Supermodel Alek Wek gets cheesy for a gorgeous spread on the August cover of Dutch Glamour magazine. The 33-year-old Sudanese muse is photographed by Marc de Groot in vibrant and kaleidoscopic eye makeup by Irena Ruben. Alek is styled by Dimphy den Otter in metallic and navy textured dresses.

Alek’s multi-colored eyes does what’s normally achieved with the ‘smoky eye’– a bold gaze juxtaposed with a bare face. We love it!

What do you think about Alek’s sparkling eye makeup? Would you go for this look?


  • Silas

    I love Alek… despite what others say I think she is so beautiful. #thatisall

  • Alexandra

    I like her, but not this photoshoot !!

  • Rhuebekah

    she is soo flawless!!!!

  • YES!

    executed perfectly! stunning!

  • alegna

    I love the gorgeous Alek but I hate the eye makeup. I am not into makeup that covers up the eyebrows. No one can pull that off!

  • poppie

    Alex is flawless. No one European designers love her(plus she is much nicer than Naomi)

  • Esperance

    She is beautiful I wanna adopt a sudanese baby they’re so cute

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  • Nicole

    Alex Wek is amazing, and is all over Europe and Africa! I wish US magazines and designers would use her more. They don’t know what they’re missing.

  • Elizabeth A

    She looks so cool. Other supermodels seem to arrogant and whenever they do “fun” photos you can tell their faking. This looks real and like she had a lot of fun doing it.

  • unknown

    There is another African model out that I think is prettier than her-the one in the Jay Z video “Girls”. But she is still pretty though, because she has beautiful flawless skin and nice bright teeth. My small complaint is this picture. What is with the loud make up over the eyelashes?

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