University of Pennsylvania graduate Joshua Bennett has something to say to all the Black women out there.

He loves you. And so should other Black men.

His words come at a critical time for Black women, at the end of a year which saw the media jumping on the “single Black woman” syndrome, tensions growing between Black men and women, and society questioning the Black family. In his poem, “10 Things I Want to Say to A Black Woman,” Bennett describes a Black woman’s worth and the importance of Black men in their lives.

Bennett is a well-known spoken word artist. He recently received the United Kingdom Government Marshall Scholarship for graduate studies in the U.K., along with 35 other winners in 2009.

  • Jay-VehemMag


  • Lady Laydeee

    get a shave you blasphemer

  • Liah

    He’s a great example of up and coming youth. I’m a bit biased towards him because he’s from Philly too. Who knew he went to Penn? It’s rare to see a brown face walking along that campus.

  • A Diva State of Mind

    LOVE IT!! Thank you Joshua Bennett for reminding us how wonderful and amazing we are!

  • steph302

    Nina, don’t forget! It’s worth it!!

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