Dirty Money’s Dawn Richards gets ultra glam for a high-fashion shoot with Paris’ Ghubar Magazine. Shot by Sarah McClogan, the former Danity Kane member has made a style 180, bringing back “Strictly Business” era Halle Berry with her short and manicured bowler cut. Dawn rocks a series of bodycon dresses styled by Ugo Mozie, with most looks committed to the coveted strong shoulder. We hope this stand-out shoot is a preview of coming attractions for Dawn. We need a solo album like yesterday!

What do you think of Dawn’s shoot? Which looks are you digging the most?

  • http://pinkflame1983.blogspot.com/ Pinkflame1983

    I luv to hate Dawn. She’s my frenemy in my head. We were “friends” until she threw Danity Kane under the bus then had poor Aundrea following behind her like a lil puppy knowing full well she was joining Dirty Money.

    On subject, I like the “back shot” the dress looks like it i hawt! I am glad she is getting some shine though cause she ain’t gettin any being in Diddy’s group.

  • http://www.ldvfashionfix.com La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix

    I think she looks fab!

  • http://clutchmagonline.com Sexy Lexy

    Dawn is so Fierce, Love the pics, My Fav is all but since I have to picone I love the full shot hands on the waist. It shows her perfect figure beautiful face. Love you Dawn. Thanks for posting the pics

  • http://www.blifela.com ShamaK

    Dawn looks great! If her career in music doesn’t last long, she may definitely have a career in modeling. (She should keep this up, because you never know with Diddy, the way he lets groups go).

  • http://projectduh.com Drew-Shane

    talents there just not the look. I’ll stop there



  • Miss Jae

    I love the angles & clothes, but can she please get rid of the mushroom hairstyle…she’s killing me with that!

  • http://clutch shalonndramarie

    I love Dawn,I am glad she is getting some recognition. Her perseverance is what is keeping her in the game. I hope she has continued success in 2010.

  • http://prettyisanunderstatement.blogspot.com The Joy Krystal

    i miss DK…..the shoot is nice… i just dont know how i’m feeling about Dawn.

  • http://www.speakfemme.blogspot.com Dari

    I want to like Dawn. But the hair has got to go. It does not suit her.

    And I wish I could be her stylist. She needs someone to get her back in the fashion game. She has been looking closer to a hot mess than hot. It’s a tragedy.

  • crsytal

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

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