Well, well, well. Usually we don’t do this. But for the sake of fascinating photography and celebrity pop culture, we just had to gag about these photos. Seems our Kanye matchmaking may have been a bit premature. Is the release of these photos a confirmation the couple are still together or is this an ode to what use to be?

The couple were shot by acclaimed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. Richardson posted the photos on his blog today. The first picture shows Kanye passionately licking Amber’s head eyes-closed and the later shot reveals the popular couple getting kissy face. Kanye’s wretched mullet nub proves these photos are a few months old, at least. The ‘Power’ rapper has been sporting the trusty all-around fade since his performance at the BET Awards and his most recent appearance at LeBron James’ highly watched ‘The Decision’ announcement.

So, ummm…why leak the photos now? What do you think of these shots? Sound off!

  • http://www.innyvinny.com Alicia

    That first photo is giving me School Daze vibes. *shudder*

  • Whit

    *clicks teeth*

  • http://pertheblog.blogspot.com Tracie

    You guys really could have kept this one! Strange!

  • http://www.stylishcurves.blogspot.com Stylish Curves

    @Alicia-LOL. Yes, Teisha Campbell will forever be famous for that.

  • http://kiki072895.tripod.com/blog BrooklynShoeBabe

    I kind of like the 1st picture. It reminds me when I was young and my husband used the rock the Caeser cut. However, there are NOOOOOOO pictures of me licking his head. I could have done without the tongue kissing shot. Kanye is just Kanye. So I expect nothing but the crazy. :-)

  • Lavish

    Weird, but they’re both freaks so I am not really surprised.

  • http://ineverupdatethatsucka.com Baby D

    that’s exactly what I thought! lol

  • BritDefine

    heck, maybe he’s worshiping her freaking head!! who the heck knows or cares about the strange lives and affections of the pop culture celebrities??? I know that Clutch could have kept this one though.

  • jay

    I freakin’ love them!

  • Janell Necole

    This wouldn’t be so bad if he would just shave off that afro rattail mullet thing in the back of his head!! And eww… she’s not even completely bald. He just razored his tongue with her fade!!

  • Joe Clyde

    I agree very sexy and avantguarde.

  • styleosophy

    Someone should tell Kanye the 80′s called and it wants its mullet back.

    As for the leak, how is it a leak if it is posted publicly on the photog’s blog? Richardson own the photos…that’s not a leak, that’s the self-promotion at it’s best. I’m lacking clarity on that comment.

    Maybe Amber’s fetish is getting her “head” licked, buzzed and all. Or maybe that’s Kanye’s fetish, (getting his “head” licked, pun intended). Do you.

  • binky

    um..eww. Sorry but not feeling the photos and they just seem strange

  • Akai*

    Article: “What do you think of these shots?”

    My thoughts are:

    #1) Two words: attention hos!

    #2) I’m a bit freaky but eeeeew Kanye is so not cute or sexy.

    #3) I would disinfect my head where someone to drag a line of spit across my noggin like that.

    #4) Why didn’t they take this ‘display’ to a private suite somewhere?

    #5) Amber’s top is calling my name and I want it!

    #6) Amber Rose is a stunner!


    Look and the picture people, Mr West is trying to tell us somthing. I think has a lot to say but just cant say it…. She has seen Mr. West at his best……. Read between the lines….LoL!!!!!! Kanye is wrestling with a lot of serious demons!!!.

  • Miss Jae

    It does remind me of School Daze too…But Tisha was licking jerry curl juice!…ewww

  • gogo

    first off, is kanye growing and afro mullet? WTF.

  • Sparkle


  • Portia

    ditto <3

  • http://www.imdb.me/joshicakiah Josh

    Where’s Kim?

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