While South Africa celebrates the World Cup, the nation is still plagued by increasing rape rates. A 2009 report by South Africa’s Medical Research Council revealed 28 percent of men raped a grown woman or girl, with one in 20 stating they raped a female in the past year, according to the Human Rights Watch.

CNN reports Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, a South African doctor developed “Rape-aXe,” a female condom with ‘teeth.”

The jagged rows of teeth-like hooks line the inside of the latex condom and will attach on a man’s penis during penetration.

Dr. Ehlers, a medical researcher says the condom is inserted into a woman like a tampon and will trap to a rapist’s gentiles until authorities come to detain the man–the device has to be removed by a physician. Ehlers says the condom hurts the rapist, he cannot walk or urinate and if he tries to move, the device will clasp tigher.

Ehlers consulted with engineers, gynecologists and psychologists to help make the design and to be sure it’s safe. She even visited prisons to interview convicted rapists asking them if the device would make them rethink raping women again.

The doctor plans to distribute 30,000 free devices to women during the World Cup festivities. After the trail period, the condoms will be available for $2–7 ZAR in the South African Rand.

“Rape-aXe” already has a slew of critics.

Victoria Kajja, a fellow for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Uganda tells CNN, “The fears surrounding the victim, the act of wearing the condom in anticipation of being assaulted all represent enslavement that no woman should be subjected to.” Kajja says “Rape-aXe” constantly reminds the victim of their vulnerability.

Other medical insiders unsure about the effects of the device claims it opens the victim up for more violence. The perpetrator could begin to further abuse the woman with physical violence, like hitting her to loose himself of the condom’s hold.

Some critics even call Dr. Ehlers’ device medieval. To that she states, “Yes, my device may be a medieval, but it’s for a medieval deed that has been around for decades. She tells CNN, “I believe something’s got to be done…and this will make some men rethink before they assault a woman.”

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What do you think about “Rape-aXe?” Do you think it could be effective or dangerous?

  • Horizon

    WTH! Can they be that serious?

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com clnmike

    I liked the idea right up till it said it will trap a man inside a woman till the police gets thier. I cant imagine any woman would want to have a rapist stuck inside them till the cops get there. Thats just not a good idea, now if they made it were the thing had like a dye that stained the dude so he can be caught later that might work. But the whole thing just seems silly, maybe more time on addressing the issues that lead men to rape women and educating women on how to protect themselves would be better. 28% is outrageous.

  • Kenya

    I think it’s a good idea. They want to catch these people who are doing this to these poor girls. I mean yeah its akward being trapped with a rapist inside of you but alteast he can’t get away to do it to another girl. It is a big problem in Africa & they need to do whatever to solve it.

  • CAramelBeauty

    im confused…i thought it was similar to a tampon..once it latches on doesn’t it automatically slip out of the woman’s body but stay attached to the man?…that would’ve been more affective..create it in a way so the women can be freed but keep it attracted to the mans genitals…

  • sweett

    this concept is admirable, but… what about the poor woman attached to the rapist? what if he tries to harm her physically in retaliation? & kajja’s comments are off-base. if 28% of women are being sexually assaulted, i am sure south african women are already well aware of their vulnerability!

  • ♡ Jennifer

    All I can think about is the rapist becoming enraged after he realizes that he’s been “trapped” and (god forbid) attacking the woman’s face, while they lay there stuck to each other. I’d totally cosign if the rapist could remove himself from her, but still need medical assistance to remove the condom. Hopefully, these type of kinks are worked out.

  • Akai*

    Article: “…the nation is still plagued by increasing rape rates. A 2009 report by South Africa’s Medical Research Council revealed 28 percent of men raped a grown woman or girl, with one in 20 stating they raped a female in the past year, according to the Human Rights Watch.

    What you think about “Rape-aXe?””

    Careful, Clutch.

    Not too long ago another commenter and I mentioned the rape of children going on there and were, basically, called liars and everything but children of the Most High.

    I hope these condoms are used faithfully by the majority of females and I wouldn’t give a damn if every perp bled to death on the spot!

    It doesn’t get any lower that rape (especially raping a child) so if an individual chooses to act like an animal, I won’t protest when they are treated like animals.

    And f*** wasting time with some na-ni-na-ni poofy mess trying to understand or address why po lil rapists do what they do. As a matter of fact, maybe the manufacturers should throw a switchblade into the condom box so the victim can stab the animal’s eyes out and not have to look at him while waiting for the police.

  • http://thehappygoluckybachelor.blogspot.com clnmike

    The more I think about this the dumber it sounds, your just endangeingr the womans life by having a violent criminal “locked” into her. And whats to stop men from raping her through the anus when word gets out about this little device? Better yet since the point of rape is power and violence whats to stop them from just beating her to death? Nothing wrong with thinking out the box but this right here needs to be given a lot more thought.

  • Missyme

    I have to agree with clnmike, I am almost certain the female would be beaten to a pulp with the rapist trapped inside her. Also, if the rapist has the ability to hold down and rape the victim what says the rapist cannot also shove his fingers into her to make sure there is no anti-rape condom? Is the anti-rape condom easy to pull out once detected by the rapist?

  • Missyme

    This device has some serious flaws.

  • Akai*

    Let’s not avoid an elephant in the room.

    12% of South Africa’s population has AIDS/HIV and it has more cases than any other country in the world with 6 million infected people.

    According to South Africa’s Police Service, children are the victims of 41% of all rapes/attempted rapes.

    And the truth is that country has a bunch of backwards ass primitive males that believe having sex with a virgin and babies will cure them of AIDS/HIV.

    Children and women are already dying and suffering at the hands of these animals, so I say fight back, do whatever and cut off their d**** until they come up with something that works better.

  • http://pentelandsword.wordpress.com Pentelandsword

    It’s sad this even had to be made. But, this may act. help a lot of women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shermel-B-Sherman/1227960672 Shermel B. Sherman

    I would think I was invincible if I had this. And god forbid I ever need it. It is in no way “enslavement of women” as much as it is another tool available to a woman to stop rape. I love this idea. The men that rape are so ridiculously immature mentally that they need a message like a teeth snapping condom to stop them in their tracks. Equipping women with this is like equipping someone with pepper spray or noise makers. It just takes that level of prevention/warning to another level. This doctor is thinking realistically (well as best as she can) and she is doing what she can to protect and help women. :o)

  • Nev

    rape includes oral penetration for christ sakes. It includes A LOT of things. People need to stop being so f*cking narrow minded.

  • Lo’rann

    Not bout to be walking around with that in my… And I don’t know too many other sisters that would be walking around on guard either. #justsayin

  • Elizabeth A

    I guess if you can’t change the culture of violence against women you can change women from being victims. It just seems drastic. I wish I knew about South Africa. I wonder if they’ve tried self defense classes, mace, or maybe carry weapons. I think if a girl/woman walked around w/ that inside her it would hurt. Plus, like what is seems like a lot of other people are saying here, it will probably make the rapist even more abusive towards her. He’ll probably hurt her even more. It sounds like something should be done on both sides. Women and girls need help but it men and boys need to be taught that girls and women aren’t objects for their sexual gratification or to beat to relieve frustration.

  • hehe

    how is it an anti-rape condom if the woman is still being penetrated? Also I’m afraid this might cause more violence against women.

  • http://flygirls.typepad.com Andrea

    not sure they mean the rapist is trapped inside her. i believe it means that the “condom” is stuck to the rapist. meaning he can’t remove it.

  • Akai*

    I think this piece misrepresented Ehlers by stating the device would “trap a rapist’s gentiles inside a woman until authorities come to detain the man.” It’s worth taking into account everything that was stated in this CNN piece, namely:


    It will have to be removed by a physician and the vile perpetrator will be in pain, unable to walk and – at the very least – this can give a female the few minutes need to get away.

    South Africa is the rape capital of the world and the article also stated some females in South Africa are already “inserting razor blades wrapped in sponges in their private parts” to protect themselves…so why not something more sanitary like this?

  • Miss Jae

    This “condom” is how she can protect herself. Homegirl also needs to pick up some mase, a stun gun, or a gun gun!

  • Miss Jae


    Thank you for clarifying this! This device is definitely needed!

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    The CLUTCH team elucidated the function of the device. And as always Akai, we indicate the source of the story so that our readers can learn more.


  • Brittany

    When they designed this new condom did they think about THIS:

    Other medical insiders unsure about the effects of the device claims it opens the victim up for more violence. The perpetrator could begin to further abuse the woman with physical violence, like hitting her to loose himself of the condom’s hold.

    So the rapist is to remin inside her until the police come???! What about a condom or a spray that knocks them out… temporarily paralyzes them? JEEZ!

  • Miss Lei

    I think it’s a great idea! Education doesn’t work and these guys have no sympathy for what they do, so I say go for it and bring some of those condoms here to the states!

  • dvine

    it’s sad that doctors have to come up w/ways for MEN to STOP RAPING WOMEN and CHILDREN. I think it’s a fantastic idea.. it should chomp down til the rapist penis is chewed the hell off.. but what they need to do is allow for it to slip out the victim.. i wouldn’t like a rapist laying on top of me stuck!! that shyt should come w/a stun gun 2.. it’s a shame that MEN act like ANIMALS..

  • newinsight

    The rapist will not be stuck inside her- that makes no sense. Just because it traps the rapist, doesnt mean it will trap the girl too! There are only teeth on one side.

  • newinsight

    Thank you Akai– I thought this was common sense, but apparently everyone thought that the rapist would still be attached to the victim. I’m not sure why any one would think that,(but apparently a lot of people did) thanks for clarifying.

  • Shana Russo

    Read other reasons some women may ‘use’ this device…

  • Akai*

    For real? Really, Shana?

    Scenarious about abused and cheated on women using these devices to get back at men?

    I don’t quite know what to say (well, yeah, I do…but I won’t) about a silly effort to find ‘humor’ (or make light of) in a situation of close to 30% of a country’s men commiting rape.

  • B

    I can’t believe that people thought the rapist would be stuck inside the woman because of the device. I’m going to need for people to use common sense. The device stays on the man. It does not hold the woman and man together.
    And in response to the rapists becoming enraged and attacking the woman. I would imagine that the pain of the device on the man would be so unbearable that he will be trying to deal with that, giving the woman time to escape.

  • Desiree

    If the device traps the rapist and keeps him attached to the female, not a great idea.. if it allows for it to slip off her and keep him trapped, then yes this is a great device!! And Im sure the rapist would be in enough pain for the victim to get away.

  • suthi

    They need to make one for the anus. This device does not trap the rapist to the victim. It locks on to the penis and causes excruciating pain that he wouln’t be able to abuse her any further.

  • ada

    I’m from Nigeria and the rape toll isn’t as much as south africa but this device being inserted in a woman all day long would have adverse effects on the body if its supposedly made of latex, and men are also knowledgeable so they could beat the woman till she removes it before raping her. But this condom is the first of its kind and I applaud u Dr. Ehlers, great work of humanitarian service!

  • Lakes

    Dude, how about you CAREFULLY re-read the paragraph. It does not…..I repeat..DOES NOT trap the rapist inside the woman. It traps the condom to the rapist penis and only a physician can remove the condom with teeth.

    As a guy, I think this is a good idea. Nothing new and innovative can be completely divulge of any flaws but the this only means that better ones can be created or this one concept can be improved upon. I am certain that this condom is targeted towards women in cities or countries where rape can be likened to an epidemic.

    For anyone that thinking that this will only infuriate the rapist further, I think that once the rapist realizes that some kind of device is latched unto his penis and it hurts, the distraction will give the woman an opportunity of escape. Obviously no scenario is perfect and all situations do not play out nor end up the same, but I think this device “can” gradually curb this problem.

  • t. price

    check out this link, it explains the condom better

  • Akai*

    TPrice I linked to the same site twice and twice it was deleted! *shrug*

  • http://pertheblog.blogspot.com Tracie

    How sad that it has gotten so bad that somthing like this has to be invented. I have a question tho, so once the condom attaches to the man, and surely he will jump up, is it removed from the female? I would hope so, b/c if not that situation could lead from rape to murder.

  • t. price

    really? wow.

  • Clnmike

    Thank you for pointing out what everyone else has said before you, however I am going to go out on a limb and say that regardless if it is a removable trap, the fact that the woman was first attacked, then penetrated, then probably will suffer some trauma from the event, that a rape still occured. And I am not buying the idea that the pain would be so great that it will stop a rapist from beating the woman to death once he feels the “bite”, especially if he is high on something. And thats of course not including the ones who will decide to check first before inserting themselves. But why waste time trying to prevent rape from happening in the first place right? Better to have that then nothing.

  • Snickerz

    I agree with Lo’rann This is kind of pointless…….rape victims do not know that they are going to be assaulted that day at that time, so are you supposed to constantly walk around with this thing in your cooch? I mean, how often is a rapist going to let you go and get some protection? I mean, its a good idea and everything but i personally don’t feel like it will do much because normally, a woman wouldn’t know that they are being raped, so you should walk around assuming you will be raped? Thats a sucky life to live….

  • Lakes

    It seems like you are completely ignoring the fact that you made mention of the misinterpretation of how this device works. You mentioned it twice and that prompted me to respond to your mistake. Also, I respond before this message board got filled with people trying to correct those who kept thinking the same way. Quite frankly, I don’t know how anyone could have read it so wrong. Anyway, enough of all this crap. You are not the enemy here. It’s the rapist and I still think that this is better than nothing. Will rapist eventually start checking a woman before committing this gross act? Yes, eventually after a good number of other rapist have been caught because of this device. I can’t imagine that a rapist would be too careful about what’s down there. Studies show they rape because of power and perversion. The act is fast and violent. I think checking the woman’s privates for a device is not going to cross their minds, at least until this device becomes mainstream. Lastly, the penis skin and nerves are extremely sensitive. If sharp hooks are dug into it, the reaction would be focused on the penis. Anger towards the victim might be anywhere from 15 seconds more after the initial pain. I ask you this: Isn’t 15 seconds or more good enough for the woman to attempt to make a run from him. All I am saying is that it gives the victim a shot of hope. Like you said, it’s better than nothing. Especially in South Africa. These idiots often don’t get caught. This guarantees that they will.

  • Lakes

    For the most part, I think this condom thing is for places like South Africa where they lead the entire world in rape cases. Someone here already mentioned that some of these women are already putting razors in foams in their cooch. This condom with teeth might not be practical here in north america but in south africa, it sure seems like it’s need. An attempt to change the tide of rape over there.

  • Akai*

    Though rape is a crime committed by males of all races, ethnicities and socio-economic statuses, what’s happening in South Africa (as well as the Congo) seems almost pathological. Some individuals are simply evil, selfish, psychotic, perverted and vile and just as society has yet to address the issues that lead men to kill and eradicate the act of murder — it’s naïve to suggest “addressing the issues that lead men to rape women” will eradicate sexual assault.

    Males are typically stronger than females and, when employing self-defense maneuvers, there exists the possibility a rapist will respond in anger over the victim fighting back, overwhelm and beat her. So, it shows a lack of critical thinking skills to insist “educating women on how to protect themselves” (i.e. self-defense classes/techniques) is “better” and poo-poo the Rape-aXe for the exact same risks.

    Another plus is the device offers an additional means of self-defense for a victim: if a rapist starts to attack/hit after his penis is trapped, the victim can focus on continuously trying to pull the device off and cause pain since the more it’s pulled, the tighter it clamps on the rapist’s little pecker.

    General comments…

    I wouldn’t be opposed to laws allowing a Draconian punishment like cutting off the penises of convicted rapists and, frankly, feel the lot of ‘em should be put to death within 3 years of being found guilty. A disgustingly small percentage of rapes are actually reported in South Africa and, of those, less than 1% result in prosecution and that suggests massive changes are needed immediately in SA’s justice system. At the end of the day, the Rape-aXe has a place in this fight in addition to cautioning girls to always walk in pairs or groups when going to/from school, the market etc., addressing the fears that prevent victims from going to the police, never leaving children alone with male relatives, never allowing males to baby-sit etc.

    We’re not talking ‘wise men’ here so I don’t expect hordes of primitive-ass backwards males – so ignorant that they actually believe sex with a baby cures disease – to suddenly become informed or intelligent and start checking for a device before raping someone.

    Finally, I doubt any physician would recommend a female walk around with a Rape-aXe inside 24/7; the suggestion is to insert one ‘when going out on a blind date or to an area one is uncomfortable with’.

  • t. price

    wow akai they removed my comment too! guess clutch doesnt take to kindly to people pointing out and correcting their mistakes. lol its cool though as long as the right info gets out somehow.

  • t. price

    really the most important thing is that the rapist gets caught and thats what the device does. the pain will only increase if he tries to remove it and he will be forced to seek medical help. he also wont be able to urinate with it on. once the medical personnel see it they will know how the device got there and they will notify the police. thats one of the things creator of the condom said was important.
    here is a quote: “Rape-aXe is a device which latches itself to the skin of the attacker, causing immense discomfort, allowing the victim to escape. The attacker is ‘branded’ a rapist! Since the attacker will need medical assistance, there is no escaping arrest since medical staff will alert the authorities.”

  • soyer

    This is by far the most brilliant invention in centuries. We need to stop sympathizing with these perverted animals that rape women. By the way I’m not a woman I’m all man and I find rape disgusting. These puke rapists should feel very lucky that they are not being hung in the streets after raping a woman. This doctor should receive the nobel prize.

  • http://www.beautyhealthzoneblog.com/ Happiness

    I saw this anti rape condom on a blog about two or three weeks ago.

    Well, this is a good concept and everything, but I am confused. At what point would a woman who is about to be raped or getting raped put this on a rapist?

    Maybe I just don’t have enough imagination.

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