• AJ

    I don’t like it.
    Will the Keri from old please come back. She looks like a crack head

  • Me27

    totally agree

  • Miss Jae

    Keri honey…You look like a mess…the only things I like about this picture was her hair & the vest…

  • Monie

    She does not look like a crackhead lol
    I like the hair.

    Her outfits are always tacky and too young. She has gorgeous skin though.

  • http://twitter.com/huccleberry Wikked

    lol Maybe I missed something here because hair-wise she has always been tacky & this time she got it right! FINALLY….

  • Brit

    my exact thought before i even clicked to see all the pictures: she’s giving me “crackhead whitney” right now. those shorts are not the right cut for her. it looks like she has that middle-aged-lady pouch. it’s all just trying too hard.

  • Seriously

    Keri looks like yo momma who looks good for her age, but dont know when to let the young ISH go.

  • Brie

    Don’t like the hair,color doesn’t suit her and not edgy or stylish.clothes are a hot azz mess too much skin showing .

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