Eminem appeared on “60 Minutes” last night, and, when anti-bullying advocate and journalist Anderson Cooper questioned the controversial rapper about his misogynist and homophobic lyrics, Eminem gave a rather shocking reply to the question, stating he was “attacked” on his violent lyricism towards women and the LGBT community because he’s a White rapper.

The 37-year-old Detroit emcee said, “I didn’t invent saying offensive things,” and suggested that Black rappers aren’t singled out the way he has been.

“I felt like I was being singled out, and I felt like, is it the color of my skin?” The rapper continued, “There’s certain rappers that do and say the same things that I’m saying, and I don’t see no one saying anything about that.”

This is actually disappointing and demonstrates how entitled Eminem is. To suggest that he’s been attacked because he’s White is ridiculous and simply untrue. Black male hip hop performers have been “attacked” for their lyricism from the very beginnings of the musical form.

Some of the earliest examples of government and community angst against hip hop’s sometimes derogatory lyricism is N.W.A. The Compton-based 80’s group was confronted by government officials, and was actually banned from several mainstream U.S. radio stations and networks like MTV because of their lyrics.

We can also cite controversy with Ice T, 2 Live Crew, and Tupac—whose lyrics prompted public court hearings. These artists who have clearly inspired Eminem. Contemporary examples are with his own signee 50 Cent, and artists such as T.I. and Kanye West, among others, who constantly receive criticism because of their lyrics or public statements.

Eminem’s response is an extension of modern White male privilege. He has rhymed hateful and disturbing lyrics about women and gay people, consistently using words like “bitch” and “fag.” He should take responsibility like most Black rappers have instead of complaining about it.

Does he think he should be somehow exempt because of the color of his skin?

Watch the interview here! Cooper discusses Eminem’s lyrics around the 8:20 mark.


  1. Really Eminem? Like others have said, his success would not be as big if he were Black, and that’s true. He’s good at what he does, but all these praises about being “the best rapper” are not warranted. Moreover, he is COMPLETELY mistaken if he thinks that Black rappers don’t get flack for having misogynistic lyrics. Wasn’t there just an article, where I’m pretty sure I saw here, about how President Obama listens to rap music but the author claimed he shouldn’t because of the type of lyrics they portray? The latter is a different topic altogether because as the reviewer stated, not all rap lyrics are bringing people down. Anywho, I can’t believe he had the audacity to go there. I hope Dr. Dre and 50 talk some sense into him.

  2. Lauren

    @ Dawn
    Both you and Eminem are full of s**t and a half!! Since when the hell has being an adored,white,male,rich celebrity EVER been a hinderance?!! And another thing you want to talk about ‘singling out’ how about the way YOU and countless other people in this country black AND white single out black rappers for things WHITE MALE performers get away with all the damn time! Hollywierd is VERY degrading and misogynist as well as disturbing and creepy alot of the times in how THEY treat women yet you all don’t whine about them incessantly over and over and over again! Gee wonder why THAT is or complain about the violence/misogyny/profanity/racism/sexism/drug use/etc. in commercials,movies,tv shows,the internet,reality tv,graphic novels,comic books,billboards and other forms of ‘entertainment’ where’s all YOUR outrage over that?!! The point is is thwat Eminem is afke clueless arrogant pissant who is now whinging because his hatefulness and stupidity are coming back on him. And if you want to see who is the most guilty of racial double standards then find a mirror you self-righteous hypocrite!!!

  3. Alexandra

    When you’re in the ‘minority’ its easier for people to notice everything you do.

  4. Meg Odair

    Oh, poor Eminem! I feel awful for him! Because really, HE is the victim, not the women he objectifies or the wives and girlfriends of men and boys who listen to this crap and start to think it’s okay, or the LGBT youth who are verbally abused every time one of Eminem’s BEAUTIFUL songs is played at a school dance or a party, or the rape/domestic violence survivors who have to listen to Eminem trivializing these horrible crimes. Why don’t those stupid women and gays and black rappers shut up already!
    After all, Eminem is rebelling against a society where women oppress and objectify women, and gays commit acts of violence against straight people that drives them to suicide.
    And just think how hard it was for him to get this far! How often does a white male make it in the music industry? (If you can call Eminem’s horrible, monosyllabic lyrics that could have been written by a foul mouthed, misogynistic kindergardener music)
    After all, growing up in Detroit makes you a gangster, right? RIGHT?
    And, BTW, that was SARCASM…
    What a racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic whiny trashbag!

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