Dear World: Black Princesses DO Exist

by Britni Danielle

With the world clamoring over the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, you’d think White, European women had a lock on Royal weddings, but you’d be wrong.

While many wonder what IS up with America’s obsession with the British royal family (I mean, didn’t we revolt against Monarchies?), others are looking forward to getting all of the details about their nuptials and tuning into the festivities like it’s 1981 all over again.

Unrealistic princess fantasies aside, a good love story is not only fun to talk about, but it can also be inspiring. It gives some hope that kissing a bunch of toads, and holding out for the right partner, is totally worth it if you end up with your Prince or Princess Charming in the end.

Even though some are going crazy over William and Kate’s upcoming wedding, I can’t help but think about the young Black girls who might look at the lavish nuptials and think that being a princess (or being treated like one) is only reserved for White women.

So for all the colored girls who think that happily ever after will never come, CLUTCH is here to remind you that Black princesses do exist, and not just in Zamunda either.

Princess Angela of Liechtenstein: Born in Panama, Princess Angela Gisela Brown married Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein in 2000. This Afro-Latina beauty grew up in New York City and attended Parsons School of Design, where she won the coveted Oscar de la Renta Gold Thimble Award for fashion design. As a designer, Princess Angela worked with such icons as Adrienne Vittadini, and started her own label, A. Brown, before marrying Prince Maximilian. The couple has two children, Prince Alfons Constantin and Princess Angela. Princess Angela and her son Prince Alfons are the highest-ranking Black members of a reigning European dynasty.

Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria: Hailing from Inglewood, California. This around-the-way-girl turned-royal has the ultimate inspiring story.  Known in the industry as, “The Pantene Girl” because she was the first African-American woman featured in three commercials, Princess Keisha heads Wonderful TV with her husband, Prince Kunle Omilan. Along with running Wonderful TV, which boasts a network of stations across Europe, Princess Keisha has modeled for nearly every cosmetics brand from L’Oreal to Cover Girl, and has appeared in “Zoolander,” “30 Rock,” and “Saturday Night Live.”

Countess Mary Von Habsburg of Austria: Although she isn’t a princess, Countess Mary, born in Wau, Sudan, is married to Ferdinand Leopold Joseph Count von Habsburg of Austria. Ferdinand hails from the venerable Von Habsburg royal family, who are descendants of William the Conqueror. Countess Mary and Count Ferdinand exchanged vows in 1999 in Nairobi, Kenya and the couple has three children together. Although some in the royal family took issue with their coupling because the Countess was an African commoner, Dr. Otto von Habsburg, head of the family, declared her an “equal.”

Baroness Cécile de Massy: Born in Guadeloupe, this Caribbean beauty is the highest-ranking Black person in Monaco. The Baroness married Christian Louis, Barron de Massy, and the couple has two children, Brice and Antoine. Baroness Cécile is the president of Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo, a charitable organization in Monaco.

Queen Charlotte: Known to many as the first Black Queen of England, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, was married to King George III. Although many argue over Queen Charlotte’s ambiguous racial background, it was discovered that she was a direct descendent of Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a Black branch of the Portuguese Royal family. Throughout history many have commented that she had Black/African features, and her beauty and her mixed heritage was eloquently captured in a poem written for her wedding day.

Know of any other Black royals? Share them with us!

  • asetdevine

    I’m so glad someone mentioned the Black Royals. Not many people know about Queen Charlotte, it’s certainly not something that’s taught in the classroom. Great Post!

    Akosua Busia, the actress who starred as Nettie in The Colored Purple is also a princess..she is from the royal family of the Wenchi which is a subgroup of the Ashanti.

  • Dez Marie

    Love this article!!

  • Ebony Maple Leaf

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    I, too, am kinda tired of all the hoopla over the current British royal engagement (I wish William luck though, his mom really was dealt a bad hand).

    However, it’s wonderful to see that royalty is not just confined to basically the Anglo-Saxon blood lines. Didn’t know about Queen Charlotte though. Pretty interesting stuff.

  • Wanett

    Thanks you!! I will definitely show this to my children, especially my daughters who are very into princesses and fairy tales right now. It’s refreshing to see some currently living, thriving, unique women in this role that most little girls look up to.

  • Shekeria Coleman

    Great article. Thank you!

  • Shan

    I loved this article!!!

  • bgirl


  • Mason

    Great article, with Queen Charlotte that means Prince William has African heritage. No wonder he loves Africa so much and proposed to Kate in Africa.

    I’ve known about Angela and have followed here on many of the royal blogs. I’m a sucker for royalty…all those nice clothes and they dont say stupid crap like the Palins or the Kardontshians.

  • Bella_LDN

    there is also Alexandre Eric Stéphane Coste son of the Prince of Monaco but he refuses to acknowledge him with his surname however his daughter born out of a wed lock gets the surname she’s full white and the son is half Togolese on his mother’s side [sad]

  • Naffy

    Isn’t Nettie from The Color Purple an African Princess in real life? She was just on the Oprah show like 2 days ago.

  • Clutch

    Her name is Akosua Busia and according to Wikipedia, you’re right.

    “Akosua Brusia is an actress who now lives in the U.S..
    The daughter of Kofi Abrefa Busia, the ex-prime minister of the Republic of Ghana,[1] Akosua is a princess of the royal family of Wenchi,[2] a subgroup of the Ashanti. Her sister is the poet and academic Abena Busia.”

    Thanks for shouting her out!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    what does one do to become a royal? get born? oh

  • binks

    Great list, my friend and I was talking about this the other day of where is the black royalty and why are they never mention. But it is good to know that they do exist even though they don’t get any shine. However, I think a lot of people are unaware of royalty in general most people just know of the royal family in England not everywhere else

  • Erin

    Thanks for posting this! It’s great to know that Black Royals do still exist in the current time period! Definitely about to read up more about Queen Charlotte.

  • Tiffy

    Clutch this made my day!! I don’t care if they make a big deal about these princesses I’m just happy with the simple fact that when I tell my little cousins they can be princesses I have real black princesses to tell them about….

  • Tina

    Great article, many I did not know of. thanks for schooling me

  • BrendaKay

    One minor correction to this wonderful article ~ Princess Angela and Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein only have ONE child, Prince Alfons Constantin Maria and not two.

  • JustMe

    Wow, I’m from NC and live near Charlotte which is nicknamed the “Queen City” and is located in Mecklenburg county. I had no idea the Queen it was named after is black!

  • Regina

    Good to know. Thanks for this article.

  • Sharon

    Love this article. We definitely need to be aware that we are royalty

  • 1492

    While black women here enjoy the royal love fest while fantasizing that Prince William is a black man, keep in mind that it was these very same European families who financed the raping and pillaging of Africa, Asia and what is now known as Latin America.

  • Read History

    Why would you believe that europe has the only Royal families?.. We’ve had Kings and Queens since the beginning.. So of COURSE there’s Princesses. DUH!

  • Facts

    I agree with 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Queen Elizabeth & her entire clan (the British empire) & several European nations is responsible for transportation of 3.5 million African slaves to the Americas, a third of all slaves transported across the Atlantic. They colonized Asia, India etc. This resulted in imperialism.

  • Muriel

    I am really glad to know that black people are accepted in European Royal families, but please please please, also tell your kids that there are still royal families in Africa.
    There has always been.

    Black Queens and princesses in Africa exist and they were born with the title, not because they married European monarchs. I think it is nice for our kids to know that they too might descent from an African Royal Family.

    (Please don’t take my comment as if I were against European royal families and the ladies in this article, that is not my point at all).

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  • Chocolate Brides

    Thank you so much for posting this. School is in session ladies and gentlemen!

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  • Afua Kumasi

    Speaking from a African centered point of view I do not compare our beauty, accomplishments, or worth to those of Europeans.

    I have never cared or wanted to see a black princess or prince based in European culture. I have never based my self worth on what they have or what they do—instead I focus our the accomplishments of Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora. We have done plenty in this world if we just acknowledge our own gifts instead of the gifts of others.

    Like another said above–we have plenty of Kings and Queens in our history and present all over Africa and those are the ones we should respect and acknowledge because they are a reflection of ourselves.

    Wanting what Europeans have has been our biggest down fall and what whites have used for centuries to control our African minds.

    When we stop trying to grasp our self worth from European culture then we will truly become powerful.

    Just my 2% on this subject and I mean no disrespect for others who may feel differently.


  • BFS

    Clutch THANK YOU for printing this! These are the kinds of articles our precious young Black girls need to see! Articles that uplift THEM and THEIR unique charm, grace, and beauty, and those same qualities in adult women who LOOK just like them!

  • cherchezlacurl

    As an American of Nigerian descent living in England I first have to shout out Kate & Wills! As with most of England I think their impending nuptials are great for the country and wish her and Prince William all the best.

    On another note, regarding Princess Keisha of Nigeria – Nigeria does not have a royal family. Each of the many ethnicities within Nigeria (e.g. Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Tiv, Hausa, etc.) have multiple royal families. For example within the Yoruba, the Oyo region has the Olubadan of Ibadan, Osun has the Ataoja of Osogbo, etc. Beyond that, multiple royal families rotate leadership of a given region, e.g. see the wikipedia page on Osogbo detailing the history of families having held the title Ataoja of Osun

    Just a clarification, but unlike Europe where monarchies rule over entire countries, in Nigeria, monarchies are far more fragmented!

  • http://http Yar

    The very FIRST Kings and Queens came out of Ethiopia (Nubia/Kush); the mother of Black Egypt (Kemet). They were Black and ruled England! By the way…Europe is named after a Black Queen by the name of Queen Europa who ruled Europe!!!!

    Most Blacks are not aware that British royalty descended from Black Mulatto rulers! Afrikans ruled in Europe for 1400 years (the Black Muurs (Moors)! Afrikans introduced the concept of royalty to the Europeans, who were initially uncivilized barbarians! Read the book ‘Nature Knows No Color Line,’ by J.A. Rogers and learn some truth.

    The Black Queen Charlotte Sophia, the grandmother of Queen Victoria, who was also the consort of George III and the great-great-grandmother of George VI. The city of Chalotte, NC, is name after her! They also named the county of Mecklenburg after her also! A Black man by the name of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, founded the present day royal swedish family. The Duke of Florence was Black. The Duchess of Alafoes was Black…I can go on and on. This is why Europe was called the ‘Dark Ages’ because Blacks were ruling them!!! And this is why some of Europe’s oldest royal noble families are called the ‘Black Nobility’ even though they are white!!

    Start reading and learn some TRUTH!

  • http://http Yar

    @Afua Kumasi: If Black people only knew our true history, we would not be so ignorant of our glorious past! Black rulership was widespread in Europe during the ‘Dark’ and Middle Ages! It was called ‘Dark’ because of Black rulership, princesses and kings in Europe!!

    If Black people only knew that an Afrikan King named King Gormund, ruled Ireland during the Anglo-Saxon period in England; if Blacks only knew that Halfdan the Black, who was the first Afrikan to unite Norway; if Blacks only knew that the Afrikan Muurs (Moors) dominated southwest Europe during the Middle Ages for 700 years: 711-1492A.D. If Blacks only knew that the first shogun of Japan was a Black man Of the Black people of early Japan. The most picturesque single figure was Sakanouye no Tamuramaro, a BLACK warrior symbolized in Japanese history as a “paragon of military virtues,” and a man who has captured the attention of some of the most distinguished scholars of twentieth century America. “For a Samurai to be brave, he must have a bit of Black blood.”
    –Japanese Proverb

    If Blacks only knew that the ‘original’ knights were Black! This includes the legendary knights of King Arthur’s Round Table! That’s why they were called ‘knights’ because they were Black as night!!! If Blacks only knew that the British Coat of Arms is copied from Ethiopia (Nubia/Kush), which used the seal 6000 years BEFORE the Europeans. Lions are NOT naturally found in Europe; only Afrika!

    If Blacks only knew that the original Europeans were Black and the original Romans were Black we would not be in this slave-like mental state thinking our history is just a history of being slaves. By the way…Black slavery lasted in England for about 400 years (1440-1834), during which time much race mixing occurred. This is why there are so many mix races in England today!

    Fact one: The first people in France were prehistoric Africans. They lived in parts of Southern France, created many paintings and cave art throughout the region. It was in France that the Negroid featured “Cromagnon,” people existed many thousands of years after the Grimaldi Negroids (watch the program about “Eve.”), expanded to Europe. It was also in France that the first “Mongoloid” mixed-race type is said to have originated about fifteen thousand years ago. The name for that type of human is “Compe Combelle Man.”

    The Grimaldi brought the first material culture to Europe evidence of which they left all over Southern Europe. These include artifacts such as gemstone pendants, stone implements, and symbols of communication. The Grimaldi produced a joyful, spiritual culture which by all measures was relatively advanced for its time. Their artwork, and their cultural styles and fashion were surprisingly refreshing.

    Caucasians as a race did not appear in existence in France and other parts of Europe until about twenty to thirty thousand years AFTER the first Africans arrived in France and the rest of Europe from Africa. The change from dark-skinned Negroid Africans to fair-skinned “Caucasian” was a process that came about due to the Ice-Age conditions in France and the living in caves of the early Africans. Hence, if there was no Ice Age in the north, the people would have remained Negroid/Black. Furthermore, in Tasmania, where the temperature is sometimes similar to Vladivostok and quite cold, some of the darkest Africoid peoples existed and still exist. These are Australian Aborigines and Tasmanians WITH NATURAL BLOND & RED HAIR WITH BLUE EYES!!!

    We are the first and the original race on the planet. Anything that is not the original is a carbon copy and a carbon copy is ALWAYS lighter than the ORIGINAL!


  • BFS

    We need to make our own Black fairy tales for our Black girls to read.

  • http://http Yar

    The euo(rope)ans were roped off by Black Afrikans during the ‘Dark’ ages when the ‘Dark” Black man ruled the world! The very first man to reach the North Pole was a Black man name Matthew Henson! The first Eskimos were Black! And lest not forget about the Asiatic Black Man who ruled Asia!

    Everything the caucasian does today was already done b4 he was born! When he forced the religion of xtianity on our people, he stole our language, our heritage, our spirituality and our minds with white washed xianity. The first enslaver was a white boy by the name of John Hawkins, who was a xtian from England. He forced Black Afrikans into slavery with xtianity. He also picked up thousands of free Afrikans and put them on the slave ship called, ‘The Good Ship Jesus’ and made us love ANOTHER (white folks) instead of ONE ANOTHER (EACH OTHER)! This is where the biblical verse ‘love your enemies’ comes from!!!

    This is why we are still ‘blind’ to our glorious past of being Kings and Queens, Rulers and Leaders, Inventors and Scientist, Mathematicians and Astrologers, because we don’t know our TRUE past. God is TRUTH and TRUTH is God! There is no higher TRUTH than God!!!!! The biblical verse which states: ‘I was blind, but now I see,’ is true: Blacks are still ‘blind’ and can’t ‘see’ through the racism that caucasians projects to us EVERYDAY!

    The past always reflects the future. You NEVER hear ashkenazi jews (european khazars) telling their children to ‘forget about their past.’ They teach it to them!!! Only negroes talk this garbage about ‘forgetting our past’ just to please the caucasians. And you still ain’t respected! If we are not taught the TRUTH about our past; then our future is destroyed. If we look at our Black youth today; they are destroying themselves because they feel they are worthless. This white racist educational system has dumbed down the minds of our children to make them feel they are worthless. And this is why they kill each other because in their minds; they are nothing! If they were taught that “We Are the World,” like Michael Jackson tried to tell us; we would be a proud and prosperous people. Black people are all over the world and we are the Black Messiah’s children.

    The Black Messiah even said, “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods…And children of the most high? [Psalms 82;6] The world ‘ye’ means ‘we,’ and ‘we’ are the true Black children of Black God. You have caucasians who don’t want this truth revealed because he wants to keep you in your slave-like state of mind. You also have boot licking negroes who think like them…THESE NEGRO PREACHERS! Caucasians worship the devil (satan) and this is why the Black Muslims call them devils. How come the word ‘satan’ and ‘lucifer’ is capitalized in the bible? They (caucasians) worship their gods; satan, lucifer and the devil or money, power and wickedness!!!!

    They love satan claus (santa claus) because he is their devil! Everything associated with xmess (christ mess) is white. White snow, white angels, white elves, white snowman (they even call snow a man), white xmess trees, white wise men (but they were really Black Nazarites; fishermen of the sea), white santa (satan)…white, white, white! Wake up Black people! But, ‘Black Friday’ will keep them [caucasians] in business until next year because ‘Black’ people will be consuming their goods and go broke while, they [caucasians] will remain rich and run to the bank this helladay season!

    The color white represents evil, wickedness and the devil. If I am lying just look how they act toward Black people: Evil, mean and wicked; the same way they treated us during our enslavement! The color white was used to represent the devil, evil and death, while the color Black, represented holiness and the image of God! Whites reversed this truth and this is why we have these chicken-hearted negro preachers running around here telling us to love our enemies! They want us to die and go to ‘heaven,’ while they go to the bank and reap their rewards from the poor and needy!

    Wake up Black people…the Last Poets said “time is running out.”

  • http://http Yar

    You talk loud, but say nothing! You hate to hear the truth and like I said earlier; you have been brainwashed by caucasian’s his-story.

    It appears to me, you hate Black people, you hate the Black Truth and you hate your Black self. Every Black author and doctor I mentioned; you appear not to believe NOTHING they had to say about the mighty Black race. With a name like Santiago; you must have Spanish blood running through your veins…well; the ORIGINAL Spaniards, Mexicans, Italians and Phoenicians, etc. were BLACK!!!

    The University of Alexandria is located in Black Egypt (Kemet). It was the FIRST university built by Ancient Black Egyptians. I stand corrected on the University of Timbuktu being the first university; IT WAS MADE IN ERROR, but it was still a Black nation. Dr. Henrik Clarke can fill you in on this truth with his knowledge on ancient Egypt and Timbuktu! He was an expert scholar on ancient Black Egypt.

    I use the bible scriptures because the ORIGINAL bible was written by Afrikans (scrolls). It still has some truth in it, but you have to search for it. It was re-written (translated) by a white boy named Richard Bancroft, not queen james! Bancroft had the final say so in re-writing the ORIGINAL bible. Many Black chapters were left out of this white written bible and I have them. Minister Farrakhan quotes bible scriptures and he’s a Muslim! Therefore; what’s your point when I quote Black bible scriptures?

    The white boy’s bible is written in codes. Evidently, you can’t read between the lines; therefore, read the book entitled ‘Race Code War’ (The Power of Words, Images, and Symbols on the Black Psyche). You have been ‘psyched’ out and bleached out with white wash his-story.

    Easter pays homage to the Black Queen in the bible name Queen Ester! Yes, the ORIGINAL santa was a Black man too! I don’t believe in fairy tales, so let’s keep it real!
    Francis Cress Welsing is too deep for you to overstand. If this were not true what she stated about the ‘balls’ in that chapter…why did those white enslavers cut the ‘balls’ off the Black man and also his penis and took them home for souvenirs? Hummm! Why do white males have penis envy toward the Black man? Why do they call their system the ‘penal’ system? WAKE UP!


  • http://http Yar

    I am far from being a racist. A racist is a person who practices ‘white supremacy’ and I am NOT white! My family consists of all cultures.

    Yes, you are correct; the English language defines the word ‘ye’ to mean ‘you,’ but when the Afrikans wrote the scrolls; they used the word ‘we’ and when the Englishmen re-wrote the bible; they used their language and usage of the word to mean ‘you.’ They did this to exclude the Blackness of the Afrikans during biblical times. Just like when you say the word ‘amerikkka’ it means white folks, but we have to have hyphenated words to describe our inclusion, such as; African-Americans. Are we not amerikkkans too? I am not a dam minority, either, I am the majority. Whites are the true minorities because they are only 1/10th of the world population; while Black and brown people make up 9/10th! Now, you get it? (WE) are the world, not ‘ye.’

    The word ‘Africa’ is a misnomer; the true name of this Black nation is Alke-bulan, which means Garden of Eden or Mother of Mankind. The term Egypt was once used to mean ALL of Afrika, which was called the Land of Ham (Psalm 105). Africa was given this name by the white Romans. Just like the name ‘negro’ which was given to Blacks by the Portuguese; this word has nothing to do with a ‘race’ of people.

    Unfortunately, being enslaved for 500 years have brainwashed Blacks and it is going to take 1,000 years to de-program my people. If we knew our history BEFORE we became enslaved we would be ruling the world like we once ruled England, Scotland, Asia and Egypt!


  • Lucys Pearl

    Also Akosua Busia, who played nettie in the color purple is a real princess. Her Father was the prime minister of Ghana. She’s a very beautiful and talented sista.

  • http://http Yar

    You don’t even believe in yourself! What you post does not bother me because you are a liar. I know the truth, dudette! You give these geeks; I mean greeks credit for everything. This is why I know you know nothing about true Afrikan Ancient History.

    You need your mind deprogrammed so you can think, analyze and observe what’s going on around you. Evidently, you have no pride or confidence in yourself believing everything caucasians put in front of you. From their lying books to their corrupt government, you are a lost sheep out in the wilderness ready to be devoured by the wolves.

    Read some books and stop believing everything on this internet. Most of it is written by racist people who want to keep people like you in a slave-like condition. They (caucasians) will never tell you they came from Black people. They claim to ‘evolve’ from apes and monkeys. They love animals more than they love Black hue-mans. By the way…remember the woman that got beat up by her pet ape? She slept with this animal, called it her son, ate with it; but do you think she would have fed a poor, hungry Black person…OF COURSE NOT! They hate us and they hate YOU!!!!! Another show had a caucasian male sleeping and feeding lizards in his apartment. They ate his azz up in the end.

    You and your statements are like a lizard; you talk with a forked tongue; you ilk!!!!

  • http://http Yar

    Go to this site and also read Paul Barton’s book entitled, ‘A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming (The Faith, Power and Struggle of a People) and get back with me.

    Learn some truth; not your spoof; you ilk!!!!!

  • http://http Yar

    You have not proved anything to me with your useless rhetoric statements. I have never seen an idiot who does not believe ANYTHING, except for her own ignorant, stupid and worthless lies.

    You think just like caucasians; you want Black people to believe we are worthless and did not contribute anything to society. We are a people full of pride and contributed EVERYTHING you touch to society. I have given you prove, but you are too ignorant to comprehend it. Stop reading those fairy tale books and start reading some nonfiction books. The books you have been are fiction books; made up, and have no truth or facts. Your posts reminds of yourself… made up, untruthful and fake!

    If you know how to read; I have given you facts in everything I have commented on. I see why you can’t overstand the truth! You have no credibility, you are worthless and you hate yourself and Black people! Maybe you will believe this my Spaniard Negro sister: Remember, the word Negro in Spanish means Black. Is this why you hate yourself, my Black sister because YOU CAME FROM BLACK AFRIKANS (LOL)

    The Africans Who Discovered Europe 45,000 B.C.E.

    It is not without some ironic humor that one considers the incendiary sentiments of the modern European politicians, especially Spanish politicians respecting African immigration. It is usually forgotten in the tumult of patriotic passion that the notions of country, nation and state are very fragile and susceptible to time. It is forgotten that many of those that live in countries such as Spain are not indigenous to the place.

    Rather their ancestors were once immigrants into the areas or belonged to pillaging armies and tribes that committed a thousand unspoken atrocities. And for many of today’s would be Spaniards, perhaps it is time they and the world are reminded once again that the borders of Africa have historically ended on the Pyrenees. The Iberian Peninsula has always been a part of Africa and has featured prominently in African history and psyche from the earliest periods of prehistory.

    Black Africans had first settled Spain, which was once physically attached to North Africa. Black Africans were the aborigines of Spain. Those same Africans migrated over and again in recurring tides of human movement. It is thus not surprising that Africans have lived in Spain for hundreds and thousands of years as Spaniards until the 1492 conquest of Granada by the piratical armies of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabelle of Castille. Those two, later oversaw the systematic expulsion from Spain (back to Africa or enslavement in West Indies), of the most Negroid of the Black Spaniards (the so-called Muslims who had ruled for 700 years without interruption). Yet, African blood remains very dominant and highly visible in southern Spain. The entire Iberian Peninsula one would dare say, even up to this day.

    The genetic heritage of the Black African, which bears the original genetic tree of humanity, is very persistent and pervasive. Black Africans having birthed and built Spain, remain firmly intertwined in the midst of the Spanish population thriving. The blood of the original Spaniards continues to flourish in Spain. The blood of the Black Africans who always lived in Spain (often by themselves, but sometimes with their paler cousins like the Visigoths) through the dawn of pre-history, down to 1500 AD simply refused to be wiped away by denial, silence or historical distortion.

    Now, let the reader be aware, that the natural motions of creation may be interfered with for a while, but the will of nature must eventually be respected. Spain is the natural haunt and playground of the Black African. Nature requires that Africans will like the inundations of the River Nile, periodically rise from Africa to replenish the genetic and the cultural pool of their original heritage. After reading the brief outline of history that follows hereunder and doing the follow-up, independent research it calls for, one will understand when it is declared herein that, Africans once marched in Spain as its original owners; Africans will once again march through Spain.

    Africans are owners of Europe; the so called Grimaldi, a nation of Black Africans were the first modern human nation to arrive in Europe. Their significance has always been clouded by the funny nomenclatures used to designate them i.e. Grimaldi, Neolithic men, etc. The reason, for this being is that many modern European historians steeped in the pervasive racism of their culture, would earnestly wish away the significance of the Grimaldi, and the founding role of Africans in the making of Europe and its present day inhabitants. The founding of Europe by Africans is one of those inconvenient historical facts that completely make a mess of the Eurocentric matrix of world history as developed by the western culture.


    Mark Hyman, Blacks Before America, Africa World Press Inc., Trenton,

    NJ, 1994, pp. 108, 109

    Cheik Anta Diop, The African Origin of Civilization, 1955 – 1974

    Cheik Anta Diop, Civilization or Barbarism, (1981)

    Dr. Rene Verneau, Les Grottes de Grimaldi, Vol. II., Monaco, 1906.

    Encyclopedia Britanica online.

    Now, what do you have to say about this, hun! These are FACTS, NOT FICTION! Let the readers judge the truth for themselves and YOU stop brainwashing my people to believe that we are

  • http://http Yar

    Stop brainwashing my people to believe that we are nothing. Accept your Black heritage and be proud like you suppose to of that Black Afrikan Spanish blood running through your veins. (LMFAO).

  • Eve Past-Exotic

    Thanks for sharing!
    Wish little black girls everywhere could read this post!
    I know im a princess already, but thank you for the reminder :-D
    Love it!

  • Nuhru

    that is true. for example;

    Her Excellency Princess Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika, of the Bulozi tribe of Zambia, educated at New York University, (Ph.D. in Early Childhood and Primary Education); Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the United States of America.

    Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini of Swaziland, the eldest daughter of King Mswati III of Swaziland, was featured in “20 Hottest Young Royals” in the world, compiled by influential fortune tracker, Forbes magazine.

  • African Mami


    Thank you my sister for uttering the following, i concur 100%!

    I have never cared or wanted to see a black princess or prince based in European culture. I have never based my self worth on what they have or what they do—instead I focus our the accomplishments of Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora. We have done plenty in this world if we just acknowledge our own gifts instead of the gifts of others.

  • Zie

    @ Yar please recommend me some books about our history. I am 19 years old and ever since I was younger I knew that there was so much more to my race than I was being taught in school. Thanks.

  • Levertis Steele

    You do not have to go farther than your mirror to find a princess. Man tries to complicate things. If you are a Christian and claims Jesus as your king father, ladies, you are a princess, and race does not matter. He loves and claims you as his true princess, an heir to His throne. That is his promise, and it is truth!

  • Ronke

    One can be of ANY faith or spiritual practice and BE GOD’S ROYALTY!! ASE TO!

  • Chantaey Diallo

    They are all over Africa- you’re kidding right? King of Swaziland has about 15 wives alone. The bible is of african origin and Africa is where humanity, civilization and true and divine royalty began- and where it continues…There are currently and have been african princes and princesses who have visited or resided in the U.S. Pretty sure you can view lots of african royals on pininterest and there are some on youtube videos. Blessedly we all are.

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