Lauryn Hill rocked the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California last weekend. L-Boogie performed Fugee hits and tracks from her chart-topping ‘Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ solo album. We’re gagging over her voluminous blowout and retro track suit. But we’re wondering why every time summer hits, Lauryn speeds up her tracks (think BK summer 07′). We’re certainly grateful for a more visible Lauryn and hoping a new album isn’t too far behind.

What do you think about Lauryn’s performance? Are you feeling her new look?


  • Me27

    Her hair and outfit look crazy…but i like the performance.

    I don’t mind that the tracks are sped up, i think that’s done just to keep the crowd hype. Plus Lauryn really looks like she’s enjoying herself on stage.
    I’m glad to see she’s back out in the public eye and performing. I hope another album comes out soon!

  • educated

    YESSSSSS!! This is what we need. THis is what hip-hop needs back. I just cant stand some of these current rap artist out. Their FAKE, Lauryn was REAL. I just hope she keeps it up and comes out with a album. This is perfect timing for her because I dont think Nicki Minaj is going make classics that will bang 10 years from now. Shes just over rated like Drake. People really need to play attention to lyrics and not the bet or a chicks assets. Lauryn Hill, 2-Pac, Biggie were all GREAT lyricist. Todays music is sh*t and their not talking about anything.

  • Welcome Back Ms. Hill

    We’ll take the return of Lauryn, no matter what’s she’s choosing as her stage attire. Her presence, her energy, her lyrical brillance have been greatly missed. If she hits the stage draped in a burlap sack, we’ll just be glad she’s there doing her thing! And if she drops another album anything close to the quality of “Miseducation”, I don’t care if she shaves her head & rocks the house in her PJ’s. Just bring it, Ms. Hill:-)

  • Angelique Dyer

    Bless you Clutch Mag for posting this!! I miss Lauryn sooooooo much and so glad to see you back! Thanks!!

  • Aura

    OOo SO HAPPY to see her back!! please dear God let this woman release an album. I think it’d go platinum within one day- all us restless fans waiting for the return of someone realer than a bunch these cats out. But it’s good to see her increasing her visibility. I believe good things are coming our way! :-)! yay Lauren!!

  • Raina

    The reason why she is dressing crazy is because she does not want to be idolized in that fashion. She said in an interview that she saw she was being made into an idol for worship and she realizes what a dangerous thing idolatry can be (go back to your bibles). She purposely dresses crazy so no one will copy her. When she came out with the Fugees chicks everywhere (me included) tried to bite her style.

    With that said, I’m glad she is enjoying performing again. In the recent past she looked like she was in turmoil and performing for her fans was the last thing she wanted to do, but on this video she looks happy and sounds better than she ever has. I’m not paying to see Rock The Bells this year though because the ticket prices are ridiculous.

    Go Lauryn. Dress as crazy as you want but please make more music because the industry needs you.

  • Miss R.

    I agree with what has already been said. I’m also a Lauryn Hill fan for life.

    @Educated, so on point! I hardly (if ever) listen to new music these days. The newness (i.e. nonsense) is killing me.

    @Raina, I never knew that. That is very interesting as so many people in the public eye aspire to be worshiped.

  • Umm

    she sounds great but… that looks like a klanmaster outfit.

    im just sayin.

  • Guest

    Outfit Krazy… Hair .. (love it minus the dye) lauryn… still beautiful!

  • Kamika

    Her hair reminds me of Leela James and the outfit reminds me ShoNuff.

  • Furgersen7

    lauryn hill is amazing !!!! and she and her music will stand the test of time.

  • weezy f

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  • lilkunta

    Im excited. After 12 years is LH gonna finally give us a new cd. I and the whole world are waiting for it. Please Lauryn Hill. Please!

  • sloane

    i love this. she sounds great. it is kind of refreshing to know that there might be a method to her madness, in that she doesn’t want to be idolized for dressing fashionably, but there have also been rumors that she has been having psychological problems, so who knows what the real reasoning is behind the way she’s been dressing. i look forward to some new music from her.

  • PRB


  • Tiffany

    I think “gagging” is sort of a strong word, but I guess I am focusing on the music more? Glad she is making a comeback and I hope that she sticks around this time! Thank you for the post.

  • Minnie Brown

    I love the hair and the earrings!

  • Horizon

    @MInnie Brown and the rest of yall
    Yall know dam well Lauren look like she crawled out the molt from Crypticon or soemthing. She a cool singer, but she looking like a Star Wars extra with that hair and outfit. Bring me that luscious fugee lala back!

  • Minnie Brown

    LOL @ Horizon!! I don’t deny that she looks like what you say: I’m just saying the hair and earrings are nice! I do agree that she looks like something out of Star Wars.

  • Horizon

    yeah, its called darth vaders new arch-nemesis!

  • lilkunta(@ horizon)

    @horizon: You dont need eyes to enjoy good music & a gerat performance.

    If you follow LH you would know she became disillusioned with the msuc biz.
    Whhile she loved dressy sexy cute, it wasnt fun when she HAD too.
    That is why when we saw her a few years back she was dresses as a clown.

    & even here she proves that all coverd up, she stils rocls the mic.

    It was great bc she is great.

    Let bk try to be on her level. yes she can sing. But she steals song credits & dance moves.

    LH all day evey day!

  • Happiness

    Well, I have always been a Lauryn Hill fan from the Fugees days. Love her, love her!

    Went to see her at Brixton Academy back in the days and if she comes to London, I’ll certainly buy a ticket.

    I used to blast Lauryn Hill loud and write essays back in 1998/1999.

    Wish her nothing but the best.

  • lilkunta(@ happniess)

    @happiness: I agree. LH is perfect homework music. LH, India Arie, & Donnie (The Colored Secion) helped earn my BS.

  • Wanderer

    Don’t care what she looks like….we and our kids need her message now more than ever before. Lauryn, you are loved!

  • Niqs

    Lauryn could come out wearing a black bin liner and still pop style on the world. It really doesnt matter what she wears, its her mindest and lyrical content that really holds us in check..
    She is a phenomenal arist and deserves all the accolades she receives. Been a fan since Fugees, once a fan- always a fan..
    She is big on soo many levels, much as many female hiphop artists manage to make a strong name for themselves in the game. Lauryrn has done it in Hip Hop, Jazz, Rnb AND Reggae.. Its not any and anybody that can do that..
    She is big, im hoping we get a new album really soon,, in the meantime im still loving ‘Miseducation’ and the ‘MTV Unplugged ‘dvd she did.. they are timeless – thats the character of a real artist.. Gwarn Gal!!!

  • lilkunta(@ niqs)

    when was LH’s music jazz? does she have a jazz song?
    I’d lvoe to hear it. what is it called?

  • neosouless

    i think lauryn hill is beautiful and talented. but real? hill herself has admitted to not being “real”. she didn’t write or produce the tracks for “miseducation” but graciously accepted the accolades and never (to this day) acknowledged the “real” masterminds behind “miseducation”.

  • carla campbell

    I will take L’Boogie anyhow, anyway. I love her carefree and non structured style. BTW real talent does not require all the nudity ala Beyonce, Lady Gaga. Welcomeback Lauren.

  • Akai*

    Give me the old Fugee and Miseducation LBoogie.

    I don’t care what the reason is — there is no justifiction for going out one’s home (or geting up on stage) looking to’ down and Lauryn’s hair is a hot fried mess.

  • T Jones

    She’s clearly wearing a style from the early 80′s (as we all know that style has unfortuanley came back around)…and performers usually stick with the trend. But more importantly, I’m glad to see her and she do look like she’s enjoying herself and that’s the most important thing. I pray all is well with her and her family. Hope to see her in ATL soon performing…she’s a rare gem…..

  • lilkunta(2 neosouless)

    I feel LH is real in that she has/is messed up, like we all do.
    remember her lyirc “he fvcked up& u still defending him
    if he did then then he’ll prolly fvch agiain”…and lo & behold LH is still defending Rohan & having kids with him.She’s a sucker for love like we all are.

    Wrong. LH didnt do it ALONE but she did write & produce most f the cd. Gordon Williams ( the cd’s sound engineer & mixer) attested to this. What she did get from New Ark on was just 2 songs. LH & Sony HAVE acknowledgedtheir helo as subsequent pressings of the cd have new ark’s name on the cd.
    She is very talented.

    & that team that sued her, NEW ARK, where are they now? Exactly!

  • lilkunta(akai*)


    You must not like Questlove or Leela James then.

  • Kia Muze

    Yo. Why doesn’t anyone advertise this stuff? I woulda drove down to Santa Rosa to L-Boogie!! Damn. Turn your Light Down Low is my favorite!!!! She still sounds good….I don’t know what’s going on with the look but as many here have said, who cares as long as she is making music!

  • Laquita

    I agree with all those who stated that it doesn’t matter how she looks – she sounds wonderful and appears to be enjoying herself – thanks for posting this :o)

  • Natasha

    All the real LH fans KNOW that outfits and hair styles DO NOT MATTER in the grand scheme of things…..and that’s why we can relate to her.

    The sound and message combined are enough to give LH her props! YOU GO QUEEN…..

  • ProudWoman

    I’m so happy she is back : ) I love her! Lauryn please come back to California! We love you here!!!! Pls perform in SF!

  • Tracie

    LOL! Could not have said it better!

    *still laughing*

  • Tracie

    Interesting….but the kid got soul!

  • Natasha

    I concur!

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  • ShawnMackenzi

    I miss Lauryn. She will always be my all time favorite Singer and MC. Hands down! If she came back, I mean, REALLY came back, she would change the game for sure.



    As an artist myself, Lauryn Hill is amongst the greats for me…I pray one day, I can share a stage with her, I will always and forever admire her as and artist and as a human being. People always think that if you don’t write your own music you are not being real, but what they do not know is there are other writers out there that can write things that relate to your life. Just as we write music and it relates to yours, so if you perform our song does that make you fake…of course not!

    But Lauryn is a gift to the world with her talents and her consciousness to share with those who are lost and closed off, so world get ready, we got a rarity coming back on the scene…some authenticity…Those fake female hip hop artists get your pad and pen ready to take notes!

    Welcome back Lauryn Hill!

  • kimabe

    LOVE the hair…the outfit is where the problem is…having said that…she sounds amazing!

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