Queen Latifah Does PDA With Girlfriend

by Clutch

Actress and rapper/singer Queen Latifah joins Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz on a yacht for the newlywed’s post-wedding festivities in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France. And the even cooler part is? Queen Latifah brings her longtime rumored girlfriend fitness guru Jeanette Jenkins along for the luxurious ride. The happy couple publicly shows an abundance of love and affection for each other. And for the often tight-lipped Queen Latifah, how progressive is this? Not that she owes us anything. We think it’s dope how the superstar negotiates her sexuality in the public space. Her motto: It’s none of your business.

The hip hop icon doesn’t dodge inquires on her sexual preference, and as of late, she hasn’t openly denied it. Queen Latifah is not looking to be the Black female poster child of GLAAD. She hasn’t given the habitual coming-out press conference, and she doesn’t wear her LGBT politics on her stylish sleeve. Queen Latifah is and has always been simply Queen. And we respect that.

What do you think about Queen Latifah’s new PDA? Share your thoughts.

  • http://girlshesgottahaveit.blogspot.com/ Lisa Turtle

    Good for Cleo–I mean Queen. I’ve always loved her and she’s right–it is none of our business. I’m glad that she doesn’t subscribe to the idea that just because she’s a public figure, everyone needs to know her personal business.

  • http://sartorialme.blogspot.com serenissima

    good for them! they look happy… And it sucks that theyve been together for years and can’t get married (not saying they want to) but Christina Milian and The-Dream can race down the aisle only to turn around and divorce less than a year later :-/

  • shalonndramrie

    That’s why i get upset when people say I remind them of Queen Latifah. I am tall and thick and I am about her color, I have never liked it. Because Im a big chick people do it alot. I am also not gay i happen to love My Black men. I don’t even have the same demeanor as Queen Latifah I am very sexy. Anyways I do wish I had her clothes it’s hard to find nice clothes for women our size,but tha’s where the buck stops.I am not saying it is wrong,I just don’t want to be accused of gayness due to reminding someone of The Queen.Peace

  • Me27

    WOW…are you homophobic? “i don’t want to be accused of gayness”

    What’s wrong with being compared to Queen Latifah? I think she’s beautiful…if ppl think you look like her, you should see that as a compliment.

  • Me27

    She looks happy and that’s all that really matters. I like that she doesn’t openly discuss her sexuality…she doesn’t have to. Like the article said, she doesn’t need to be the poster child for GLAAD. Obviously, she feels that her relationship is between her and her girlfriend, there is no need discuss it with the media.

    More celebraties should be as tight-lipped about their relationships as she is…maybe they’d last longer.

  • Ray

    I don’t think “gayness” is really a why to describe a person’s orientation or personality trait. I think comments or “spoken fears” like that is what keeps people from being who they are. I don’t think that Latifah owes any of us an explanation as to who she is and what she likes. Who cares, I’m happy if she’s happy. But Shalonndramrie, if your sexuality is being questioned by others it may be time to step back and review some things.

  • Reagan

    “What do you think about Queen Latifah’s new PDA”?

    Hmm it’s not something I care to see and it’s none of my business. Whatever relationship she has is her business. I don’t think she needs to openly discuss her private life.

  • binky

    I’ am not a fan of PDA in general, but…shrugs…to each their own. She is who she is and she shoudn’t have to hide it, her girlfriend or her feelings. To each their own as long as she is happy

  • I love love an Asian Man

    Love knows the heart!!!

  • Monie

    Forget the PDA? Why does she have so much loose flappy skin? She has the body of a 60 year old.

    I’ve always liked the fact that she hasn’t “come out”. Stevie Wonder could see she’s gay, but more celebs need to keep their lives private.

  • Alexandra

    I’m happy she never publicly came out. It wasn’t our business and still isn’t. I’ve always thought she was gay, but it doesnt matter.
    I’m happy for her anyway. And I love Jeanette’s fitness Dvd’s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Evelyn/100000081211233 Jessica Evelyn

    how is this pda? she’s at a private event. and from the angle of the pictures, there aren’t many more people around. the paparazzi is actually dipping into a private moment in their lives. (btw. I’m so late, I never knew that Queen was into women.)

  • P

    Regardless to what anyone feels about same sex relationships, I am saddened by these pictures, because there is no valid reason why anyone’s intimate moments should be captured on camera without their permission for the world to see.

    Such is life in the age of technology. Those pictures are intrusive. And I hope she STILL doesn’t say anything to anyone. Public figure doesn’t mean your private life should be on the high wire.

  • http://commentarybyval.blogspot.com/ Val

    “What do you think about Queen Latifah’s new PDA?”

    I think if those pics had been of Alicia and her girlfriend then this would be a scoop!

  • koko

    Yeah the paparazzi is something else. They are in the middle of the ocean and the paps still get a pic. That must be some serious zoom lens.

  • Reason

    Err um, I’m sure Clutch has passed this through legal already but I don’t ever remember Queen coming Rick Martin or Clay Aiken-style despite the obvious.

  • MissTJ

    i love it!!….n i like the fact that she refuses to partake in the whole “coming out” shenannigans….its nobodys business but paparazzi are seriously out of control 4 these pics…what were they staked out in a canoe??!

    n miss Shalondramrie if someone told u u reminded them of halle berry im sure u wouldnt feel like they were “accusing u of sraightness”…..come on now…. the queen is beautiful….be flattered and humbly accept it 4 what it is – a compliment…..nobodys attacking ur sexuality…..gosh. lol

  • sloane

    um, grow the f*ck up. just because someone thinks you might resemble queen latifah doesn’t mean they think you’re gay. first of all, she hasn’t even come out as a lesbian. second, even if she was out, being a lesbian is ONE of her many characteristics, it doesn’t completely define her as a person. she’s a singer, rapper, and actress, among many other things. third, SO WHAT IF SOMEONE THOUGHT YOU WERE GAY? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A HOMOSEXUAL. what you’re saying is absolutely ridiculous and asinine on every level imaginable.

  • sloane

    well i knew she was gay because numerous people i know in the lesbian scene in nyc have seen her out at lesbian clubs, and and i also know a few people who know her ex girlfriends. i’d be lying if i didn’t say i wouldn’t love it if she came out because i think the more lgbt visibility the better, but whether she ever does or doesn’t is completely her personal business. and i think she’s hesitant to come out because she’s already stigmatized in hollyweird as a large black woman, she doesn’t want to add gay on top of the heap. i also don’t understand how these photos could be mistaken for p.d.a. They’re obviously alone on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, and you can tell these are long range pictures. they might not even have known they were being photographed.

  • sloane

    *i meant- i’d be lying if i said i wouldn’t love it if she came out

  • http://www.vexed-v12.com stacie-ann/vexed-v12

    if you like it. i love it.

    get it La.

  • http://AOL CHEL’LE


  • Penny

    I hug my gfs too and I’m not gay but clearly…this is a romantic thing. ((hint, her hand in on her a**. None of my bffs rub my behind when we hug. lol)) My gay gfs don’t even do that. Whatever Queen…be happy honey.

  • http://AOL CHEL’LE

    JAJAJA Haters r every where i guess thats what keep them employed. I AM SO GLAD MY GIRL ALICIA KEYS doesn’t reply to any of these comments about her. She doesn’t even let her PR reply to them. LIVE AND LET LIVE. She make music for us to enjoy (and she does a hell of a job doing it) and not for us to b in her bedroom or her personal life like that. BUT THE MEDIA HAS A JOB TOO. I TOO WISH ALICIA COOK KEYS THE BEST IN EVERY THING SHE DO. AND HER UNBORN…IM HER UNBORN GODMOTHER AT HEART….MY HAT OFF TO U QUEEN LATIFAH ON WHO EVER U HUG ON AND HOW EVER THEY HUG U.

  • hapa

    I don’t blame her for not officially coming out. She will just be used as another example by the gay white community (HRC, GLAAD etc.). Unfortunately, the gay community is racist, and they have done nothing to help lift up gay people of color in mainstream acceptance as they have themselves. This is partly why there are black gay pride celebrations, and predominantly white gay pride celebrations.

  • Jason

    I think she’d find a lot of her sapphic sisters on this site

  • Cali

    It’s not like it’s a secret, she should be able to live in peace… I do think it’s funny that everybody & their momma used to routinely accuse Alicia Keys of being gay but all that sh*t is shut down now – where are those people who were SO convinced?? LOL, I never thought Alicia was gay. She acted dude-ish (& stayed in braids all those years) trying to show she was down, compensating for being mixed (not that she NEEDED to at all, but she obviously felt she had to). Tisk tisk…

  • http://bourgieinterrupted.com Kia, JD

    How do you go from “it’s not that she owes us anything” and “it’s none of our business” to asking what we think of her PDA? Who cares? It’s none of my business, remember?

  • Reason

    A hug? If you take a closer look her “friend’s” hand is on her bottom. I give friend’s hugs too but not while I grope them.

  • tee

    I think Queen let us all know what was up in Set I Off:)

  • Tish

    I agree. I’m so happy for Queen and really I was alright with her not telling us either way, I like that about celebs when they can keep a little bit about themselves from the masses. Doesn’t matter how nosey I may be.

    But you are right the Dream and Milan were able to “walk down the isl and get married and divorced less than six months in to so called HOLY matrimony, and dedicated life partners and lovers are denied that same right.

    I guess people feel better to have divorced straight couples than long lasting committed same sex couples.

  • Jason

    Don’t leave your girl around me, Latifah, my lesbian recovery rate is quite high.

  • prettygyrlatl

    Alicia Keys is from NY’s Hell’s Kitchen. She has a hard edge, which does NOT make you gay. I live in Atlanta, so anybody who is NOT dressed from head to toe in makeup and heels, people think they are gay. Women can have an edge and still like men. When will the sterotypes end? When AK first entered the scene, she was who she was, she’s grown up now, so now she looks like a grown up. Polished. Just like Whitney Houston(not a great example), but you get the point.

  • TG

    It really is none of our business what Queen Latifah does in her personal life! More entertainers should keep their business behind closed doors. I don’t need to know your sexual perference to appriecate your talent.

  • John P

    It’s queen’s business and no one else’s. She is a topflight star who deserves her privacy. Who she loves is something the media needs to leave alone.

  • Tiffany

    Maybe with the overturning of Prop 8 in California has something to do with it. And also, she just witnessed a wedding, probably got caught in the moment, and just didn’t care cause she was with the one she loves. Personally, I think it’s great. This is like the Jay-Z and Beyonce of PDA: they haven’t admitted being together, but you just KNOW they’re together. And that’s all I need to know too.

    Oh, and for those who don’t “need” to see this, I assume you didn’t care to “see” any other straight celebs showing PDA either….cause once upon a time, everyone went gaga over the photos of Rihanna and her man, Mario and his girl, Amber and Reggie….you get my gist??

  • Tiffany

    Please, step away from your insecurities and feelings. All joking aside, maybe you need to take a page out of Queen Latifah’s book. Queen has always been comfortable with who she is. She loves her life and her body. Queen is a brand, from rapping to movies to a Cover Girl. So if somebody wants to compare me to Queen Latifah, then by all means, compare away!!! Your issue seems to be that you’re looking at her in the negative, probably because somebody simple-minded made you feel that way (or you could’ve just convinced yourself that you’re a closet queen….who knows) and you’ve carried that all the way until now. And for some reason these pictures of her are causing YOU pain?? Girl. Good. DAY

  • Keebo

    Go on girl, Live your life and mind your own business – I’ll do the same.

  • sidney

    If she is a queen, then queens dont do what she is doing.I personally dont like it its a bad look for her. To me she is king latifah, Queens never did this, they would have been stoned. She is a dude in woman clothing so she is no different then a man dresses up like a woman.

  • robbie

    It just does not look right two women together like that ,whilst I accept some men are attracted to other men and some women like women however in public it just does not look right maybe am old fashioned but something in me just says it aint right.Am sure it would not be long before the black race gets the blame for people being gay once enough people like the Queen succeed in dragging us back from the few strides we have made, but am sure we will pull through after all we are black and name calling, derogatory remarks comes as standard. The only difference is we would probably turn on the black gay people if it becomes unbearable.

  • sloane

    grow up. why doesn’t it “look right” to you that two gay people be affectionate with each other? try and figure that out for yourself, because it’s YOUR problem and not anyone else and gay people shouldn’t have to hide who they are and who they love because you’re an ignorant bigot. and gay blacks being the downfall of the black race? get the f**k out of here with that asinine bullsh*t. the downfall of the black race, as if there could ever be one because we DID survive slavery, would actually be imbeciles like yourself who believe that sh*t and try to keep people from advancing. and i cannot believe on top of all the other insipid sh*t you said, had the nerve to try to justify violent reprisals against gay people. do you know what attacking gay people for being gay is called? a HATE CRIME, asshole. shut your homophobic ass up.

  • sloane

    * anyone else’s

  • sloane

    um, shut the hell up you homophobic asshole. she deserves to be stoned because she’s gay. really, how in the HELL do you think it’s okay to be so hateful?

  • Teva

    I’m just glad I can see her natural hair, its about time. lol

  • fraulein17

    @ sloan omg calm down! i cant stand when people try to call any little thing thats not ” omg i love gay people” as homophobic! everybody has their own opinions. sure robbie was wrong for that whole black downfall thing, but the other part about how they felt about two men/women being together being unnatural is their opinion and you should respect that. just as other people respect you saying that they deserve to be together.

    it IS natural for a man and a woman to be together so how can you blame someone for not being comfortable with two men/women being together? maybe they jsut werent exposed to it or used to seeing it. stop calling ppl homophobic and accusing them of hate crimes.

    btw hate crimes are when you actually DO something harmful against a person over their race/gender ect. this person merely expressed their opinion on the internet . nothing more

  • Akai*.

    Thank you Fraulein17; the anger and name-calling is ridiculous and out of line.

    I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body and have 2 gay male relatives whom I support and adore, but I know not everyone is going to agree or be OK with it. Something I know for sure is being verbally abusive is not the best way to get one’s point across, inspire others to reconsider, or helpful in changing people’s minds or getting them to see your POV.

    As long as those who do not agree (or have different spiritual beliefs) are not hurling mean homophobic slurs, serving up physical abuse and trying to deny gays and lesbians the same rights as all others, it’s all good and folks have to co-exist with people where they are.

  • Akai*.

    I’m an avid supporter of people (celebrity and non) keeping their personal lives private and nosy ninnies out of one’s business to gossip, spread lies/rumors and make up crap till their hearts are content.

    I think Queen Latifah is beautiful, I hope she is happy and kudos to her, Bey and all others smart enough to keep their own counsel.

    I understand people being uncomfortable with a same-sex couple showing affection publicly, and not respecting others enough to appreciate that they might not want their children to witness these things, but no one can tell others what to do.

    I think tastefully showing affection and love is a beautiful beautiful thing and if I don’t care to witness a couple’s PDA, I exercise my personal power and turn my eyes away.

    Finally, I agree that this is not PDA since Queen and this woman are on a yacht having their privacy invaded by the paparazzi.

  • http://www.ellencarey-lesbianbooks.com CAREY

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . . . . .
    QL – I think you’re awesome and a great role model!

  • Dither

    What’s a PDA?
    Luv Ya Ms. Queen Latifah

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