University of Pennsylvania graduate Joshua Bennett has something to say to all the Black women out there.

He loves you. And so should other Black men.

His words come at a critical time for Black women, at the end of a year which saw the media jumping on the “single Black woman” syndrome, tensions growing between Black men and women, and society questioning the Black family. In his poem, “10 Things I Want to Say to A Black Woman,” Bennett describes a Black woman’s worth and the importance of Black men in their lives.

Bennett is a well-known spoken word artist. He recently received the United Kingdom Government Marshall Scholarship for graduate studies in the U.K., along with 35 other winners in 2009.

  • D

    Um. The cool thing about what he’s saying is that it offsets the negative commentary about black women and is heartfelt. And it is speech going viral, which has demonstrated itself as being tremendously powerful in enriching and changing minds, also empowering people. Also, he is adding his voice to that of black men who love black women. And that is a positive role model for some men.

  • janet

    What has soceity turned into ?
    Why can’t people just appreciate and learn to acknowledge and give praise when its needed.
    People need to stop hating. Its life.

  • Tiffany

    He’s performing in NY on July 31st at Columbia University. Can’t wait!

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