Lauryn Hill rocked the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California last weekend. L-Boogie performed Fugee hits and tracks from her chart-topping ‘Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ solo album. We’re gagging over her voluminous blowout and retro track suit. But we’re wondering why every time summer hits, Lauryn speeds up her tracks (think BK summer 07′). We’re certainly grateful for a more visible Lauryn and hoping a new album isn’t too far behind.

What do you think about Lauryn’s performance? Are you feeling her new look?



  1. Interesting….but the kid got soul!

  2. I miss Lauryn. She will always be my all time favorite Singer and MC. Hands down! If she came back, I mean, REALLY came back, she would change the game for sure.



    As an artist myself, Lauryn Hill is amongst the greats for me…I pray one day, I can share a stage with her, I will always and forever admire her as and artist and as a human being. People always think that if you don’t write your own music you are not being real, but what they do not know is there are other writers out there that can write things that relate to your life. Just as we write music and it relates to yours, so if you perform our song does that make you fake…of course not!

    But Lauryn is a gift to the world with her talents and her consciousness to share with those who are lost and closed off, so world get ready, we got a rarity coming back on the scene…some authenticity…Those fake female hip hop artists get your pad and pen ready to take notes!

    Welcome back Lauryn Hill!

  4. kimabe

    LOVE the hair…the outfit is where the problem is…having said that…she sounds amazing!

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