Actress and rapper/singer Queen Latifah joins Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz on a yacht for the newlywed’s post-wedding festivities in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France. And the even cooler part is? Queen Latifah brings her longtime rumored girlfriend fitness guru Jeanette Jenkins along for the luxurious ride. The happy couple publicly shows an abundance of love and affection for each other. And for the often tight-lipped Queen Latifah, how progressive is this? Not that she owes us anything. We think it’s dope how the superstar negotiates her sexuality in the public space. Her motto: It’s none of your business.

The hip hop icon doesn’t dodge inquires on her sexual preference, and as of late, she hasn’t openly denied it. Queen Latifah is not looking to be the Black female poster child of GLAAD. She hasn’t given the habitual coming-out press conference, and she doesn’t wear her LGBT politics on her stylish sleeve. Queen Latifah is and has always been simply Queen. And we respect that.

What do you think about Queen Latifah’s new PDA? Share your thoughts.

  • Akai*.

    Thank you Fraulein17; the anger and name-calling is ridiculous and out of line.

    I don’t have a homophobic bone in my body and have 2 gay male relatives whom I support and adore, but I know not everyone is going to agree or be OK with it. Something I know for sure is being verbally abusive is not the best way to get one’s point across, inspire others to reconsider, or helpful in changing people’s minds or getting them to see your POV.

    As long as those who do not agree (or have different spiritual beliefs) are not hurling mean homophobic slurs, serving up physical abuse and trying to deny gays and lesbians the same rights as all others, it’s all good and folks have to co-exist with people where they are.

  • Akai*.

    I’m an avid supporter of people (celebrity and non) keeping their personal lives private and nosy ninnies out of one’s business to gossip, spread lies/rumors and make up crap till their hearts are content.

    I think Queen Latifah is beautiful, I hope she is happy and kudos to her, Bey and all others smart enough to keep their own counsel.

    I understand people being uncomfortable with a same-sex couple showing affection publicly, and not respecting others enough to appreciate that they might not want their children to witness these things, but no one can tell others what to do.

    I think tastefully showing affection and love is a beautiful beautiful thing and if I don’t care to witness a couple’s PDA, I exercise my personal power and turn my eyes away.

    Finally, I agree that this is not PDA since Queen and this woman are on a yacht having their privacy invaded by the paparazzi.


    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . . . . .
    QL – I think you’re awesome and a great role model!

  • Dither

    What’s a PDA?
    Luv Ya Ms. Queen Latifah

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