Dirty Money’s Dawn Richards gets ultra glam for a high-fashion shoot with Paris’ Ghubar Magazine. Shot by Sarah McClogan, the former Danity Kane member has made a style 180, bringing back “Strictly Business” era Halle Berry with her short and manicured bowler cut. Dawn rocks a series of bodycon dresses styled by Ugo Mozie, with most looks committed to the coveted strong shoulder. We hope this stand-out shoot is a preview of coming attractions for Dawn. We need a solo album like yesterday!

What do you think of Dawn’s shoot? Which looks are you digging the most?


  1. I luv to hate Dawn. She’s my frenemy in my head. We were “friends” until she threw Danity Kane under the bus then had poor Aundrea following behind her like a lil puppy knowing full well she was joining Dirty Money.

    On subject, I like the “back shot” the dress looks like it i hawt! I am glad she is getting some shine though cause she ain’t gettin any being in Diddy’s group.

    • crsytal

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

  2. Dawn is so Fierce, Love the pics, My Fav is all but since I have to picone I love the full shot hands on the waist. It shows her perfect figure beautiful face. Love you Dawn. Thanks for posting the pics

  3. Dawn looks great! If her career in music doesn’t last long, she may definitely have a career in modeling. (She should keep this up, because you never know with Diddy, the way he lets groups go).

  4. talents there just not the look. I’ll stop there

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