause of her gorgeous legs and abs)

    Maybe people are mad because she has-or has had-a hand in just about every musical genre there is…. (country,latino,r&b,pop,etc) If you had the opprotunity you would too!

    Maybe its because of the costumes and the alter-ego…

    Whatever your reason is just needs to at least give shawty credit on the fact that she has made a name and an image for herself because of her and her entourage's plot and plan to make sure she is notable. You dont have to like her just respect her grind!


  • Dee39

    I can’t speak for all Black women, but I can tell you why I personally disdain her. “Ave Maria.” In her underwear. That performance at the BET Awards a couple of years ago sealed the deal for me. Apparently, this woman has no sense of boundaries. How are you gonna sing a song to God nearly naked? What is that about? In every video she’s gyrating, jiggling, and sticking her ass out. And some of it can get kind of vulgar. I see in her (and most artists in hip hop and R&B/pop, really) the elevation of stripper culture. And many of our girls are starting to aspire to that as an ideal. Not good for us a people. We need doctors, lawyers, geneticists, etc., not strippers.

    What’s more, I don’t think she’s dumb at all. She comes across as very calculating. And I don’t think she’s has a lot of regard for other Black women in the industry. If you’re not on a level on par with her where you can’t be touched, watch out! There have been stories that she’s sabotaged other sistas in the business. I’m sure we’ll learn the truth when Kelly, LaToya, and LaTavia write their tell-alls.

  • Akai*

    Huh? Ave Maria simply means “hail Mary” and neither Schubert’s or this version is to/about “God.”

    The majority of Louisiana Creoles (like Tina Knowles) are Catholic and – though I don’t know if this is still Beyoncé’s faith – she did attend a Catholic school. At our first communion in Catholicism, little girls wear white dresses ands veils to symbolize a pure commitment but Bey was not dressed in underwear. http://i.huffpost.com/gadgets/slideshows/1887/slide_1887_25155_large.jpg

    Chorus aside, her Ave Maria has totally different lyrics and is about a woman thanking Mary for interceding and bringing her love. She rocked white and a wedding veil and (I’m assuming) it was symbolic of her marriage and commitment to Jay Z.

  • Dee39

    Ave Maria is about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, son of God. So, the song isn’t really about or to or for God. It’s kinda sorta in a roundabout way about the mother of the divine being that can bring you salvation. I may be Protestant, but I know the faith just the same. And I went to the link to check out the picture, just to refresh my memory. She’s still under-dressed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glendon-Cameron/100000038058818 Glendon Cameron

    It takes more than money and a business plan to start ,( who ever said that never started jack) maintain and grow a business. These folks ( Matthew, Mom and B) did not have like that, they were a family that turned their little girl into a super star, an icon and money spouting fountain.

    The reason she is hated and their are so many articles about her ( this one was balanced and I like it) is the simple fact she is not you. She is not the average sista and has not been one for a very long time. Nor will she ever be you, get over it.

    AK caught hell over her involvement with Swiss, so that is bogus as hell.

    She is rich beyond belief and married, something 68% percent of the sista’s out there can’t seem to do. More than likely in a few years she will have fab children to enhance her fab life. She has the good sense to keep her private life, well private unlike so many other celebs. More than likely she does have drama in her life, but she keeps that ish at home. All marriage have challenges, that is life.

    Market lesson for those who say here music has not grown, most cd sales are to a demographic that is under 25, so why in the hell would she make music to a smaller , cheaper market?

    I thinks she is wise beyond her talent. Most of the distention of what she is or she is not say 85% is straight up hate. While most of us were going to proms, dating and having fun she was working, dancing, prepping for her future. To be successful in life you often go through so much that a person on the outside has not clue about.

    The biggest reason she is talked has nothing to do with her fame, money or status. Its the fact that most people do not have the strength of conviction to go after their dreams, no faith in self., no courage, just a pocket full of dreams that sit heavy in there soul. These same folks blame the world for their lot in life.

    For those who are going say I just don’t like her, I say BS there is way to much heat on this thread for it to be a causal dislike, there is so much more to it. Here is a lesson to learn from B, have a plan, work it, keep your mouth closed, keep your business at home, keep your man so less is definitely more.

  • Akai*

    She’s an entertainer that was not wearing a thong or cootie-cutter poom poom shorts with ass cheeks hanging out. Her midsection was covered, legs draped in white, and boobs were not hanging out all over the place – yet you call that “under-dressed?”

    Okay! Even though I disagree, I respect your POV and right to it. I just didn’t want anyone to believe the hyperbole that she was wearing “underwear” or even remotely “naked” as falsely claimed.

    But if you really already knew what the song was about, why write that Bey was ‘singing a song to God’? I found that accusation odd having sung Ave Maria in Latin, Italian, Spanish and English since I was 3 years old.

    And, considering Beyoncé’s version has totally different lyrics and none of the original song’s words outside of “Ave Maria,” I was curious as to what you actually heard.

    Anyway…general comments on the overall topic of the article…I’ve often noticed how a lot of individuals attempt to justify their dislike, hate or “disdain” for Beyoncé based on things that either have no basis in fact or are unsubstantiated gossip.

    Haters are so ridiculous that – because she keeps her business about her relationships, close girlfriends and man to herself – what do they do? Dig deeper up their behinds to pull out some bullshit about Bey not having many friends.

    Another example is a previous comment on this page singing Alicia Keys’ praises for “constantly giving of herself to help women, children and entire communities that are less fortunate.” Next came a blast of Beyoncé when her track record for donating millions, setting up a foundation to assist Katrina victims and supporting various organizations that help abused children, victims of domestic violence etc. is long and substantial.

    Now, if there is integrity, and community service is truly important to someone, I’d think they would’ve educated themselves on the facts and applauded her efforts before erroneously criticizing. However, when people flat out make up shit then use it to justify not liking the woman, it’s crystal clear the dislike is solely about them, how they feel about themselves, jealousy, lack of self-esteem etc.

    People that know, met or worked with Bey have all described her as very sweet, humble, genuine and a bit shy upon first meeting; never as some mean, calculating person that hates other BW and on some mission to sabotage others. Haters gon’ do what they do and make up stuff but the negative gossip has yet to from a credible mouth or source, so I’m not inclined to believe the rumors and worst about Beyoncé when her public behavior has revealed no reason to do so.

  • isolde

    “Its the fact that most people do not have the strength of conviction to go after their dreams, no faith in self., no courage, just a pocket full of dreams that sit heavy in there soul. These same folks blame the world for their lot in life.”

    Because race and privilege have no bearing on access to resources and opportunity . . . So, we’re really going to sit here and pretend that the only thing keeping people down is a lack of strength and motivation? Look, I’m a fairly staunch Rihanna stan, but I wasn’t always. Her last 2 albums won me over. However, I’m not oblivious to why the mainstream finds her look so appealing. Lady Gaga will probably go on to sell more albums than Beyonce, probably because Lady Gaga has more strength of conviction and courage than Beyonce, right? Brintey too, huh, since she’ll probably net more revenue in the long run?

    “She is rich beyond belief and married, something 68% percent of the sista’s out there can’t seem to do.”

    To you and all the others who seem to think that finding favor with Beyonce hinges upon relationship status, Beyonce had haters way before she ever married or took up with Jay Z.

    Why do black women who express a dislike about Beyonce’s media personna have to be lonely, have deep seeded resentment, and self esteem issues? Is Beyonce infallible, now? At the end of the day, she’s a pop star, and not everyone is required to like her or her music.

    You know what this reminds me of? This, if you don’t like Beyonce you’re lonely, jealous and depressed, etc? It reminds me of if you don’t like Obama, you’re racist or if you’re black and don’t like Obama, you’re a sell out.

  • AnonyMiss

    I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her. Lol. Honestly, i’m just tired of seeing her face and hearing her voice. She’s been there since I was a kid… and she never takes a break. Other people take breaks… you know you get to miss them for a while and then when they come back you’re glad but she won’t do that. I do however hate that new video with her and Gaga. Beyonce just seems awkward in it. It’s just not her.

  • AnonyMiss

    I understand being shy but let’s be real. this woman has been singing/performing since she was a teen.. actually before then.. she should know how to fake it by now. and there’s no why she’s that shy doin what she does on stage and in videos. there is a difference between being shy and being unfriendly and she seems to be a bit of both but i think moreso she doesn’t feel the need to please her fans.

  • Akai*

    AnonyMiss wrote: “I understand being shy but let’s be real. this woman has been singing/performing since she was a teen.. actually before then.. she should know how to fake it by now. and there’s no why she’s that shy doin what she does on stage and in videos. there is a difference between being shy and being unfriendly and she seems to be a bit of both but i think moreso she doesn’t feel the need to please her fans.”

    Fans leave a Beyoncé concert knowing she’s given 110% and more, but I especially disagree with the bold.

    One of my favorite artists is Prince (well, specifically, everything he did before the start of the millennium) and this is a musician whose short scrawny behind would rock pants with his bootie cheeks showing and hanging out. A lot of his joints were the naughtiest, raunchiest songs ever written (but in a classy way IMO) and he’s also always been media-shy, rarely did/does interviews, in the game over 30 years, and still explosive in concert.

    Michael Jackson started when he was around 5 and was similarly shy with the media. He was infamous for his crotch-grabbing, hip-thrusting and rubbing his package and, on stage, none could touch him.

    The same can be said for the paparazzi -avoiding Robert DeNiro and others.

  • B

    i think this is very well put.

    i would say that the same goes for any other large pop/hip hop/r&b stars that don’t do the behind the scenes stuff. any performer who doesn’t write their own music/create original work that is the substance of their trade is just that, a performer/a brand/an entertainer and is not an artist.

    beyonce is an excellent performer:talented, gorgeous, etc. but she is just an amazing money making brand hahaha

    i would say that i still love beyonce as an entertainer though ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glendon-Cameron/100000038058818 Glendon Cameron


    I am a black man that started not one but eight different business and guess who my customer base was white folks. So yeah race and access has no bearing on success, a jacked up attitude does most folks in. The environment that enabled Obama to win has been around for a minute the problem is so many people are not prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that abound in the world today.

    Not it not just a lack of motivation it is deeper than that, but strong motivation will lead you to fill in the gaps of knowledge and skill sets that keep you from reaching your goals. Desire is more important than talent and skill.

    As for her being married, it does burn the buttons of a lot of women. To denounce that as not be plausible is intellectually lazy, just because you don’t subscribe to that notion doesn’t mean many others feel the same.

    Fact many women want to be a wife, not a girlfriend, not a jump off but a wife. My point was many hate her because of it, not that they find favor in it.

    Do all women that dislike her have issues of course not, do many that dislike her to the point of obsession have issues yes they do.

    I dislike a lot of music but you do not find me in a forum belly aching about it. When one invests as much energy in a debate about someone they do not like that is telling of a deeper issue. I like B and what she has accomplished on the professional and personal level.

  • http://vixen-divinnalafeme.blogspot.com/ divinnalafeme

    1. I certainly see more black women who love Beyonce than hate her .

    2.There are also people of other races who dislike Beyonce.

    3.No one cares that Beyonce is married to jay-z ugly ass and although he may have money that in no way makes him perfect and like someone said above he has always disrespected and degraded women for years and he was never as big before as he is now that he is married to Beyonce

    3.When i think of the marriage i wanna have they don’t even come to mind simply because i don’t want a marriage where there i no P.D.A and if i really love a man i would want the world to know it and they really seem very staged all the time it just seems boring and i will bet money that they barely even make love so anybody that is waiting for her to get pregnant better not hold there breathe and i have also read that they sleep in separate rooms….How weird is that?

    4. She lies to much everyone knows how talented she is it’s very prevalent you don’t have to pretend to write or create everything we don’t even expect that from you gee sh just sing the damn songs.

    5.Of course i can’t leave with out mentioning the Destiny’s child scandal. How scandalous was that? And for those people that think she’s so brilliant for being private about her life need to get off it she’s probably hiding something bigger than we can even imagine,not to mention the things that she does like her and jay-z always walking around doing something like we ain’t gone see them in the tabloids they are both total media whores and that’s the real reason lot’s of people can’t stand her.


  • isolde

    “No one cares that Beyonce is married to jay-z”

    Seriously. This is the first I’ve ever heard that the reason why haters hate Bey is because they’re jealous of her marriage to Jay.

  • isolde


    Intellectually lazy? Really now . . .

    “So yeah race and access has no bearing on success, a jacked up attitude does most folks in.”

    Yeah, I’m not even particularly liberal, and I know better than that. Do you even know what you’re inferring with that sentence? Ok, so according to you, not only do the poor choose to be poor, but there’s no such thing as systematic racism? The reason why being born white, as opposed to being born black or Hispanic, makes a person less likely to be born into poverty, is because white folks don’t have jacked up attitudes? Uncle Ruckus, is that you?

    No one’s saying that you can’t be successful if you aren’t born a cis-gendered, able-bodied, heterosexual, white male. However, the more you differ from that ideal, the more obstacles you’ll have to face impeding your success that wouldn’t be there if you fit the ideal standard. Arguably, the most privileged class of women is white. Women that are other than white are held to the ideal of whiteness, and those “other” women that resemble the ideal tend to have more privilege than those who do not. You figure out the rest about how Beyonce fits into that paradigm. While you’re at it, ponder what I was hinting at with the concept of white privilege when I alluded to Lady Gaga.

    “Fact many women want to be a wife, not a girlfriend, not a jump off but a wife. My point was many hate her because of it, not that they find favor in it.”

    As I recall, I wrote, “To you and all the others who seem to think that finding favor with Beyonce hinges upon relationship status, Beyonce had haters way before she ever married or took up with Jay Z.”

    . . . which flies in the face of your generalization about why you suppose she’s hated. Instead of people being able to discuss what they think of her as an artist and public figure, some people have to turn it into a forum about why black women who don’t fall in line with popular opinion are negatively stereotypical, angry, lonely, catty, etc. and why? Because some don’t like a pop-star? Really?

    “As for her being married, it does burn the buttons of a lot of women. To denounce that as not be plausible is intellectually lazy, just because you don’t subscribe to that notion doesn’t mean many others feel the same.”

    Oh, and so now, it’s “a lot of women,” as opposed to just all black women or all black women who don’t like Beyonce, like before when you said, “She is rich beyond belief and married, something 68% percent of the sista’s out there can’t seem to do.” You know, someone just alluded to the obvious in another comment about how there are non-black people that don’t like Beyonce, but I’m certain that’s just because they’re all racist (sarcasm).

  • Me27

    I completely agree with #4…I get so tired of hearing people say that she writes her own music. Clearly she doesn’t write all of her own songs. And honestly I think she needs to just stick to singing and let other people handle writing the music.

  • Akai*

    Glendon Cameron wrote: “…my customer base was white folks. So yeah race and access has no bearing on success, a jacked up attitude does most folks in. The environment that enabled Obama to win has been around for a minute the problem is so many people are not prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that abound in the world today.”

    Don’t agree with all your statements but I do agree with some of them. I’d say jacked up attitudes combined with laziness and lack of drive, innovation and work ethic are key things that does a lot of folks in. I’d also add ‘poor choices’ because, for example, if a child of a single parent living in public housing makes a choice to drop out of school and have child after child then, for all intents and purposes, they’ve made a choice to be poor and continue the poverty cycle.

    There comes a point when statements regarding race, privilege and access to resources should be injected with a long-overdue dose of honesty and reframed. Is the problem access to resources or where/how a lot of people choose to spend their resources? AAs are projected to have a buying power of over $1.1 trillion in 2012 yet lead in depreciable spending via $23 billion on clothes, $4 billion on electronics, 80% more on fake hair, cosmetics etc. than others etc. etc.

    The billions in resources wasted on things that depreciate is mind boggling and (being the granddaughter of an immigrant) I contrast that with some Asian immigrants and their cultural tendency to own/occupy a home with extended family members which saves money, translates into Asians having high home equities etc.

    It’s not always the case that those who immigrate are the upper classes/more educated and a lot of immigrants from Asia, the continent and the Caribbean come with not-a-lot (hardly loads of ‘racial’ advantage or privilege) then make their own opportunities. Some of them open businesses, work their asses off and become successful by living within or below their means, nixing frivolous spending, delaying gratification, saving/pooling resources, driving hoopties (instead of new whips) that are paid for, investing in property that becomes future sources of rental income or passed down to their children etc.

    Even if talking access to the resource of education there are just too many grants, scholarships and other kinds of assistance and options available; no one can force people to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there.

    Anyway (general comments) I don’t know if there is a belief that all pretty females have to do is stand there and be gorgeous while wealth and success flies out then sticks like magnets. Yes, looks can open certain doors and allows some privileges but they only get you so far and most have to work damn hard for what they get and want. And any mother worth their salt teaches her daughter to keep her intellect tight if she wants to be more than a trophy.

    I sense an avoidance to come right out and state the only reason Beyoncé is successful is because of her skin tone and features (as if plain ol hard work, sacrifice, practice etc. hadn’t a thing to do with it). If so, good, because the LS vs DS argument is way tired and the argument doesn’t hold up with examples like the uber-successful Oprah who has a different skin tone and features or the successful and educated First Lady who has yet a different skin tone and features etc.

  • Reese

    G, I am so proud to know you …. to have studied with you… to have seen you on the cata riding down Harrison… admiring the woman that you were then… serving on a board with you… and I admire the woman you’ve become…. Keep up the great work..

    …. As for my thoughts on the article… I saw the video two weeks ago, and hated it. I thought desperation was a horrible look especially on B. I agree there are moments where I love her, and where she nauseates me ( i.e. this new video), but I think you may be right about her playing this Marilyn Monroe -hardcore dumb blonde act to the HILT!
    At the end of the day, we have no idea whether she’s got it going on, Hov is a great man coming home to her faithfully, and showing her off every chance he gets. Or whether its all a great facade and, like Marilyn she’s ready to commit suicide.

    I feel guilty about wondering…simply because its more important ish going on in the world… in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico… children being massacred in the streets of Chicago and Detroit… so I really, really don’t want to care.
    I’m just glad she keeps it as private as she can, whether its real or not.

  • Akai*

    Besides rumor mill, gossip at Headhunter’s™ beauty salon, haters or unsubstantiated outlets – does anyone have any credible proof that Beyoncé does not write songs, did not write any songs and/or never added lyrics or a melody to songs (justifies a share of songwriting credits both legally and practically) she or her publisher currently collects royalties on?

    It’d be interesting to see the basis for this accusation just once and, though I’d prefer 2 or 3, at this point one good and credible source would do.

    This all goes back to the point about individuals that appear to hate on Bey for reasons that have little to no basis in fact or are simply made up. When this is the case, it’s obvious the real reasons for the dislike lie elsewhere.

    BMI, ASCAP and the Canadian and European performing rights organizations (forgot their names) have procedures for registering and copyrighting songs, lyrics and music. A songwriter joins then becomes an affiliate and these orgs. don’t allow just any buster off the block to claim composition of a piece.

    As filthy rich as Bey is – no doubt many would jump at the chance to get paid producing lyrics written on dated crumpled pieces of paper or raggedy soiled napkins and proving the illegal collection of monies for joints she’d absolutely no input on.

  • Akai*

    As I previously stated, personally I find Jay Z extremely gross and unattractive. I’ll never understand what Beyoncé sees in him but this is neither here nor there as it’s not my relationship, she appears extremely happy with him (the most important thing), and ‘to each their own’.

    I’ve zero respect for former drug dealers that peddled poison to their own people and rappers that made a mint calling females “bitches” and “hos” and sending that shit worldwide like HOV…and all that was to say I don’t think her relationship with and marriage to Jay Z affected feelings/opinions regarding Bey one way or the other.

    Beyoncé and Jay initially hooked up around 2001 when she was 20, dated for 7 years, and married in 2008. They’ve been together 9 years so, no! Nine years ago ‘Bey Hate’ and ‘Beyoncé Haters’ weren’t even an issue and neither were anywhere near the level and numbers they are today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tawny-Brown/100000081135892 Tawny Brown

    I’m definately a Beyonce fan. I don’t see anything wrong worth talking about. She seems intelligent and down to earth, she’s gorgeous and talented, responsible. Almost like role model material. But I do know some people that say they don’t like her but when a few of us were talking about it it came down to envy. It does seem like she has everything and she definately seems blessed. I wish her great happiness and continued success. In return I get to enjoy her beautiful music.

  • Angela

    I have low tolerance for celebrities who attempt to sell the notion that they are great “artistes.” And Beyonce is just as immune to hatred/criticism as Alicia Keys. People may be outspoken about her vapidness, but other folks would be dragged through the mud when their dirty deeds–from stealing songs, not paying her fashion people, to steamrolling Kelly and Michelle, claiming credit for things she didn’t do [Single Ladies choreography, Irreplacable], etc–came to light. This stuff is exposed, but it’s quickly swept beneath the rug, people don’t even make excuses for her actions–it’s a moot point. All she has to do is show up with a blank smile, a wiggle of her “jelly” and a new weave, and everyone falls over themselves to proclaim Beyonce the greatest female artist of this generation.

    Plus, she can’t really sing. She just has a loud, big, and unique-sounding voice that makes you think she can blow like vintage Whitney, vintage Mariah, and even Christina Aguilera.

  • iolastar

    I don’t have any issues with a sista doing what she loves and making money doing so. I think some women may have issues with her because she has so much that is positive going for herself. For some it’s like, how dare she know how to sing and dance? Now you wanna act, sell me clothes oh no…so some throw stones.

    I think that Beyonce may appear “less than” smart to some, but wasn’t it the year before last that she made $87 million in ONE year? There is nothing dumb about that and I think those that hate her would agree. And as far as her choice in Jay-Z would people be happy if she had a white man? Regardless of what she sings, wears, sells, the way she dances, the way she acts shade would be thrown at that woman regardless. I’m just gonna let Beyonce, be Beyonce.She can never please everyone and you know what? We can’t either.

  • The Empress

    if we so much jealous of her positif ..HOW COME WE NEVER HATE ,WITHEY HOUSTON WHO HAVE IT ALL AND BEYONCE WILL NEVER COME CLOSE EVEN AFTER MANY REACARNATION. TO MICHEAL JACKSON,JANET AND ALL THE ORTHER WHY WE WILL BE JALOUS OF HER ? black people dont not like her ,even the elder and the nation of islam i know ive read some of their article usely african people are not like that we tend to love and encourage our artist but there is just something about that women that make that we african community we dont bond with her at all we have an instict and this instinct that hepls us survive is the same that make we CAN’T JUST LOVE THAT WOMEN .. poeple who tend to love her have so what lower standard to find her talented ,,after all the quality culture ours anscestors give us ..WE FIND BEYONCE TALENTED she is enteiterning but not talented talend is comming from god to accomplisgh someting and touch poeple.. are u realLy touch by her music? …

    she is the same as going to the zoo i paid to go the the zoo to be entertain but i dont find the monkey talended just a distraction thats what b is talend and blessing is for higher purpurse what is her purpurse? do you really know professionnal women in higher poisiton ,serious or political that listen to b other than lost soul

  • Akai*

    The Empress wrote: “if we so much jealous of her positif ..HOW COME WE NEVER HATE ,WITHEY HOUSTON…”

    Maybe your “we” doesn’t hate Whitney Houston because she is dark or brown skinned!

    The Empress wrote: “…even the elder and the nation of islam i know ive read some of their article…”

    (giggle) If the “Nation of Islam” dislikes Beyoncé, I’d take that as a compliment if I were she.

    The Empress wrote: ” usely african people are not like that we tend to love and encourage our artist but there is just something about that women that make that we african community we dont bond with her at all we have an instict and this instinct that hepls us survive is the same that make we CAN’T JUST LOVE THAT WOMEN .. poeple who tend to love her have so what lower standard to find her talented ,,after all the quality culture ours anscestors give us ..WE FIND BEYONCE TALENTED she is enteiterning but not talented talend is comming from god to accomplisgh someting and touch poeple.. are u realLy touch by her music?”

    If I was hard-pressed to write a coherent sentence, couldn’t spell, neglected the use of punctuation marks and regularly trampled almost every rule of grammar in the English language – I don’t know that I’d go around accusing anyone of having a “lower standard.” …just a thought!

  • Jay

    Beyonce is a beautiful divinely talented woman who is a sweetheart of a person married to a ultra successful Black man that she adores and adores her. Of course she is hated. Everybody can identify with the lesser lights that hovered about her like Kelly, Michelle, etc but no one can envision themselves being the sun that all revolves around.

  • http://www.beautyhealthzoneblog.com/ Happiness


    So, liking someone now depends on whether they are light or dark skinned…..Trust me I needed that giggle you gave me….LOL

    Personally, I don’t like Beyonce because she comes across to me as a fake person. I don’t give a hoot if she is light or dark skinned, after all in my family we have a multitude of colours from almost white looking to very dark skinned, and that makes no difference to me, I am somewhere in between.

    Another thing people have mentioned is that she is married, well does she look happy in her marriage? Not to me. Besides, anyone can get married, but what is the point of marrying someone if you don’t love that person. Their marriage looks to me to be more of a business arrangement than anything else. Not that I really care, just making an observation.

    Personally, I have many things to deal with and hating on a person or being jealous because they are good looking, married etc is just not my style. I actually like to see people being successful and try to help as many people as I can to achieve their goals. Now, Beyonce comes across to me as quite a cold, calculating person.

    There was a time when Beyonce could do no wrong to me, however, having observed her in interviews and seeing how she has treated people in the past, my spirit just does not take to her. Almost in the same way that my spirit does not take to Obama, as nice as he may appear. Fact is we can’t like everybody, regardless of whether they are rich and famous or poor as a church mouse. It’s quite simple.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michelle-Jamison/100000997297252 Michelle Jamison


    You actually could read that message?
    I had tried to read it, but I had given up after the first few sentences.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michelle-Jamison/100000997297252 Michelle Jamison

    I had written a message a few days ago and (in that message) I had mention that I do enjoy listening to Beyonce’s music (and I do own her first two albums), so I wouldn’t consider myself an “anti-Beyonce” person.
    A few days later, I realize there is one thing about Beyonce that I just don’t like: I don’t like her “stans”. I think everyone knows the difference between a fan of Beyonce and a stan that belongs to Beyonce. A fan has this certain thing called ‘sanity’ and a Beyonce stan has an unhealthy obsession (actually, an ‘obsession’ of anything is unhealthy) with the singer. I’m sure if a stan was in the same premises of Beyonce, they might try to pull a ‘Single White Female’ on her.

  • kisha

    hmm … i tend to meet more beyonce stans than haters.

    beyonce’s talent and star quality is undeniable. period.

    however, as a former stan who has all of her albums except the latest, i just want her to go away for a while and give me a chance to miss her. she is so oversaturated. she is who she is because of the team around her. they’d have us to believe that she is this brilliant individual when i think in actuality it’s just the opposite. she’s empty.

    i guess i’m just a little over her. if you hate michael jackson or prince then you might just be a hater. if you hate beyonce, then well, you just hate beyonce.

  • Jay

    I think Beyonces so-called “stans” are just folks looking to counter the haters.

  • diannawest

    i agree with everything said with the exception of the jay-z fame aspect if you remember correctly there was a one hot album every summer going on before they were even that public with their relationship he also already had the 40 40 clubs in rotation and had inked the deal with the nets before their nuptials now i’m not gonna say that the paparazzi was necessarily at his front door like they are now but the weren’t exactly checking for any black stars. (why when they had Paris Nicole Ritchie Brittney spears Lindsay and all the other train wrecks) all im saying is lets not discredit the man he was doing his thing and them being together helps both of them it makes him look like he cares for a woman so the degrading lyrics are just what they are lyrics and for her it makes her human shes a southern belle who fell for the homeboy with saggy pants and timbs not the prince with polo and Birkenstocks lol idk but your on target with everything else

  • Lila

    I saw one of her interviews once and felt she was very nice and down to earth. She is always smiling. I don’t think she is dumb at all. I am not a fan of her sister, Solange.

  • kay

    I personally think her and diddy (i know he’s not in the article, but still) need to sit and let people miss them or a little. Total over kill.

  • modern lady

    Question: Just because Beyonce is black-does that mean we have to like/support her?

    Seems ridiculous to me. She’s worth 10′s of millions, she doesn’t NEED my support. Artists like Jill Scoott, Vivian Green and Heather Headley do. We RARELY hear their names anywhere. It’s about time the musical landscaped opened up beyond Mrs. Carter.

  • fr

    Beyonce has NOTHING I want…period. Its hard to be jealous of someone who isn’t living the life I want, who doesn’t look the way I want to look or has a purpose that isn’t designed for me.

  • fr

    Plus it takes mature people to know that all that glitter isn’t gold. What may look like something that seems to be the envy of all, may not be. You never know who sells their soul to get something. Although she is married, no one knows the problems that may exsist in her marriage. So envy is not an option…sorry, but it isn’t. I think it is hard to believe by some that because they hold her on a pedistal EVERYONE should follow. Wrong, everyone has different taste. It is just the FACT of life.

  • Jazz

    Jay Z…is that you?!

  • cansis

    Beyonce is a killer performer and has a nice voice. but she isnt near icon status, and i’m not sure if she’ll ever be. An icon implies that you’re a game changer. How exactly has beyonce changed the game? THAT’S what irritates me about the girl. not her style, her man or even her talent (which i grant she has). people are so quick to put her on the MJ pedastal, and i’m just sayin hold up.

    musically, she’s had several hits, but has she pushed the boundaries like MJ or even Madonna has? hmm, not really. I’ve been impressed with her performances, but not bowled over by them like MJ, Janet or hell, even Janelle Monae (seriously that girl can BLOW)! B’s just not the visionnary that those 2 were and Janelle has the potential of being. she’s got a powerfull marketing machine behind her, a palatable image of blackness (that’s right i said it) that translates very well overseas and has got her hands into every pot outside of music (Loreal cosmetics, cell phones, etc). she’s still pretty young, and has alot of time to reach that status she so obviously craves, it remains to be seen if she’ll get there…

  • http://2muchtv.wordpress.com Ericka Foster

    Here’s the thing: She works hard and she deserves to see the fruits of her hard work. We all do. But that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy her music. Nor would I like to see her every time I turn on my TV. Barbra Streisand is talented, but she’s not my preference. Just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean I’m a hater. She’s just not my preference, like people don’t prefer brussel sprouts. Would you like it if everytime you went out to a restaurant or over to someone’s house, they were serving you brussel sprouts? And then when you said “no thanks, I don’t like brussel sprouts”, they kept trying to convince you that brussel sprouts that they are the vegetable of the future. Beyonce is like brussel sprouts – I don’t wish them to go away forever, but I just don’t need so much my life.

  • sweeties157

    wow, you have A LOT of time on your hands

  • Curtwill1975

    LOL@ the truth of Sweeties057′s comments.

  • tom

    This entire blog can be summed up as follows. Whenever you are sucessful there will be haters. The more sucessful you are the more haters you have.What is not to be liked about this sexy beautiful talented iconic young woman.

  • The Brownest Eye

    I LOVE music. I am an artist. And I believe that truly talented musicians are artists. While I see Beyonce all over the place, I don’t respect her as an artist…at all. For me, the fact that you have a singing voice isn’t enough to win me over. I have to feel the emotion in the music and I need to vibe with your creativity and what makes you unique. Beyonce wears outfits, swings her hair on stage, walks the model walk, and sings songs. To me, this is analogous to a child coloring inside the lines of a picture he/she did not create, and the teacher praising the child for coloring well. A good artist draws or paints his/her own picture that is memorable, unique, true to who they really are, and poignant. Beyonce is memorable only because she’s everywhere and we literally can’t forget her. She’s not unique. The fact that she has an alter ego who performs for her speaks to her cowardice as an artist (this is what irritates me the most). And she’s definitely not poignant.

    And another note: Honestly, to me there’s nothing about Beyonce’s features that make her a true beauty. She has some features that I honestly don’t want. Her neck is hella thick, she has an apple head, and her hairline looks like it’s glued on. I love my slender neck and I get it from my mama. I love my face, my smile, my body, my dark smooth skin, my long dreadlocs, my mind, my art, my singing voice. People have even told me I’m shaped like Beyonce, but I like my body better.

    Here are a few women I respect as artists:
    1. Erykah Badu
    2. Alanis Morisette
    3. Jill Scott
    4. Anita Baker
    5. Lauryn Hill

  • chilsie

    I have never felt genuinely moved by her work even though I will dance to her songs and watch her music videos. It’s all something that’s been done by someone before. Save for the fact that she’s got a brilliant marketing machine that keeps forcing her stuff down our throats. And she won’t take a break cause they are afraid that some REAL stuff will pop out of the wood works and expose her so-called ART for just the pop machine gimmick that it is. If she were clothed, and not jumping all over the place hollering(singing) would her stuff still catch your attention. Music marketing preys on the fact that there is a sucker born everyday and there will always be that person who has never listened Whitney, Mariah(old skool), Lauryn, Ella, (and many other artists whose music you wont come across)… for whom Beyonce is as good as it gets…. Until she steps away for a minute to allow an artist who is a REAL game-changer(not in terms of sales but substance) to come through and impress us all over again. P.S: Even Lady gaga has got her beat on this one cause despite being just as empty, she has shown a little glimpse of her creativity(aka wild outfits) which despite being a desperate cry for attention, people admire for the innovation. Queen B wants to be an icon and is afraid to step away for 2 seconds, less she be forgotten…

  • Taya

    Since when does beyonce make more money than Jay-Z

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