Poolside Sexy: Brandy for 160g Magazine

by Clutch

Brandy gets sexy for a sultry poolside spread in Volume 7 of 160g Magazine. Photographed by Steven Gomilliom and Dennis Leupold, the 31-year-old singer/actress looks amazing in looks by Ana Lockings, Veda, YSL, Dannijo and Alexander Wang.

Our compliments for the styling, Brandy looks stunning in swimwear by William Tempest and Malia Mills.

The “Family Business” reality star says, “I wasn’t old enough or mature enough to get into people’s hearts. Now I am.”

What do you think about Brandy’s spread? What’s your favorite look?

  • Tiffany W.

    She definitely should have modeled in her dookie days.

  • Alexandra

    Nice photos! Esp. the 4th one.
    I just dont like the hair.

  • D-Ski

    You know….I really,really want to like Brandy, but I think that she is trying to darn hard in these pictures.

  • Akai*

    When I was little I often heard a lot of people say that Brandy was ugly and looked like an alien or ET, but I like her unique face and always found her very beautiful plus she has a kick ass body.

    But that funny-looking runt of a brother of hers on the other hand…

  • Miss Jae

    Back in the day when Monica & Brandy were at the height of their careers, you either liked Monica or Brandy (similar to Tupac or Biggie…LOVE TUPAC)…both couldn’t openly like both…I have supported & bought all of Brandy’s CD’s *but I secretly love Miss Thang & After the Storm CD’s :-)*

  • http://pertheblog.blogspot.com Tracie

    She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL…as she always has….MINUS the lacefronts that she had way too far on her forehead! lol ijs!

  • Akai*

    Miss Jae wrote: “…you either liked Monica or Brandy…couldn’t openly like both…I have supported & bought all of Brandy’s CD’s *but I secretly love Miss Thang & After the Storm CD’s :-)*”

    Traitor! Turncoat! *sticking out tongue*

    Team Brandy!!!

  • Love

    This photo shoot is stunning!

  • 22nd century

    U just sound like a stupid hater.
    These pix are flawless. Nothing forced or trying “too hard” about these.

  • http://riduculouslycoolstyles.blogspot.com alegna

    The photos are gorgeous. I am loving those boots and the bathing suit! I want those items!

  • http://adivastateofmind.com A Diva State of Mind

    The bangs are a much better look for her than the lacefront she was rockin on “The Family Business”. Work it Brandy!!

  • pouterblu

    the styling was done by PoodlePusher styling Team….Huge fan of their work! They made Brandy look STUNNING!
    Great Job Ladies!!!!

  • Miss Jae

    Always & forever Team Brandy! *Just one of them days…*

  • http://almostwroteyoualovesong.blogspot.com Suai

    she looks ah-mazing!!!

  • Love Child

    i know hey!!!
    i’ve always been and forever will be Team Brandy!!!!
    But I do enjoy Miss Thang’s voice on her better albums!!!!

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    i am a fine art photographer.

    i am amazed at how poorly these are done.
    the style is whack. the pictures are unimaginative.
    this is junk.

    check out grace jones if you want to see good work.

  • http://jpiukilhnrbq.com/ utcieocbpi

    DAts4l uvfvrjnassop

  • Mr. Man

    I was going to very quickly argue your point (because I’m a Brandy fan) until you mentioned Grace Jones for comparison, now I have to totally agree 100Per%. Now when I look at this photo shoot it inspires absolutely nothing and I mean nothing.
    Dang why did you go there James…..

  • Hiroader2

    We’d have to keep in mind the (my mommas baby) image Brandi is trying to keep.., There SAFE pictures, What I discovered about Tyra Banks is her dead center 3/4 posing position making “whatever” background work for her.., If Brandy is modeling boots & shoes from a distance these shots were great.., Brandi still looks 19., Her closeup was the best shot here…

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