Janelle Monae Addresses Lesbian Rumors

by Clutch

Singer Janelle Monae interviewed recently with Rollingstone.com and according to writer Christian Hoard, the 24-year-old artist’s “outré look and penchant for pants over skirts has caused some to wonder if she’s gay.” When asked about her sexuality, Monae says, “The lesbian community has tried to claim me, but I only date androids. Monae adds, “Nothing like an android–they don’t cheat on you.”

Rolling Stone also questioned the ‘Tightrope’ singer about her religion. When asked if she attends church, Monae who was raised Baptist reveals, “I attend an Android community church in Metropolis.”

It’s all about the androids in Metropolis for Monae. We dig the music–we hope it remains the focus.

  • whit

    lol, she didn’t address anything.

  • whit

    well maybe…by saying stop worryin bout me…LISTEN TO MY MUSIC

  • http://twitter.com/domiqj domiqj

    Is her sexuality really a talking issue for ppl? WOW…I couldn’t care in the slightest. She makes awesome music, and her response was a great way to deflect the unimportant.

  • http://www.brooklynsouljewelry.com brooklynsoul

    those answers were a great way of saying “mind your business, people!”

  • Monzi

    I agree with whit and brooklynsoul, why do we think that we have the right to know anything about anyone’s dating preferences? If they feel like sharing, great if not, let the androids be!

  • Guest

    I know several people who work with Ms. Janelle Robinson personally… she’s no lesbian and is in a very committed relationship with a guy she works close with.

  • secret ninja

    that’s HI-larious! i love her answers.

  • secret ninja

    that’s HI-larious! love her answers. “…penchant for pants over skirts has caused some to wonder if she’s gay.” okay, women have been wearing pants for how long now?

  • Akai*

    “Singer Janelle Monae interviewed recently with Rollingstone.com and according to writer Christian Hoard, the 24-year-old artist’s “outré look and penchant for pants over skirts has caused some to wonder if she’s gay.” When asked about her sexuality…”

    Why Rolling Stone’s Hoard would ask such a question is truly perplexing.

    I.Don’t.Care.One.Blip about an artist’s sexuality and the only thing I find outré about Monáe is her hairstyle.

    I, personally, don’t find it attractive but I dig that she’s original, marches to the beat of her own drum, and confident enough to wear her hair the way she damn well pleases.

  • Charmaine

    She could be a lesbian, or asexual; b/c on her website there is an advertisment 4 Voodoo halloween weekend, and it has an upside down triangle. Lesbian use uside down triangles but are pink, and if your asexual they use the Aven triangle. Dnt believe me then GOOGLE it

  • http://imnotdone.blogspot.com mo

    All this talk because she prefers pants over skirts!?…smh.

  • Zaza

    I should like this girl,but there’s something too try hard about her ‘I’m so kooky and original’ thing.I don’t see what’s original about her James Brown-lite funk.It would be interesting to see what she looked like when she was coming up because there’s something just awkward and unbelieveable about her whole thing;like she purposely been sculpted to be that way; ‘natural hair soul sista barbie’; I don’t buy that it’s really her,sorry.

  • http://projectduh.com Drew-Shane

    seems like we are more concerned with who people are sleeping with versus their music.

  • Fox

    LOL. I’m not gonna lie when I first saw her I said, “Who is this weird chick?” But she is doing her thing and obviously doesn’t care about what people are saying. She doesn’t owe anyone any explanation about her personal life because they don’t have to live it. I respect that! I love her answers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michelle-Jamison/100000997297252 Michelle Jamison

    “I should like this girl,but there’s something too try hard about her ‘I’m so kooky and original’ thing.I don’t see what’s original about her James Brown-lite funk…”

    I say the same thing about Nicki Minaj…
    I will not be suprise if the Mattel Company issue a cease and desist order to her company, for the reference of the “Barbie” trademark.

  • Brina

    See this is why most music sucks now because we the consumers aren’t challenging the artists no more. We’d rather know who they’re sleeping with rather than when their next albums drops.

    Janelle is one of the most talented artists out now…so talented that her private life should remain just that. Stop trying to turn talent into fame-hungry trash like Tila Tequila and Amber Rose. I used to dig Amber because of her style but now she so 2009 because she ain’t got nothing else to offer

    Wake up folks!

  • mallie

    I agree with Zaza, I want to like her too, but it feels forced. Plus, I don’t find her music all that appealing. I don’t know why people act like their so high and mighty and taking the high road by saying they don’t care if she’s a lesbian. An artist puts part of themselves into every work they create. And it’s human nature to be curious.

  • sloane

    wearing suits does not make a woman a lesbian.

  • Kamika

    I remember years back when her first album came out, she was very feminine with a neo-soul vibe (at least in her presentation). Her Myspace page (gasp!) was very colorful and sultry. This new androgyny look, where she only wears black and white, pants and spectators I think is very much a contrived image dreamed up by her record label execs (I think that would be Diddy). Before that she always had on skirts, hot pants, and colors. She wouldn’t be the first person in the industry to be a lesbian, but saying she is because she now wears pants and flats is far reaching.

  • t. price

    your gonna give diddy credit for her creativity? this is the same guy that thought giving cassie a record deal would be a good idea. lol not to say that diddy isnt a great business man and a major influence in the the music industry but i just cant see him dreaming up a city of androids for a record concept. plus she signed with diddy AFTER her first metropolis cd was made. sure there were some tweeks here and there with the title but im pretty sure the concept was mostly her
    and maybe the first look with her Audition release was the record execs and the new look is her. i highly doubt that a music company would steer their artist AWAY from being sexy….unless they’re finally got some sense.

  • Alexandra

    Hilarious interview lol!!

    I wish I could meet an android :)

  • Lisa

    I think that’s the point.

  • vainbuthonest

    I’m glad she didn’t answer. It sucks that the sexuality of a female singer comes into question just because she’s rocking a pants suit and not flitting around in a tiny ass skirt and flaunting her boobs.

  • Lisa

    who gives a f^%k?? it doesn’t affect her music so why care?

  • Lisa

    i feel the same way about solange! lol

  • Esperance

    hilarious very well said Janelle
    Myself I have been ask if I were a lesbian just because I’m not interested into you doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian or just because I’m not nympho style whateva Oprah is, Alicia used to be, all black females are lesbians as per them side eyes

  • Esperance

    and so what if you are?

  • Reese

    I read in recent interview where she states she’s in a commited relationship with her perfect Droid / Android, a guy. I agree and like that she is letting her talent speak for itself and avoiding questions about her private life. Unfortunately, most people are not satisfied with enjoying an artist’s talent alone. Some feel they are obligated to know artist personal business as well. Keep up the good work and Keep it moving Janelle!

  • Nikki

    I feel the same way about Solange too

  • Kamika

    I didn’t give Diddy credit for “creativity” nor did I say Diddy thought up the Android theme. None of this appeared in my comment. Secondly, her creativity doesn’t lie in her clothing, that would just be an outward manifestation of her creativity. AND, stylists and producers position artists in personaes all the time that are different from who the individual artist actually is. It’s called Marketing. Lastly, it would be a smart business move for her management to make her the antithesis of the sexy black singer a la Beyonce, Rhianna, Ciara, etc. It’s the only way her records and sound could make it through the clutter.

    Ooh yea, I highly doubt a new artist would come out as anything other than themselves on their first albums. History has shown it to be a regular occurrence for artists to be remade to fit a niche usually around the time of their sophomore or third album.

  • BlackReader

    She is amazing, and her new album hits the spot! I theink her originality and her music speaks for itself. I don’t care about her personal life, and I feel she has the right to enjoy it in peace. =)

  • jen

    Amen… After listening to her album several times, I still can’t get behind it 100% The songs are really hit or miss. Certain songs sound like they could have been performed by anyone. And her quirkiness just doesn’t seem authentic… kind of like Lady GaGa’s avant garde-ness, or Rihanna’s toughness.

  • Akai*

    Ditto (re: Solange)!

    If she didn’t have a famous sister whose first name begins with a ‘B’, few would even know her name!

  • Truth

    She goes to hell, duh!

  • Saturn

    This woman is my idol, lesbian or not, that’s not our business. I love her.

  • sloane

    @thetruth-i hope you’re joking. if not, you can go to hell.

  • Beef Bacon

    Gosh, just put camera in her hotel, bedroom, kitchen, livingroom and oh yeah tap the phone too why don’t ya? Geesh…..is anything private anymore?

  • t. price

    i wasnt talking about just her clothing. i was referring to the theme of the album

  • Brasilia

    I personally could care less about her sexuality. I love her music and that’s all that matters to me.

  • Dee

    If you’re not constantly bouncing your ass, rubbing your tits, and generally dressed like a hooker, you must be a lesbian.

  • http://www.citizette.com Citizette.com

    her sexuality never occurred to me and it shouldn’t occur to anyone else.

  • Beef Bacon

    Well, some lesbians do that too :) LOL….

  • za

    “….penchant for pants over skirts has caused some to wonder if she’s gay.”

    WHAT? really? wow, and i thought we were in 2010 not the 50s – guess people must be wondering if i’m a lesbian then! how stupid, i thought Rolling stone (or at least their writers) were more intelligent than that.

  • Ivy

    Mainstream media has talked themselves into believe all of the sterotypical BS they purport the black community to be, ergo, if a black artist is not hyper-sexual/negative/self-aggrandizing/vacuous then well that artist is just GAY.

    We don’t allow ourselves to break out of the box and mainstream doesn’t want us to either. Several commenters here seem to have a problem with Janelle artistry (music and artistic persona) deeming it forced/fake/weird. Interesting. So, should someone be a Beyonce? An India.Arie? Or Nikki Minaj to be accepted by our own?

    Or is it ok to live outside the box, at least in your public persona, to get people to feast their minds on something more than the usual BS that comes out of public radio. Dont’ complain about Rolling Stones when we ourselves have a problem with atypical blackness.

    Love Janelle. Going to see her in concert. Don’t care if her style is not really who she is nor do I care if she’s gay. She’s an entertainer. And I am THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINED. She’s doing her job well.

  • DeePDX

    She’s so awesome! “I only date Androids”!

  • Me27

    @zaza– I agree. I really wanna like this girl and her music too, but there is just something about it that makes me not feel it.

  • Miss Jae

    This is why you gotta love Miss Monae! Home girl is TheBomb.com!

  • http://ill-literacy.com/news drizzletron

    here’s some footage of her from ’06/07, before linking up with bad boy or even big boi…her style is a bit different but the theatrics and quirkiness are all there. the song’s called “cindi,” and references the cindi mayweather character in her albums. her music and narrative are definitely genuine.


    janelle’s no more influenced by james brown than george clinton, outkast, or sly and the family stone were. and imagine our musical world without them?

  • Iguehi

    LOL I think its funny that everybody on here typed that they don’t care about Monae’s sexuality and yet, they are on this blog. The title is “Janelle Monet addresses Lesbian rumors”….hmm @ curiosity..lol

    Any who, I LOVE HER! At first I was a little unsure of her music (even tho I believe her style is authentic) but when you really hear her lyrics, you can tell she is a very social conscious chick worried about the future of our youth and our community.

    Listen to “Sincerely, Jane” LIVE, its unbelievable!

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  • Sam

    I agree, to me she looks like a product made in a factory. In the shared video of her past performance she looks like a real person and I like her hair much more. I. Hate her outfits especially because they look like a uniform. I dislike the whole James Brown association. I don’t think she’ll go very far with this image because it does not reflect the true her.

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  • Cha Cha

    I don’t see anything wrong with people wondering about a singer’s sexuality. Humans are an assuming race, and that is just how it is. If she is gay, I don’t really care, but if I wasn’t familiar with her style previous to her recent rise to popularity, I’d probably wonder if she was a lesbian, too.

    I think her current style is her own to some degree, but I think the tuxedo-inspired clothes are a style influence of someone else (like a stylist or executive)–Like someone else said, she used to be seen in dresses, earrings, bright colors, and short-shorts like in these pics from this Youtube vid:


    To be honest, I like her style AND her music better back then.

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  • Kwame

    Well it had occurred to me as straight male. She’s hot. Yes! I say put a camera in her bedroom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mona.alex.16 Mona Alex

    I dont c what this has to do with her being black…If a white girl dressed like that and always wore a mohawk, I would wonder if she is gay 2..stereotyping, maybe but ntn to do with being black

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    i am an android……

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    i will volunteer to monitor it…..

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