Mehcad Brooks Gets Sexy for GQ Magazine

by Clutch

Actor Mehcad Brooks takes it off for a steamy spread in the July issue of GQ magazine. In modest shorts short enough, the photographer let us in on exactly what we wanna see. Mehcad also lends his cut up body to Calvin Klein’s “X underwear” cinema campaign. Launched in March, you can see Mehcad’s “X” in mini briefs on CK’s website or have a peak below. The former “Desperate Housewives” and “True Blood” actor will star in ABC’s new documentary-style series “My Generation,” set to premiere this Fall. For now catch Mehcad in  “Just Wright” alongside Queen Latifah and Common.

*picks up bottom lip*

  • dvine

    goodness gracious.. !!!

  • Michelle Jamison

    wow…uh, yeah, wow

  • Tiffany W.

    Is that right…

  • Red

    Whew! I just lost my “whole” train of thought! ;)

  • Jolie

    Those are some very sexy photos!!!

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  • ProudWoman

    Love these pics!! BLACK LOVE!!! Well i know it is modeling..LOL

  • The Dangerous One

    Ladies, I wouldn’t get too hot and bothered, he doesn’t date black women.

  • BritDefine

    Oh my Lord Jesus Christ!! Yall I was looking at the pictures speechless and saw the video…and my mouth was wide open!!! man I wanna see lol.
    That body, that body, those bodies…too sexy. mmmmmm…

  • MissDiannaT

    Who cares if he only dates white girls. That man is damn fine! Picking jaw up now

  • Leslie

    Whoa – steamy pics on a steamy summer night!

  • Akai*

    Love, love, love the sexy poses but uuugh…dude is another one that goes right in the “bag” (cover his face) column.

    Brooks’ body is on point and I love his skin, but I don’t find him facially attractive in the least and his head is shaped funny.

  • Miss Jae

    That’s the story of my life…*sigh*…Still sexy as hell though!

  • Miss Jae

    Mmm…That pic of him looking up at the chick between her legs…DAMN!

  • Me27

    lol…I feel the same way. I never really found him “facially attractive” but i could stare at his body all d@mn day!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind that he doesn’t date black women because I don’t date black men. But would it kill them to photograph him just once with an unambiguously black women?

  • A Diva State of Mind


  • modern lady

    His body is bangin’!

  • Niko

    He has an interesting face, but an impeccable body…..

  • Isis

    lol. that doesn’t surprise me. oh well

  • hehe

    i’m sorry i can’t find him sexy with that face of his.

  • mar

    I do not think those pictures are appropriate at his stage of his career.

  • AKEELAnoB.

    oh geez. *fans self* he is some kind of SEXY. uggh *shivers* the finest man i’ve ever seen in my LIFE!! he’s hesitant to call himself sexy?? psshhh, i’ll do it for him!! oh man. i want him in the worst way..and he’s smart too? God knew what he was doing when he created this man. and let me tell you, I’M BLESSED at the sight of him.

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