Beyonce Says She Thinks She A Feminist, In A Way

by Geneva S. Thomas

It’s been heavily debated for years. Are Beyonce’s lyrics feminist? Is her alter-ego Sasha Fierce questioning America’s idea of the Black woman, etc, etc…

Now Beyonce herself confirms she’s feminist—”in a way.” The 28 year-old platinum selling artist talks with Daily Mail UK on her intentional small break from music, starting a family, and figuring out who she is.

Beyonce says:

I think I am a feminist in a way. It’s not something I consciously decided I was going to be; perhaps it’s because I grew up in a singing group with other women, and that was so helpful to me. It kept me out of so much trouble and out of bad relationships. My friendships with my girls are just so much a part of me that there are things I am never going to do that would upset that bond. I never want to betray that friendship because I love being a woman and I love being a friend to other women.

Umm . . . Bey, sounds like you’re communicating your choice to be a good friend, not a feminist. But if you are choosing to join us Black feminists, we gladly accept you.

Or do we?

Let’s settle it here and now, for once and for all. Is Beyonce really a feminist? What brand of feminism does the pop superstar exactly project? And do we really feel she has a deep understanding of the ideology?

Is there some sort of unwritten prerequisite that all proclaimed feminists read Patricia Hill-Collins and Joan Morgan at least twice? Or is being a feminist as simple as declaring, “I’m a feminist”?

You ladies decide. How do we feel about Beyonce’s self-proclaimed feminism?

  • @wizardofoz321

    Sounds to me like she appreciates friendship, maybe even sisterhood. But feminist? Not in this lifetime. Nope sorry.

  • Eileen Dee

    Beyonce clearly does not know or understand what a feminist is. Reading a book or two could help her with that but who are we kidding? Bey reading a book? Comedy!

    Textbook definition of a feminist: Women committed to political, cultural, and economic growth aimed at establishing greater equality, or, among a minority, superior rights and participation in society for women and girls. These rights and means of participation include legal protection and inclusion in politics, business, and scholarship, and recognition and building of women’s cultures and power.

    Sorry Bey-Bey you are not in any way a feminist. Nice try though but please stop talking about subjects you have little to no knowledge of and stop using words that you do not understand the meaning of.

  • ChellBellz

    I think Beyonce likes to talk…she is good at that, but sometimes it’s just not believable. I think she has this idea of what a feminist is, but doesn’t know really. I love her as a performer, but i feel like she is a robot whenever she is speaking to the media. So i don’t believe her. What does being in a bad relationship have to do with being a feminist, and having good friends?

  • Momo

    Beyonce your not relatable nor believable. Isn’t this the same chick that kicked a bunch of girls out of a group in her quest for superstardom. You’ve already proven that you are not CAPABLE of being a friend. BTW, wouldn’t consider her a feminist, when she fires her dad as manager and stop relying on Jay to protect her from all her dirt then I’ll believe her.

  • Dr. Heather

    Beyonce, although very beautiful and talented, is not very smart. Like the posters above me wrote, she has no clue what feminism is…I wonder if she really knows what true friendship is????

  • Miss Georgia

    Although based on the statement which was made I would say she doesn’t have a clue about feminism, however after seeing the video with her and Lady Gaga I felt that the video showed a lot of VERY extreme feminism throughout it!

  • EnlightenedOne

    I’m sorry, Bey (not really). But, in the words of your equally egotistical husband, “We don’t believe you. You need more people.” I’m not buying what you’re trying to sell.

  • Beef Bacon

    My gripe with her at times is her dress. I will be the first to admit that she has a great physique, but I don’t want to see her in half-naked. This may be why some women are perplexed at this feminist comment. She has a beautiful voice and is a good entertainer and that is enough, although she has obviously brought into the sex sells mantra. As far as the old Destiny Child,….I ain’t mad at her.

    I think she is who she is….e

    Single Ladies,
    Green light,

    These songs give woman a healthy way to vent issues we talk about often. On a bad day, I put Bey on (when the mood calls for her), dance, sing around the house, and feel very WOMANLY! In her own way, she is giving voice to some things woman have complained about for YEARS. Just because she isn’t standing on a podium preaching politics, etc should not take away what she IS doing.

    Sure, she may not be a Jill or Erykah, but why should she be? Women like her for a reason, she expresses much of how we feel, and she looks great and sounds good doing it.
    She even said “in a way” to show she acknowledges her limits.

  • Shamwow

    There isn’t one sole avenue to feminism. She could very well be a feminist of some sort. Maybe not as militant as some, but it’s a definite possibility. Her music is actually very heavy in feminist tones, with a few obvious exceptions.

    I think a lot of you are just happy to have another reason to discredit her. Have at it.

  • Erica

    I could have sworn I read the same exact story on Jezebel this weekend. The difference is the women on Jezebel actually critically looked at her statement and came to varying conclusions, which is fair and balanced.

    It’s my opinion that no one here can define this woman. None of us can tell her what she is or isn’t. I didn’t know there was a litmus test for feminist. And black woman and feminism is a strange bedfellow.

    It seems to me that a few of you need to brush-up on what feminism is before you can tell someone they aren’t one.

    I think is a definite vein of feminism with Beyonce and you’d have to be under a rock not to notice it. She’s not some militant feminist, but she’s a budding one.

  • Bianca Belonga

    I completely agree with you Shamwow. Of course, I’m waiting for yet ANOTHER reason to bash this woman.

  • Dusttracks

    Beyonce is an ENTERTAINER.

    She can call herself whatever she wants, but if we’re looking to her or even discussing her merits as a feminist, then we get just what we deserve. More crotch shots and front lace weaves. Cheers!

  • Lisa Turtle

    Feminism has always been one of the hardest terms to define, as there is no sole definition. It’s really up to an individual’s interpretation. CLEARLY Bey isn’t the die hard, militant type, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t an advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. She’s got her own idea of what feminism is, just like every one else, so let her rock.

    The same women here bashing her are the same ones who rush to the dance floor when ‘Get Me Bodied’ or ‘Crazy In Love’ comes on at the party, or blast ‘Irreplaceable’ when they breakup with their man. Give it a rest. Her music is, by no means, deep but who says it has to be? If I want to hear something with substance, I turn to Jill Scott and the like. But if I wanna dance, then Bey it is.

    We’re all grown here, I’m going to assume. We don’t need Beyonce or any other entertainer to teach us what something like feminism is. It’s not her job to teach your daughters what it is, either.

  • Simon

    Beyonce is not a feminist whatsoever.

  • Simon

    Say it again!

  • Lisa

    “please stop talking about subjects you have little to no knowledge of and stop using words that you do not understand the meaning of.” <– IA, amen and hallelujah!!!

  • Lisa

    True…but it was Gaga’s video, song and look. Bey was just along for the ride.

  • Kimber

    Beyonce needs to sit the f**k down with this mess. She could’ve at least googled ‘feminism’ before trying to claim it. She needs to stick to the lace fronts and booty popping

  • MahoganySol

    I can appreciate Beyonce for her good dance music, killer bodies, and devotion to very small one-piece body suits, but she is no feminist. Of course the word feminist is up for interpretation, but I’d be more inclined to think she is a feminist if she never made that statement above. Some times she just says things that make no sense. What does being a good friend have to do with being feminist? This isn’t hating, but seriously I just think she may have used the wrong word to convey her message. And with rotating door of Destiny’s Child, its hard to fathom that she is that good of a friend, but hey I wasn’t there to witness what went on exactly, so I’ll try to reserve judgement.

    Sexy+Nice Voice+Good Moves+Lots of Money=Beyonce.


  • dcblackdoll

    Well put. Actually, Beyonce is one of the few, rare current female mainstream artists who actually puts out material that directly counters a lot of the prevalent misogynistic songs put out there by male artists like her husband. Yeah, her songs are fluffy, poppy and not too deep but the message is clear- females should stick together, feel sexy, don’t be afraid to have fun and don’t check too hard for these men that don’t treat us right.

    I actually believe she loves women and has great friendships, which is why we don’t know about them. She seems protective of what she loves, especially her personal relationships. I get so sick of people hating her for all that long- ago DC drama. That proves nothing about her inability to have healthy relationships. She herself said repeatedly how devastated she was by their apparent betrayal. Those girls LEFT the group on their own accord when they didn’t get the $$$ they thought they deserved. So all I can say to them is, in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, “BIG mistake…HUGE!”

  • Brooke L.

    Jezebel didn’t write a critical statement, they simply posted Beyonce’s quote from the Daily Mail and left it open-ended for their readers to interpret. Looks like Clutch is doing the same thing here, instead they’re asking critical questions around Beyonce’s supposed feminism and ultimately leaving it for the readers to decide. Maybe you should read deeper before you jump to conclusions. If you would have done that, you would have seen, in fact, that a few other sites have picked up the story as well. Thanks!

  • Akai*.

    OK so a true feminist would never fire females? Really? In-sane! If it’s my band or my business and I’d employees that were not cutting it, causing conflict, not a good fit etc…then guess what? Bye! They’ve got to go and it wouldn’t matter whether they were male or female.

    Maybe marrying an ugly dude that called females “bitches” and “hos” on wax forever bans Bey from feminist club membership, but who in the hell declared being a feminist honorable, perfect, the pinnacle or something to aspire to anyway??

    Whether she is or isn’t is not for me to say. If she thinks she is “in a way,” I take her word for it since it’s impossible to make that call from a distance. There are those who don’t feel connected to ‘white feminism(ts)’ and IMO opinions/ideas – especially from perspectives of non-American females – about what constitutes feminism (or even womanism) varies.

    I took Women’s Studies, read many of the ‘greats’, discussed and observed to ultimately find it simply did not resonate and wasn’t/isn’t for me. I’m hardly a brainless bimbo yet always have/will use my looks and sex appeal as much as I want and a major ‘block’ is any one group setting the agenda or posturing as the definitive or knowing what is best for all (especially those they do not know and whose shoes they’ve not walked in).

    But uhmmm, let me see…Beyoncé hired an all-girl band, dictates her own destiny, she’s in charge of her brand, a business owner, makes more money than her husband *snick*, markets herself as she damn well pleases (sex kitten, Sasha Fierce, B.B. Homemaker etc.), donated her entire $4 million salary from Cadillac Records to Phoenix House (assists recovering female drug addicts), created the Survivor Foundation with Kelly Rowland to assist low-income victims of Katrina, donated ½ a million dollars to Haiti, supported 46664 which is Nelson Mandela’s organization to raise global awareness about AIDS/HIV, worked with the Women’s Fund For Scotland who assists female victims of domestic abuse, illness etc. as well as organizations that distribute food to the hungry across the country and assists abused and neglected children etc. etc. etc.

    Earlier someone gave their definition of “feminist” and I think the above pretty much covers assisting and empowering “women and girls” and “recognition and building women’s cultures and power” etc. I’ve more respect for what Bey has done over the accomplishments of any of the rabid, hairy-pit, Birkenstock wearing, man-hating, mustached, hypocritical, rough-looking, angry, confused, haven’t-done-sh!t-of-substance-beyond-yacking-and-judging feminists I encountered back in undergrad.

    p.s. It’d be interesting to see a list of BF singers or actresses considered feminists (from those proclaiming Bey isn’t one) along with an explanation of exactly what makes them feminists.

  • Lavish

    She’s confused as usual.

  • D

    Touche’!! Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Sha

    I think Beyis confused again…I think she confused femininity with feminism lol seriously…and Akai breathe honey it isn’t that serious

  • Tabby CBL

    I don’t think that people are bashing her so much as being *bewildered* by her statement of being a feminist. That’s an extreme statement for someone like Beyonce to make.

    In my opinion a true feminist would be more concerned about the way her personal image affects young girls and women. Beyonce doesn’t seem to think of how her ultra-sexual image (and that of her former crack slanging husband who downgraded women in songs for years) negatively affects young women at all — it’s all about the money and the fame.

    Yes we will bop to her songs when it comes on the radio, but that’s where it ends. To most people she is an entertainer–nothing more and nothing less.

  • Pilar K.

    YAAAAASSSSSS!!! She is all the way turnt up on the regular on Clutch. 100% agreed!

  • Ria

    So many of you have stated what feminism is and how Beyonce does not fit that definition. But like others mentioned, there are many kinds of feminism. Any of you heard of the “waves” of feminism? If you did, you would well know that Beyonce’s brand of feminism, whether she is aware of it or not, is very much third wave. One can be femme, sexy, sexual and a feminist.The point of this brand of feminism + femininity and overtly sexualism (yes made a new word there) is to say that as women we have a right present ourselves as needed. Some feminists button their shirts to the collar, but some were bustier as clothing. An “in your face” femininity, perhaps, but it is exulting the beauty and prowess that can be used by women if they so chose. Beyonce’s sexy isn’t for men. Men aren’t her largest fan base, women are. Beyonce claims her sexy and flaunts it everywhere and, as many of her lyrics suggest, she doesn’t need a man to define her sexy.
    @sha Akai did not confuse femininity with feminism. The two go hand in hand very well.

    Signed, A Black Feminist and Women’s Studies Scholar and adamant non-fan of Beyonce

  • Pilar K.

    Ria, I appreciate your position and you requesting our consideration of the waves of feminism. However, we should also be careful not to confuse these waves with Black female projections of feminisms. Arguably these “waves” have excluded Black women’s manifestations of the ideology and the projection of sexy (e.g., the sexual revolution parts I & II) does not readily speak to the Black female experience. Black females historically had no need to project sexy, if anything we have been fighting to articulate/prove we are more than that. I get your point around: “Some feminists button their shirts to the collar, but some were bustier as clothing.” But aren’t we a bit pass that? Jo Baker, Millie Jackson, Lil’ Kim already did that.

    When will Black indirect feminists project something new?

  • Sha

    I didn’t think Akai confused the two…I am pretty sure she knows the difference…I believe and I am probably sure Beyonce confused Femininity and Feminism…and I disagree I do not believe the two words go hand and hand

  • Sha

    YASSSSS I love it Pilar!!!! I totally agree!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I think B could be a feminist but they way she’s explaining it is soooo far off.

  • Akai*.

    Ria you sound like a scholar I could probably tolerate and learn from (even if you’re not a Bey fan *smile*). I’m always open to changing my perspective, so do you have a website or blog?

    I so agree feminine, sexy, sensual and feminist are not mutually exclusive. I’d also question any claim of trying to get away from ‘projecting sexy’ and seem to recall a fairly recent article with hordes of people whining “Why not BW?” over Jlo, Kardashian etc. being hailed for their @sses.

    Anyway, it’s telling that people are conveniently looking right over a small list of things Bey has actually done in service to women and children to proclaim she is not a feminist. Additionally, Beyoncé never claimed to be a “black feminist,” simply a feminist “in a way,” and in every way it appears people are projecting their own personal definitions and sensibilities to apply them to her.

    It is this very type of pigeon-holing, judgment, tunnel-vision, intolerance of choice etc. that makes feminism so distasteful to many.

    I’m still looking forward to a list of entertainers they’d consider a feminist and why.

  • Erica

    @Brooke L,

    Let me clarify since you seem to have missed a few bars on my comment. When I say “the women of Jezebel”, I’m not talking about the authors. I’m talking about the commenters. The comments are diverse and less of the superficial write-offs that seem to be the running theme here.

    I’m not saying we can’t openly dissect her comments about being a feminist, but remember the test you’re putting Beyonce to is created by you and your definition of what a feminist is. There is a no definitive answer here, so to me the questions about if she is is futile. Again, none of us can define this woman and I don’t care how much we think we know about her. I don’t care that she’s a celebrity or married to Jay Z, none of us can stop her from defining herself as a feminist and none of us can truly say she isn’t.

    But let’s be honest here a real feminist doesn’t need an archetype, so why are searching for one. A better question would be what are we doing to prove we’re down for the cause? Since it seems so many of us hold such strong opinions about who is and isn’t a feminist. I bet it’s not half as much as we expect from Beyonce and them!

  • Terri

    Trying to figure out why here weaves and body came into. You guys sure aren’t feminist right now. Don’t hate cuz you can’t wear it just as well as you do. And half of ya’ll would be on her mans jock if she wasn’t holding it down. Every woman is different and every feminist is as well. While I am always happy about the empowerment of women some take it too far. It’s about accepting and including different women from different backgrounds whether they meet what you expect them to be like. If everyone was the same militant take the man down type then they wouldn’t bring anything to the table. Feminist isn’t being the general manager of a club or association, group of people or whatever. It’s about being open to others and making what they bring and who they are work for you. And unless were in Destiny’s Child then you can’t say what happened. And you guys have done worse I’m sure. It may be a few members truth but even that is biased.

  • Wikked

    AGREED AGREED AGREED!!! A feminist is not 1 who gyrates for the whole world to see including little girls, she’s an entertainer lets leave it @ that.

  • T

    The definition of Feminist from the Webster is – 1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 2 : organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. — fem·i·nist … Also, she speaks of friendship but what happen to her friends anyways… oh, that’s right she ditched them with her self-centered actions. FYI B, that is not how you treat friends ( It Okay Kelly!!).

  • binky

    Beyonce remains me of Jessica Simpson whenever she talks, like seriously. Yes, there is no set definition of what a feminist is, how they should be portrayed, or act. HOWEVER, the answer she gave to that question had little relevance to do with the topic at hand, seriously. Honestly, I’ am reading comments from her fans that would have been a better answer than the one she has given. Personally, I think she should read up on the movement, look up the term or ask questions before she speaks on something that she clearly missed the mark on. I don’t think people are questioning that she is for female empowerment, strength, equality (in her case in relationships by the messages of her songs) or being that bad chick in charge but again the answer she given was ill constructed, not thought out and made her look ditsy. Unless, she clear that little “uh-oh” of an answer up, I wouldn’t consider her a feminist because like the first comment stated from that answer it looks like she just appreciates female friendship and sisterhood not really the ideas of feminism.

  • Love Child

    spot on. i agree with all you said.

  • Lisa

    This doesn’t sound very ‘woman empowering’ to me. Sounds like the opposite actually: “Don’t hate cuz you can’t wear it just as well as you do. And half of ya’ll would be on her mans jock if she wasn’t holding it down”.

  • Alexandra

    She’s alright with men. There are some things she says/does that annoy and confuse me. But give her a break, she has her own definition of feminism.

    And bash me all you want, a “Black Feminist” is very laughable. It doesn sound right and I agree with Erica.
    Find another word and read up on your ‘place’ in this world. What are you fighting for?

  • EmpressDivine

    Is it because she never rhymed patriarchy with anarchy in a club banger???

    Let’s be real with ourselves here. She’s 28. She came out with Destiny’s Child when she was 16. The album that blew them up (The Writing’s on the Wall) came out when she was 19 and she’s been on her “legend in the making” status since then. We all know artists usually don’t have that much free time and an artist of her stature probably has 0!

    With that said when do ya’ll really think she had time or the ability to sit in on college-level Women’s Studies class? Or seriously study Patricia Hill Collins, Audre Lorde, and Alice Walker in between world tours? NOPE!

    I think we’re being a little elitist (and classist) here. Just because she doesn’t use academic jargon and quote Toni Morrison doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand basic tenets of feminism. I completely understand why some people view Beyonce in a feminist light because I pay attention to lyrics and I saw it too with the second Destiny’s Child album when she really started to get writing credits (I’ll put a short list at the end).

    If we use the same standards for Beyonce to judge other women (appearance and eloquence it seems), we might as well scratch a few more black women off the list too. Sojourner Truth probably couldn’t have told you what a feminist was or what it was about but does that make “Ain’t I A Woman?” any less of a womanist/feminist speech? I’m not saying she and Beyonce are equivalent (put the knife down). What I’m trying to articulate is that it seems like we want feminism to look and sound a certain way (more like ONE way). That way seems to be more academic and less “common” or “around the way.” However, the women who would probably benefit the most from womanism/feminism are working-class/poor and don’t know what the hell patriarchy/hegemony/heteronormative/heterosexism means! Beyonce serves as the bridge from academia to lay people. She communicates in a way that’s not intimidating to regular folk.

    Just because we get it that male superiority/female inferiority is bad doesn’t mean that every other woman does. I also think we grossly underestimate how entrenched patriarchy is in our society. Let’s not focus so much on the image but check for the LYRICS!

    Bills, Bills, Bills
    Bug A Boo
    Independent Woman Part I & II
    The Story of Beauty
    Me, Myself, and I
    The Majority of the B’Day album
    Single Ladies
    If I Were a Boy

    I know ya’ll are looking @ the list like WTH but like I said look at the lyrics not the image! I’d be happy to debate anyone about my list but this post is getting long-winded so….

    Full Disclosure: I’m only a casual Beyonce fan. Would probably like her more if she took one of those Kanye breaks but that’s like wishing for world peace.

  • Beef Bacon

    Well put EmpressDivine!

  • Sweetilocks

    Whew! I’m glad you said it all so I wouldn’t have to. I think what people take issue with the most is the fact that 1) she doesn’t sound all that confident about her feminism and 2) she doesn’t swear off embracing her sexuality and at times entertains male audiences with it as well. I, too, am a “casual Beyonce fan” because many a times she has caused me to scratch my head and skip a track or two. I understand her lack of confidence because she may, as someone pointed out earlier, be in the beginning stages of discovering and defining her feminism. She has been trained to use her physical attributes to catch people’s attention, but the lyrics are just as demanding. And anyone who has actually listened to the lyrics in the songs listed (I think u forgot “Irreplaceable”), you will notice the message she’s implementing to young girls. Though at times I wish her image would match the respectability of those lyrics, it is clear that Beyonce just sings the songs, and doesn’t necesarily write from her own stance. If she did, we might get a better idea of who she is and what she believes. But I digress, she can be a bit confusing sometimes because she’ll put out a song like “Me, Myself and I” and then turn around and release “Kitty Kat” which was a step back to me. However, as I said before, she could be in the learning stages, or maybe this is all part of her ideaology of feminism. Either way, real feminists/womanists don’t refuse sistership to any woman, regardless of what development stage she is in.

  • binks

    Okay you can shoot me for being a messager but I agree with some of your points but all…

    Sorry but being a superstar is no excuse for not being educated or knowing what you are talking about especially in this day and age where information is a click away, let’s kill the noise please. Like I stated before, her fans or people who are not fans of hers gave a better answer to that question than she did. She doesn’t have to be a flat out genius or have tons of degrees to her name but taking classes here and there wouldn’t hurt her whether it be online or through tutoring or simply reading. Yes, she is busy but so are a lot of other people. Because whenever she is asked a question regarding certain subjects or topics be it serious or thought provoking, she makes very little to no sense at all when she speaks. You can be the biggest, brightest and best superstar but that doesn’t make up for holding a simple conversation. Now could she be consider a feminist,, of course her songs especially Independent Woman (which I play religiously) have some strong, thought provoking messages and encourages women from everything from relationships to being a strong woman in general but again if she wants people to take her seriously or think of her in that light, then she needs to give better answers because if she used some of the points you and most people made with her songs then this article wouldn’t gotten so much of a buzz about it.


    Valid point and I won’t say that I disagree, but I will play devil’s advocate for a moment. Within the feminist movement, there have been different definitions proffered, one of which is that “the personal is political” meaning that personal and informal decisions can still be considered political action. So even if you are not actively pursuing women’s rights in every capacity listed in your textbook definition, that does not mean that your particular actions are not bolstering the feminist cause. She does encourage young women to feel empowered and be equals in their relationships with men. Is she consistent? Probably not. Is she the face of women’s rights? Negative. But seeing as how this conversation gets brought up time and again with her, I would say that there’s at least a glimmer of feminist qualities within her and her music.

  • Many Moons

    @ Empress:

    I agree with you in a way, but it’s worth noting that 1. Beyonce rarely writes her own songs, and 2.her image seems more manufactured than self-made, at this point at least. Also, she doesn’t have to use big words to appear intelligent (and I don’t doubt that she is), but sometimes her statements contradict her actions. Like she says she wants to be a role model to little girls, and then at the same time she puts out a single like “Videophone”, which is not in any way, shape or form, empowering to young women. I don’t think entertainers should be forced into the positions of being role models just because they’re in the public eye, BUT if you proclaim yourself as one, then your actions need to start syncing with your words. Same thing if you’re calling yourself a feminist.

  • Boxy

    All her donations do not make her a feminist, it’s makes her a philanthropist. Learn basic definitions, please.

  • Akai*.

    Why don’t you try reading in entirety and acquiring better comprehension skills.

    I see evidence of her claim in the lyrics of joints i.e. Independent Women, If I Were A Boy etc. but I pointed out her hiring an all-girl band, control of her own destiny etc. I then mentioned a previous commenter’s definition of feminist and pointed out areas where Bey’s actions appeared to fit.

    Moving on…

    I’ve heard the claim that Beyoncé hasn’t written most of her songs many times and would love to see any credible basis for this accusation just once. Besides rumor, gossip, haters, anonymous sources and disreputable sites – can anyone put up any substantiated proof that she did/does not write, co-write and/or add lyrics or melodies to songs (justifies a share of songwriting credits both legally and practically) she or her publisher currently collects royalties on?

    When one is on top, lawsuits brought by opportunists are par for the course. There is the case where the plaintiff was proven to be a liar out to get paid but, beyond DC settling regarding Cater 2 U, where’s the list of all these lawsuits others have won after proving they wrote something Bey is credited with.

    In 2001 she made history by becoming the first AA woman (and second woman ever) to win ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year award. BMI, ASCAP and the Canadian and European performing rights organizations (forgot their names) have procedures for registering and copyrighting songs, lyrics and music. A songwriter joins then becomes an affiliate and these organizations don’t allow just any buster off the block to claim composition of a piece.

  • Maria

    If by feminist she means slut, then she may be on to something LOL how is she empowering women by showing her body off? If anything women like her set us back 100 years.

  • Nneoma

    Thank you Akai for this balanced response. I think Bey knew what she was talking about when she said that she was a feminist…sort of. She’s no Alice Walker, but I think she’s more feminist-minded than some of her mainstream contemporaries.

  • Vida Starr

    If Beyonce claims to be a feminist then by all means, let her be one. I used to never claimed to be a feminist. I always associated it with it being some white female thing that had a lot of negative connotations to it. But one day a friend of mine told me that “Feminism is just the belief that women are a people.” I agree with definition and I believe that we are a people. If she feels that she has become a feminist because of her relationships with other women, why are people knocking that? If she feels that she empowers women, how can you say that she’s wrong? Who says a feminist has to keep her body covered? Maybe she doesn’t feel empowered that way and maybe other women agree. There is no one definition of feminism. If she says in a way she’s a feminist, who am I to disagree? It’s her f*ckin belief.

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