Street Harasser Messes With THE Wrong Woman

by Britni Danielle

A video of a New York City woman standing up for herself after being harassed has just gone viral. Approximately two months ago, an unnamed woman riding the 4-train through the heart of Manhattan confronted a man who rubbed up against her in the crowded train. When the man, 51-year-old Mario Valdivia, also exposed his penis, the woman rightly went OFF.

Unlike many of us who are stunned into silence, this woman told her harasser he wasn’t going to get away with treating her in such a vile way. “Oh, you’re getting fucking arrested. I’m not leaving your side,” she said. “My plans are done for the night. I’m escorting you to the police station. Oh, yes. Oh, fucking yes.”

Several people (hats off to the men who stepped up) took photos and video to use as evidence, and because everything we do these days ends up online, it was even posted to YouTube. One straphanger even said, “Aw, this shit is going on YouTube, yo.

Thanks to the efforts of passengers, and their taped evidence, Valdivia has been charged with “forcible touching, public lewdness, and sex abuse” by the NYPD.

Kudos to this woman and the passengers on the train for standing up to this man’s despicable behavior. Until both men and women condemn these actions, harassment will continue. Men must hold each other accountable for this type of appalling behavior, and women must find the strength to report these incidents and put these harassers on notice. Ending street harassment starts with all of us.

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  • Dez Marie

    Good for her

  • Nneoma


    I’d hate to interject race, orientation, and class here, but to be a devil’s advocate, so-to-speak…
    This bears an uncanny resemblance to the events of a couple months ago when Antoine (of the Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wife infamy) “went off” on a still-at-large would-be rapist. However, I have a strong feeling that this woman won’t be satirized to the same extent.

  • Erin

    I’ve had something similar to this happen to me before when I was alone and not only was it creepy and disgusting, it made me unbelievably uncomfortable. Thankfully the police came and escorted the perverted man away.

    I’m happy this woman stood up for herself and called him out and people have this on tape. Men that do this to women should be prosecuted for their appalling actions.

  • rebekah

    Shes a boss

  • bob

    more ladies should speak up against this type of stuff when it happens and the surrounding people should stand behind them one more scum bag off the streets

  • Alexandra

    Awesome! Stand up ladies. The more we speak up, the more this issue will get more attention; as needed.

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  • fraulein17

    this is a sex crime? what if it was a woman flashing her boobs? they do that at mardi gras i dont see people making that a crime. its sexist towards men to constantly call their genitals disgusting and ugly and a crime. if it was a woman it woulda been humorous and nobody would care.

  • KB

    He didn’t just flash it (which is a crime in itself), he RUBBED against her. Now tell me how you’d like some random dick to rub up against you…

  • Ashleigh Elle Aye

    Your comment sounds like something straight off of the Privilege Denying Guy meme. Apples and oranges dude. It’s bad enough that he whipped it out in the first place but he TOUCHED her. That’s disgusting. The action was disgusting.

  • binks

    I LOVE IT! Go girl, a lot of women need to be proactive and do something don’t suffer in silence nor take that because if they are doing it to you they are doing it to someone else and the next girl might not be so lucky.

    I’ am from New Orleans and the police work extremely hard to stop flashing because of the children and if they see they do something about it so it is not sexist let’s come off of it

  • fraulein17

    oh come on now! obviously i didnt mean it like that @ashleigh! yes he touched her i’m not talking about that. KB said “its a crime in itself” why the double standard? kinda like how men who try to date young women are nasty perverts but if its a woman then shes a “cougar”. its the same thing.

    i was just asking if a woman was randomly flashing people her privates would people be just as appalled and go as far to call it a sex crime…. thats it gosh!l obviously its different if you touch another person but if they just show their genitals then how is that a crime? wouldnt movies with random unexpected sex scenes and nudity be considered a crime too then? i’m just curious.

  • isolde

    Bravo, Fraulein. Keep fighting the good fight and advocating on behalf of perverts, the vast preponderance of which (rapists, flashers, sex criminals, etc) are men, btw, to disrespect and assault women everywhere with impunity, since according to you these men are victims of sexism and malicious prosecution.

    “I was just asking if a woman was randomly flashing people her privates would people be just as appalled and go as far to call it a sex crime…. thats it gosh!”

    That’s not what you asked at all. You asked whether or not a man flashing his dick on the subway was actually guilty of a sex crime and then proceeded to liken a man flashing his genitals and rubbing them against a woman on a crowded subway car to a woman flashing her breasts at mardi gras.

    For starters . . . so like, what? You don’t know the difference between mammary glands and genetalia? Second, your little fallacious argument regarding women at mardi gras is lacking a pesky, little component that we in the thinking world like to call context. The overwhelming majority of men who are flashed by women at mardi gras are flashed BY CONSENT. It’s a common practice for men at mardi gras to proposition women for a glimpse of their breasts in exchange for strands of beads, and many women happily comply. That is in no way comparable to some perv on the subway exposing his dick to unsuspecting women on the A train who neither gave consent nor had any reasonable expectation of being exposed to nudity on the fcuking commute home. I swear, you stay on some dumb shit, for real.

    To answer your original question, yes, indecent exposure of this kind is indeed a sex crime, duh! And kindly spare us your derailing bull-shit, about sexist double standards. Even if you wanted to be willfully ignorant of patriarchal power dynamics or how the bulk of sex crimes are committed by men, I sincerely doubt that you could produce any evidence of a growing epidemic of women flashing their privates in public and rubbing them up against unwary men without their consent. You can’t even produce any evidence showing how this outlier of women evaded indictment or prosecution because of their gender. So do us all a favor and STFU.

  • fraulein17

    @isolde *blank stare* WOW i really hope clutch throws you under a bus for that cause that was really unnecessary. you do NOT have to cuss and insult to make a point. plus you completely ignored what i said.

    all i did was ask a question and all hell breaks loose. obviously i dont advocate for perverts and i mentioned that so sweety. you just use all the cursing to mask that you arent too clear on what i was trying to ask. i’m not even gonna entertain explaining myself because this is crazy. people on this website are so quick to try to shut people down.

    i am very shocked that you came at me this way, you dont even know me.

    just a note to lurkers or new people to clutch… dont ask things on this website because people will give you the electric chair over it. SMH

  • fraulein17

    btw… i said if a woman flashed her PRIVATES not specifically breasts. yes i admit the mardi gras example was a horrible one so i take it back.

    all those paragraphs and you STILL didnt attempt to answer my question. it had nothing to do with your privilege and patriarchal subjects in your rant.

  • isolde

    “btw… i said if a woman flashed her PRIVATES not specifically breasts”
    What part of “is this a sex crime? what if it was a woman flashing her boobs? they do that at mardi gras. i dont see people making that a crime,” doesn’t specifically mention breasts?

    Oh you mean the part in your second post where you tried to backtrack and defend that nonsense by changing “flashing boobs” to “flashing privates”, like you had never said “flashing boobs” to begin with?

    Look, if you’re really that much in need of an explanation regarding why intentionally harassing people by exposing your sex organs to them, without their consent, is a sex crime, then google it. And do not come at me again with some bull shit about gender based double standards concerning flashers until you’re prepared to prove that they exist.

    This article is about a serious matter, not some wack-ass scenario that you invented , then tried to prop up with some phantom straw men that don’t even make a lick of sense . . . women at mardi gras, unexpected nude scenes in movies as sex crimes (like people don’t elect to view films based on MPAA ratings warning them in advance of what they’re going to be seeing) This article is about a REAL woman who, after being sexually assaulted by a REAL pervert, stood up to her attacker, not these fictitious broads from your land of make believe.

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  • Erik K.

    Street harassment is a problem because it is disrespectful, inappropriate, and threatening behavior to adolescent girls and women in public places. This behavior has the greatest negative effect on the well-being of adolescent girls who become conditioned to become silent, submissive, and fearful as opposed to becoming assertive, self-reliant, and confident.

    Defeating street harassment requires a 3 Petal Plan that involves a combination of actions represented by the petals of Society, Targets of Harassment, and Bystanders. While each petal has a different role, they must all work together in order to create a lasting effect.

    1. Society must create a culture of intolerance for street harassment in order to eliminate the behavior.

    2. Targets of Harassment must learn strategies and methods to directly voice their disapproval when harassed.

    3. Bystanders – must learn strategies and methods to intervene and mitigate when observing incidents of harassment.

    Every situation of street harassment is different. Each situation requires a different response. But the overall strategy is the same: Society, Targets, and Bystanders need to communicate that street harassment is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated.

  • Golden Silence

    Approximately two months ago, an unnamed woman riding the 4-train through the heart of Manhattan confronted a man who rubbed up against her in the crowded train…

    She’s identified now…her name is Nicola Briggs:

  • Amber

    A lot of people are not aware that this guy got exactly what he wanted. Although the name of the disorder has left my mind, these type of guys do that for the rush and she gave it to him. Most likely this guy wasn’t going to to anything besides flash her and if he did rub up on her, that was probably the most he was going to do. I’m not saying there is not a chance that he wouldn’t have done more but these type of people get off on the shock. It would be better to just ignore him because it would teach him more of a lesson than making a scene out if of but as humans, we naturally react in shock at things like this and not logically.

  • Golden Silence

    This guy is a serial flasher/masturbator who is doing jail time for what he did and will be deported to Mexico afterward. This wasn’t the first time he did it and it probably wouldn’t have been the last. Something like this you don’t just ignore. Had Nicola ignored him he’d probably still be on trains doing that with his sick self.

    The reason why harassment and other nasty things continue to happen is because people just shrug their shoulders and ignore it. If more people were bold enough to call these men out, then it’ll be easier for others to see harassment as a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

  • sloane

    i meant- i think i’m in love with you. ;- )

  • Mkla

    Hmm… Remember The woman that was interview from the website “Holla Back”? a website dedicated to woman speaking up on sexual harrasment? So she just so happened to be there and documment everything? Thus, providing her website documented footage of a woman standing up for herself after being sexually harassed?

    Maybe this was just coincidental, you know in the stars…

  • Golden Silence

    Man, your comment makes no sense. If you’re talking about Emily May (the founder of Hollaback NYC), then no, she wasn’t there when Mario Valdivia was busted by Nicola Briggs. What in the world are you talking about?!

  • blackcoffee

    This lady is just lucky he did not punch her out or something when she said “I’m escorting you to police station.” Majority of men are strong enough to beat woman to a pulp with one hand tied behind our backs.

  • chanela

    i highly doubt men would have this same reaction if a woman flashed them. LOL

  • anonymush

    lol if you wanna rape someone do it properly faggots

  • Socially Maladjusted



  • Socially Maladjusted

    “Men must hold each other accountable for this type of appalling behavior
    Way to get men on-side.


    But oddly enough I’m all for MEN AND WOMEN holding each other accountable for the no good PEOPLE do.

    That should start at the “TOP” with the likes of Barack Obomber, Bush et al, who should be held accountable for bombing innocent defensiess people – to all the GOLD DIGGERS and every other the kind of parasite and predator who prey on other people.

    Kiss teet.

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