Slim Thug Launches Verbal Attack on Black Women

by Geneva S. Thomas

Slim Thug can drink bleach.

Oh no, was that too harsh?

Well, that’s how I’m feeling after discovering how an artist whose southern rhythms I now regret blasting through my Brownstone window really feels about me.

Yep, it’s kind of safe to say Slim Thug’s recent words on Black women and relationships makes John Mayer look like a saint.

The rapper most known for his hit album Already Platinum and a feature on Beyonce’s ‘Check On It,’ all of which took place years ago spoke to Vibe about why its hard to trust a Black woman. Among the more insulting, degrading and just downright uneducated things that comes from the 29-year-old Houston rapper’s mouth is, “Black women have to bow down, start cooking and be down for they man more.”

Really Stayve Jerome Thomas? One question: How do the women in your family feel about your words? Oh, your weren’t referring to them, right?

There’s more.

“My girl is Black and White. I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit I say, so we make it. She just takes care of me and I like that.” He continues to half humiliate and half praise his half White girl. “She don’t be begging and I don’t gotta buy her all this crazy ass shit. And she’s a smart girl too. She graduated from Columbia and I like that about her so its cool.”

Next question: What does your biracial girlfriend think about your words? Oh, she probably speaks when you grant her permission to, right?

“White women treat they man like a king and Black women feel like they ain’t gotta do that shit. Black women need to stand by their man more.”

Somebody get Letoya Luckett on the phone.

You know, I could go into an analytical rebuttal calling out the overt misogyny, self-hating and unsubstantiated claims Slim Thug among loads of hurt and ignorant rappers have made. But I won’t. Because this is how they like to respond:


  • LaNeshe

    He should have just kept his mouth closed, and his fingers off the keyboard. I am appalled at his words.

  • South Loop Social Light

    I’m not worked up over Slim Thug’s comments. Many people share his sentiments, but just because someone doesn’t see the value in black women doesn’t mean we have to freak out. Did anyone even remember who he was before today? Better yet, who expected more out of him? He can barely put a sentence together so the women that he’s so easily dissing he really doesn’t deserve. He’s with who he wants to be with so the best to them… but why get up in arms that another black rapper has issues with black women. That’s his own personal damage…

  • alexis

    The House n*gga Malcolm X was talking about!

  • jasmine

    he is talking about a generational thing. what he doesn’t know that there are TONS of women in our generation who have i guess “lost the craft” of getting and keeping a man. we are the “me” generation with him being included with it. there is a value set that has become the norm. its materialistic and selfish. the whole “do you” and “life is too short” has become more like the rule and not the exception.Having assets doesn’t make you a quality man, but me being beautiful,passive,fit and always ready to concede to your ego/needs makes me quality. let me be the first to say that this man is not indicative of what i would call ” the modern man” or a “good man” he isn’t educated nor influential enough to get a rise out of me…just another fatherless man who grew up not truly realizing how to be a “real man”

    we need to learn how to compromise with each other, faults and all if we want to have successful relationships.

  • Amina

    Girlfriend, you have said it all. Who is Slim Thug and why should anyone grant him an audience? Anyone dumb enough to grossly generalize large, diverse groups of people need not be listened to.

  • zazu

    Not shocked. Linking this to the Kat Stacks article…how can you be surprised anymore. There is no value to women in “this” “community” anymore. Move up and out or get trampled. There are plenty living healthy lives that aren’t based on damaged racial sex gender lines.

    Like other have said why put value and importance in a guy I don’t even know personally or professionally?

  • Keebo

    That stupid vibe article is fear talking. Slim Thug is a loser who does not speak for all black man kind. If more women begin to make better choices, he knows that thugs and lazy guys like him will be shit out of luck. Keeping us in our place and debasing black women is his best route – You can’t control people who know their self worth.

    I get annoyed when jerks tell me that I should lower my standards to date them.(This is the method some black men use to ask me out.) I see them doing this to other black women and they fall for it!! Wake up ladies! Regardless of race, don’t encourage bad behavior from others. Slim Thug’s ish is some psychological “play on words” dumbo BS.

    Pure and simple, “Women Need to Stand By Their Good People More”. Some of these celebrities need to lay the pen down, place that soap box in the closet, shut up and use some of that energy for performing.

  • wow

    if slim thought he career was a rap before yesterday…he ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • aba

    Just ignorance ass ignorance.

    I’m tired of black men attacking black women as if we are ALWAYS the problem. Maybe we have high standards because we want someone who is on the same level as us, is actively working towards a goal like we are, cuz let’s face it, more black women are going to college now a days than black men…

    Even outside of those facts, I’ve seen sooo many black women stick by their man and as soon as their man gets a wiff of something else is QUICK to leave their woman…

    Idk, but I’m getting tired of the finger being pointed at black women as if we can’t do right no matter what, relationships are a TWO-way street period

  • Miss215

    There are sooo many things wrong with him. Just the downright obvious inarticulate , half ass attempts to form a sentence has me smdh. PURE F*CKERY!! But I can’t be too mad, I’d expect nothing less.

  • Terri

    Haha Slim Thug!!!! Really?! Really?! Dude you’re just mad that you and your whole lifestyle is not the epitome of what black women want. You had to go get you a mixed girl because you couldn’t handle brown sugar, its ok, its and acquired taste. Your words truly show you’re ignorance and “little boy” mentality. Because clearly you cannot handle a real woman and you need to have someone below you so that they can give you a boost in your man parts to make you even stand up straight as a man….Slim Thug go play in traffic.

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  • Elle Woods

    Funny ish. An illiterate grill wearing rapper is telling black women to lower their standards. What a prize this man is…insulting and degrading black and white women at the same time. His half becky can keep him.

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  • MissDiannaT

    I couldn’t have said it better myself

  • A Diva State of Mind

    Obviously he can’t handle a real black woman so he rather bash black women than admit that a real woman doesn’t want to be with him. Slim Thug go sit down!

  • Nichole

    @alexis, I could not have said it better!

  • Ciderkiss

    SMH! Slim Thugg is nothing to me so I don’t care.

  • City Kidd

    What Slim Thug is saying is just stereotypical crap. It’s like saying that Oriental girls are subservient and have just one thing on their mind (you know, the “geisha” idea). Women (and men too) of all races and other categories of people have their stereotype images but it ain’t true for ALL cases and it’s stupid to diss all women of any color like this. That’s just immaturity. Besides, his girl is HALF BLACK. I myself have some Native American blood, does that “make me ready to go on a warpath” ? Let’s use our heads OK? Cool people are cool, a fool is a fool.

  • Lo’rann

    Hmmm. Funny thing is, we didn’t want his tired behind anyways. Next!

  • Shermel B. Sherman

    I cannot take him seriously. In this picture, specifically, he looks like he may have some mental deficits. I just have to nod my head and say, “I am sure the other half of your “girl” and the mother who gave birth to your dumb ass agree with your statements wholeheartedly.”

  • Itsmeagain (and I went there)

    Everyday single day I get more and more signs that encourage me to study abroad. I need to get out of the cesspool that is (black) America. Sh*t’s ridiculous.

  • Bantu

    He more like Fat Thug…. No,no,no, Hefty Thug, Chubby Thug, Hefty Thug, Imma-need-you-to-miss-a-couple-of-meals- Thug. Anything but Slim Thug.

    Im sorry, I just had to go there. But yeah, he can kick rocks and Im going to keep being the beautiful, black princess I am. Mutha Sucka.

  • Bantu


  • Alexandra

    His response ended it there. Typical.

    “do all the shit I say” He disrespected his girl right there.
    I agree with South Loop. There are so many black men that say the same thing, so nobody should be surprised he said it. They need to grow bigger balls & stop making excuses. Its ok to like white people.
    Its such a broken record now; always the same story; Basically: white is right, black is wack. 50 yrs and going.

  • Casarae Gibson

    I’m still laughing at the fact that his girl graduated from Columbia and is dating him. Talk about settling….whoa!

  • Eve

    This is the kind of foolishness tearing Black relationships apart. And who the hell is he anyway? Did Letoya scorn you that badly? Dang.

  • Chill

    Unlike most of the other comments, I actually see where he is honestly coming from. He might not have articulated his thoughts in the way I am about to interpret them, but I completely understand. Black women, espcially since the early 1990′s, I feel have gotten this bravado sense of “independence” thinking that because they are a black women and in some senses of the word “independent”, the world owes them shit..and that they have completely disregarded the fact that they relationships are both ways.

    Black Men are man bashed sooo much that they don’t have time to deal with “independent’ black women who wanted to be waited on hand and foot while at the same time claiming they don’t need this and that. It’s frustrating, it’s contradictory, and it’s too much trouble. Black Women are very strong minded women, which is what I love about being a black women. But lately, there have been too many instances where we forget humble ourselves and still be that caretaker for our men. Not a mama’s boy type of thing, but just doing stuff for him just because. I’m not saying we dont do this already, and that men still dont take advantage of these act…but this is a reality Black women seem to skim over everytime a topic like this shows up. I dont know about the whole “my chick biracial: thing…

    but this new generation of high and mighty black women need to chill out, quit disecting every single little thing taking it as an insult…and actually try to understand where this man is coming from….the attacking him is what is detracting instead of attracting him to a strong, truly independent black women and going elsewhere.

  • Elle Woods

    You really need to CHILL the hell out with your nonsensical epistle! Oshi!

  • Yanna Beau

    point blank – you get what you give with black women. You don’t graduate from highschool – you don’t know how to act – you are hood and disrespectful, those are the only kinds of black women you will see. Who has time for that mess he is talking?? Time for black men to realize we ain’t falling for the okie dok and if they want to date other races more power to them, cause black women have been getting ours for some time now.

  • Jkid84

    Im really getting tired of black women taking the hit for all things wrong in black relationships !! There are PLENTY of women who stand by their man, but how long should we stand there? Who the hell is standing by us? And PLEASE stop comparing white women and black women !! No disrespect to them but just as with white men and black men, white women do NOT experience everything that we as women of color do.

    The line that really caught my eye was “..she still cooks and do all the shit I say..”. Is he serious? Lol. If I was her I would be insulted ! Sounds like slim thug has some security issues if your looking for a grown woman to “ all the shit you say”

  • Keebo

    Okay, I think I get what you’re saying: Black women think they’re too big for their britches. Thus,they should settle for mistreatment and be put in their place by “some” scorned black men (because black men in general have been bashed historically? Ohhh poor you! Compared to our black ancestors…you have it easy.).

    Sweetie, Go lay down somewhere and kick rocks. Lets come at it from the mere human perspective. Men and Women need to respect each other. Together – their environment. Making ALL black women the black man’s plight is not the way to go. When I hear black men bashing black women and vice versa, it’s unsettling because it speaks volumes about the basher – the negative kind.

    Date, befriend, be and love whomever you wish(it is your soul’s right) but don’t justify debasing others to get over the stigma/hurt/selfishness you’ve experienced – have some pride.

  • Keebo

    Sorry …”Therefore, they should settle…”

  • wickedwaze

    Sorry Chill, but I don’t believe black women should ever demote themselves to “second class citizenship” by waiting on our men. There is nothing wrong with reciprocal behaviors–he does nice things for you and you do nice things for him. But that is not our “job” just because we are women. And being an educated, independent black woman does not automatically mean she thinks the world owes her something. She is just intelligent enough not to put up with the bullshit, and she realizes her value. If a black man in incapable of appreciating her for the woman she is, and feels the need to degrade her in order to feel superior, then he is indeed “beneath” her. I believe in leaving your options open to men of other races in order to increase the size of the pool of intelligent men. Because if slim thug’s ignorant self-hatried is indicative of the mindset of many of our young men, then it’s time to widen that pool. Or else become a doormat.

  • secret ninja

    i actually want to thank Slim Thug. Thank you, Slim Thug, for reminding me of why my standards are so high. Thank you for reminding me that i need to keep my eyes WIDE OPEN for mongrels like you so i can walk right passed you. Thank you for letting me and everyone else know that it’s not me (one of many black women) it’s you (and dumb asses like you). Thank you for showing me what ROCK BOTTOM of the barrel looks like and why i don’t need to go near it let alone scrape it. Thank you for somehow revitalizing my hope that someone much, much better than you can and will find me. Thank you for the laugh, because, your faulty statements were really, really funny. Thank you. lhm…

  • EmpressDivine

    The silver lining in all this for me is that I will now have more space on my iPod after I delete all of this fool’s songs!

  • Zaza

    I’ve been reading the fool’s tweets,Miss Jia confonted him about his comments and he admitted that he’d never dated a white woman.
    How the hell does he know that they ‘treat men like kings’ then?
    Same old ‘white is right’slave mentality;what a pathetic excuse a of black man,are we are supposed to be sad that he doesn’t ‘want’ us?Hahaha
    If his girl has any self respect(dating a grown man called ‘Slim Thug;I don’t know)she’ll leave a man who’s only with her for her supposed servant white side and can’t ‘trust’ her ‘black side’.Ugh.

    A blog said;’it seems 2010 is the year to criticize black women for publicity’.How true.
    This is gonna bite him in the ass for a long time.I read what he said and checked my music library,the only song he came up on was Clipse’s ‘Wamp Wamp’ and I love it,but deleted it cause hearing it will just remind me and piss me off now.Bet the majority of his buying fans were black women;CAREER FAIL!
    After this has died down,Slim Thug has just got EVEN more irrelevant.Bye fool.

  • LordHelpUs

    The key word here is misogony (sp?). Men who hate women. Ladies, the last two generation of men grew up with no fathers. They don’t know how to be men, so they expect women to be their mothers. They have an entitlement attitude that sees women as vaginas and non-entities. You are here for their purposes only. They want a kingdom, but don’t know how to be a king.

    What many of the Slim Thugs of the world don’t understand is that they need some self-actualization. They need to see their issues (which they refuse to do so they blame everyone else for their lack) instead of dealing with themselves. Black men have a lot to work on, so I would suggest those complaining about black women should take that energy and start talking to the lost brothers out there who cannot keep their asses out of prison or the unemployment line. Wake up and smell the coffee. NO ONE OWES YOU A THING UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE IT YOURSELF!

  • omg

    for one month, i’d like to see clutch become an area free from reprints or supposedly original articles that attack and demean black women in some way.

    i’ve been coming to this site for a couple of months now, and it’s always the same feature story about how black women ain’t nothin, according to others and what black women need to do to “improve” themselves or what they are doing wrong.

    whether you realize it or not, you contribute to the negativity by repeatedly “reporting,” uh fanning, this crap for incessant comment.

  • Zaza

    I was about to say what you did.But thought about it,and in reality if people like Slim Thug made comments like this,and no-one responded and stood up for black women,that’s just okaying it.

    I wish it did,but ignoring doesn’t work.People like Slim Thug need to be told that demeaning and bashing black women for sport and publicity is not okay and it’s
    not just going to be taken lying down.He might have internalized his self-hate,but we don’t need to by letting comments like this go unchallenged.

    I do agree though that respond to it once,then move on.We don’t need further analysis articles and publicity given to this Slim Fool by Clutch,Clutch has better things to be writing about ha!

  • Treez

    Hey ladies, I just want you to say keep your heads up. Slim Thug is what you find at the bottom of a pot of burn grits…no matter how much you scrub, that ish won’t get out the pot! It’s really a shame what’s happened to the men in our community…lack of education, lack of a father and lack of unity has produced this mess of a man (I use the term loosely). Black women don’t stop doing you…it’s black men that need to get our act together. You support us, you care for us, give us life, and all this no good, worthless, pig of a man can do is insult you, I would say I feel sorry for you ladies, but I hope y’all know better than to be concerned about this bama…

    Btw Slim, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to return the bentley, the chains and file for foreclosure…your career’s OVA!

  • dia

    that unflattering pic and that first line had me rollin… guess what slim black women dont want you either. always something stupid coming out of someones mouth, why tear others down for what you choose to do? i wonder what he thinks of his mother

  • Zaza

    @Treez- and for my part I can say that black women aren’t perfect,some do the Chilli unrealistic ‘list for a perfect man’ thing.But most just expect a decent man.There are black women who have nothing good to say about black men and black men who have nothing good to say about black women,and in the end this bashing helps no one,it just further divides us.Both sides have positives and negatives,there are plenty of decent black men and black women out there,sometimes all the internet drama,’studies’,’statistics’ on black relationships and crap make people forget that.

    Ha, if only there was some way to record all of the deleted Slim Thug tracks today lol.

  • daphne

    Standing Ovation!

  • Zaza


  • Miss Jae

    Miss Jia is the truth! Love her website! (

  • Mason

    You try to understand a man called Thugg…I choose not to care.

  • Mason

    It is just a game men use to try to control women.

  • FilmedByB

    My biggest gripe is the major discrepency in (black) gender expectations when it comes to “attitude.” Black men have gotten away with complaining about and co-signing stereotypes about black women’s supposed bad attitudes while their own stank attitudes have gone unchecked and unaddressed. It’s been a PR war campaign that I must admit black women have seemed to forfeit. Watching VH1′s newest reality exploit Dad Camp and seeing the horrible temperament of the sole black expectant father towards the (white) mother of his unborn child highlights the ways in which if black men are put off by black women’s alleged bad attitudes it’s b/c as the saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt.” I’ve been reading other MB comentary on Slim Thug’s comments and almost every black male commentor agrees with at least some of his racist/misogynistic views.

    Yet for every Naomi Campell-caliber temper tantrum black men can point to as evidence of a larger, deeper and cultural problem unique to black women: they ignore Kanye West’s constant ‘roid rage-like bad behavior when he doesn’t get his way. Let’s not forget: Isaiah Washington, Terrell Owens and Barry Bonds among others who represent NWAs in every sense of the phrase. And every black woman has a personal anecdote about meeting the wrath of a black man’s temper. I’m one of the half-fortunate black girls who had my dad present in the household. But it was half-fortunate b/c he wasn’t there emotionally and even wreaked havoc in other ways. I can remember when he’d be in his usual bad moods and my mother would try to console him w/ a back rub or kiss and he’d all but hit her for even daring to make him feel better. One of the few black male teachers in my secondary schooling years would toss chairs across the room or against the wall when he couldn’t get us to pay attention. And passive-aggressive black men are the worst; I won’t even go there about a former black male manager of mine and his BS.

    I’m just shocked when some black men with no sense of irony can get away with trying to lecture black women on congeniality. When some of these ninjas make The Boondock’s Huey Freeman look like an offspring of Mr. Rogers. Really?! I think black men are just angry with themselves b/c the reality is as Jesse Jackson infamously once said: he’d cross the street if he ever saw a bunch of young black men walking towards him at night. Black men are their own worst enemy and black women are just collateral damage. Black men can’t even be civil towards each other hence the high BM-on-BM homicide rates much less be civil towards their female counterparts. At the end of the day, I’ve never heard a nightly news report about a black woman pulling out a gun and killing a black man for looking at her the wrong way. God bless some of our brothas.

  • P. Mayonnaise

    lmao! exactly.

  • erinlori

    excuse my french but fuck him. Not all white women bow down to their men. Women as a whole are standig up for themselves. He is just a scared little boy and the woman who he is dating is being abused. She needs to get some help and should be informed that slavery is over. I am sure his mother cussed him out when she called him.

  • fr

    I am going to go with my husband and say the women he thinks are supportive of him are actually supportive of his wallet.

  • NaturallyNikki

    Slim Thug can KICK ROCKS and drink bleach. Obviously he’s an idiot. Did he really feel the need to comment on how his ‘girl’ has a degree … Hell it doesn’t have his name on it so why does that matter to anyone but her. And why don’t you wife her if she’s so great. Now that I’ve given up the ‘N’Word .. I’ll just call him a NINJA!

  • fr

    I also want to add another thing, Black women need to put their money where their mouth is. I will not buy, download, watch any video from this man or ANY artist that talks down on black women…period. I have enough self respect to know that if you don’t like me, my time, money and etc. won’t be going to you either.

    Second, these men are blaming black women for the decisions THEY made. I can’t help you were chasing strippers in the club and trying to wife them. News flash: as much as we want to believe all black women are like this or like that, THEY ARE NOT the same. Maybe Slim should have been trying to wife highly intelligent women who are educated and love to take care of their men. But NOOOOo, he chases half ass women and think they speak for the whole.

    Also I am getting the impression that these men really think they are doing black women a favor by disrespecting them then saying that we need to take what we can get. This leaves me to think SOME black men don’t think much of black women,therefore this leaves them feeling “How DARE you ask for better treatment”SMH!

  • Tracie


  • Tracie

    Ignorant! When he make another album then he can say something, other than that he needs to shut up and READ A BOOK.

  • Tracie


  • Tracie


  • he look re-ta-did

    can i take him serious? it looks like the public education system failed him. in a language he can understand “dis boi be lookin re-ta-did”

  • ella

    Nikki Hasselbrath is a pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders. I’m sure there’s a good reason she’s with this fool. At some point I hope she puts the Columbia degree to better use.

  • newinsight

    First off – the white girls can have him! This idiot is a waste of space. Eventually everyone is going to forget his name, and he is going to have to do reality tv shows just to get money, because he is the definition of a uneducated black man.

    Second off- Why the hell is a Columbia graduate going out with Slim Thug….because of his money?! That is the only thing that makes sense.

    Black men who ONLY go out with white or non-black women do so because they feel like they are more in control. They know they can easily manipulate them and get what they want because they are “strong” big black men, or so they think they are.

    Dont be mad at black women for having a back bone, and actually have minds of our own. Why should I have to settle for some idiot like this. Dont get it twisted, Im not asking for all the expensive things, but if you dont have your life in order, why the hell would you approach me you worthless being.

    And while there’s nothing wrong with cooking and keeping your house clean, I do NOT want a man, that considers these qualities he wants in his partner.

    Where are the black men, that love black women, and dress their age?! I would rather hear from them!

  • Clnmike

    From a business stand point you would think that artists who hold these opinions would want to keep their opinions to themselves just so they can keep getting the money from the women their throwing under the bus. So I guess the issue is either really important to them or they are real slow with it. Wesely Snipes said the same thing in an Ebony interview, Halle Berry said had her own gripes about black men, it’s getting comical at this point. But better they speak their minds then hold these views and keep getting paid from the same people there taking a leak on. Question is will people stop supporting them once the word gets out, I doubt it.

  • Titan

    Slim who?

  • jaidevivre

    LOL, PUH-LEEZE say that again! Who effing cares? I’m FROM Texas and I only halfway knew who this kid was before this nonsense. I don’t take relationship advice from Steve Harvey and I bet I won’t take it from “an illiterate grill wearing rapper!” I’LL drink bleach before my standards get that low…

  • Lavish

    Slim Thug commneted “I don’t GOTTA”?
    I rest my case your honor.

  • MiMiLatte

    I do understand what you’re saying, and if you’re trying to make the point that Black women need to humble themselves and stop acting as if they don’t need a man then I agree. Not to say that Black women need a man, because we clearly don’t BUT (right or wrong) in order to keep a man he has to feel needed. AND its some of our extreme attitudes about independence that have gotten us into this situation (the mired relations btwn Black men and women) But I digress…

    The problem with Slim Thug’s comments are that he made it seem like all of his gf’s positive attributes are from her “white” side. That’s what I find offensive. We’ve (black women) heard the stereotype he’s perpetuating a billion times before and we will hear it a billion more. However, if he has a daughter he should have considered what message his comments would send specifically to her. And if not I’m sure he has some cousins, nieces, aunties, etc who don’t need to be hearing that crap either.

    Money or not, Slim Thug is not someone I would try want date. I don’t need him to be impressed with me as a Black woman, and if he’s happy that’s grand. But the positive things that he likes about his girl don’t come from her “white” side, they come from her multi-faceted character developed from being a woman of COLOR.

  • BritDefine

    Women and men of all races all over Clutch who will be reading this: who gives a heck what this Fat Slob and waste, yes waste, of a wanna-be hardcore rapper Slim Thug has to say about anyone? Yet alone black women? I wonder how he feels about his mother, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers that are black…because Lord knows that his ugly self is not biracial…just saying!

  • James

    Pictures——-of Black men that date outside their race

    Look at this

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  • Lavish

    @ James. thanks for the link
    Don Cornelius and his”wife” with the fake boobs all out. Ridiculous!!!!!

  • Akai*

    “I guess the half white in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit I say…” — The Illustrious, Intelligent and Articulate Slim Thug

    That’s right. All of us ½ white females are obedient and know to stay in our lane, play our position, cook and serve. (waaahaahaahaahaahaa)

    And “be down for they man,” “do all the shit I say,” “she don’t be begging” and “I don’t gotta buy her”??? Obviously Slim was a “child left behind” by the school system in George Bush’s home state.

    Who wants a selfish ***** because not once…not one time…did Slim say a word about what he does for his girlfriend or mention things she likes or needs. Dude is the bottom of the trash heap so I found this piece pure comedy and saw no reason anyone should get upset over an ignoramus disparaging his girlfriend and basically slamming women of all races. On the other hand, I was talking to one of my BFFs; she is dark and uber-gorgeous and, in listening to her, I began to see how words like these (even if they come from the mouths of idiots) can still sting at times.

    Yung Turd Berg: “Like, I’m kinda racist. …I’on really like dark butts too much. …You know how, like, women, like, some women prefer, like, light-skinned men. …like, it’s rare that I do dark butts…”

    Ne-Yo: “All the prettiest kids is light-skinned anyway.”

    Bobby Valentino: “She’s a redbone. Ain’t nothing like them redbones…she’s got that good grade of hair.”

    Kevin Hart: “Light-skinned women usually have better credit than dark-skinned women. Broke ass dark hos.”

    How is it possible to be this dumb? Who does this? These guys fancy themselves entertainers and their bread ‘n butter are female listeners so who opens their mouth to utter pure stupidity, offend a portion of their fan-base, and fuck up their own money? And why is it often busted unattractive dudes that are short (Valentino), bald (Ne-Yo), fat or look like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh (Yung Berg) coming out their faces like this?

  • CrAZy5470

    what a f**king moron this is why black women get treated like crap. If anything black women work the hardest because we have the endurance for it. Why are we as black people so racist amongst ourselves…

  • Akai*

    More profound pearls of wisdom, this time from Polow Da Don:

    “White women are raised to respect and serve their men. Black women are taught to question [their men]. Black women look at submission as being weak. White women look at submission as being a woman. And anyone who has a problem with this statement is ignorant. Just look at the divine order: it goes God, man, woman, child.”

  • thinkpink

    So true omg. I’m getting close to no longer coming to this site because there is always some report on “black women hating”. It’s getting redundant and it contributes to the overall problem.

  • thinkpink

    What really gets me is that Slim Thug said “Successful black men are becoming kind of extinct” and I have yet to see one black male comment on it. They are so busy stereotyping all black females that they’re missing the part where he made a blatantly disparaging comment about black men. Why aren’t black men reading that and seeing it as an insult to them? I’m also confused by black men who claim to love dating white women but in the same breath focus energy on lowering the self esteem of the black women they aren’t with. If you are so happy in your interracial relationship than why are you worried about me and what I’m doing? It seems that many black men thought the single black female phenomena would scare us into a desperate frenzy to take whatever we could get in the dating pool. It’s not working and what seems to be occurring now is a “break the black woman at any expense” trend. It seems to be a desperate ploy to get us to lower our standards so they can date us while investing as little as possible in a relationship.

    ***Ladies if they didn’t want us they wouldn’t be talking about us so I’m beginning to wonder whats really at the root of all this.

  • Lish

    Today I am going to have to agree with you…Well said! lol

  • Lish


  • Lish

    I love Clutch & Dede but you do have a point. I hope you guys are putting that in your weekly surverys that the mag sends out.

  • Nikki Darling

    It’s funny how articles/postings that are negative get the most comments, and stories that are positive receive very few comments. Every week there are positive articles, but u women that complain choose to post on the articles u deem negative. Clutch is just reporting the current events. I swear y’all are never satisfied, with black women, damn if you do damn if you don’t.

  • Dede

    Hi OMG, Zaza and Lish –

    Thanks so much for your comments. At Clutch our goal is to report on topics not only that are going on but issues that we as young black women are facing. As the founder – I honestly don’t see (and wouldn’t approve!) women bashing articles from Clutch writers – what I do see is articles asking sisters to be supportive, creative, intelligent and positive – as well as aiding in our mental growth.

    As far as feeling that Clutch is so negative that you don’t want to come to the site anymore – that is truly your choice – but we are a small group of writers trying to come up with and report on topics that we know Black women want to hear and read about – as well as have a community of like minded women and men to discuss them with.
    I am also disappointed that every week – people flock to articles that deal with topics like this – when we have at least 2-3 articles that are not aimed at current events or “hot topics”.

    I also ask while you are making comments about what Clutch needs to do – you should email us and let us know what topics and issues you would like for us to cover. And I am not even sure if that will work – cause we do that and no one reads or comments on articles like that – well it might warrant 10 – 15 comments (look at the archives). But, we still do those type of articles daily/weekly.

    At this point – all I can say is join the Readers Panel.


    [email protected]

  • Black Bot

    *Wonders why I should be concerned about the statements from someone who cannot even speak English.*

  • Pingback: To Slim Thug « Yo Cellie

  • Sophie

    I agree with you 100%.

  • Jen


    I absolutely agree with you. I told my fiance’ the same thing when I read this foolishness earlier today. WHY IN THE HELL IS THE BLACK MAN CONSTANTLY TRYING TO PUT DOWN THE BLACK WOMAN????????? IF YA’LL MOFO’S ARE SO HAPPY WITH YOUR WHITE WOMEN, LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE. STOP TALKING ABOUT US ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF BLACK MEN ARE TRULY HAPPY WITH THEIR WHITE WOMEN, THEY WOULDN’T HAVE TO KEEP VALIDATING IT FOR US ALL THE TIME. I can’t help but wonder why they keep explaining themselves to us. Who are they trying to convince? Quite frankly, I don’t give frog legs what race of girl you choose to date. DO YOU. I do care when you try to demean me and my heritage in the process. Because this conversation comes up in the media every few months, I’m beginning to think that black men DO feel as if they are selling out their race somehow…..

    Look Slim, It’s OK if you prefer to date lighter skinned women over darker skinned women. That’s YO muther f’n business. Do what you want to do. However, CAN YOU PLEASE REFRAIN FROM BERATING BLACK WOMEN IN THE PROCESS? You live your life the way you want. Black women do not care! But we WILL speak out against you and hold you accountable for your words. Believe that! YOU WILL NOT SAY BS LIKE THIS AND EXPECT US TO BUY YOUR ALBUM OR ANYONE ELSE’S ALBUM YOU ARE ON FOR THAT MATTER. I have told my fiance’ whom is black man by the way that he will not play any cd that you are on while he’s around me. HE AGREED and called you an idiot.

    I feel bad for slimthug’s girl. She gotta be an idiot if she stays with you after you’ve publicly humiliated her and her entire family. CAN YA’LL IMAGINE WHAT HER FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE SAYING ABOUT HER AFTER READING SLIM’S DEROGATORY COMMENTS? Slimthug managed to insult his girlfriend’s ENTIRE existence by his comments. “She does what I say so we make it.” WTF? I want clarification on that remark. He never once said what he does for her. HE IS JUST THANKFUL SHE HAS SET HER STANDARDS SO LOW AS TO BE WITH HIM. HE IS THANKFUL THAT SHE DOESN’T REQUIRE MUCH OF HIM. YOU’RE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND B/C SHE “DOES WHAT YOU SAY???” Not to mention his brother’s white girlfriend,now she and her family looking sideways too,…..Summed up….Thank you white woman for not having standards and choosing to date me. Thank goodness I don’t have to work on being a better person to date a black girl…

    LASTLY, I AM SOOOO F’N SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THESE CELEBRITIES WHO ARE SAYING, “I DIDN’T SIGN UP TO BE NOBODY’S ROLE MODEL.” LOOK! LIKE OR NOT WHEN YOU SIGNED UP TO BE A CELEBRITY, YOU BECAME A ROLE MODEL TO KIDS. (period) THERE’S NO WAY AROUND IT. IF KIDS LOOK UP TO YOU THAT IS NOT A SIGN OF BAD PARENTING. THAT IS JUST WHAT KIDS DO!!! LIKE IT OR NOT, KIDS WILL BE INFLUENCED BY YOU (PERIOD) THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT. My parents have been married for almost 40 years and they are exemplary parents. All 3 of my siblings i and we all graduated from college and are working on advanced degrees. Yet, regardless of their great parenting, I still wanted braids like Brandy’s and blonde hair like Beyonce’.

    Slimthug, I am praying for you…and I do sincerely hope that you work out your deeply-rooted psychological issues… and stop blaming black women for your messed up psyche

  • Dot

    Gotta admit…it sorta hurts!!

  • Zaza

    Pictures of black men who date within their race:

    Great site,take a look around the ‘wives’ sections.Interracial couples will naturally stand out more,the media attention on them makes people forget there are still plenty of black men,including in Sport and Music,who are in relationships with black women.

  • Naomi

    It’s dumb shit like this that really make me angry… As a black woman I have nothing against a black man wanting to date out side his race but when they want to add insult to injury and try to belittle black women…?!!! I don’t think so… BLACK MEN CAME FROM BLACK WOMEN!!!! They need to remember that! To all those non-black women that have these black men… KEEP THEM!! COS THEY ARE A DISGRACE TO OUR RACE AND WE DO NOT WANT THEM!!! And when they have a mix-raced daughter and the white man sees them as BLACK, I sure hope he can support her in the difficulties she will face with putting up with black ass-holes such as her father.

  • Naomi

    It’s dumb S*** like this that really make me angry… As a black woman I have nothing against a black man wanting to date out side his race but when they want to add insult to injury and try to belittle black women…?!!! I don’t think so… BLACK MEN CAME FROM BLACK WOMEN!!!! They need to remember that! To all those non-black women that have these black men… KEEP THEM!! COS THEY ARE A DISGRACE TO OUR RACE AND WE DO NOT WANT THEM!!! And when they have a mix-raced daughter and the white man sees them as BLACK, I sure hope he can support her in the difficulties she will face with putting up with black a**holes such as her father.

  • de

    I really think we are giving this idiot and many like him so much power. We need to not listen to their music. I mean if we look at it, I can applude other races of people for black ballling someone they think has attacked them. Not us, we stick by them through thick and thin and then get mad when they slap the crap out of us. Money speaks, not yelling, screaming, and hollering. STOP supporting these artists any way you can. Don’t even the read the magazines they are in, or watch the channels they are in…PERIOD. I won’t.
    If you don’t want to look at me, I damn sure don’t want to look at you(and my money don’t either).

  • Wiliam

    Yo Slim dog you keep putting black women down all I got to say is you don’t know what you are missing but then again less competition for me. I love black women to bits as a matter of fact I just helped a Tyra banks lookalike with her shopping the only thing that saved her was the ring on her finger I was getting ready to take her number put I tell you if her man keeps letting that girl loose with the shopping she would soon be carrying my baby.If you are reading this I would give you a bigger ring and you may not like this but hey lifes a bitch, I would not let you out of my sight.

  • black and beautiful

    well thats not true but if that what hes feelin i cant knock him but i am a 20 year old black woman who can take care of me and a real black men i cook i clean i have my head on right i have class and respect for myself and takes a real men to see that and it dont matter if its black white asian latino a real men is a real men and they come and all sizes and different rasict and same goes for woman but me ima be there for my men im jus not bout to let him come at me stupid and somethings a man could do for they self and when i dont need a dude doin for me i could do for myself so u cant judge all black woman for the way some black woman carry they self

  • BlackCowboyBurt1953

    If this character(of whom I’m unaware;I’m a Country,heavy metal and garage rock fan who
    HATES [C)rap!!!)hd said black women should drop about 150 lb. from their fat a**es,
    lose their b***hy attitudes,and generally learned to respect us black lads,I’d agree 100%,but this a**-clown thinks black women should kow-tow to him as if he’s a king or their master.WHAT AN IGNORANT PIECE OF WORK!!!

  • Lavish

    Didn’t know those comments were made from these “actors” “singers”comedians. I am not surprised though

  • Mason

    Gary Coleman’s wife is free thuggie…she is just your type.

  • Pingback: Side-eye of the week: Slim Thug « The Accidental Natural

  • 3Dolls

    I am disappointed in him. He cannot fault a Black woman for having ambition, seizing opportunites, and expecting our male counterparts to do the same. The topic of us being “down” is getting really old. How about they start being “down” for us? Maybe he’s been hurt by a Black woman before or met some living proof of some of those stereotypes that he talks about, but that does not give him the right to categorize us all!

  • D_Nice

    Hear! Hear!

  • Akai*

    James wrote: “Pictures——-of Black men that date outside their race. Look at this.

    And? Why anyone would concern themselves with who other people date is beyond all rhyme and reason. Hell, unless someone has a thang for idiots, I especially will never understand why anyone would catch feelings over the rants of obvious ignoramuses that insist their girlfriends cook for them because they’re ½ white.

    It’s just as easy to find lists and pictures of high profile and regular WM/BW couples — which I read somewhere is one of the fastest growing pairings.

    WM & BW
    WM & BW2

  • Jared

    Actually no, I noticed what Slim thugga said about black men. I quite honestly….just dont give a f**k about what he says. Is Slim Thug a relationship expert? Counselor? No, he just some nigga with a opinion, messed up as it may be.

    I think black women need to stop gravitating towards every negative thing they see…Plenty of men have written books about why Black women are beautiful, etc. But those dont get any press. Just becuz Slim Thug has a little money, doesnt mean his opinion is worth more than toilet paper.

    This is coming from a black man who, tho I have had some bad experiences with them, still loves black women :-)

  • Michelle Jamison

    How is it possible to be this dumb? Who does this? These guys fancy themselves entertainers and their bread ‘n butter are female listeners so who opens their mouth to utter pure stupidity, offend a portion of their fan-base, and fuck up their own money? And why is it often busted unattractive dudes that are short (Valentino), bald (Ne-Yo), fat or look like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh (Yung Berg) coming out their faces like this?

    In my opinion, these entertainers have become way too comfortable with the factors that is associated with fame (groupies, large amounts of money, suck-ups, etc.) and think their actions (for example, expressing their opinion) do not have any type of consequences.

    Or, it could be that they’re just a bunch of idiots…

  • Michelle Jamison

    I had totally forgotten about that gem of wisdom…

  • Nikki Lew

    but actually, on the real, whooo cares what Slim Thug has to say? his rhymes is like dr. suess books on some ab ab ba ba rhyme scheme.

    lol but on an even more real note: he goes IN on the state of black hetero relationships and how they have becomes EXTREMELY transactional based on what is exchanged rather than what is built. (Insert critique of… See More messages in mainstream hip-hop here)

    The women he ACTUALLY degrades in this is WHITE women–he painted a pretty picture of the white side of his gf as submissive and subservient.

    Read: “I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it. She just takes care of me and I like that.”

    Really Slim Thug? All the shit that you say. well, if you say so.

    so black women: sit down. shut up. and pay off your credit card bills. for real.

  • binky

    I take Slim Thug with a grain of salt, I view his statement in the same context of John Meyer and all the other media outlet and men who said something generalizing black women as a hold and degrade us…my thought pattern is SCREW THEM. Trust, these men are the last men on earth for every asshole they are great guys who think the opposite so I won’t be loosing any sleep over this b*tch. Personally, I don’t care what he says because he is just another ignorant, self hater who needs to do some reflection of his inner soul and person. If he feels that way about black women, then what do he feel about his mother, aunts, sisters(if he have them), etc. Screw him ladies, don’t get mad about what he said, I find that as a blessing so black women can skip this loser and don’t line his pockets with money by buying his music

  • jay

    we care why???! why are we giving this trash so much attention?

  • Chani B.

    Thanks for the additional info Akai*. This is part of the reason why I rarely go and buy music these days. I will NOT spend my $12.99 on some of these artists, especially the males that want to degrade black women through their music or by making idiotic comments. As far as Kevin Hart is concerned, he is no longer supported by me. We’ll see whose laughing when their careers are no longer revived. I think Yung Berg can attest to that.

    R.I.P to your career fellas!!


  • Chani B.


  • Akai*

    I’ve a message for Slim Thug’s girlfriend and it comes from the biggest wanksta of all (him):

    “You need to stop playing ’round with all the clowns and them wankstas.” – Slim Thug (Beyoncé, Check On It)

  • Jay

    This is what the media loves. You can always find some inconsequential black man or woman who will slam the other half of the race and like Pavlov’s dog we will react. Just sit back and watch the gullible one’s of us go in on each other. Let’s be better than this Black people.

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  • http://yahoo Becca

    My sentiments exactly!! Some black so called men have too much slave mentality baggage and not enough man training to overcome their insecurities. It is better to find a scape-goat the black woman rather than change into a better character of what a Capital MAN is. What has happened is Rapping thugs are setting the trend for black male identity. Many are trying to ride off of Our President’s Gender and ethnic color coat-tails. However, they’re just deluding themselves. A man is as tall as his deeds. In many situations with the thug mentality their deeds and behavior are self-hating and destructive. Black women are secure with themselves and many I know are not with a black man nor want one. Can you blame them.

  • DSweetone

    Really?!!!! That’s how you feel?!! I’ll be glad when people start losing the stereotypical bullsh!@ and begin to think outside the box. If all you know is the same ole ole then that’s all you will get. I’m so sick of these cop-outs because these people don’t want to be decent respecting mates to someone. Miss me w with the crapola!!!

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