Once again, Black women’s bodies are being used to make a political point. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion around controversial pro-life ads targeting Black women. An Austin, Texas based pro-life organization developed a campaign that (once again) blames Planned Parenthood for high abortion rates among Black women.

Heroic Media, the Austin-based group behind the campaign, recently tried to set up billboards reading, “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.” The billboards were banned in most cities, and have caused quite a stir.

Heroic Media contends that minority children are at a higher risk of being aborted than White children and that it’s all Planned Parenthood’s fault.

“The overwhelming majority of abortion facilities are in minority neighborhoods. We think they need to know that,” said Kim Speirs, Heroic Media’s director of communications.

A similar campaign (and controversy) erupted across Georgia last year when The Radiance Foundation ran billboards across the region equating Black children to endangered species.

While the focus on Black women may make many think that abortion numbers for African-American women are on the rise, they are not. While Black women have higher rates of abortion based on race (38.5% of all abortions), White women still account for over half (almost 60%) of all abortions. So it seems like adding race to an already controversial issue is meant to sway Black voters to pro-life politicians who want to repeal Roe vs. Wade, and make abortion illegal.

I find this ad not only disrespectful to Black women/mothers, but also disingenuous. Talking about lowering abortion rates for Black women without discussing the systematic factors that lead to unplanned pregnancies will do little to change the conditions that lead to unplanned pregnancies. Joblessness, access to high-quality education, and poverty all contribute to some unplanned pregnancies, but maybe it’s easier to treat the symptoms, than deal with the real problem.

Black women have a long history of taking care of our own bodies, which has included having abortions when necessary. These types of ads, blaming Planned Parenthood or some other boogieman, make Black women out to be victims who are too lazy or too stupid to make the right choice, instead of women with power (and sense) enough to know what’s right for them.

Watch Heroic Media’s ad campaign targeting Black women and tell us what you think!

  • http://bourgieinterrupted.com Kia, JD

    You’re right on point. These tactics are insulting as they use Black women as pawns in the anti-choice agenda. Black women’s reproductive rights organizations like SisterSong have spoken out against these ads and others like them for treating Black women like we’re stupid children who cannot make decisions about our bodies for ourselves. Where is Heroic Media and their anti-choice supporters when Black babies are born into poverty and violence? Where are they when Black mothers and fathers are facing obstacles to employment, health care, food stability, financial security, and peace in our communities? Nowhere. I don’t think these billboards do anything besides rile up anti-choicers and infuriate the very people they claim they are trying to reach.

    The way to reduce the rate of abortion is to provide young people with comprehensive, evidence-based sex education as well as work to improve or eradicate the conditions under which women feel abortion is their best option.

  • shak

    Educated people would know not to pay attention to all this race CRAP. It’s only another way to oppress and to cause a ritf within our beautiful race. Stuff like this is causing black men to look down on black women so in they end up the bring home a white women.
    All the media does is make the black race look bad

  • BFS

    The anti-Black woman/girl garbage never stops.

  • Isis

    It really doesn’t. jeez

  • binks

    That is a damn shame no matter how you feel about abortion why does it have to be a race thing. To be honest, this ad does’t make me anyone think nor does it educate it is just plain offensive. This wouldn’t make me sway my beliefs or votes to be honest but give a hard side eye to these organizations and camps.

  • CaNDiiCaN3$


  • sunshyne84

    I’m shocked at the number of abortions they had in that county. This really goes on more often than you would think. I’m not surprised at the clinics being in minority neighborhoods. I don’t think that’s necessarily a race issue rather than a rich/poor thing. I think it was tacky to put Af-American in the ads though. I doubt Planned Parenthood is coercing people into getting an abortion. They do educate you on your options, but ultimately the option is up to you. These people doing the ads clearly aren’t thinking because they are doing more harm than good. They need to focus on pregnancy prevention and safe sex in the black community.

  • isolde

    “That is a damn shame no matter how you feel about abortion why does it have to be a race thing”

    Well, because women’s reproductive health and choice issues have historically meant different things to different races. For many/most white women, the right to choose is merely a feminist decision, but historically, many in the black community have viewed abortion and even the pill as methods imposed by whites to control the black population. (I learned this from a PBS documentary, and maybe “Kia, JD” could elaborate) So, the use of conspiracy theory rhetoric and the dredging up of racial tensions between blacks and whites in these ads is poignant. Ditto for the “Black Children are an Endangered Species” campaign that preceded this one.

  • bob

    It is a womans choice whether she wants to have a baby or not, but abortions are high amongst the African American community, but its not that we dont love the kids we dont have the money for them so we got to take them out before they get here sadly the other choice is live poor and be on food stamps and welfare for a very long time

  • RedVelvet

    I’m not saying this is moral but it is said that the founder of Planned Parenthood is said to have started it as a way to reduce the minority population, or “unfit”.

    Look it up and let me know what you guys think. Makes me think differently about abortion but I still believe in a right to choose.

  • Jencendiary

    The right wing has always pushed a false link between eugenics and Planned Parenthood. I’d take it more seriously, except that PP is the closest thing to women’s health services many inner city communities see. It does much more than abortions – gynecological exams, birth control, family planning information.

    I suppose if you’re afraid of what women might achieve if they take control of their reproductive health and spend the energy they might have used on unwanted pregnancies bettering themselves & their community, it’s an easy lie to spread.

  • binks

    Well despite the historical context, this is 2010 so it is still tacky and a scapegoat to bring racial tensions/attention into the mix when there is no reason too. I agree that the reasons why women get abortion varies between and within race a lot of times but again you can say the same between socioeconomic classes between women too but why, that is like splitting hairs on an already controversial topic. The topic should focus SOLELY on abortion in general not black women and abortions nor just white women abortions, etc. it is counterproductive to their cause I highly doubt ads like these are going to change minds and make people reach out to their cause but do the opposite and turn people off

  • Alexandra

    They were pc with ‘African-American’, but couldnt do the same with the ad.
    Yeah that’s insulting, to some African-Americans that are alive today. I’m pro-choice especially in cases of rape. What I cant stand about these pro-lifers is that they always bring forth the ‘problem’, but never a ‘solution’. How many children do these pro-lifers adopt? How many of them even adopted at all? How do they plan on helping the women they convince not to get an abortion?

    Now they’re trying to incite racial discussion. Even if they do make abortion illegal one day, do they honestly think women wont find other ways to end their pregnancy?
    A lot of those minority communities are poor.

  • Alexandra

    “I highly doubt ads like these are going to change minds and make people reach out to their cause but do the opposite and turn people off”

    That’s what I think too. A lot of people may find the ad insulting & will just ignore the whole issue.

  • http://iamyourpeople.com/ I Am Your People

    So…what are these organizations doing for living and breathing Black children? Do they insult “unwed Black baby mamas on welfare?” Hmm…

  • leelee

    I don’t believe anyone has a right to invade a woman’s womb. With that said we really have to stress abstinence and contraception to our black girls. I still believe we as black women are not doing enough to empower our black girls. Abortion is a right but it is a tragic decision that a woman has to make.

  • curious

    planned parenthood’s roots are in racism. at the time of it’s conception, the purpose was to abort minority children, even though whites were procreating at higher rates.


    How stupid and what a complete waste of an article. Instead of pointing out how dangerous and damaging abortions are you are mad about a billboard targeted towards aa? Wow sounds petty..Maybe we should be more offended by all of the baby killing going on….

  • Clnmike

    Those ads are creepily effective. They would have been better served to through there money and creativity in educating the people on pregnancy prevention methods. Cause contrary to the last lines of this article if your getting an abortion as a means of birth control you did not have any sense, but the bright side your definitely not a victim either.


    Really anti-black women? Trying to prevent black women from having abortions which would actually produce more black women is anti-black women. Wow I wish I could abort this article and your comment..

  • Clnmike

    That’s throw not through.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ashleigh-Elle-Aye/507714421 Ashleigh Elle Aye

    Here’s an idea…how about these organizations dedicate some of this billboard space to promoting comprehensive sex ed. How about billboards telling women about their options rather than depicting them as merciless baby killers. How about they promote information that could prevent these unplanned pregnancies rather than trying to force women to keep children they don’t want. When that happens, maybe I’ll be sympathetic. The pro-lifers care about these fetuses all the way until they’re births and then they start to complain about these same babies being taken care of with public assistance. Y’all can’t have it both ways.

  • none

    better yet, how about just create a billboard that includes all races of women, being that 60% of abortions (more I believe) are by WHITE WOMEN. how about that ass_hat


    If you guys were actually as “pro-black” or so concerned with aa women as you pretend to be you would be more concerned with the welfare of our unborn future. Not just the right now….

  • Alexandra

    @ Ashleigh

    “The pro-lifers care about these fetuses all the way until they’re births and then they start to complain about these same babies being taken care of with public assistance. Y’all can’t have it both ways.”

    I agree. I would like to know what they think of those unwed Black women with 2 or more kids on welfare. Or what they call “Welfare Queens”.

    When I hear stories on the news, I cant help but feel that some of these children are better off being aborted. Dont act like you dont hear stories of young children being abused, killed by ‘mommy’s boyfriend’ or something else. A lot of those women who aborted, didn’t want those children in the first place. Some of these women are using abortion as BC and even though I’m pro-choice, I do think thats outrageous. Especially with all the different forms of contraceptives women have. They should be encouraging use of contraceptives. They should come after planned parenthood for not educating these women enough. I use to volunteer at a community center for young Black & Hispanic girls, and me and my partners couldnt teach them enough.

  • binks

    It is not about being “pro-black” it is about trying to relay a message in a tactful manner and stop using race as a means too especially when it concerns minorities on a board subject like abortion. I don’t care whether you are a black woman who had an abortion or not or a black woman who supports abortions or not the ad is just plain offensive, targeting inclusively and insulting one group of people out of the whole. Why add fuel to an already controversial topic with race baiting. The issue of abortions when it comes to this billboard is not even the issue due to how the billboard came across but race baiting

  • QueenofNewcastle


    “I suppose if you’re afraid of what women might achieve if they take control of their reproductive health and spend the energy they might have used on unwanted pregnancies bettering themselves & their community, it’s an easy lie to spread.”

    I am very afraid of what black women have achieved when they “take control” of their reproductive heath. Thanks to their “control” they account for a disproportionate number of abortions. BRAVO!

    You havent bettered yourself or your community when you have an abortion. You better yourself and your community when you responsibly practice birth control. EVERYTIME!!

  • Jencendiary

    Abortion is an intensely personal choice – no one wants to have one. But when women are not given the opportunity to have an affordable, safe option to have them, they resort to life-threatening procedures while women of means just travel to where they are legal.

    I will not stigmatize women who make this choice, because it’s better to have a safe medical option rather than a dead woman on a back-alley clinic table.

  • QueenofNewcastle


    Who are you talking about? Women in the tribal areas of Pakistan? Women do in fact have a wide range of birth control options in the United States. They need to take advantage of that.

    Please stop with the scare tactics. Stop with the hyperbole. It doesnt help the debate. It just excuses the excesses of being 7% of the female population and accounting for 39% of all abortions.

    Lastly you dont know if “no one” wants to have an abortion but you do have to weigh the FACTS.

    Fact 1-Women have access to safe FDA approved methods birth control.

    Fact 2- Your health care provider can assess which one is right for you.

    Fact 3- There are health care options for women who are low income.

    Fact 4- Birth control is user friendly. There are some that exist that you dont have to take everyday.

    Fact 5- In the United State, emergency contraception became available without prescription to women over 18 in 2006. As of April 2009, Plan B is available from pharmacies staffed by a licensed pharmacist to women 17 or older; women 16 and under require a prescription.

    Fact 6- Birth control is VERY effective.

    Any more excuses?

  • Jencendiary

    I’m not the one flailing and screeching. Sorry to inform you. . .

    I stand behind my statement, though. Birth control fails, is used improperly, there are women in situations who don’t have access to it or are culturally stigmatized for using it. This is an imperfect world and mistakes happen.

    Women should use it if they are sexually active, sure. But don’t act like it’s a one-step solution to ending the need for a safe, legal, and affordable abortion.

  • QueenofNewcastle


    I think we are talking about black American women. Whatever cultural stigmas that exist against birth control certainly exist against abortions and non-marital sex. Stop being obtuse. Again, there is a wealth of information on birth control, there are user friendly birth control options, there is confidentiality with any medical care, provided you are above a certain age. I am sorry you dont trust black women to use it wisely and effectively. I am sorry you feel that having an abortion is a viable answer to pure neglect and irresponsibility. Black women are not the only ones having sex.

    Maybe black women need mentors in other communities to get over her revulsion for birth control. Put her in the shoes of women in other parts of the world who would die for the same access. Who die because they dont have the access we so often take for granted.

  • Jencendiary

    You act as if I am advocating abortion instead of birth control. I am not. And I am talking about women in general, as abortion is a political debate centered around the rights of a woman to determine what goes on in her own body.

    There will always be a need for the procedure. Keeping it safe and legal, available and affordable, is the only way to protect women who need it.

  • Jencendiary

    Also, if you would please reply in thread, it would make this conversation much easier to follow.

  • isolde

    I’m sorry, but what is the point of your rant? This discussion has nothing to do with preventing pregnancy. It’s about race baiting abortion ads.

    “You havent bettered yourself or your community when you have an abortion. You better yourself and your community when you responsibly practice birth control. EVERYTIME!!”

    Sweetie, post your address so all the unplanned babies that you feel should be carried to term for the sake of bettering the community can be raised by you. Exacerbating or continuing the cycle of poverty by bringing children into the world that you cannot provide for isn’t doing you or “the community” any favors, and I’m speaking to you as someone who’s picking up the slack for a relative who “chose life”. An unplanned pregnancy is bad enough. Bringing more mouths to feed into the world when you know you don’t have the means or support system to adequately feed those mouths is beyond irresponsible and only makes a bad situation even worse.

  • Queenofnewcastle

    Abortion is not birth. It terminates pregnancies. Given how excessive the use is, it is being used as a form of birth control. We all need to have frank open discussions with our obgyn about using bc regularly and properly to get the numbers down. Abortions should be used when the women’s life , not her lifestyle is at risk.

  • Loquacious

    Is the issue that heroic media is stating facts or that the facts are directed towards us? Seemingly, the answer to my question is the latter.

    Don’t get mad at the messenger.

  • isolde

    “Abortions should be used when the women’s life , not her lifestyle is at risk.”


    Boo Boo, I’m still waiting for you to post your address so all the women who mistakenly got knocked up can send you their unwanted kids. Hell, I’d send you my ward, but the deposit for his next semester of gymnastics classes is non-refundable, and too many people would notice that he’s missing, including his nanny, pediatrician, gym coach, playgroup director etc., all of which have cost me tens of thousands of dollars, and he’s not even 2 yet.

    Since you like facts so much, chew on this . . . the demographic most likely to live below the poverty line consists of, (you guessed it), single mothers. How’s that for an “at risk” lifestyle? That’s what people like you and these dumb@ss ads don’t tell you. You’re all too busy pushing an agenda under the veil of feigned concern for “the community” to really let young women know what time it is. Kids are expensive liabilities. They’re time consuming and our society is not set up to accommodate you (mother) or them (children), particularly if you don’t have the financial means or the network to provide for high quality childcare and effective schooling.

  • QueenofNewcastle


    “Boo Boo, I’m still waiting for you to post your address so all the women who mistakenly got knocked up can send you their unwanted kids.”

    Mistakenly get knocked up in 1910, yes. Mistakenly got knocked up in 2010, no. Again we are talking about the disproportionate use of abortion in the black community. If abortions are used to end accidental pregnancies than why are black women more likely to get “mistakenly” knocked up?

    Again, I have demonstrated that there are too many ACCESSIBLE forms of birth control for these so-called mistakes to be happening. Women dont become mothers on accident. To say otherwise in this highly industrialized wealthy and free country is insulting to women.

    Dont complain to me about how expensive it is to take care of your kid. It was your decision. You had a kid two years ago? Emergency contraception became available over the country to women over the age of 18 in 2006. A lot cheaper than a nanny.

  • isolde

    “Dont complain to me about how expensive it is to take care of your kid. It was your decision. You had a kid two years ago? Emergency contraception became available over the country to women over the age of 18 in 2006. A lot cheaper than a nanny.”


    With all due disrespect, Fcuk you. Apparently literacy and critical thinking aren’t your strong suits, or else you would have gleaned from my last two posts that the toddler that I’m raising isn’t my biological son. I don’t have any biological children of my own. And yeah, I didn’t expect you to post that address and put your money where your mouth is. People like you rarely do. So since these women having abortions have decided that they aren’t capable of providing for and raising children, and you aren’t stepping up to financially care for these kids they don’t want, then you need to refrain from telling them when it is or is not appropriate for them to exercise their right to choose.

  • http://bourgieinterrupted.com Kia, JD

    @Isolde and @binks:
    Yes, historically there has been a belief by Black men and women that certain governmental and medical entities have been trying to use birth control – and more obviously, sterilization – as a means to control/diminish the Black population. While there is truth to that, recorded incidences have been isolated and no matter of policy for our government nor for organizations like Planned Parenthood.
    I laugh sometimes because it would sure be an expensive and impractical way to go about getting rid of Black people, right? I could’ve sworn just a few years ago people were complaining about how many minority babies were being born. Black and Latino women were doing nothing BUT having babies, right? Now we’re endangered? Go figure.

  • http://bourgieinterrupted.com Kia, JD

    Assuming that were true, what does that have to do with what’s going on today in 2010? Are all American institutions, universities, organizations, and businesses whose founders were known or alleged to be racist still racist today? Do you refrain from patronizing those institutions? If so, I would wonder how you get by each day.

  • http://bourgieinterrupted.com Kia, JD

    @Loquacious: what facts? You can see from original post itself that taken out of context, the numbers are distorted.
    You think it’s a fact that Planned Parenthood is targeting Black women for abortions? Really? Do you agree with Heroic Media’s lazy logic that if many PP health centers are in “Black neighborhoods” that means they’re after Black babies?
    Real talk, I’ve never seen anyone from PP go out into the community and force or coerce a woman of any race into some stirrups. As far as the location of the health clinics, they’re in areas which show the greatest need of affordable health care. If those low-income areas are also Black areas, well that’s an issue to take up with the city, state, etc. To be clear though, there are PPs in just about every type of neighborhood around the country.

  • m^2

    This is another topic I believe to be more about economic status and class than race. It is shown throughout impoverished communities around the world, that the poorer a population, the larger the family sizes; it’s a sociologically observed pattern. In this case the planned parenthood represents an alternative, and one well archived, making the statistics seem more than alarming. I believe addressing the causes of black women in poverty would be more productive than attacking black mothers.
    I understand there may be little incentive to address why black women/women of color are disproportionately impoverished in this country (and safe to assume across the world) because we make up a small percentage of the population. More importantly I believe it has to do with the lack of presence in influential positions (government rather than entertainment). Perhaps more women of color in such positions could help address the specific needs of female constituents, especially those living below the poverty line?

  • MC

    The ad may be race baiting but I can’t feel more slighted over the ad when the fact is that black women do account for disproportionately high rates of abortion.

    “Kids are expensive liabilities. They’re time consuming and our society is not set up to accommodate you (mother) or them (children), particularly if you don’t have the financial means or the network to provide for high quality childcare and effective schooling.”

    ^^^ You would think with kids being expensive liabilities and all that young black women would exhaust all of their options when it comes to using effective birth control, which I’m pretty sure is way cheaper than having the abortion procedure done itself! You can also track your fertility calender to pinpoint the days of ovulation! Just taking the necesary steps and preventative measures beforehand i’m sure is a much less hassle than showing up at the abortion clinic. I don’t understand why so many excuses are being made.

    I just read about the first black teen mom on mtv’s ‘teen mom’ show who had her 1st child & got pregnant the second time soon after and decided to abort it. You would think she would have learned the first time right? I don’t know if it’s really a matter of ignorance or a matter of apathy. There are so many resources you can look to, to educate yourself.

    So while the ad is race baiting, I think we(the black community) do need to be shamed and the ad does just that.

  • Jencendiary

    I don’t agree that a woman should ever be shamed for making a valid and legal and safe choice to better her situation.


    great comment. And actually a lot of bc is free and also confidential. I know in CA it is totally free for low income women.

  • Julie

    You’re looking at it wrong, statistically. Yes, as a number, there are more white abortions than black abortions. But according to PP’s own statistics keepers, a black fetus is 7x more likely than a white fetus to be aborted. 13% of the population having 39% of the abortions (black), while 36% of abortions happen to whites (you mistakenly included Hispanics and other groups in your 60%), they make up approximately 67% of the population. (source: http://guttmacher.org)

    Margaret Sanger started PP to “control” what she saw as an exploding black population. Look up her own words. She wanted black fetuses aborted because she feared a growth in an underclass. Racist to the core.

    The solution is not ranting and raving against an ad that seeks to preserve black fetuses. It is to strengthen families so that no one has to be put in the position to seek an abortion in the first place.

  • Julie

    Many of the statistics quoted above are incorrect. Here are some 2009 ones from Guttmacher.org (PP’s pollster – not inclined to skew them against PP).
    Below poverty line: 27%
    100-199% of poverty line: 31%
    200-299% of poverty line: 18%
    over 300% poverty line: 25%
    The “welfare mother” is not overrepresented here.

    As for the “safe” option — in 1980, there were 1,787 abortion providers in the US. In 2009, there were less than half that many (approaching 1/3). Yet the number of facilities remained largely constant — meaning that they were not necessarily performed by a provider or that a provider worked more than one clinic.

    Black fetuses are grossly overrepresented in abortion. If you don’t believe this is purposeful, I think you have your head in the sand.

  • Laila Apples

    There are a ton of mentally sound,financially stable,physically capable black women forgoing ever getting pregnant and having children altogether.

    I wonder who’s focusing on them?
    There should be a focus on them if we are speaking of preserving blacks in America.

    This is a silly strength in numbers argument and it is stupid and it does not work.

    What is the point of immature, uneducated, poverty stricken people, who may also have other issues such as mental problems, drug and alcoholism,former abuse victims, having children?

    I am a believer in redemption but shouldn’t folks get it,it being their mental spiritual physical financial selves, together first before they have kids?

    I look at other groups of people here in America with a much smaller number of people and they have very functioning economically viable safe communities that may now even be growing.

    I’ll take less people who are all healthy and able to function over a large group of people who have many negative issues anyday.

    However,more people must get tested and the use of condoms must increase.
    Abortions don’t help to save lives.

  • manaen

    “What is the point of immature, uneducated, poverty stricken people, who may also have other issues such as mental problems, drug and alcoholism,former abuse victims, having children?”
    Right — better to kill those children.

  • manaen
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deborrah-Cooper/1317767379 Deborrah Cooper

    BET has also been running a series of ads targeting Black women aimed at making women feel guilty about having an abortion. I really hate these sneaky pro lifer types, attempting to guilt trip Black women into joining their charade of a cause. I always wonder why they are so “pro life” but as soon as a woman needs help with medical care, day care, food or shelter for herself and this child they were so anxious for her to have, everyone throws up their hands and demands that women stand alone and not use taxpayer money for “the growing number of out of wedlock births!”

    This mess puts poor Black women in a position where no matter what they do, its wrong. So I say do what is best for YOU ladies, and forget all these causes and religion and everything else people are going to try to jam down your throat. Get an abortion if you feel like getting one. Because no one will be around to help you raise that child or pay for it or anything else. You’ll be on your own.

    Don’t Fall for the Baby Momma Okey Doke

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B2YG7vtwXA Arthur

    What absolute nonsense. When I lived in the Bronx, NY and witnessed a woman pushing a baby carriage, and asked what was wrong, she said she needed food for her baby. So, I walked her to the story and purchased some for her. This is not the first or the last time I have helped a single mom with her child.

    Now don’t come on here and tell me and other prolifers that we don’t help the people that are here with their kids. That is a LIE based on ignorance and mythology. So the next tiem you want to post a comment, make sure you get some facts straight first. WE are actually out there in the trenches helping these single moms and others. So drop the rhetoric and roll up your darn sleeves and stop advocating murder in the womb.

  • Gayle

    Arthur, I think your angry post toward Deborrah is obvious because a black woman pushed your button. Had that been me, I think your post would have been more respectful. You have proven that black women in this country DON’T get respect, by the language and anger you used toward her. As a white woman, I see all the time how it’s easier for a black woman to piss someone off and if she doesn’t say something you all like, you curse at her. I don’t think her post was as provocative as her skin color

  • mluv

    I see where your coming from BUT, if a women is HAVING SEX, hello, thats what SEX IS FOR. TO MAKE A BABY. lol. A penis goes into a vagina for the purpose of PRO CREATION. But I feel when you get your self in a situation, why can’t you own up to it?

    First of, if your gonna have sex,(with no intention of having a baby or not in a relationship or MARRIED) USE protection.

    Second, If your gonna have sex, KEEP IN MIND, you CAN GET PREGNANT.
    Whether you use protection or NOT, there is still a chance you can get preggers. And/Or you can even catch and STD

    THIRD, if you get pregnant, THINK if you are gonna be able handle the responsibility of raising that child, knowing that there was a chance of getting pregnant the moment he suck he penis inside of you?

    Forth thing, This person you choose to have sex with, Are they A.) your boyfriend B.) your fuck buddy or booty call C.) random hot dude to mess around with, D.) your husband.

    Women need to realize that they have a uterus and a baby can me made there, so before they HAVE SEX, they need to evaluate who they are having sex with. With your husband or boyfriend, there is still a chance he could be stupid and cheat on you and be unfaithful and untruthful. But if you give yourself enough time with this person, get to know them before you have sex so fast, maybe something like unwanted pregnancy, STDs, or infidelity will less likely occur.

    You say these ads are like trying to play the guilt trip on black women, well in SOME CASES women should take responsibility for their actions. Of course, the guy is an ASS HOLE for knocking a chick up, and not sticking around. But the female need to realize her own self worth, and if that guy is worth it. If he’s not gonna call you, or support you and be there for you, of course he isnt gonna stick around just because your pregnant.

    You say” no one will be around to help you raise that baby” prolly not if he was Not your bf in the first place, never called, only fucked you, a drug dealer, a loser. Women need to realize that before they HAVE SEX, if this person WOULD STICK AROUND.

    And really if WOMEN are gonna HAVE SEX they need to be aware of the consequences that can occur when the guy is a jerk, a loser, and not gonna stick around.

    WOMEN KNOW THE TYPE OF MEN THEY MESS AROUND WITH. And they know if he will stick around or not. Some women don’t see it and they THINK he will stay but he will not. Most women don’t even want to see it.

    Women have to be smarter in their choices of men they mess around with and not have sex SOO fast. it’s not the BABY’S fault that the women decided to have sex with some idiot guy or someone she just wanted to screw to satisfy HER NEED.

    Women can have their fun but there’s got to be limits and standards. From my perspective, it seems like most women have no limits nor standards, no value of LIFE, PERIOD, and do not want to take responsibility and own up for something that could have been avoided.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B2YG7vtwXA Arthur

    Gayle, you must have me confused with someone else. I did not curse (or cuss) at anyone, since I don’t believe in using such language. Since I have helped my own women with their babies for years, I have no issues with my women or my race. I DO have issues with blindly repeated lies about the prolife movement. I get tired of that same old deceptive rhetoric being mindlessly and blindly repeated, that we only care about the babies in the womb, but after that we don’t care. That is absolute nonsense. So of course I get upset with that kind of nonsense when I see it being repeated over and over, and yet it’s one of the biggest lies anyone can repeat.

    So this was not about “respect” for black women. I was about respect for the truth about a movement that is honorable and noble and has saved many lives, despite abortionist and pro-choice efforts to the contrary. This is about saving our lives and promoting the growth and success of our race, and that will not happen if we keep killing ourselves in the womb and justifying it by using deceptive and false rhetoric we learned from Planned Parenthood and pro-choice advocates. We need to take responsibility for our actions and keep and raise our kids if we have them, especially if it’s out of wedlock. Two wrongs (out of wedlock kids, and murdering the child) don’t make a right.

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