Halle Berry will reportedly grace the cover of American Vogue’s most critical issue of the year, the September issue. According to Fashionista, reports are certain from sources inside Conde Nast. This will be Berry’s first cover, and the first time an African-American will cover the September issue since Naomi Campbell in 1989.

The 43-year-old actress joins a small group of African American women who have covered the magazine. Berry joins First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Hudson. Supermodel Beverly Johnson was the first African American woman ever to be on the cover.

People have already begun ramblings suggesting Berry is a safe choice for Vogue’s celebrated September issue. Other than her custody woes with her former beau Gabriel Aubry, reports are claiming the actress doesn’t have any exciting news to share with coveted readers.

On the contrary, the actress has the film “Nappily Ever After” scheduled for release this year. Not to mention, the famed actress would have released her latest fragrance ‘Reveal,’ in stores in August. Berry was awarded the ‘Fragrance of the Year, Women’s Popular Appeal’ on Thursday at the FiFi awards. More importantly, the actress is likely to open up about her latest failed relationship and motherhood.

Halle Berry is a Hollywood heavy-hitter and like any other Oscar-winning actress, a Vogue cover is a natural next step.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Halle Berry is a safe choice? Or are you excited Berry will finally cover Vogue?

  • Talia

    Even if it is a “safe” choice, I think it’s great one. Halle is an Oscar award winning actress and I think she definitely deserves the honor. She is also a very sweet person. I have met her twice and she is always kind and sweet to everyone around her. Very unusual to find in Los Angeles. Oh, and Beverly Johnson was not the first black woman on Vogue, it was Donyale Luna.

  • http://www.heyshae.com Shae

    Good for Halle, Vogue is a good look.

  • chillchic

    Every time I see her I start singing that stupid song. Anyway, she would be the prettiest woman to ever appear on the cover of Vogue. They are lucky to have her.

  • Keebo

    Good for her.

  • Fashion Historian

    Umm…Luna covered British Vogue, not U.S. Vogue.

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  • Kamika

    I would call her “safe,” but then again every black women they put on the cover is considered “safe” with the exception of Beyonce. Vogue likes black women who don’t come off too urban and have a large following. I say Beyonce isn’t necessarily safe because a large portion of her fan base is urban. But aside from that Beyonce has universal appeal that, in a sense, negates her urban side in the eyes of Vogue.

    Halle Barry is a nice choice and it’s great to see her short cut again.

  • Esperance

    I will probable purchase that issue I didn’t buy a vogue issue since Mobama cover… the one before with Liya Kebede…
    I’m narrow minded but I don’t care it’s my money I want them to see that I will buy their magazine only if I see someone I related to

  • Esperance


  • Akai*

    What are your thoughts? Do you think Halle Berry is a safe choice? Or are you excited Berry will finally cover Vogue?

    From Beverly Johnson to Campbell to Hayak to Lopez to Oprah to Hudson to the First Lady, I dig seeing inspiriting and beautiful women of color do big things.

    So I’m good with this and will buy/save as I did the all-black issue of Vogue Italia.

    I wanna ask why Halle is deemed a “safe choice,” but I’ve an idea why that is and don’t feel like calling out bullshit!

  • Hallefan

    Halle Berry is a brilliant choice due to the last few covers not being exciting. She will rock the September Issue.

  • Ally

    @ Fashion Historian…but it’s VOGUE nonetheless…US, UK, German, Italian, etc… Vogue est Vogue

  • http://www.styleondemand.com Style On Demand

    Good for Halle! The article states that she will “join” a small group of African American women – this is actually Halle’s second Vogue cover. She actually landed her first cover after her Oscar win. Regardless – always glad to see a beautiful black face on the cover.

  • isolde

    “This will be Berry’s first cover, ”

    No, it won’t. It’s her second American Vogue cover. Remember, Dec 2003? It’s Vanity Fair that Halle’s never covered solo.

    It is significant though because Halle will probably have been only the second black woman to cover the all important September issue, the first having been Kiara Kabukuru back in 1997 (I think).

  • isolde

    * no, I’m wrong. It wasn’t Kiara that was the last black woman on the cover of a September issue of American Vogue. It was Naomi, back in like 1989 or 1990 or something like that.

  • isolde

    You read my mind. Though, I wish I had read your comment before posting mine.

  • http://msn d.waitman

    Oh, black schmack……………..she is only a stunner to me.

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