Shortly after the news broke that U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. was cheating on his wife with a White blonde hostess, reports confirm that Sandi Jackson knew two years ago and will be sticking by her man. The Chicago Alderman tells the Chicago Sun-Times, “When it happens to you its amazing how what you once thought was black and white becomes variations of a color called gray.”

The couple has been married for nearly two decades and has two children. Mrs. Jackson said she never could anticipate how she would feel when her husband told her about the affair.

“He said it was over. I was mortified and in agony, but he knew if I found out any other way it would be over.”

Jackson told the son of civil rights icon the only way to save their marriage was to come clean and consider spiritual counseling and therapy.

But as Sandi Jackson revisits the old wound she dealt with before during the now publicized scandal, she says there are people in far worst circumstances. “Mine is a matter of heart, for many it’s a matter of survival.” Jackson says, “My heart will heal.”

Whether older, married, Black women in the public eye know or not, young Black women are taking cues from their choices. As we progress into our thirties, many of us who want to be married someday are asking ourselves, “What would I do if my husband cheated?”

Some of us witnessed the effects of broken homes firsthand. Due to infidelity, many of our parents divorced, and often left us fatherless. Now that we’re grown women with semi-seasoned perspectives on love and men, how will we navigate situations like Sandi Jackson’s?

It isn’t so easy to pack up your things and leave, especially after 20 years and two children.

The beauty of being an unmarried young adult is that we can learn from our elders and make wiser decisions if and when we find ourselves in this predicament.

Hindsight is 20/20. And many of us 20 and early 30-somethings are just getting our specs. For what’s its worth, what would you do?

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  • Felicia

    Wow, that is a very sad, greedy and insecure way to go through life Keep It Real Pls. Why not just be single your whole life, why even get married? People definitely have the option to not get married, I’m sure God is frowning on what we’ve taken into our own hands and twisted around just so that it can “work” for us and our lustful ways, and what is trust in your eyes? “I trust that this relationship is a sham and that I will probably catch a disease or bring people into my home that have no business there”


  • SunnyDay

    This is hard…especially after 20 YEARS lawd! For me to stay he would have to be the best damn husband in the world! I mean cook, do laundry, straight Tony from ‘Who’s the Boss?’ like lol. I really don’t know though. But he did tell her first and that counts for something I think…still messed up but at least he was honest…well later on smh…

  • Emelyne

    I completely, whole-heartedly agree with you. Cheating is just not acceptable. There may be many different kinds, but definitely no such thing as “accidental cheating”. it all takes thought and premeditation and there is no real marriage or relationship without respect and trust.

  • Emelyne

    @ KeepItReal: WTF are you talking about? Have you met everyone on this planet? Because I am a married woman and before and during this marriage, I have NEVER cheated on a significant other. Those where the only kind too, significant, because I do not do casual relationships. I love my husband but more importantly love and respect myself so cheating is a no. If we’re gonna “keep it real”, please let me do so but saying that cheaters have no self-respect and and those who take them back lack a sense of self-worth. Period. If you still want to be with the person, stay and don’t f*ck up. If you don’t, then leave. If they are abusing you and you can leave long enough cheat, then your as$ can leave long enough to LEAVE. Cheating on someone who truly loves you is stupid since love is rare and cheating on an abuser is just a deathwish. The real truth is that all cheating is sensationalized to the point where we think “everyone” is doing it, but this is a matter of character and a person of true integrity would not degrade themselves in that way. I can’t speak for you, but I know who I am. i never have, never will. I just love myself too much and I respect marriage vows.

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